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Doctor Claims That The TRT Ban Will Force Fighters To Use Black Market
Posted by Joseph Lee on 03.11.2014

In an interview with MMA Junkie, Dr. John Pierce said that the Nevada State Athletic Commission's ban on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) will force fighters to find performance-enhancing drugs on the black market. Here are highlights:

On why fighters will go to the black market: "What they've in essence done is taken people that were forthright about their usage of testosterone for a medical purpose and punished them for it. That makes no sense because, bottom line, it's going to happen. Instead of having a physician involved in the care of a patient – monitoring their levels, where you're getting a test all the time, much more so than you would a normal patient because of the nature of their work – you're going to get people doing it underground, using black market steroids, not bio-identical hormones that have not been tested. They could potentially get themselves sick injecting themselves with whatever. And then, at that juncture, they're cheating because they're not being forthright about it."

On how easy it is to get illegal drugs: "I actually have had people tell me that doing it the illicit way was much easier. They wouldn't even consider doing it the legal way, because it would be much easier to do it the illicit way. They wouldn't be under as much scrutiny."

On the misconceptions about TRT: "If any of these people that are saying they have any experience dealing with people who've done steroids in the past, you can get their systems turned back on, unless they've done high dosages for years. Then, I've had very difficult times getting their system back on. But for the majority of people, they can be on testosterone, and you can take them off and get their natural system producing right back to normal within six weeks. So it's laughable when I read some of the stuff that you guys write. People that are naysayers go, ‘If he did steroids, then that's why he has a low level.' Well, no, because No. 1, you guys don't know how to read the labs. I do. And you can see the other hormones that are being sent from the brain down to the testicles to get them to work, and they're not working. It has nothing to do with steroid use in the past."


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