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The MMA News Report 03.28.07   (03.28.2007)  - Morgan Marx

The debut of a new weekly column focusing on the UFC, Pride, and other MMA organizations that will one day be owned by the UFC!
The MMA News Report 04.04.07   (04.04.2007)  - Morgan Marx

UFC 69 preview, Chuck Liddell's next challenger (you know, after his next challenger), and Brock Lesnar's MMA debut. All that and more. How much more? You'll have to click to find out.
The MMA News Report 4.11.07   (04.11.2007)  - Morgan Marx

Which popular fighter faces suspension over drugs? What upcoming fights does the UFC have planned for you? And what did I think about this weekend’s action? Answers to these questions and more…inside!
The MMA News Report 04.18.07   (04.18.2007)  - Morgan Marx

The sun will rise, the sun will set, and Fedor wins again. What else is new? Well, the UFC entering into another dramatic partnership is kinda new…
The MMA News Report 4.25.07   (04.25.2007)  - Morgan Marx

Thoughts on UFC 70, the futures of Cro Cop, Swick, and St-Pierre, and my plan for changing TUF. No offense, Gabe!
The MMA News Report 05.02.07   (05.02.2007)  - Morgan Marx

With no events to review/predictions to mangle, I share opinions on the UFC’s drug policy, WEC’s television debut, and whether or not the UFC needs a ranking system...
The MMA News Report 05.09.07   (05.09.2007)  - Morgan Marx

A change in the UFC 72 main event, Big Nog’s actual debut, and the return of two MMA legends. All this in the news, plus multiple opinions in this edition of The MMA News Report.
The MMA News Report 5.16.07   (05.16.2007)  - Morgan Marx

Stories about GSP’s next fight, where UFC 72 will actually air, and another major merger in the world of MMA make the news this week. Also, we take a first look at the card for UFC 71 . All this and more inside.
The MMA News Report 5.23.07   (05.23.2007)  - Morgan Marx

Another big signing by the UFC and hype for one of Saturday’s fights that doesn’t include Rampage and Chuck. Check inside to see what I think will be the best fight at UFC71!
Your MMA News, My Views 5.25.07   (05.25.2007)  - Larry Csonka

What a week to debut. YNMV has invaded the MMA Zone to discuss Ratings, injuries, replacements, loads of trouble with the K-1 Dynamite USA PPV, UFC 71 predictions and much more!
The MMA News Report 5.30.07   (05.30.2007)  - Morgan Marx

News and thoughts from UFC 72. Otherwise known as all Rampage, all the time!
Your MMA News, My Views 6.01.07   (06.01.2007)  - Larry Csonka

Rampage runs wild over the universe as Brock Lesnar looks to make an impact and much more!
Smacktalk 06.04.07: Heroes Arrive   (06.04.2007)  - Damian Sarcuni

Hirings, firings, revenge matches and more as K-1's Dynamite!! card enters into the history books.
Your MMA News, My Views 6.08.07   (06.08.2007)  - Larry Csonka

K1 sets new records in worked attendance, Brock is a killer, more people headed to UFC, WEC, K1 and more!
411 MMA Smacktalk 06.11.07: New Jacked Swings   (06.11.2007)  - Damian Sarcuni

We've got terminal diseases, drug addiction, and lots of fight predictions in this week's edition.
The MMA News Report 6.13.07   (06.13.2007)  - Morgan Marx

Did Pride fix fights? Will Jake O’Brien ever fight again? And will I do better than .500 on my picks for UFC 72. All this and more inside.
411 MMA Smacktalk 06.18.07: Back to Reality   (06.18.2007)  - Damian Sarcuni

Big news and reactions from last weekends UFC 72 event and more.
The MMA News Report 6.20.07   (06.20.2007)  - Morgan Marx

One MMA legend is set to return. Another might be facing a lengthy lay off. Will Pride ever rebound? Thoughts on both UFC 72 and the TUF finale. And the debut of the “Reader’s Question.” Or as I like to call it, “Shameless Stretch for Mail.”
Your MMA News, My Views 6.22.07   (06.22.2007)  - Larry Csonka

