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The 411 MMA Top 10: Top 10 Matt Brown Fights
Posted by Alex Rella on 08.04.2014

Matt Brown's Top Ten Fights
 photo Matt-Brown-vs-Pete-Sell-mma-4820262-550-367.jpg

Hey there readers, I am Alex Rella and this is another spellbinding edition of the MMA Top Ten. This week Matt Brown gets the spotlight. Unfortunately Brown's seven fight winning streak has come to an end, but it was amazing while it lasted. I've been a fan of his since TUF 7, so I really enjoyed watching him resurrect his career, save his job, and reach the top of the UFC's welterweight division. Who knows where he'll go from here, but I really hope he can stay near the top of the rankings and keep fighting for that title shot. The fights are ranked on the usual criteria of fight quality, the significance of the fight in relation to his career, and some of my personal opinion.

Honorable Mentions:
VS Dong Hyun Kim UFC 88- Brown lost via split decision
VS Luis Ramos UFC on FX- Brown won via second round TKO.

10: VS Douglas Lima ISCF

I admit that I only recently watched this fight for the first time, but it is fun to watch in retrospective two top guys compete against each other when their careers were just getting started. If any of you don't follow Bellator (can't blame you too much), Douglas Lima is a two time tournament winner and their current welterweight champion. Back in 2007 though, Lima was undefeated at 5-0 and Brown was a mediocre 5-3. This was not some epic fight, but it I think it's interesting to see where they've improved and what part of their game they've kept the same. It was a fun sloppy brawl though. Both guys came out aggressive and didn't hold back one bit. There were some nice submission attempts as well, but Brown came out on top in the second round winning by TKO. This is a nice win over a future champ to put on the resume. I forgot to mention it was for the ISCF welterweight title too, though neither guy would fight in the company again.

9: VS Jeremy May TUF Season 7

I usually don't include TUF fights as they are technically exhibitions, but this was the fight that made me a Matt Brown fan. Brown entered the UFC as a competitor on the seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter. This was an all middleweight season and Brown was on Forrest Griffin's Team. Brown was thrown up against Jeremy May in the first round of the tournament. May was a forgettable loudmouth that tried his best to get under Brown's skin. I remember as May tried to get Brown to flinch at the weigh-ins, but Brown just looked at him all stone cold and I thought, "Oh shit, he's gonna kill him". And Brown brutalized May as much as he possibly could inside the cage. Brown finished him off with a nice head kick in the first round as he moved onto the quarterfinals.

8: VS Mike Pyle UFN 26

UFC Fight Night 26 was a huge show for the UFC and they tried their best to stack it with fighters they knew would put on a good show. At this point Brown was on a five fight winning streak and it was time for him to take a step up in competition. His original opponent was supposed to be former number one contender Thiago Alves, but he got hurt and he was instead thrown up against fellow veteran Mike Pyle. Pyle was on a four fight winning streak of his own and the winner of this would force themselves into the top tier of UFC welterweights. It was thought by many that Pyle would be able to submit Brown once the fight went to the ground, but Brown never gave him the chance as he knocked him out in only 29 seconds. This earned Brown his only Knockout of the Night bonus.

7: VS Chris Cope UFC 143

This was Matt Brown's first fight of 2012 and things weren't going too well for him at this point. Brown was 1-4 in his last five fights and was submitted in all four of those losses. His job was on the line here against former TUF competitor Chris Cope who was 1-1 in the UFC. Brown took the first round with some nice striking combinations and even a takedown, but he killed Cope in the second round. He caught a low kick and he just lit up Cope with a big overhand right to the temple and then a left to knock him down. Brown finished him off on the ground as he saved his job and started his epic winning streak.

6: VS James Wilks UFC 105

Brown didn't win his season of TUF, but at UFC 105 he went up against the winner of TUF season 9. This was James Wilks' first fight since submitting DaMarques Johnson in the finals and it was taking place in his home country of England. Brown was 3-1 in the UFC at this point and the first round of this fight was really close as they both were aggressive with striking and submission attempts. Brown just pounced on him in the second round though as he brutalized him with stiff striking and Wilks was truly saved by the bell as the round ended with Wilks locked in a deep triangle. Wilks had a mini comeback in the third as it looked like he might pull off a submission victory with a tight kimura, but Brown escaped and finished him off with strikes in full mount. This was a really fun fight and nice win for Brown as he finished off a prospect a lot of people had high hopes for.

