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Why Jones vs. Cormier Looks Awesome, But Cormier is Going to Lose
Posted by Jack McGee on 08.06.2014

The evolution of Daniel Cormier has been a joy to watch. The man comes from his wrestling background, and makes the jump to the world of MMA. Daniel Cormier's MMA career was handled very well, both by himself and by his management team. He started in the Strikeforce Challengers series, which was designed to build stars and in Cormier's case, it worked. From there, he went international for some fights (three of them) and picked up experience and more victories. The young heavyweight was a dominant wrestler, but was slowly evolving and developing a striking game. Decision wins over Devin Cole and Jeff Monson saw Cormier work his striking, show off his cardio and dominate these opponents.

Once the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix started, Cormier was an alternate, but then got thrown to the sharks when Overeem was pulled. The destruction of Big Foot Silva and dominating performance against Josh Barnett proved that Cormier was for real. His career has continued to soar, defeating Nelson, Mir and Henderson as he dropped to light heavyweight. Over the last five years, Daniel Cormier went from wrestler to MMA star, and he is at the top of his game and the sport.

Following his victory over Dan Henderson, Cormier stated that he had serious knee issues that needed dealt with, and would take care of that after a final wrestling bout. Cormier won that bout, left his shoes on the mat and outside of work on Fox, most felt that we wouldn't see him until 2015 in the cage…

Alexander Gustafsson was forced to withdraw from is rematch with Jon Jones, and while I wanted to see that fight, I have wanted Jones vs. Cormier more. I wasn't sure what would happen, but apparently Cormier saw a witch doctor, because he was suddenly named the replacement. Cormier was supposed to meet with the doctor to set a date for surgery, but claimed his LCL felt better and he did not schedule the surgery. He says he feels better, and these two have launched into a war of words (and even brawled at a media day appearance) and I am pretty excited for the fight. I feel that a 100% Daniel Cormier could beat Jon Jones, but if the knee is as bad as many think it is, Cormier will lose. Here is why I think that…

  • Weight Cut Issues: Cormier has made weight both times for his LHW battles, but he has also commented that it has not always been easy. If the knee slows him, that will lead to a difficult weight cut, and Cormier not coming into the fight in top shape.

  • Possible Cardio Effects: Playing directly off of that, if you can't workout close to 100%, aspects of Cormier's game will suffer. The biggest one will be cardio. Thus far his cardio has not been an issue, but if the knee holds him back and he can't cut the weight like normal, his cardio will be hurt, and against Jon Jones that is not a good thing.

  • Lack of Wrestling Leading to a Striking War: Cormier has become a very good striker, he has worked hard to develop that aspect of his game; but he has never faced anyone like Jones. If the knee is a big issue, Cormier goes from an Olympic level wrestler to an average wrestler, and Jones will eat an average wrestler for lunch.

  • The X-Factors: #1) Jones is known for his unorthodox kicks to the knees and shins of opponents, you can bet that he will attack the knees of Cormier. #2) Jones always has the distance advantage, if Cormier cannot use his wrestling, he becomes a striker with no real threat to get inside, and Jones will control him. #3) If it develops into a striking battle, Cormier has a history of broken hands, and in his last 5-6 fights, Cormier has been careful and even non-committal when attacking with ground and pound, and has admitted to be scared to break his hands again. If it has to be a striking war, and Cormier has to throw a lot, thatcould also be a factor.

    So if so many people think that Cormier's knee injury is worse than he is letting on (and there is a lot going around the MMA inner circles that is it) why on earth would Cormier even consider taking the fight? Well it's actually very simple. The UFC made Cormier an offer he couldn't refuse. Cormier has earned a title shot, but the threat of surgery brings a lot of unknown variables. Even minor surgeries have messed with guys mentally (because they feel that they cannot trust the knee) or the knee will be weaker, due to the years of grinding from amateur wrestling. If you wait, you may not be the same; or worse they ask you to fight again and you lose and never get the title shot.

    Daniel Cormier is 35 years old, he has a lifetime of wear on his body due to training and competing in amateur wrestling. In 2008 he had to miss out on competing in the Olympics due to suffering kidney failure, which was due to a lifetime of cutting weight. Daniel Cormier is only human, he knows that his body can only do so much and that he can only compete for so long. He needs to take this chance to make the biggest payday of his career, he has to take the chance (even if injured) to fight for the title. The man is a former Olympian, his life has been designed to get to the top. There is no try, only do for Daniel Cormier.

    MMA is a sport where men go to battle in the cage, and while the best man tends to win most of the time, sometimes there are miracles. Daniel Cormier is a skilled fighter, but going in at anything less than 100% (or as close as an MMA fighter gets to 100%) against Jon Jones sounds like bad news. Cormier's knee may be ok, but from everything I have heard it's still injured and still needs worked on. Cormier is taking the gamble, he is taking the chance and I don't blame him. Why? Because as we have seen; anything can happen in MMA…

    Do you believe in miracles?

    Jack McGee is an aspiring investigative journalist with interests covering TV, Movies, Wrestling, MMA and Sports. When not hunting the Incredible Hulk, Jack works on his surfing, his Johnny Utah like throwing motion and origami.


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