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Urijah Faber Says Full-Contact Skydiving Video Was a Hoax
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 06.25.2014

Urijah Faber spoke with MMAjunkie about the "Full-Contact Skydiving" video that he did recently, revealing that it was a satirical hoax. Check out the highlights:

On the video being satirical: "We've been doing this whole campaign with AMP Energy – no bull, just energy. A lot of these energy drink competitors are always over-promising on these extreme things, so we kind of took it up a notch in a documentary-type deal. But it's fun."

On his involvement in the video: "It was all ad-lib. We took a bunch of the MMA stuff that is real and tried to do it in the sky. You think about concepts, like in a blast-double where you're taking a shot and shooting through a guy and taking him down. In the air, you just keep going. So we were trying to be practical about what would and wouldn't work if we were actually fighting in the sky. That was pretty funny. As far as the interviews go, we were all busting up. It was hilarious. We were just shooting from the hip and ad-libbing the whole thing. Everybody had to kind of bite their lip while the interviews were going on because there was some pretty funny stuff talking about this new, crazy sport."

On considering whether it would really work: "We were going through all the moves and finding out what would and wouldn't work. We wanted the video to be believable, so we weaved in some concepts that we thought would work. I started thinking, ‘This really could be a sport.' I mean, we're intense as mixed martial artist, and people think skydivers are a little crazy, so blending the two together would take a real special person. Bringing out the referees and stuff, you could kind of see with trained eyes how the referee could step in and make sure things don't get too crazy. But 12,000 feet in the air, if you're really in to finding out who's the man, that's the spot to do it."

On his involvement with AMP: "These guys at AMP Energy have been kind of an extension of family, and the product is awesome. I'm not a big caffeine drinker and a person that goes over the top with things, but I have a few favorite flavors. You use them at the right times and be smart about how you're using this stuff, and it works. I'm a high-energy person. It's what I do. The whole thing is stepping it up a notch and working hard. This, creatively, had a lot of people involved, but what an awesome concept. I could actually see this thing taking off. I might actually have to start a full-contact league. We'd have to really think about some of the rules a little bit more, but I would do it. I'm actually going to try and find a simulator near Sacramento and get in there on the regular."


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