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Click Here To Join 411s LIVE UFC on FUEL TV 9: Mousasi vs. Latifi Coverage!
Posted by Mark Radulich on 04.06.2013

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AT 9:00 PM EST Sunday Night!

We will be reviewing UFC on Fuel 9, Bellator 95 and TAKING YOUR CALLS!

Here's all the pertinent information:

Tonight's 411 Ground and Pound Radio link

Call-in number is: (323) 657-0901

If you want to e-mail the show click here and remember to put "Ground and Pound Radio Comment/Question" in the subject area.


  • Starting at 2:00 PM ET!

  • Thanks for joining 411 for our live coverage!

  • On tap for today...

     photo UFC_on_FUEL_9_zps1fa95c80.jpg

    Ilir Latifi (206) vs. Gegard Mousasi (204)
    Ryan Couture (154) vs. Ross Pearson (155)
    Philip De Fries (248) vs. Matt Mitrione (259)
    Mike Easton (135) vs. Brad Pickett (135)
    Diego Brandao (145) vs. Pablo Garza (146)
    Akira Corassani (145) vs. Robert Peralta (146)

    Hey 411 readers, thanks for joining 411's live MMA coverage today!


    We are live at the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden!

    Our hosts for tonight are Mike Goldberg and Kenny Florian. We go to the octagon for our first fight!


    Reza Madadi def. Michael Johnson via submission (anaconda choke) - Round 3, 1:33
    Tor Troeng def. Adam Cella via submission (rear-naked choke) - Round 1, 3:11
    Adlan Amagov def. Chris Spang via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
    Conor McGregor def. Marcus Brimage via TKO (punches) - Round 1, 1:07
    Ryan LaFlare def. Benny Alloway via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
    Tom Lawlor def. Michael Kuiper via submission (guillotine choke) - Round 2, 1:05
    Papy Abedi def. Besam Yousef via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)


    Featherweight Bout: Akira Corassani (145) vs. Robert Peralta (146)

    ROUND ONE: Leg kick to start from Corassani. He adds another. Peralta throws a leg kick and Corassani counters, stunning his opponent. Corassani is keeping him at bay with leg kicks. Peralta walks forward with clubbing punches. Right hand from Corassani. Peralta lands a body shot. They tie up against the fence and then break a part. Corassani lands a kick to the body. Right hand lands on Peralta but he doesn't follow up. Left hands lands on the nose of Corassani but the man keeps sticking and moving, not allowing Peralta to follow up. Corassani lands a pair of kicks. Corassani rushes forward for a takedown and ends up clinching against the fence. Peralta throws an elbow over the top. He follows with a knee to the body. Peralta lands a hard hook before the horn sounds.

    SCORECARD: Corassani 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Peralta starts the round with a double jab. Corassani responds with an overhand right. Peralta goes to the body with a power strike and follows with a takedown attempt. Corassani clinches and is hit with a big right. Corassani goes back to attacking with successive leg kicks. Peralta is trying to provoke a brawl. Peralta rocks Corassani! Corassani is holding on to Peralta for dear life! Corassani recovers and tries to take Peralta down. Pertalta works over his body with short punches. Overhand right from Corassani! Now a left hand from Corassani. Both fighters are landing some big shots.

    SCORECARD: Peralta 10-9

    ROUND THREE: The fighters resume their slugfest. The fighters exchange punches and kicks. Corassani gets a takedown. Peralta is on his back but he's trying for a kimura. Corassani defends and keeps the pressure on Peralta. Peralta gets to his feet but Corassani takes his back. Peralta spins around and attacks with knees to the body. Peralta cuts Corassani above the eye due to an accidental head butt. Peralta throws a high knee lift but Corassani plants him on his duff. Corassani ends the round in dominant position.

    SCORECARD: Corassani 10-9

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Akira Corassani by unanimous decision (30-27X2, 29-28).

    Featherweight Bout: Diego Brandao (145) vs. Pablo Garza (146)

    ROUND ONE: Brandao starts with a leg kick. High kick from Garza. Another leg kick from Brandao. Brandao leaps in with a left hook. He leaps in again and lands a one-two. Garza responds with a few swift punches. Brandao hits a flying knee, Garza retaliates and Brandao takes him down. Brandao looks for an arm triangle. Brandao passes to side control. Brandao briefly moves to full mount. Brandao gets a tight arm triangle and he gets it! Lil' Dos Santos wins by first round submission!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Diego Brandao by submission at 3:27 of round 1.

    Bantamweight Bout: Mike Easton (135) vs. Brad Pickett (135)

    ROUND ONE: The fighters begin by trading leg kicks. Easton blocks a hook with a his shoulder. Easton throws a kick, Pickett catches and sweeps the leg! Easton scrambles and takes Pickett's back. They grapple against the fence. Pickett turns him around and breaks away. Kick skims the face of Pickett. Double jab from Pickett. Pickett attempts a takedown and his stuffed. Easton lands a kick to the neck. Easton takes Pickett down. Easton cannot progress, Pickett gets to his feet. Pickett slams the Hulk! Pickett has his back as he forces him down again.

