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The 411 MMA Top 10 4.28.14: Top 10 Spencer Fisher Fights
Posted by Alex Rella on 04.28.2014

Spencer Fisher's Top Ten Fights
 photo ufcfightnight101.jpg

Hey everybody, I am Alex Rella and this is the MMA Top Ten. This week we will be looking at Spencer Fisher's best fights. Never an elite fighter or top contender, but the guy had some fun fights and was a quality lightweight over the years. The King retired in 2012 with a very respectable 24-9 record and will always be remembered for his amazing trilogy with Sam Stout. This week's fights are ranked mixing fight quality, the significance of the fight in relation to his career, and some of my personal opinion.

Honorable Mentions:
VS Curt Warburton UFC 120- Fisher won via unanimous decision
VS Hermes Franca UFN 8- Fisher lost via second round TKO

10: Caol Uno UFC 99
 photo 99_zps818ef901.jpg

Caol Uno left the UFC back in 2003 after last competing at UFC 44. The former number one contender would spend the next six years competing in Japan, but would finally return at UFC 99 to take on Fisher. It wasn't the most exciting fight ever, but Fisher dominated the first two rounds with great striking and even better takedown defense. Uno came alive and took the final round, but it wasn't enough for the returning veteran. All judges scored it 29-28 Fisher as he picked up his third win in a row and the rest of Uno's UFC run would be even more disappointing. Not the most thrilling fight on the list, but Fisher picked up a win over one of the UFC's original great lightweights.

9: VS Jeremy Stephens TUF 7 Finale
 photo tuf7_zps1189bce8.jpg

Jeremy Stephens made his UFC debut on his twentieth birthday at UFC 71 and after years of being an above average fighter at lightweight, Stephens has finally become a top contender at twenty seven. He's 3-0 since dropping down to featherweight and takes on Cub Swanson later this year in a fight that could give the winner a title shot. But back in 2008, Stephens took on Fisher at 155 lbs. The two were friends and former training partners, but they agreed to take the fight as they couldn't turn down the exposure they would get from being on TV at the time. Yea, being on the televised portion of the card was a big deal back then. This was a slower fight than you would expect from the two brawlers, but it was still good. Fisher took the first two rounds with better striking and mat work. Stephens came alive in the third round, but it wasn't enough to finish Fisher. Fisher won by unanimous decision (29-28 x3).

8: VS Aaron Riley UFN 3
 photo ufn3_zps6aef71e0.jpg

After a successful UFC debut, Fisher took on the southpaw Aaron Riley. Riley was always a tough fighter at welterweight or lightweight and this was also only his second UFC fight after a brief foray at Pride. Fisher started boxing at sixteen years old and he showed off those elite skills this night. Fisher lit him up with strikes in the first round and while Riley was able to survive, the doctor would stop the fight in between rounds as Fisher broke his jaw. You can't look stronger than that. Unfortunately for Riley this injury would bother him for the rest of his career.

7: VS Thiago Alves UFN 2
 photo ti_zps86a08637.jpg

Spencer Fisher spent most of his career competing at lightweight, but he did initially compete at welterweight. He made his UFC debut against Thiago Alves who was also making his debut on his twenty second birthday. Alves came out to an early lead, but he fell into a triangle choke towards the end of the second round. A successful debut for Fisher as he went up against a guy who would go on to beat some of the best welterweights in the company and later challenge for the title.

6: VS Dan Lauzon UFC 64
 photo la_zps6699031f.jpg

Dan Lauzon is now doing alright in the World Series of Fighting, but back in 2006 he became the youngest fighter to compete in the UFC at eighteen years old. He stepped up on fairly short notice to take on Fisher. Joe's younger brother came out surprisingly strong as he slammed Fisher down on the mat really hard. There he went to work and most of the fight was spent with him in control on the ground. Unfortunately for Lauzon, he made the mistake of giving Fisher too much room and he was able to escape. Fisher stood up and Lauzon was visibly exhausted at this point. The veteran then picked the rookie apart with his striking. The referee stopped the fight as Lauzon was dropped a second time. Lauzon would return to the UFC a few years later after some more seasoning.

