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The MMA Top 10 06.25.10: Week 26 - The Top 10 Pro-Wrestlers That Should Have Tried MMA
Posted by Dustin James on 06.25.2010

Welcome back to the MMA Top 10. As you should be accustomed to by now, I'm your host Dustin James and I have to admit, I'm a little ticked off right now. You see, I spent a good hour writing this lovely introduction (while watching the NBA draft mind you) and then all of a sudden my douchebag laptop decides to shut down and update itself. WHAT THE HELL? I just lost everything and now I have to do it all over again. So yeah, needless to say, let's just get to the list.....

This week, I decided to rank the top 10 professional wrestlers that I personally wish would have tried MMA out back in their prime. It's pretty easy enough to understand isn't it?.....

And with that.......

LET'S GET IT ON!!!!!!!!.............


Bryan Danielson

Non-Wrestling Achievements: None

Weight: 190

Bryan Danielson, Daniel Bryan, American Dragon....it really doesn't matter what you call the guy, but one thing is for sure. In my expert opinion, Danielson would be a pretty damn good MMA fighter if he chose to pursue that career. You see, instead of a career that sees him get shit canned from the world's biggest wrestling organization for doing something he was most likely told to do (don't the agents usually run the show?), he could compete in the UFC where he would know that as long as he kept winning, he would have a job. I'm not one of those guys who thinks Danielson would come in and be a GRADE A ASS KICKER, but I think the guy would stand a pretty good chance against a lot of the fighters currently competing on....say.....the Ultimate Fighter? Danielson actually trains with Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas and us MMA fans know that Xtreme Couture is one of the best MMA camps in America. I'm not saying Danielson would come in and become the next UFC middleweight champion or anything, but I think he stands a much better chance at having a great MMA career than someone like DAVE BATISTA. But then again, we will probably never know.

The top 10 moves of Bryan Danielson. If you ask me, any of these moves would look cool in an MMA fight (especially Cattle Mutilation!).....

C.M. Punk

Non-Wrestling Achievements: None

Weight: 225

Would CM Punk be a good MMA fighter? That's definitely debatable. Much like Bryan Danielson, you can see hints of a potentially good MMA fighter in Punk's wrestling skill set. The man has got smooth striking and some damn good submissions in his repertoire. You have to admit, you would love to see Punk hit someone with a "GO TO SLEEP" during an MMA fight, wouldn't you? While I highly believe he would be more likely to submit someone with an "anaconda vise", the sheer probability of Punk landing a "GTS" during a fight is enough to warrant him an "honorable mentions" spot on this list.....

It's the top 10 moves of CM Punk! And once again, any of these moves would be cool if pulled off during an MMA fight.....

Samoa Joe

Non-Wrestling Achievements: California Junior Judo Champion

Weight: 280

I happen to be one of those people who believe that if Samoa Joe would have concentrated on MMA rather than wrestling, he very well could have been a successful MMA fighter. Joe already had experience in the Judo game winning the California State Junior Judo championship while in high school. Had he decided to concentrate on MMA rather than wrestling, he could have been a potentially dangerous dude. Joe (much like the two guys I already ranked in the honorable mentions category) uses a vast majority of martial arts holds in his skill set and is widely regarded as one of the toughest guys in pro wrestling. Not only that, but Joe also trains in muay thai and jiu-jitsu in his spare time. Perhaps the biggest kicker of them all though is Joe's relationship with Tito Ortiz's "Team Punishment". Joe often trains and is a sparring partner for fighters under the "Team Punishment" banner. I truly feel that if Joe got the sudden urge to want to be an MMA fighter....the only person who could stop him would be Joe himself. Just imagine the killer that Ortiz could turn this guy into. The results could be dangerous.....

What do you say we keep it going with the top 10 moves of Samoa Joe?......

AND NOW......THE TOP 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10) Mr. Perfect

Non-Wrestling Achievements: None

Weight: 260

Is there really anyway you can argue against this pick? For you newer pro wrestling fans, "Mr. Perfect" was the absolute definition of perfection. The man could do anything he wanted. Hell, he even taped a vignette where he was draining half court shots like they were nothing, hitting home runs like butter, and basically dominating every sport there was. Unfortunately, MMA wasn't around when they taped these vignettes otherwise I'm sure they would have shown "Mr. Perfect" dropping random douchebags with slick "KO's" and gogoplata's. Some people insist that "Mr. Perfect" wasn't really a gimmick for Hennig as the man truly was pretty close to perfection. If that's the case, then who are we to say that Hennig wouldn't have become a heavyweight champion immediately upon arriving in MMA? The man was PERFECTION for crying out loud!

