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CB Dollaway Looking to Increase Pay Scale with a Win at UFC Fight Night 41
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 05.29.2014

USA Today Sports/MMAjunkie recently interviewed UFC middleweight CB Dollaway about his upcoming fight against Francis Carmont at UFC Fight Night 41. Below are some highlights.

CB Dollaway on a win over Carmont could mean for him: "Maybe I miss out on $10,000 or $15,000 now, but a victory over him puts me in position to make a lot more money. have this fight and one more on my contract. Generally, the UFC negotiates with one fight left on your contract. So, after this fight, I'll be renegotiating."

Dollaway on UFC paying guys who can finish fights: "They're going to pay for guys who can finish fights. I've just got to go out and do it. At the end of the day, you miss out on a little money here. But $15,000 isn't going to change my life. This fight could change my life. It could get me to that next echelon."

Dollaway on not charging his usual amounts to sponsors for wearing a logo at a UFC Fight Pass event: "You don't want to rip off your friend. You know the numbers are going to be lower. It is what it is. To preserve the relationship is more valuable."

Dollaway on trying to save money because of the uncertainty of your career in the sport: "My wife and I will kind of go at it a little bit about how I'm like, I always want to have this amount of money saved, because in our line of work, things happen. You don't get paid until you step into the ring on fight night. Sometimes, she doesn't understand. (She says), ‘We have plenty of money, don't worry.' And I'm like, it's my job to worry because if I don't step into the ring on fight night, you blow an ACL out, we're not getting paid for eight months. Now, I'm here, and I don't worry, because I'm stepping into the ring on Saturday night."

Dollaway on his last contract negotiation and the message Joe Silva gave him: "In my last contract negotiation, Joe … (asked), ‘Who have you beat?' But, it's reality. He goes, ‘I need people to fight my champions. I need contenders. You're not a contender yet. Become a contender. Become exciting.'"

Dollaway on how he feels he's changed as a fighter: "I feel I've become exciting. I'm now trying to become a contender. Now, I want to be paid. I'm not asking for a million dollars, but I want hopefully a little step up. That next pay scale. I feel ($50,000 to $60,000) is where I'm at, but I leave that to the agent and them to figure out. I trust in my agent. He does very well for me."


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