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Locked in the Guillotine MMA News Report 3.01.13: Girl Fight Results Edition
Posted by Robert Winfree on 03.01.2013

Welcome one and all, the Guillotine is back and again you're locked in it. Some good stuff this week in the world of MMA, and of course the really fun event that was UFC 157 and the debut of women fighting in the biggest MMA organization in the world. That bit of history will be reviewed, but there's also been some shifting going on. This seasons finale of TUF got a new main event, there's more drama around the upcoming welterweight title fight, and of course the UFC's next event in Japan featuring the return of the Axe Murderer. Lots to talk about, so we'd better keep going while you're Locked in unless it takes too long and you pass out.


Fun start to the evening: Na-Shon Burrell defeated Yuri Villefort by unanimous decision to get the night going. The fight was a really fun back and forth affair, both on the feet and on the ground. While Villefort was the better grappler he seemed unable to secure positions and Burrell was able to escape using more strength than technique. On the feet Burrell was the busier fighter, but Villefort more than held his own. Really a good way to get the night going, kudos to both guys.

Not a good way to keep going: Neil Magny defeated Jon Manley by unanimous decision in a pretty pedestrian fight. Most of the fight was Manley pressing for takedowns and Magny defending them successfully and landing body shots and the occasional takedown of his own. Nothing really special here, I seriously doubt Manley get's another crack in the UFC.

Leg Lock city: Kenny Robertson defeated Brock Jardine by submission with a nice leg lock in the first round. The way Robertson transitioned towards that submission was really sweet, he had his opponents back but was a little too high to secure a choke, so he reached down and grabbed one of Jardine's legs and pulled on it, using the hooks to help generate leverage. It was a really nice technique and one that I imagine we'll see more of in the coming events.

Stout by split: Sam Stout defeated Caros Fodor by split decision to kick off the F/X preliminary fights. The fight was pretty fun, Stout displayed a more diverse MMA game with takedowns and submission attempts, and his always technical striking. Fodor landed some good punches, but his attempts to get the fight to the ground were generally limited to attempted trips from the clinch which Stout was ready for. Nothing offensive here, decent win for Stout.

That was crazy: Dennis Bermudez defeated Matt Grice by split decision in a crazy fight. Both men were throwing punches and kicks to end the fight, but neither guy would stay down. In the clinch, on the ground, standing, both guys never stopped fighting. The third, and critical round I think, saw Bermudez just unload on Grice against the cage. Grice was obviously wobbled more than once, but he always did enough to keep the fight from being stopped despite getting hit with some serious shots. Really a great fight, and new front runner for Fight of the Night.

Chiesa rolls on: Michael Chiesa defeated Anton Kuivanen by submission with a rear naked choke in the second round. The first round was pretty even, though Kuivanen had the better striking. In the second Chiesa capitalized on a small opening to take Kuivanen's back, lock up a body triangle, and choke out his opponent. Really slick ground work from Chiesa there, now he just needs to get some better striking. Nothing offensive there, pretty fun fight.

Well that kind of sucked: Brendan Schaub defeated Lavar Johnson by unanimous decision in a really uneventful fight. Brendan Schaub was able to successfully take down Lavar Johnson over the entire fifteen minutes, and Lavar Johnson continues to have a negative ground game. Schaub made a couple of attempts at an anaconda choke, but his fundamentals were off and even a guy who's submission defense consists of "punch him until I pass out or he breaks it" was able to survive. I have nothing good to say about anything pertaining to that fight. If Dana White is serious about only having entertaining fighters than at least half of the heavyweight division need to go.

Lawler returns to form: Robbie Lawler defeated Josh Koscheck by TKO in the first round to return to the UFC with a win. Lawler was able to land a good left hand while Koscheck was attempting a takedown, then followed up with some ground and pound against the cage that got the fight stopped. The stoppage might have been a bit premature, but Koscheck was in a bad position. Koscheck should beware being cut from the UFC, he's lost his last two fights and has been on a "skid" if you listen to Dana White's logic.

