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Cecil Peoples Comments on Shogun/Machida Controversy.
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 10.28.2009

Steven Marrocco of MMA Weekly has a new article interviewing controversial MMA judge, Cecil Peoples. Peoples was one of the judges for the light heavyweight title bout between Mauricio Rua and Lyoto Machida at UFC 104. Cecil Peoples recently stated that he felt that leg kicks do not finish fights nor are they an effective form of striking. Peoples also felt that Machida dominated and controlled the action by making Shogun follow and come to him during the fight.

According to the article, Peoples apparently had no doubts about his scoring of the bout, but admits to having struggling with how to score the first round. The 61 year old Peoples attributes to the fan outcry of his judging to his unique name always being announced last before a fight. Peoples says, "The fans and all the naysayers, I don't worry about. I don't back down because it's not popular."

Peoples goes on to saying he did not review the fight or the stats again and the only time he has done so was for the the BJ Penn/GSP fight from UFC 58. According to Peoples, in a fight that's close quality of damage is most important "My thing is, Rua did hit him more. But Machida hit him harder, especially in the early rounds," says Peoples.

Peoples goes on to say, "I'm really perplexed about how you give (Rua) this round, because Shogun was kicking (Machida) a lot in the legs, but every time he kicked him in the legs, he got hit in the face. Shogun would put his hand up, and Machida would go right through, sweat's flying off (Rua's) face. Shogun kicked (Machida) in the belly that's how he got the red mark. But you gotta remember, Machida is stepping back, so when he gets kicked, he's getting brushed. But he counters Shogun with a hard kick to the belly. Which one counts more for the exchange? I give it to the (second one), because it was harder. It wasn't brushed."

Regarding Machida's control of the fight: "Machida was controlling that round because he was dominant in not getting beat up in that round. He was the general in that first round."

Peoples, who has a background in kickboxing and karate, also responded to irate fans that think Peoples should not be in the MMA judging profession: "If you don't like it, you can go to hell."

Credit: MMA Weekly


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