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Michael Bisping Loses Latest Big Fight Its The Final Count Down For Him as a Contender
Posted by Jack McGee on 04.16.2014

Michael Bisping started with the UFC back in 2006 when he joined the cast of the Ultimate Fighter Season 3. Bisping won that season, and has now fought 20 times in the UFC. Man, you have to be good to fight 20 times in the UFC. Following the UFC Fight Night event, Bisping is 14-6. That is to be commended when you fight in the UFC and (for the most part) fight the upper crust of MMA talent. Bisping has been one of the most successful and marketable fighters to come from the UK, so much so that he has headlined UFC events and coached the Ultimate Fighter two times. There is no question that Michael Bisping has had a good career in MMA, unfortunately he is not a top tier fighter, and will never be a UFC champion.

At the Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale, Michael Bisping did what Michael Bisping does, he lost the big fight; he choked. There is no nice way of putting it, the man's track record speaks for itself. Early on Michael Bisping was on the rise, 4-0 in the UFC, and loses to Rashad Evans at UFC 78. Michael Bisping puts some wins together and coaches the Ultimate Fighter against Dan Henderson and eats the greatest "H-Bomb" of all time. At UFC 110 he faces a broken down shell of himself Wanderlei Silva, and lost via decision. He puts together four more wins, rumors of title contention and loses to Chael Sonnen via decision. Two fights later he seemingly has another chance to get a title shot and then eats the TKO kick from Vitor Belfort.

Michael Bisping had chance after chance after chance, which he worked hard for, but when the chips are down, he can't cash in. This is not speculation, this is fact. Michael Bisping gets the media push from the UFC, he gets the chances when some felt he did not deserve them, but in the end it didn't matter. Bisping is not a finisher nor does he have a killer instinct that the greats have. Sure wax poetic all you want about his awesome finishes of such superstars as Eric Schafer, Elvis Sinosic, Jason Day and Dennis Kang; when Bisping had to face a top tier star, a real challenger, he folded. There is no shame in that. MMA is not a sport where you get a silver medal or a participatory award; there are winners and losers, and there are champions and then everyone else. Michael Bisping was just destined to be an everyone else.

This was the final count down for Bisping. He is 35 years old, he has had repeated chances to get a title shot, and each and every time out he simply was not good enough to do so. Add into the equation that he has 30 (documented and official) fights of mileage and 10-years of training on his body, and he certainly is not getting any younger. Some will claim he was not himself due to recovering from the detached retina and having a year off. But it doesn't matter, his track record speaks for itself. The champions are the 1%, the everyone elses are the 99%. It's a tough reality to swallow, but it is a fact.

Michael Bisping is officially Zuul the Gatekeeper of Gozer. He is no longer a top name, he's not a contender, and he will not be a UFC champion. There is no shame in that. He has fought 20 times in the UFC, he is 14-6 and he is a star. He is a former Ultimate Fighter champion and a big name for the company in the UK, he is an ambassador for the brand and a company man. He will remain on the roster, and with the company running so many shows they need him too. Hell, if he grabs a few wins and the right people get injured, he COULD (in theory) get a title shot. But it is unlikely.

There is still a place for Michel Bisping in the UFC. Doing analyst work on FOX, promoting the UFC in Europe and of course, as a fighter. But his chances of being one of the elite, part of that 1% are seemingly done, and now, he will play the role of gatekeeper. That's not a dirty word either, he'll make a living and support his family doing so.

Unfortunately for him there is no champion, only Michael.

Jack McGee is an aspiring investigative journalist with interests covering TV, Movies, Wrestling, MMA and Sports. When not hunting the Incredible Hulk, Jack works on his surfing, his Johnny Utah like throwing motion and origami.


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