The Dentist got Crushed: Court McGee defeated Josh Neer by unanimous decision taking all three rounds on all three judges scorecards. In the first round McGee hurt Neer to the body more than once and had a close rear naked choke but the clock ran out on the first round. McGee just threw a lot of accurate punches and kicks and never let up with the pressure. I like McGee at welterweight, he's tough and never quits, I'd just like to see his power punching get worked on as well as his ground and pound. Nothing wrong here.

Faber wins: Urijah Faber defeated Ivan Menjivar by submission with a standing rear naked choke in the first round. The fight was all Faber after he reversed position following a throw by Menjivar. He landed elbows at will and made a really nice transition to the back when Menjivar stood up and then choked out Menjivar. I still don't think Faber will ever be a champion in the UFC, he can't beat Barao or Cruz, but he was supposed to win here and did.

The Dragon prevails: Lyoto Machida defeated Dan Henderson by split decision, though I personally didn't think it was split worthy. Henderson had zero success in the first two rounds and only got the third because he scored a takedown. Machida was landing good body kicks and knees, I was disappointed when this got reduced to three rounds instead of five even more so when it ended after three rounds. I really wanted to see how another two rounds would have changed the complexion of that fight. With that win Machida should get another title shot at Jon Jones, because there's no way Sonnen beats him.

The Champ is here: Ronda Rousey defeated Liz Carmouche by first round armbar with just fourteen seconds left in the first. While you might call that predictable, Liz Carmouche wound up with Rousey's back early in the first and had a pretty nasty neck crank that must have stopped Dana White's heart. Rousey managed to shake off Carmouche and get top position, a head lock position from side control. Near the close of the round Rousey moved to mount, then the spiderweb position and then into the armbar. This was about as perfect a fight as you could get from a promotional stand point, Carmouche had some moments and the big draw retained the belt. All in all a pretty good night of fights, the message from Dana White about fighting exciting seems to have been heard loud and clear.


Riddle is an idiot: Matthew Riddle, who was last seen defeating Che Mills by decision, has been cut from the UFC following his second positive test for marijuana. Riddle previously tested positive after a fight with Chris Clements. I have no desire to spark a discussion about marijuana here, there are valid points on both sides, and the discussion always seems to boil down to "bumper sticker" logic. I will say this, athletic governing bodies do not allow you to have drugs in your system, in many cases regardless of their legal status. You cannot have remnants of marijuana in your system when you fight, it's an extraordinarily simple thing to stop smoking weed for a month or two prior to a fight. Fighters know the rules about this type of stuff, to knowingly endanger your profession like that is quite stupid.

Nick Diaz is still an idiot: Apparently there remains news around Nick Diaz as he missed a few scheduled taping appointments for the upcoming Primetime series featuring himself and welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre to promote their fight at UFC 158. Now Diaz claims he wasn't informed about the appointments and did show up when he was told about them. I can't help but point out the inconsistencies here. Dana White or the UFC's communication to Nick Diaz seems to go through his lawyer, and providing that extra layer of separation just causes more opportunities for information to be lost or misunderstood. Dana White claims that he was close to pulling Diaz from his fight with GSP again, though I'm personally calling some BS on that. At this point it will take a serious injury or a failed drug test to stop this fight, GSP, Diaz, and Dana White all want this to happen and it will take something drastic to stop it at this point.

