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411s UFC on FUEL TV 8: Silva vs. Stann Report 3.2.13
Posted by Mark Radulich on 03.03.2013

411's UFC on FUEL TV 8: Silva vs. Stann Report
Saitama Super Arena
Saitama, Japan

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 photo A_jQ5VdCIAIhHdd_zpsafb7937c.png


Welterweight Bout: Marcelo Guimaraes (171) vs. Hyun Gyu Lim (171)

ROUND ONE: Lim starts with a leg kick. Guimaraes shoots but comes up short. He resets and tries again. Lim stuffs the takedown. Lim works his jab using his exceptional distance. The fighters trade punches before Guimaraes tries again for a takedown that won't come. Lim throws some looping strikes. Guimaraes counters with straight punches that score.Lim is staggered briefly. Lim tries to strike from a distance as we reach the halfway mark of the first. Guimaraes shoots again, but he's telegraphing the takedowns. Overhand right for Guimaraes. He ducks into a knee but seems to be OK. Lim works the body. Guimaraes now popping a jab before working the body. Final minute. Guimaraes looks again for the legs o no avail. Lim leaps with a knee that scores, but Guimaraes finally nails a takedown to counter. Not enough time to capitalize.

SCORECARD: Guimaraes 10-9

ROUND TWO: Guimaraes comes out jabbing. He attempts to shoot for a single but it's blocked. Lim throws a clubbing hook. Guimaraes shoots again and Lim sprawls. Guimaraes tries to mix it up and shoots again but Lim shoves him off. Lim is bleeding from the nose. Guimaraes goes for another take down and this time he gets it. Lim gives up his back but gets to his feet. Guimaraes tries for a takedown and Lim gets away. Guimaraes ducks what he thinks is a straight punch coming at him and instead Lim catches him right on the side of the head with a knee. He follows up with a punch but the fight is over!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Hyun Gyu Lim by KO at 4:00 of round 2.

Bantamweight Bout: Alex Caceres (136) vs. Kyung Ho Kang (135)

ROUND ONE: If I didn't need any more reasons to root against Bruce Leeroy, Kang is coming out to Twisted Sister! Caceres starts with a leg kick. They clinch up and Kang takes him down. Kang stands up in guard and pounds on Bruce Leeroy. Kang goes chest to chest immediately passes into side control with his hands wrapped around Caceres' head. Caceres is able to escape and stand up. Caceres misses with a looping hook and gets taken down again. Kang locks him up again. Caceres tries for a leg submission, Kang gets up, Caceres follows and gets smacked! Kang to tries to take his back while standing. Caceres defends but Kang drags him to the mat. Caceres sweeps to top position. Kang attacks from the bottom and both fighters stand up. Body kick from Kang followed from by a head kick from Leeroy. Front kick from Caceres. Jumping knee from Caceres. Big right hand from Kang and the round his over.

SCORECARD: Kang 10-9

ROUND TWO: Kang immediately gets the takedown. He works from half guard. Kang tries to pass but Caceres pushes him back to full guard. Caceres gets to his feet. Body kick from Kang followed by a leg kick. Kang attempts a takedown but Caceres sprawls. They grapple against the fence and Caceres takes him down. Kang rolls into top position. Caceres tries for an armlock but Kang defends. Kang tries to take the back of Caceres. He attempts a rear-naked choke but Caceres escapes and gets to top position. Caceres hammers him from the top. Kang gets to his feet. Another bodylock takedown from Kang. Kang roughs him up from the ground until the horn blows.

SCORECARD: Kang 10-9

ROUND THREE: Kang looks to land the jab. Caceres can't seem to get inside. Caceres kicks to the body, Kang catches the kick but he manages to force Kang to the ground. Caceres goes for guillotine. Kang escapes. Caceres tries for it again but Kang gets his head free and pushes Caceres to the mat. Kang works from full guard. Caceres tries for a triangle. Caceres reverses position and pounds on Kang. Caceres tries again for the guillotine. Kang grabs his leg and tries to sweep but Caceres gets to full mount. Kang defends and Caceres stands up in his guard. He dives on him one more time as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Caceres 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Alex Caceres by split decision (29-28 Kang, 29-28X2 Caceres).

Three out of 4 of the last fights Caceres has competed in ended in split decision. I just needed to say that out loud.

Lightweight Bout: Cristiano Marcello (156) vs. Kazuki Tokudome (155)

ROUND ONE: Leg kick from Tokudome. Marcello pats away some jabs. He lands a huge right hand and follows with a big hook! Tokudome smacks him back! He follows up with a hard elbow. Tokudome counters. Marcello clubs him on the chin but Tokudome hangs tough. They exchange kicks and Marcello slips on the mat. Tokudome works from the guard. Tokudome works some ground and pound. Marcello looks to sweep. Marcello throws hammer strikes from his back. Tokudome stands up and takes a hard up-kick. Marcello tries for a leg lock, Tokudome sits out to avoid it. Marcello pulls on the arm for a submission attempt but Tokudome blocks it.

