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Dominick Cruz Talks About Hurting the Feelings of Other Fighters as a UFC Broadcaster
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 05.07.2014

MMAjunkie Radio recently interviewed former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, who is still in the midst of a lengthy layoff from the sport, on his approach toward being a UFC broadcaster and fight analyst for UFC programming on Fox Sports. Below are some highlights.

Cruz on criticisms to his broadcasting work for analyzing UFC fights: "It's got to be common sense to watch the guys everybody knows, and the main events are always the ones that everybody is looking to watch. But realistically, the guys that are up-and-coming, the guys that you don't know a whole lot about, are the future of the sport. I remember being that guy. I remember being the guy in the WEC – nobody knew my name, nobody knew who I was. I was coming up in the ranks, and I won't throw anybody under the bus, but there was somebody announcing the fight, and I was doing so many things right, and they were crediting the other person for what they were doing because they only knew the other person. I remember going back and watching the film, studying myself and trying to figure out what I did wrong to become better. I ended up winning that fight, but it was such a one-sided announcing going on."

Cruz on his philosophy of being a fight analyst and broadcaster: "I knew that if I ever got that position, I was going to do everything I could for the guys coming up in the sport to break down their style. Because the only chance they have is that one shot to be on there. You're finally coming up in the ranks and then you finally get put on TV and you've been waiting your whole career to be here, and then the guy that's breaking down your fights knows nothing about you. So I made it very certain that I'm going to know everyone I cover, so I can break down the things that they do wrong and the things they do right."

Cruz on the hardest part of the job: "The hardest thing about being an analyst and breaking down fights and having to choose who wins and loses is that fact, the fact that I am friends with most people that I work with in this sport. They do get their feelings hurt if you don't choose them. That's just all there is to it. A lot of fighters don't realize that, either way, I've got to pick who's going to win and who's going to lose, and I have to give the best estimation for the general public, who don't understand the fighting out there. So some people do get pretty bitter at you; I get some bashing on Twitter every now and then after shows from fighters. But the bottom line is I know when I choose somebody in a fight, I've done the studying of their style and I've come with an idea, a guess, of who's going to win the fight. Generally, I do a pretty good job. But actually, picking fights is something I'm not the best at. I'm better at breaking down what each of them is going to do."


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