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Brett Cooper Believes a Bellator Tournament Win Could Help Breakout His Career
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 02.14.2013

MMAjunkie spoke with Bellator MMA fighter Brett Cooper. Cooper is set to face Norman Paraisy in the opening round of the season 8 middleweight tournament. Here are some highlights:

Cooper on how fatherhood changed his outlook on fighting: "Once you have a child, it's not just you anymore. It's about them and their future, the future of our family. It's a great motivation to me, so I'm looking forward to making them proud."

Cooper about fighting smart: "I always have to be smart with myself. The high-level guys fight smart. They don't just go out and try to bang and be stupid. The fans like it, but you don't last long doing it. So having a family has changed a lot of the ways I train and how I compete. I used to just go out and try to knock everybody out, or try to submit everybody. And that's great there's nothing wrong with that. But as you progress and become more experienced, and get to the higher levels, guys that stay there on top are there because they're smart, they have a strategy and they fight to win."

Cooper's thoughts on how the fight will go: "I don't like to predict whether I'll finish Paraisy or not. The goal is always to finish. But with the changes I mentioned earlier about my child and family? You've got to get the 'W.' I can see myself breaking him, though. Maybe in the second round? I could see that that by the second round, he doesn't want anymore. Maybe a TKO via strikes? We'll see. Maybe standing first, then he falls down, and I finish him on the ground? Yeah, I don't know. Maybe. Maybe that will happen."

Cooper on what winning the tournament could do for his career: "I'm on the brink of breaking out as a fighter, and winning the tournament would put me over the edge. But as far as now? I think a lot of people know me, but if I win the tournament it would be a way different story. Winning the tournament would be super awesome. I don't even know how to describe it. I think I should win, you know? For me, it'd be making my friends and family proud. And making myself proud too, because winning a tournament is a tough thing. ... In the beginning for me, it was about self-growth. But an athletic career is only so long. After that's over, what do you got? You've got your family and your friends. To make them proud is the most worthwhile goal I can think of."


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