SCORECARD: Tokudome 10-9

ROUND TWO: Marcello roars across the cage but Tokudome takes him down. Tokudome works from full guard. Tokudome is doing some damage with his left hand. Marcello is desperately trying to sweep out from the bottom position. Elbow from the bottom courtesy of Marcello. They are stood up. Marcello charges forward again, nearly gets clipped with a knee and takes down Tokudome. Tokudome stands up and Marcello tries for a single leg. Marcello lunges at him again. Marcello throws a big right hand, which is blocked. Tokudome lands a knee at the buzzer as Marcello scores with a 1-2.

SCORECARD: Tokudome 10-9

ROUND THREE: They trade right at the start and Tokudome clobbers him! Marcello drops to the mat. Tokudome dives on him but fails to finish just yet. Tokudome works from half guard. Tokudome postures up, which gives Marcello an opportunity to stand up. They stand and trade in the center of the octagon. Straight right from Marcello. Knee to the body from Tokudome but Marcello catches him and tries to take him down. They grapple against the fence. Tokudome gets the takedown. Tokudome staying active with ground and pound from top position. All action until the end of the round.

SCORECARD: Tokudome 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Kazuki Tokudome by unanimous decision (30-27X3).

Bantamweight Bout: Bryan Caraway (135) vs. Takeya Mizugaki (136)

ROUND ONE: Both swing for the fences and miss. Mizugaki is the first to land. He follows with a leg kick. Caraway scores with a pair of punches. They clinch up against the fence. Mizugaki clobbers him in the clinch. Mizugaki takes him down. Caraway gets back to his feet. Caraway looks like he might of tried to pull guard. Both fighters are standing now. They trade a few more punches. Caraway gets a single leg. Mizugaki gets right back to his feet. Leg kick from Mizugaki. Mizugaki lands a few punches flush on the face of Caraway. Right hook from Mizugaki. Mizugaki blocks a takedown. Mizugaki lands a knee. Caraway keeps getting belted at every attempt to get inside. Caraway gets the takedown. He takes Mizugaki's back. Mizugaki defends against the submission attempt as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Mizugaki 10-9

ROUND TWO: The fighters trade leg kicks. Mizugaki swings and misses with hook. He lands a body shot. Knee from Mizugaki. Caraway shoots for a single. He converts to a double. Caraway sticks to Mizugaki and tries to take his back. Mizugaki gets away (with a little help from the fence). Mizugaki lands a punch to the liver. Left hook glances off of Mizugaki. Mizugaki walks into a punch and drops! Caraway immediately jumps on him for a guillotine. Caraway gives it up and takes his back. They roll and Caraway nearly gets mount. Caraway works from half guard. Caraway ends the round with an elbow.

SCORECARD: Caraway 10-9

ROUND THREE: They trade again in the center. Superman punch from Caraway. Body shot and hook from Caraway. Left hook from Mizugaki knocks Caraway silly! Caraway recovers but Mizugaki is lighting him up. Another hook from Mizugaki. Caraway tries for a takedown, adjusts and blasts Mizugaki with an uppercut. Mizugaki scores again with another series of punches. Caraway tries for a single leg takedown. They both engage in some dirty boxing before Caraway tries for the single leg again. Twenty seconds on the clock and Mizugaki are letting their fists fly. One final left hook from Mizugaki ends the round.

SCORECARD: Mizugaki 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Takeya Mizugaki by split decision (29-28 Caraway, 29-28X2 Mizugaki).

Nice show of emotion from Mizugaki. The guy is all tears of joy. Good for him, the right fighter won.

Middleweight Bout: Riki Fukuda (186) vs. Brad Tavares (185)

ROUND ONE: Fukuda lands a leg kick. Tavares throws a leg kick. Fukuda catches Tavares with a left and Tavares crashes to the floor. Fukuda covers him but Tavares gets back to this feet. Fukuda catches a kick and puts Tavares on his back. Tavares tries for a triangle and Fukuda just stands back up. Tavares having some difficulty land much of anything significant. Jab from Tavares. Leg kick from Fukuda. Body kick from Tavares. Head kick from Tavares. They are exchanging a but more now. Tavares lands a straight right. Fukuda is slowing down. Fukuda sweeps his leg and Tavares goes to his back. Both fighters get to their feet.