Dana White speaks before he thinks, again: It was announced a few weeks ago that lightweight contender Anthony "Showtime" Pettis would be dropping down to featherweight and challenging champion Jose Aldo for the title. Well it turns out the UFC announced that prior to champion Jose Aldo actually accepting the fight. Aldo came out and said he didn't think Pettis deserved a title shot at featherweight, which is quite accurate given that Pettis has never fought at that weight. Now Aldo did just defeat Frankie Edgar, another guy who'd never fought at featherweight, but having to twice defend the title against guys making their debuts in the weight class doesn't make tons of sense. It was later reported that Aldo would accept the fight on the condition that, should he win, he will get a lightweight title shot. Of course Dana White's counter is that should Aldo become lightweight champion he would be forced to vacate the featherweight title and stay at lightweight permanently. I can't help but think that Jose Aldo, with his incredible talent, could become the first man in UFC history to hold two titles in two different weight classes at the same time. I'm not sure how much I'd favor him over Benson Henderson, but I'd easily pick him to beat Gilbert Melendez. Should Aldo move up to lightweight, Renan Barao the current interim UFC bantamweight champion, would move up to featherweight. The sum total of those moves is the tragic change that Urijah Faber could become bantamweight champion, or at least interim champion if something happens to Dominick Cruz again. However it plays out this situation has become a very interesting one to watch.

Johnson is out: UFC flyweight champion Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson was forced to pull out of his scheduled fight with John Moraga. The fight was supposed to be the main event of the this season's finale of The Ultimate Fighter. There had been much speculation about why Johnson would be placed in this position after headlining the last UFC on FOX event. Going from the main event of a FOX card to main eventing a throw away show like a TUF finale, with a title on the line no less, is a big step down for a guy who is the reigning champion. Taking the place of the title fight will be a bantamweight fight between Urijah Faber and Scott Jorgensen. This is essentially another designated win for Faber as he looks to get the next shot at either Renan Barao or Dominck Cruz sometime later this year.

Evans to meet Hendo: Rashad Evans has been calling out Mauricio "Shogun" Rua recently, stating he wants that fight. UFC President Dana White came out and said the more likely fight for Evans at this point is with Dan Henderson. Both men are coming off of disappointing losses, and the reality is that both men could be fighting for their jobs, though Evans more likely than Hendo. The last fight Evans was involved in was a pretty awful fight with little Nog, Rogerio Nogueira, that he lost by decision. If Evans shows up and fights another uninspired fight and loses, well the guy isn't cheap and the UFC is looking to trim their roster and the cost associated with it.

Early estimates are in: Early estimates of the buy rate for UFC 157 are in the 450K range with maybe an upper limit of a touch over 500k. Hopefully this quiets the complaints that the women, who headlined the PPV, can't draw. Of course it should also shut up the people crowing about 600k plus for this fight. Drawing in 450-500k range is good for Ronda Rousey, there's only a handful of other champions or fighters in the UFC that equal or beat that. We'll have to wait to see if that power grows or wanes, but for now that's a solid debut on PPV for the female bantamweight champion.


The UFC's next show comes on Fuel TV and is pretty stacked. The UFC seems to be constantly giving these Fuel shows fights, fighters, or events that people want to see in an effort to pressure more providers to carry the network. The reality is that this show wouldn't be horrible on PPV, and would be awesome for F/X. Yeah I'm looking forward to this one, so let's get into the main card and see what I think will happen.

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Siyar Bahadurzada: I really wish this fight had happened late last year instead of early this year. Siyar Bahadurzada debuted in the UFC in April of last year and knocked out Paulo Thiago in brutal fashion becoming the first man in the UFC to stop Thiago. His injury was really unfortunate because he had some buzz and momentum, now it's almost a re-debut for him. Kim has had a really up and down career in the UFC, he's coming off of a decision win over Paulo Thiago but was stopped by Demian Maia before that. I wish I could pick Siyar with more confidence, but ring rust has proven to hurt other fighters in the past. I'm still picking him, because I think he'll just move in quickly and knock Kim's head off, but I'm not as confident as I might have been.

Rani Yahya vs. Mizuto Hirota: I'm really struggling to care about this fight. Rani Yahya has been relatively well thought of for a while but has been unable to really make a name for himself. Hirotu is most famous for being the guy who's arm Shinya Aoki broke with a hammerlock, though he did have a pretty decent showing for himself against Pat Healy in Strikeforce. For this one, I'm struggling to care or to see how Yahya could lose. I think Yahya wins, likely in a pedestrian decision.