Drugs are bad, mmmkay.
411 MMA Smacktalk 06.25.07: All Day, All Day   (06.25.2007)  - Damian Sarcuni

Join us as we recap one of the most action packed weekends in the history of MMA.
The MMA News Report 6.27.07   (06.27.2007)  - Morgan Marx

UFC 74 is officially announced, Shogun Rua gets an official debut date, and Michael Bisping is officially not fighting Ken Shamrock. All this, plus thoughts on the TUF 5 finale and that other Shamrock inside.
Your MMA News, My Views 6.29.07   (06.29.2007)  - Larry Csonka

I have been looking forward to this all week.
411 MMA Smacktalk 07.02.07: You Can’t Take Our Pride   (07.02.2007)  - Damian Sarcuni

With no news to start the week, we take a look at the Pride/Zuffa situation.
The MMA News Report 07.04.07   (07.04.2007)  - Morgan Marx

Will Quinton Jackson and Dan Henderson swap titles? When will Tim Sylvia fight again? Who did the UFC reward with a new contract? Which prominent fighter tested positive for steroids now? Answers to these questions and thoughts on UFC 73 inside. Also, the Reader’s Question lives to fight another week.
Your MMA News, My Views 7.06.07   (07.06.2007)  - Larry Csonka

All of the big news of the week, including a special tribute to big Tim Sylvia!
411 MMA Smacktalk 07.09.07: 3, 2, 1, Draw!   (07.09.2007)  - Damian Sarcuni

UFC 73: Stacked brought about some major results, but there is much more waiting in the wings.
The MMA News Report 07.11.07   (07.11.2007)  - Morgan Marx

Will Quinton Jackson and Dan Henderson swap titles (Again?)? Which free agent has talked to the UFC (hint: it’s not Fedor)? Who will headline the next Fight Night Live? And what did I think about UFC 73? Find out inside.
Your MMA News, My Views 7.13.07   (07.13.2007)  - Larry Csonka

Contrary to the Dana White announcement, this column is on for today. My apologies, after looking further into it contrary to the Dana White announcement, this column is off for today. I am sorry, I have just received world from Ashish’s camp that contrary to the Dana White announcement; this column is on for today. Now on the topic of title vs. title, that’s a whole other mess!
411 MMA Smacktalk 07.16.07: Bring It On, Green Shirts   (07.16.2007)  - Damian Sarcuni

Wanderlei strikes back, Babalu battles the fuzz, upsets galore and more in this edition.
The MMA News Report 07.18.07   (07.18.2007)  - Morgan Marx

Updates on Chuck Liddell, Keith Jardine, Shogun Rua, and Forrest Griffin. Also, why didn’t Royce Gracie file an appeal, why doesn’t Chris Leben want to fight, and who will win my mid-year picks. All that and more inside.
Your MMA News, My Views 7.20.07   (07.20.2007)  - Larry Csonka

I am proud to announce that I have joined Randy Couture's gym for the sole purpose of watching Stephan Bonnar get beat down on a daily basis. Also, unlike Sherk and Franca, I passed my Steroid Test. The Natural wouldn’t accept anything less.
411 MMA Smacktalk 07.23.07: Roid Rage Recap   (07.23.2007)  - Damian Sarcuni

We sum up a week's worth of steroid debates and give our opinions in today's edition.
The MMA News Report 07.25.07   (07.25.2007)  - Morgan Marx

Updates on Nick Diaz, Wanderlei Silva (again), and UFC 74. Also, which 5 fighters are facing career changing fights this fall? And I promise not to deluge you with steroid news. Just the important stuff, I swear.
Your MMA News, My Views 7.27.07   (07.27.2007)  - Larry Csonka

All of the news of the week, including a special commentary on the wellness situation in MMA. This is a positive message to Dana White and the MMA industry I promise.
411 MMA Smacktalk 07.30.07: Duck Duck Sheep   (07.30.2007)  - Damian Sarcuni