SCORECARD: Fukuda 10-9

ROUND TWO: Tavares lands an inside leg kick. Fukuda walks through his punchs and clinches up. Kenny Florian mentions that Fukuda may have broken his hand. Tavares lands a right to the body. Tavares is cut under the eye. Tavares nearly stumbles Fukuda with a leg kick. Fukuda appears to be cut as well. Stiff left from Tavares. Tavares lands an uppercut. Spinning back follows the attack. Tavares is throwing a lot more volume. Right hand lands on thin of Fukuda. Tavares lands a hard combo of punches. Fukuda has not thrown his left hand at all. Jab from Fukuda. Front kick from Tavares ends the round.

SCORECARD: Tavares 10-9

ROUND THREE: Head kick from Tavares. Right hand from Tavares finds the mark. Left lands from Fukuda. There's a quick exchange that momentarily stuns Tavares. They dirty box a bit. Fukuda lands a body kick and follows with a left hand. He throws another kick and falls over. Tavares lands a hard leg kick. They exchange leg kicks. Fukuda lands a hook in the clinch. Another exchange of leg kicks. Tavares dances in an out, using his jab. Tavares tags him again to end the round.

SCORECARD: Tavares 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Brad Tavares by unanimous decision (29-28X2, 30-27).


Welterweight Bout: Siyar Bahadurzada (171) vs. Dong Hyun Kim (171)

ROUND ONE: Front kick from Kim to start. He tries a jumping switch kick. Kim lunges for a clinch, Baha dumps him off after a short punch. Head kick from Kim. Another head kick lands but Baha uses it to trip him momentarily. Kim tries another takedown and it is stuffed. Left scores for Kim. He clinches and gets a single leg takedown. Kim moves to full mount. Kim roughs him up on the ground. Kim lands a series of short elbows. The ref is yelling at them to work despite the fact the Kim hasn't stopped hitting him. Hard elbow from Kim. Baha stands up, Kim stays on his back. Baha content to just stand against the cage.


ROUND TWO: Baha comes out swinging for the fences. High kick from Kim, counter from Baha. Kim goes for successive takedowns, finally getting one after several attempts. He works from side control. They throw short punches to each others face. Baha turns over on to his knees. Kim stays sticky to him. Kim gets to full mount. Kim is pounding away. Baha is getting beaten up with elbows.


ROUND THREE: Baha looks for the KO punch. Kim gets another takedown right into side control. Kim gets right into mount. Kim tries for an arm triangle. Kim goes to work with knees to the body. Bahadurzada seems to have no clue what to do about the predicament he is in. He gives up the submission attempt and blasts away with elbows and hammer strikes. Kim dares Baha to hit him in the head while pounding away on Bahadurzada. Baha almost gets out from underneath but Kim gets back on top of him. Kim stands up and that's the fight.


OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Dong Hyun Kim by unanimous decision (30-27X3).

Featherweight Bout: Mizuto Hirota (146) vs. Rani Yahya (146)

ROUND ONE: RIght hand starts us off from Yahya. Yahya gets a single leg. Hirota uses the fence to defend but Yahya gets him back down. Yahya attacks the arm but Hirota defends. Hirota briefly had top position but he's swept and now Yahya is in half guard. Hirota gets to his feet but Yahya stays with him and takes him back down again. He works from closed guard and slams him with hammer fists. Yahya goes for a kimura, Hirota defends and Yahya takes his back.

SCORECARD: Yahya 10-9

ROUND TWO: Hirota comes out swinging but Yahya takes him down. Yahya works his way toward a head-and-arm triangle. Hirota appears to be in trouble. Yahya moves Hirota away from the cage but then gives up the submission. Yahya relentlessly pounds on Hirota from half guard.

SCORECARD: Yahya 10-8

ROUND THREE: Yahya goes for a single. Hirota goes down but gets right back up again. Yahya shoots again and Hirota sprawls. Yahya gets back to his feet, flicks a jab and shoots again. Hirota sprawls, Yahya shoots for a single. They roll on the mat and Hirota reverses! Hirota has Yahya in an armbar. Yahya pulls his arm to safety. Yahya takes his back. Hirota stands up but Yahya drags him back down. Hirota works over Yahya with hammer strikes. Yahya looks exhausted. Hirota attempts a flying knee. Yahya tries a spinning back fist. They end the right in the clinch.

SCORECARD: Hirota 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Rani Yahya by unanimous decision (29-28X3).

Middleweight Bout: Hector Lombard (186) vs. Yushin Okami (185)

ROUND ONE: Okami starts with a few leg kicks. He continually circles away from Lombard who looks for the early KO. Okami gets a single leg. Lombard gets back to his feet. Lombard looks for the overhand right. Jab lands from Lombard. Right hand smacks Okami. Lombard scores again. Okami grabs a single an clotheslines Lombard to the mat. Lombard gets back to his feet. Okami stays on him in the clinch. Lombard spins him around.