Yushin Okami vs. Hector Lombard: I'm really hesitant to get excited about this fight, because it could easily wind up looking like Lombard vs. Boetsch and we all know how bad that one was. Hector Lombard has a good grappling background, he's difficult to take down and has a decent top game. For this fight the relevant portion of that is his difficulty to take down, especially given that Okami tends to go for takedowns from the clinch. Lombard went to the Olympics representing Cuba in Judo, so his clinch game is very likely to be better than Okami. On the feet Okami has some decent technical striking, but it's nothing special and he'll be at a serious deficit against Lombard. Lombard is more of a counter striker, he is content to let other guys come to him as we saw against Boetsch. On the other hand, if he feels he's got a substantial striking advantage he might pressure his opponent as he did against Rousimar Palhares. Either way, with Lombard's good takedown defense, I think Okami doesn't bring the necessary tools to beat Lombard.

Takanori Gomi vs. Diego Sanchez: Diego Sanchez is going back down to lightweight, again, and will fight Gomi in a gimme fight. Gomi still has power in his hands, but his striking technique is questionable as is his cardio. Diego Sanchez is a cardio machine, and an aggressive wrestler. The only way Sanchez loses this is if he decides to box with Gomi for three rounds, because Sanchez's wrestling and pace should lead him to a finish late in the second or the third if he wants it.

Mark Hunt vs. Stefan Struve: This is actually an interesting fight, because it's going to go dramatically for one guy or the other. For all the talk about Struve's kickboxing experience when he first got into the UFC his wins tend to come by submission. Struve is good off of his back, something that isn't true of most heavyweight grapplers, and knows how to use his long limbs to his advantage. One of the knocks on Struve has been his striking, more accurately his reactions to getting hit. Struve tends to move straight back and cover up, something that has got him beat in the UFC. Both Roy Nelson and Junior dos Santos were able to pressure Struve against the cage and just unload with power shots to put him down. Enter Mark Hunt, who will be looking to replicate the success of those fighters against Struve. For years the big knock on Hunt has been his grappling, and with good reason most of the time. To his credit Hunt has been working on his grappling, but he'll still be looking to keep this fight on the feet. I'm actually going for Hunt here, he's displayed maturity during his time in the UFC, he's worked on his MMA game, and he still has the same punching power. I just don't feel Struve has been consistent enough against guys with the type of style that Hunt will bring.

Brian Stann vs. Wanderlei Silva: For some reason these two middleweights will be fighting at light heavyweight, likely because neither of them wanted to cut weight. I'm really torn here, because it's impossible to really dislike Wanderlei Silva and hard to root for or pick against him. Sadly I don't like his chances here. Brian Stann has had a difficult career in the UFC, his wrestling defense hasn't improved as much as it should have and he has a bad habit of chasing guys striking if they don't come to him. Neither of those should be a problem here because Silva is an aggressive striker who will be coming towards Stann the entire time. With all the years, all the wars, all the time Silva has spent in MMA his chin just isn't what it used to be, and Stann has serious punching power. I can't root against Silva though, I'm hoping he pulls off the upset in Japan and maybe even retires in the country where he became a legend. I think Stann will knock him out, likely in the first, but I'll be rooting for Silva here.

Alright boys and girls, that does it for this week. If you're a fan of the Movie zone here at 411mania I participated in the second half of the Long Road to Ruin podcast discussing the Paranormal Activity franchise, and both podcasts can be found either here at 411mania or over at Blogtalk Radio. If that type of thing interests you I'd encourage you to check those two out, and that series in general because there's some really interesting and fun stuff discussed there. I will be back next week, so keep your eyes and ears open in the world of MMA and get my thoughts on all things related next Friday. You've escaped the Guillotine again, see you all next Friday.


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