Sometimes, you can't believe everything you read.
The MMA News Report 08.01.07   (08.01.2007)  - Morgan Marx

This week, we’re taking an in depth look at this Sunday’s WEC card featuring Carlos Condit, Brock Larson, and Paulo Filho. Also, updates on Fight Night Live and The Ultimate Fighter. Who’s fighting, who’s coaching, and who’s the favorite to win another 6-figure contract.
411 MMA Smacktalk 08.06.07: Insecurity   (08.06.2007)  - Damian Sarcuni

Why settle it in the cage when you can settle it in court?
The MMA News Report 08.08.07   (08.08.2007)  - Morgan Marx

A series of stories involving staph infections, Kenny Florian, and steroids. No, that does not mean Kenny Florian has come down with a steroid-induced staph infection. Elsewhere we take a look at the championship fights from the WEC card and I mortgage my MMA knowledge card by coming dangerously close to calling Paulo Filho “overrated.” Let the hate mail commence!
Your MMA News, My Views 8.10.07   (08.10.2007)  - Larry Csonka

News on who will officiate Couture vs. Gonzaga, an update on the next Fight Night card, Human Weapon news, matches for the next WEC show and the Story of the Selfish Sherk!
411 MMA Smacktalk 08.13.07: Undisputed Unified World Column   (08.13.2007)  - Damian Sarcuni

Closure for the Belforts, ION drops Bodog, Fedor's rumored signing and much more!
The MMA News Report 08.15.07   (08.15.2007)  - Morgan Marx

Dana White speaks on steroids and Andrei Arlovski (no, not together), Jason MacDonald may be fighting soon, Drew McFedries most certainly will be not, plus a rant about Georges St-Pierre and the criticism he has faced! All that and more in the latest edition of Morgan Marx's MMA News Report!
Your MMA News, My Views 8.17.07   (08.17.2007)  - Larry Csonka

A Study on Repressed “Rampage,” Vera back to UFC, UFC and HBO, when will Chuck get another title shot, ION boots Bodog and much more!
The MMA News Report 08.22.07   (08.22.2007)  - Morgan Marx

Both The Axe Murderer and The Truth return, GSP changes camps, and a full rundown of the UFC 74 main card. I’m getting off the bandwagon of one superstar. Find out if it’s St-Pierre or Couture I think is taking the loss.
Your MMA News, My Views 8.24.07   (08.24.2007)  - Larry Csonka

All of the news of the week, UFC 74 Predictions and the special commentary of the week, “Can Randy Couture Shock the World Again?”
The MMA News Report 08.29.07   (08.29.2007)  - Morgan Marx

This week we catch up on the fall out from UFC 74, detailing which fighters (including the winners) are amongst the walking wounded, my thoughts on a couple of controversial issues, and a rundown of the night’s fights.
Your MMA News, My Views 8.31.07   (08.31.2007)  - Larry Csonka

As always I cover all of the big news of the week, and this week’s special commentary involves Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett.
The MMA News Report 09.05.07   (09.05.2007)  - Morgan Marx

Numerous updates on who is and isn’t fighting at Fight Night 11, when the likes of Silva, St-Pierre and Couture will appear next, who Marcus Davis really wants (in the cage, I don’t know much about the man personally), and an in-depth look at UFC 75, set to air free on Spike.
Your MMA News, My Views 9.07.07   (09.07.2007)  - Larry Csonka

This week we discuss the ongoing negotiations between the UFC and Fedor, I breakdown the Babalu apology and show you MIRKO’S DEATHWISH!
The MMA News Report 09.12.07   (09.12.2007)  - Morgan Marx

Fallout from UFC 75, thoughts on Mirko Filipovic and Michael Bisping, and updates on Diego Sanchez and Spencer Fisher. What more could you ask for in a midweek news report?
Your MMA News, My Views 9.14.07   (09.14.2007)  - Larry Csonka

The readers strike back and rebel against the Bisping/Hamill decision!
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