5: VS Shannon Gugerty UFC 90
 photo 99f_zpsa435adc7.jpg

Shannon Gugerty picked up the biggest win of his career when he submitted Cub Swanson in his MMA debut back in 2004. After a couple nice years, Gugerty ended up in the UFC in 2008 and beat Dale Hartt in his UFC debut. He then stepped up on short notice to fill in for Melvin Guillard here against Fisher. It was supposed to be your basic striker vs grappler fight, but both guys made it an interesting and really fun fight. Gugerty showed off some nice striking and Fisher had great takedown defense and even some nice grappling exchanges of his own. Fisher took the first round and Gugerty the second. Gugerty took him down in the third round, but Fisher locked him in a triangle choke. Gugerty held on for a really long time, but he would eventually tap out. The clinching was a little much at times in this one, but overall a fun fight as Fisher picked up his only Submission of the Night bonus.

4: VS Matt Wiman

I forgot how long Matt Wiman has been with the UFC. Wiman has a 9-6 record in the UFC and I could probably give him a top ten column if I wanted to. Anyway, Wiman made his octagon debut back in 2006 as he stepped in on two weeks' notice for an injured Leonard Garcia to fight Fisher at UFC 60. Wiman came out strong in the first round as he scored an early takedown and and locked in a deep guillotine, but Fisher somehow managed to escape. Wiman went for another takedown, but Fisher stuffed it and ended up in full mount. Then Fisher brought some vicious ground and pound that busted Wiman open before the round ended. Fisher did a weird little dance while in Wiman's guard, but it succeeded in messing with Wiman's head. Fisher scored a takedown showed off some ground and pound in the second round until he decided he wanted to strike instead and stood up. Eventually Fisher connected with a good right hand and a wobbly Wiman made a mistake of waving his hand in the air to show he was ok. Fisher immediately pounced on him with a flying knee and that was it. Wiman was knocked out and Fisher walked away in victory. A great fight and while Wiman lost, his performance was good enough to get him a spot of TUF season 5 and he's been with the company ever since.

3:VS Sam Stout UFC on FX 4

2:VS Sam Stout UFC 58

1:VS Sam Stout UFN 10

This is a little different from what I usually do, but I wanted to write about these three fights together as a whole. Sometimes two fighters just have this kind of chemistry together that their fights are going to be amazing no matter how many times they fight, where they are in the rankings, or how old they are. Sam Stout and Spencer Fisher had those kind of fights. The first time they met was on the prelims of UFC 58. Stout was making his UFC debut and Fisher was stepping on a week's notice to fill in for Kenny Florian. Making your lightweight debut would be tough enough, but Fisher had to cut twenty pounds in the final two days before the fight. The weight cut affected Fisher, but he was still awesome. Fisher was strong and aggressive as always, but Stout was the quicker of the two with his striking, footwork, and takedown defense. Stout won by split decision.

They met again about a year later and this time it was the main event of UFC Fight Night 10. Fisher had the proper time to cut weight for this one and it made a huge difference. They beat each other until they were bloody and exhausted, but Fisher was the better fighter on this night. He won every round by unanimous decision as he was the one beating Stout to the punch on most exchanges. Some will say the first fight was better overall, but I think the second one was better when you look at it for Fisher personally. He proved that he could beat him while in his prime and well prepared.

They met for the final time in June 2012. At this point both men were no longer prospects or top lightweights, just exciting fighters. Stout pretty much alternates wins and losses at this point and Fisher had only won one fight in his last four. The fight was kind of thrown together as almost to say sure why not. Yea this one wasn't as good as the other fights, but they still beat the puss out of each other in a great fight. The seven years younger Stout was victorious as he effectively mixed in kicks and takedowns. Fisher retired after the fight and he got a nice Fight of the Night bonus as a farewell package.

So let me know how you guys would rank them or maybe I left a fight out that you thought should be in the top 10.
As always, let me know if there are any topics or fighters you would like to see ranked in the future.
Next week is Jim Miller's best fights.


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