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Sarah Kaufman Wants Fights With Cat Zingano or Miesha Tate
Posted by Larry Csonka on 05.21.2014

- Sarah Kaufman recently spoke about being vocal, possible fights with Cat Zingano or Miesha Tate and more. Here are the highlights…

On Being Vocal: "To be fair, I've always been somewhat vocal about things I want. When I fought Miesha Tate the first time, it was the girly three-minute rounds. [We] made a stink, 'We don't want to fight three-minute rounds. There's no reason. Let's fight five'. When we were on the [Strikeforce] Challengers card for the title, vocalizing, saying 'Look, I want to be on the main cards. I want to be on the Challengers cards'. "I do think that I'm not someone who can make something up. I can't pretend to dislike someone. I can't pretend to have a beef with someone, but I am honest with myself. I think I'm just getting more comfortable giving my honesty and saying what I truly believe and what I think I deserve, and trying to get people to know that. To get the fights that I want, that I need and what the fans want."

On Fans Being Vocal: "Any time you're getting people online to say that they hate you and think that you suck, you're probably doing something right," she explained. "'Oh, you're whining! You're this! You're that!' Anything they can complain about. 'You're a boring fighter!' Whatever they want to say, whether I know it's true or not. They have a feeling about you. Jessica Eye fans, Miesha Tate fans, whoever they are, those people want them to win, want me to lose. Great. They're going to buy the fight, they're going to watch the fight," Kaufman concluded. "Then there's lots of supporters who are really excited by it and are just hoping I get the fights that are going to get publicity and notice."

On a Fight With Jessica Eye: "At this point, I don't think it's really a fight that helps me go anywhere. Yes, there could be some hype behind it, but I think that Jessica needs to get a win," Kaufman surmised. "I want to fight someone who's on a win right now. I want to fight someone who helps me get to my rematch with Ronda [Rousey]. And fighting Jessica at this point, coming off of a loss, doesn't move me any higher up in the rankings. That's something that right now that I need, that I want. It is a fight that I want back. I want to knock her out so badly, but I believe that she needs to win first and move up the rankings to be worth my while."

On Another fight With Miesha Tate: "She's said in, I don't know, at least three interviews that I've seen where she's been on camera saying she wants Gina Carano, Holly Holm or Sarah Kaufman. Gina Carano, at this point, isn't around. Holly Holm is injured and both of them aren't signed to the UFC at this point. "'You'll be waiting,' and that's all I said. You've said you want this fight, why would you now go back on that or why would you pretend that you haven't said that when you said it quite a few times?," Kaufman wondered. "Either it's something you want or it's something you don't want, but say so either way. If you say my name just to say, but really I'm the last on your list because you don't want to get knocked out, well, don't say my name then."

On Fighting Cat Zingano: "I could see that they're trying to save her for sure, but I don't know, if it was me coming into a fight, yes, maybe the title shot right off the bat, but you haven't fought in over a year. She's gone through a lot in her personal life as well, as well as the rehab. I would think that she'd want to get back in there and get a feel for it again. Maybe that's just my thoughts. They might save her, but with Ronda already fighting in July, she's probably not going to fight again until at least late fall, early winter. Does Cat really want to sit out another six, seven months? As a fighter, I wouldn't. I'd want to take a fight. I think it's always exciting to fight someone new and someone you haven't before," she said. "And I think that the Cat fight would be a really exciting fight. It'd be stand-up, it'd be wrestling, it'd be grappling, it'd be a full fight that the fans could get behind and really exciting to see."

Credit: mmafighting.com


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