You see, even his bowling game is PERFECTION......

9) The Undertaker

Non-Wrestling Achievements: None

Weight: 299

Would The Undertaker make a good MMA fighter? That's debatable. While we all know he's a HUGE MMA fan (if he's in attendance for UFC shows, the camera finds him....), what we don't know is how he would be able to handle himself in a fight. Perhaps my favorite thing The Undertaker has ever done, is incorporate the "gogoplata" into his skill set. The gogoplata is one of my personal favorite submissions as it's not a submission that you see a lot. When The Undertaker added the move, I met it with a mixed reaction. While I was happy to see a move like the "gogoplata" become a finishing move in wrestling, I wasn't sure how I felt about the realism of someone like the Undertaker pulling off a difficult move like that. Then I remembered that it's pro wrestling and because the Undertaker has supposedly DIED numerous times over the years, I decided I could suspend the belief that the Undertaker has the BJJ skills to pull off the gogoplata. Would Undertaker be a good MMA fighter? Probably not due to his age, but I definitely would pay some big bills to see him give it a try.....

And I present to you, the top 10 gogoplatas executed by THE UNDERTAKER!.....

8) Ron Simmons

Non-Wrestling Achievements: All-American Linebacker at Florida State

Weight: 270

Newer wrestling fans will remember Ron Simmons as the guy who came out and said "DAMN" whenever a situation got a little sticky. However, long time wrestling fans will remember Simmons as a former WCW champion and an all-around bad ass! I have heard plenty of wrestlers say that if there's one guy in the dressing room that you don't want to get into a fight with....it's Ron Simmons. Simmons was not only an All-American linebacker at Florida State (and trust me, Jim Ross will remind you in case you forget), but he also finished ninth in the Heisman voting during his senior season and is now a member of the College Football Hall of Fame. Trust me when I say that you have to be a hard ass to get that kind of recognition as a linebacker. Would Simmons bad-assery (I think I just made that word up) transition well over to MMA? I don't know for sure, but I do know that Simmons is one tough son of a bitch and it would definitely take a lot to beat the man. Unfortunately due to his age (the man is 52), we will never see that happen. DAMN~!!!!

I absolutely loved this storyline when I was a kid........

7) Rick Steiner

Non-Wrestling Achievements: None

Weight: 280

When I was a kid, I always heard numerous stories about how The Steiner Brothers were two of the toughest sons of bitches in pro wrestling. Not only were they studs at the University of Michigan (especially Scott), but they would also kick your ass if you looked at them the wrong way. If I could honestly build a time machine, I would go back in time and kidnap the Steiners when they were at Michigan and bring them directly to Greg Jackson's camp in New Mexico. I guarantee that the brothers would end up as two of the most dangerous sons of bitches in the United States. Perhaps then, "the dog-faced gremlin" would have got the respect he rightfully deserved.....

I can't find a person alive who didn't love the "Varsity Club".....

6) Jack Swagger

Non- (Pro) Wrestling Achievements: All-American wrestler at Oklahoma, set NCAA record for most pins in a season (30).

Weight: 260

Out of everyone on this list, I truly feel that Jack Swagger is the guy who could be the next "Bobby Lashley/Brock Lesnar". While I feel that Swagger loves being a pro wrestler, he could end up being one of those guys who gets burned out or just gets tired of his random de-pushing and decides to leave wrestling to pursue other interests. Would Swagger be able to make the transition to MMA? I truly think so. MMA is quickly turning into a "wrestler's world" and Swagger has an incredible background in amateur wrestling. With a little bit of training and a few amateur bouts, Swagger would probably already be better than someone like....say....Bobby Lashley? If Swagger did decide to leave the WWE to pursue other options, it probably wouldn't be for a few more years though. The WWE should really try and keep this guy happy though because I'm sure he knows he has that MMA option waiting for him. It's a damn good time to be a talented amateur wrestler right now......

It's a JACK SWAGGER TRIBUTE!!!!..............

5) Scott Steiner

Non- (Pro) Wrestling Achievements: All-American wrestler at University of Michigan

Weight: 275

For a description as to why Scott Steiner deserves to be ranked on this list, just see what I wrote for his brother Rick at #7. Basically, Scotty gets ranked a little higher than Rick because he was always just a little bit better....

