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Alex Caceres Thinks You Should Go to School to Learn, Not to Pass
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 07.05.2014

Speaking to reporters this week in a media scrum, UFC fighter Alex Caceres shared stories about his school life, being kicked out of high school, and his thoughts on education:

Caceres' thoughts on how schools are organized: "The way the schools are organized is just a load of crap. They're just teaching kids how to work a 9-to-5, just boring them to death. No one's really learning anything in school, anyway. They're just trying to get the grade to get by. Most people that get their degrees in college cheated off each other or cheated just to get by."

Caceres on being kicked out of high school: "I got kicked out in my senior year – I used to get in a lot of fights in high school. I actually had three scholarships: one for creative writing, one for creative arts and one for wrestling. I still got into a lot of fights in high school because I was always the smaller guy and people wanted to pick on me. I never really said anything. I would like to hit people first, ask questions later. One day, some guys tried to steal my friend's purse and I caught him. Long story short, I taught him a lesson and they brought me the principal's office and said we couldn't take matters into our own hands and they were going to suspend me once more. I just told her –because I was already pissed that this guy stole my friend's purse – I said, ‘It's because of people like you we live in the world we live in today.' Then she got really mad, so instead of the suspension it turned into an expulsion. It is what it is; it turned out for the better."

Caceres on the flaws of the school structure: "I couldn't stand the way the curriculum went in school. They wanted to teach kids by walking in, hand you a packet and just make you do busy work all day. There was no interactive teaching. Around 10th grade I had the teacher that stood out the most, one of my language arts and creative writing teachers really turned me on to a lot of different books, different ideas and just a different way of thinking how life should be. At that point I really started just trying to look for truth instead of just doing the work to get by."

Caceres on why you should go to school: "If you're going to school, I suggest you go to learn, not to pass. To pass requires something different. It requires you to be obedient. It requires you to think inside the box and it doesn't require you to be creative. I want you to go there and learn. Learn the subject, get the books if they don't teach you and you read them, comprehend them. Actually learn the subject, be creative, think outside the box, start creating things, get rid of those Xerox copies of tests and questions and basically bulls—t. Get out there and actually learn something, and if the schools don't have that for you, then trust me. I learned most of my stuff in the public library, there's tons of books there. Read."


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