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Dana White Says He's Not Sure Phil Davis Really Wants a Title Shot
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 04.18.2014

Dana White spoke following a pre-show press conference for UFC on FOX 11 about Phil Davis' desire for a title shot. After White questioned Davis' desire, Davis was asked for comment. Check out the highlights:

White on Davis' chances for a title shot: "I like Phil, and I don't want to throw Phil under the bus, but Phil needs to get over that mental hump, and he needs to get on the Internet and f–king check the rankings and see where he's ranked. He's one of the best light heavyweights in the world, but he doesn't come off to me like I've got guys (who are) breathing down my f–king neck for fights: ‘I want this fight. I want this, I want that...Phil Davis is like, ‘Eh, I'll hang out around No. 4 here.' He's not that guy that comes across to me like, ‘I f–king want it. I want to be the champ. I want to be the best in the world.' He's just sort of, ‘Eh.'"

Davis on White's comments: "I find it to be very interesting. I'm not sure how he came upon this faulty information, but I will do everything in my power to make sure that the right message gets across, that not only am I ready to be the champion, I am ready to break apart anybody who stands between me and UFC gold. I thought I said that already – that's crazy, ha-ha. I'm going to say it again right now: Anybody who stands between me and UFC gold will get broke apart. I thought I said that already, but apparently, that didn't get to the right people."

Davis on White: "Let me tell you one thing about Dana. He's an extremely busy man. He runs one of the biggest and best fight promotions in the entire world. The fact that he doesn't know what's going on in my little interviews doesn't surprise me. So, I'll tell you what's going to happen. I'm going to talk to Dana and let him know, ‘Hey Dana, I'm going to break apart anybody you put in front of me until I am the UFC champion.' Simple as that. We just had a misunderstanding. That's all. People talk. You ever play telephone when you were a kid? Of course. You start out saying one thing, and next thing you know, the message is all screwed up and everybody's laughing. Ha-ha. Isn't that funny? Phil Davis don't want to be a champion. Ha-ha. That's funny. OK."

Davis on how he'll change White's mind: "First thing I'm going to do is beat the crap out of Anthony Johnson. Second thing I'm going to do, I'm going to say, ‘Dana, put somebody else in front of me – I'm going to beat them up.' Put me in front of Jon ‘Bones' Jones, and I will break him in two."

Davis on the trash talk in the UFC and how he'll fight it: "I think [White is] kind of used to people talking crazy. Everything they say is about bravado and being tough. I'm a pretty honest dude – I'll tell you my honest thoughts, and I'm going to say I want to fight for the title, and I want to be the best. We can fight right now. If Jones pulls out of this fight, which he very well may, I will be fighting for the title. Let's say he doesn't. Let's say he beats Glover Teixeira. I will make this easy. Apparently, I need to say these things directly to [White]. I have no problem doing that. That can be arranged. Not a problem. We just had a miscommunication when you really get down to the bottom of these things, it's kind of funny. We can all sit around and laugh and then we can get back to reality. I will beat the crap out of anybody that gets in the octagon. That's the truth of the matter."


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