5: VS Stephen Thompson UFC 145

Stephen Thompson had a great debut at UFC 143 in 2012 when he karate kicked Dan Stittgen for the Knockout of the Night. He was prematurely being touted as the future of the welterweight division until he ran into The Immortal. Thomson would get handed the first loss of his career as he just wasn't ready for a veteran like Brown when it came to his grappling and ground & pound. Though, it wasn't entirely one sided as Thompson got in plenty of his own heavy shots. Both guys were bloody and bruised at the end of it as Brown came away with the unanimous decision victory in a really stiff and entertaining fight. Thompson has won three in a row since then and shown improvements in each fight. He keeps asking for a rematch and it wouldn't be a terrible fight to make if he can get past Patrick Cote at UFC 178 and win another fight or so.

4: VS Mike Swick UFC on Fox 5

2012 was the best and busiest year of Brown's career. He went 3-0 over three younger less experienced fighters, but he took on veteran Mike Swick in his last fight of the year. Swick has been with the UFC since the first season of TUF competing at light heavyweight through welterweight. Swick has really struggled with injuries since 2010, but he's had a nice career and has come close to getting a title shot more than once. Swick fought for the first time in over two years when returned to knockout DaMarques Johnson at UFC on Fox 4. The first round had some fun grappling exchanges as Brown went for a d'arce and triangle choke. Then came the big knockout in the second round as Brown sent Swick falling backwards where he was finished off on the ground. This was a nice way to cap off a huge year.

3: VS Jordan Mein UFC on Fox 7

Following his perfect 4-0 year in 2012, Brown first opponent in 2013 was hot prospect Jordan Mein. Mein started fighting at only sixteen years old and has a 28-9 record at only 24 years old. Mein has victories over Josh Burkman, Joe Riggs, Evangelista Santos, and he killed Dan Miller in his UFC debut causing him to be the favorite in this one. This was just an awesome hard hitting fight from the start. Mein connected him some hard body shots in the first and Brown crumbled up. It looked like it was all over, but then Brown locked him up in a triangle choke. It didn't last very long, but it gave him enough time to recover and get back in the fight. Brown came back strong in the second as he broke Mein's face with a knee to send him reeling to the ground. The ref stopped the fight as Brown was unloading on him with strikes and elbows. This was a great comeback that earned him his first Fight of the Night bonus and his fifth win in a row.

2: VS Robbie Lawler UFC on Fox 12

I've never been more emotionally torn watching an MMA fight. Two of my all time favorite fighters were going up against each other to determine the next number one contender for the UFC's welterweight title. Most were picking Robbie Lawler to win this one and pretty quickly too given Brown's susceptibility to body shots. I didn't do the roundtable for this one, but I would have guessed Lawler by TKO in the fourth. But they shocked everybody as they had a full five round fight of awesome action. It was a close battle and I kept finding myself rooting for someone else at various points in the fight. Even though the fight was close and competitive throughout, Lawler was the clear victor and he rightfully won by unanimous decision. If his seven fight winning streak had to end, this was an awesome way to end it. It'll be interesting to see where he goes from here and if he can keep himself at the top of the rankings.

1: VS Erick Silva UFN 40

I was really bummed when Matt Brown's fight with Carlos Condit was canceled at the end of 2013 due to a back injury to Brown. Brown was kept out of action for months until he was thrown up against Erick Silva. There was a time when a lot of people thought Silva could reach the top of the welterweight division, but his career has been up and down lately. He hits incredibly hard, but clear holes in his game will keep him as a high level gatekeeper. Silva showed off his skills in the first round as he hurt Brown really bad with a vicious body kick that would have killed most men. Silva followed him to the ground and went for a rear naked choke and no matter how purple Brown's face was; he escaped and came back strong. The Immortal came back as violent and ferocious as ever as Brown just brutalized Silva in an amazing come from behind victory. Brown won by TKO in the third round and he earned an extra $100,000 in post fight bonuses.

So let me know how you guys would rank them or maybe I left a fight out that you thought should be in the top 10.
As always, let me know if there are any topics or fighters you would like to see ranked in the future.


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