Scott Steiner proves how tough he really is (c'mon, you gotta admit this video is hilarious).....

4) Vladimir Kozlov

Non-Wrestling Achievements: U.S. Kick-Boxing Association Heavyweight Grappling Champion, 2005 USA Open Heavyweight Sambo Champ

Weight: 302

Here's a little known fact about WWE's Vladimir Kozlov....the dude is a real bad ass. Before he signed with the WWE in 2006, Kozlov was winning championships in grappling competitions and was obviously impressive enough to capture the WWE's attention. I really wonder why Kozlov didn't at least try to give MMA a shot, but apparently he thought the WWE was his calling. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before he is "future endeavored" by the WWE and the rumors start flying as to whether or not Kozlov is going to TNA or going to give MMA a shot. The only downside for Kozlov going to MMA is that the man is 38 and he isn't getting younger (right Batista?). Therefore, if he has any kind of dreams of competing in MMA, he should probably think about trying to go out and achieve them soon. I'm not personally going to tell the guy what to do since I really love my teeth at the moment.

OH NO! It's Kozlov vs. MACGRUBER~!!!.......

3) Bad News Brown

Non-Wrestling Achievements: won bronze medal in judo at 1976 Olympic Games


Scroll back up and look at this guy's picture. Would you REALLY consider fighting this man? For those of you who would. What if I told you he's the only American heavyweight to ever win an Olympic medal in judo. Would you STILL consider fighting him? If you would, may God have mercy on your soul. The truth is, "Bad News Allen/Brown" really lived by his nick name...he was a "bad ass". If MMA was popular back in Allen's prime, I'm sure he would have gave it a shot. He had all the tools to be a "bad ass" MMA fighter. His background in judo, his all-around toughness, and the fact that it seemed he could do whatever he put his mind to. I really wish "Bad News" was still with us and was in his early-20's. I'm sure there would be a lot of MMA heavyweights that would be "ghetto blasted" down the rankings thanks to Mr. Allen Coage....

Here's Bad News Brown on the ARSENIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HALLLLL show!!!......

2) Shelton Benjamin

Non- (Pro) Wrestling Achievements: two-time South Carolina state high school wrestling champ, two-time All-American heavyweight wrestler at the University of Minnesota

Weight: 248

For those of you that know me really well, you know that I have been a HUGE Shelton Benjamin fan since the WWE signed him back in 2000. While Benjamin's WWE career was moderately successful, I considered it a huge disappointment as I really thought Shelton had the potential to go along way. With that said, Shelton would have made a tremendous MMA fighter had he chose to go that route rather than signing with the WWE back in 2000. Shelton was a tremendous amateur wrestler and what we are seeing in MMA now a days is that great amateur wrestling skills really come along way. I know I'm not in the minority when I say that Shelton would have made a tremendous MMA fighter. Hell, the man is currently unemployed so maybe he's thinking about a career in MMA? He's 35 years old so he knows his time is ticking. I would personally love to see Shelton give MMA a shot, but I would rather see him return to the WWE and do what he should have done years ago and that's capture a relevant world title.

Here's a tribute to the athletic god that is known as Shelton Benjamin......

1) Kurt Angle

Non- (Pro) Wrestling Achievements: two-time NCAA Division I champ, three-time All-American at the Clarion University of Pennsylvania, two-time USA Senior Freestyle champ, 1987 USA Junior Freestyle champ, 1988 USA IFAWS Junior World Freestyle champ, gold medal in wrestling at 1996 Olympics

Weight: 240

Kurt Angle speaks the truth folks. If the man was twenty years younger, than perhaps there is no one in MMA who could stop him. I have already mentioned in this article that amateur wrestling is a highly successful skill to have in MMA and when Angle was in his prime, there was really no one better. The only problem with Angle now is, he still thinks he is the best. Unfortunately, Angle is 41 years old and has the body of an 86 year old. He keeps insisting that he will give MMA a try, but for all of our sake....let's hope that never happens. We can always sit back and imagine just how dominant Angle could have been in MMA. We don't actually need to see the man come out and BREAK HIS FRIGGIN NECK trying to prove his manhood against someone like Bobby Lashley. It's true, it's true.....

Kurt Angle LOVES MILK!!!!.....

And that's it for me this week. Make sure you follow me on Twitter for all sorts of good MMA, NBA, NFL, and other random crap talk. Trust me, I won't let you down.

All of 411's zones are also on Twitter, so make sure you check it out.....



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