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Michael Bisping on Vitor Belfort: ‘Vitor’s a Cheat, Simple as That’
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 02.27.2014

UFC middleweight fighter Michael Bisping recently discussed the recent banning of the controversial treatement, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The UFC has also come out in support of the ban and stated that they plan on enforcing it in countries with no government regulatory body in place for MMA as well as encourage other states to enforce the ban as well. Bisping previously faced and was knocked out in the second round by UFC fighter Vitor Belfort, a fighter who has received a therapeutic use exemptions in the past for TRT. Many believe Belfort's use of TRT is because of previous steroid abuse. Belfort had previously failed a drug test for steroids in 2006.

Michael Bisping on his belief that Belfort is a cheater: "Vitor's a cheat, simple as that. He'll go out and try to find another way to cheat. He'll find another way of manipulating the system, or he'll try. For a guy that talks about Jesus, you should want to step in there the way God intended him to be. He's a hypocrite."

Bisping on the ban of TRT: "It's nice to know they're being branded the cheats they have always been. They've been chemically enhancing their bodies for quite some time, and I always took a hard stance against it. Fortunately, the UFC and the Nevada athletic commission are branding it for what it is; it's an unfair advantage and whole thing is just a mockery to the whole concept of sport and fair competition. In the past, I've lost to three guys on TRT. They had an unfair advantage, and I'm just glad nobody is going to have to suffer a defeat at the hands of somebody on TRT."

Bisping on his past opponents having used TRT at the time of their fights: "The past is the past, of course. I never knew that my opponent was on TRT; it was only after the fight took place that I was privy to that knowledge. Being a competitor, I would have never turned down the fight anyway, but the fact that it's not allowed, it kind of makes you wonder."

Bisping on if his losses should have asterisks next to them due to the NSAC's recent stance on TRT: "I think with Vitor, it definitely should be. This is a guy that failed a drug test in the past, and now he's taking TRT. For a while, he wouldn't reveal the fact that he was on TRT, and now he's very pro-TRT, and now that they've banned it, he'll probably will just find another way to do it."

His thoughts on the Chris Weidman/Vitor Belfort fight: "I'm definitely rooting for Chris Weidman. From a personal selfish position, regardless of what happened, Vitor does hold a victory over me; he connected with a decent head kick, and good for him. If Vitor was to be the champion, it might be more of a difficult sell fighting Vitor again. This is going to piss me off as well, because if Weidman is victorious, he fought Vitor not on the juice. So Weidman's going to get even more credit. Is he credible? No. Anderson (Silva) broke his leg (in his second fight with Weidman); the first fight he acted like an idiot. Against Vitor, he fought him not on the juice. So let's put it all in perspective. But for me personally, I want Chris to win. I'm going to make an example of Tim Kennedy, and then I would love my shot at the belt."

Credit: MMAjunkie


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