    SCORECARD: Pickett 10-9

    ROUND TWO: The fighters pick up where they left off. Pickett is looking for a KO hook. Pickett evades a high kick and delivers a combo of punches. Easton is walking Pickett down. Pickett ducks under and takes him down. Easton gets right back up. Pickett slams him again. Easton bounces back up. Easton lands a knee in the clinch. Pickett lands an uppercut. Easton gets a takedown. Pickett defends against a halfguard guillotine and that allows him to get to his feet. Easton stuffs another takedown. Pickett is fading fast. Easton is pressing his advantage. Spinning elbow from Easton. They are going punch for punch! Vicious elbow from Pickett answered by a knee from Easton and that's round 2.

    SCORECARD: Easton 10-9

    ROUND THREE: Left hook scores from Easton. Uppercut from Pickett. It's a back and forth affair as both fighters are throwing hands, feet and knees. They clash and Easton tackles Pickett. Pickett reverses and gets to top position. Pickett is smothering Easton, looking for an arm triangle. Easton gives up his back. Easton stands up and Picket belly to back suplexes him! Pickett tries for a high elbow guillotine. He gives it up with an elbow shot for good measure. Right hook from Pickett. Kick to the body from Easton. Straight right from Easton. Another punch fest to end to the round. Good grief! That was a hell of a fight!

    SCORECARD: Pickett 10-9

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Brad Pickett by split decision (29-28 Easton, 30-27X2 Pickett).

    Heavyweight Bout: Philip De Fries (248) vs. Matt Mitrione (259)

    ROUND ONE: Mitrione moves in and De Fries shrugs him off. De Fries goes for a takedown and is stuffed. He tries again and Meathead runs right over him. Yikes, flattened! Mitrione mauls him and we're done!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Matt Mitrione by KO at 0:19 of round 1.

    Lightweight Bout: Ryan Couture (154) vs. Ross Pearson (155)

    ROUND ONE: Leg kick and takedown attempt from Couture. Pearson resists and they grapple against the fence. Couture has underhooks and is smothering Pearson. High knee from Couture. Knee to the body from Couture. Another knee. He lands one more, backs off and dives back in again. Couture gets a takedown but Pearson bounces up. Pearson finally fights him off. Right hand from Pearson. Head kick is blocked from Pearson. Jab from Couture. Couture shoots for a single and eats a knee along the way. Pearson fights him off and lands a left hook. Couture throws another kick at the buzzer.

    SCORECARD: Couture 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Pearson gets off first with a right. Another hard left hook stuns Couture. Couture ties him up. Couture lights him up with knees and punches. Spinning back kick from Couture. Couture runs into a body shot from Pearson. Couture rushes forward, lands a knee and backs off. Short right from Couture followed by a spinning back kick. Body blow from Pearson. Couture throws a kick and Pearson trips him. Pearson is all over him! Pearson drops him with a left hook mid-scramble! Pearson pounds away and there she blows! Pearson smashes his way to victory.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Ross Pearson by TKO at 3:45 of round 2.


    Light Heavyweight Bout: Ilir Latifi (206) vs. Gegard Mousasi (204)

    ROUND ONE: Mousasi lands a leg kick. Latifi does a pirouette. Mousasi moves Latifi beats him back. Mousasi can't seem to get inside. Latifi tries for a takedown. Latifi lands a left hook. Leg kick from Mousasi. Right jab from Mousasi. Counter right from Latifi. Left hook from Latifi. Front kick from Mousasi. Another jab from Mousasi. Leg kick from Mousasi. Mousasi has begun to do some damage. Counter right from Latifi off of a leg kick. Latifi taunts Mousasi...oy vey.

    SCORECARD: Mousasi 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Both are throwing but they are not connecting in any significant way. Mousasi is being relatively effective with his jab. Latifi lands a big right hand. Left hook hurts Latifi. Latifi circles and circles and then shoots. Mousasi stuffs him. The jab is Mousasi most effective (if only) punch. Body kick from Mousasi. Latifi can't get inside. Latifi may have hurt his right hand. Mousasi swats him away to end the round.

    SCORECARD: Mousasi 10-9

    ROUND THREE: Mousasi stuns Latifi with his jab. Latifi is valiantly trying to land something, anything at this point. He lands a leg kick. One-two combo from Mousasi. He follows with a leg kick. And then another one. Big right hand from Latifi! Mousasi jabs and Latifi seems to lose his balance. Mousasi continues to chip away at Latifi's face. Mousasi kicks and Latifi actually knocks him down! Latifi lays in some ground and pound but it's not enough to finish the fight. Well, at least he tried.

    SCORECARD: Mousasi 10-9

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Gegard Mousasi by unanimous decision (30-27X3)

    See you Sunday night at 9:00 PM for the 411 Ground and Pound Radio show!

    Keep refreshing the page for the latest results!


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