SCORECARD: Okami 10-9

ROUND TWO: Knee to the face from Okami. Leg kick from Lombard. Jab from Okami. He plants one on the chin. Lombard can't seem to get inside. He's falling victim to Okami's jab. Lombard goes to the body. Okami grabs a single. He works from half guard. Okami works his way to full mount. Big elbow from Okami.

SCORECARD: Okami 10-9

ROUND THREE: Lombard comes out ROADHOUSE style. He's swinging lefts and rights trying to take this fight back. Okami is stunned. Okami comes back with a knee. Okami attempts to pull guard. Lombard works from half guard. Lombard hammers on him. Okami tries to reverse positions but grabbing for a single. Lombard works from full guard. Okami stands up clinched with Lombard. Okami shoots again, Lombard sprawls. Less than a minute and only a finish can save Hector Lombard. He can't get it done.

SCORECARD: Lombard 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Yushin Okami by split decision (29-28 Lombard, 29-28X2 Okami).

Really? Split decision? Sure, whatever.

Catchweight Bout (158): Takanori Gomi (156) vs. Diego Sanchez (158)

ROUND ONE: Sanchez throws first but misses and Gomi counters. Leg kick from Sanchez, countered by Gomi again. Gomi lands a hard right. Sanchez eats another right hand. Left hand lands this time. Sanchez throws the right and follows with a takedown. Gomi gets up. Sanchez goes to the body. Gomi lands a knee and Sanchez takes him down. Sanchez goes for a knee bar. Gomi defends and gets up. Gomi lands to the body. Both fighters throw front kicks. Sanchez catches a kick as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Gomi 10-9

ROUND TWO: Sanchez continues to make Gomi chase him. Sanchez starts off as the more effective striker. Head kick lands from Sanchez. Diego kicks Gomi in the crotch for a second time. Gomi lands a hook to the body. Gomi looks for the KO strike. Sanchez counters and circles. Body kick from Sanchez. Leg kick from Gomi. Front kick from Sanchez. Sanchez lands a pair of uppercuts to the body. Another front kick from Sanchez. Sanchez lands two more kicks to the liver. Sanchez tries a flying knee.

SCORECARD: Sanchez 10-9

ROUND THREE: Sanchez lands a leg kick. Leg kick from Gomi. Leg kick from Sanchez. They are exchanging strikes, both looking for some sort of advantage. Sanchez circles and jabs. Body kick from Sanchez. Another body kick from Sanchez. Gomi nearly gets a takedown. Gomi hammers the body. Left hook from Gomi lands. Gomi appears to be quite frustrated. Sanchez lands a flurry of punches to end the round.

SCORECARD: Sanchez 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Diego Sanchez by split decision (29-28X2 Sanchez, 29-28 Gomi).

Heavyweight Bout: Mark Hunt (266) vs. Stefan Struve (260)

ROUND ONE: Head kick from Struve. Hunt lands a big right hand. Leg kick from hunt. Another leg kick from Hunt. Hunt swings for the fences but Struve dodges. They clinch up and Struve pulls guard. Uh oh. Struve hits a butterfly guard sweep and gets to full mount. Hunt pushes him to half guard. Hunt desperately tries to escape. Struve pounds away on Hunt! Struve switches to an armbar. Hunt is trying to defend. He pulls out of it. Hunt postures up, saves his arm and pounds on Struve. Hunt looks to pass guard. Hut gets to side control! That's how round one ends; with Hunt in side control. I never thought I would type that.

SCORECARD: Struve 10-9

ROUND TWO: Leaping left hook from Mark Hunt! Hunt throws a right and Struve backs off. Another leaping left hook. Hunt goes to the body. Hunt dissecting Struve with punches. Front kick from Struve. Right hook sends Struve spinning. Struve sends him back with a straight right. HUNT TAKES DOWN STRUVE! Hunt tries to stand up in this guard and Struve grabs for a leg lock. Hunt defends and so Struve goes for his back. Hunt defends again. Hunt passes to side control. The clinch up and Struve drives Hunt back down. Struve is back in full mount. Struve his hammering away on him. Struve goes for the arm bar but Hunt defends and puts Struve on his back.

SCORECARD: Hunt 10-9

ROUND THREE: Mark Hunt lands a huge left! Leg kick from Struve. Another left from Hunt. Struve jabs back. Head kick from Struve. We've entered drunken boxing territory. Hunt hurts Struve! Hunt plows Struve with a tremendous left hook and DOWN GOES STRUVE! Struve careens back into the cage and he just walks away. Herb Dean looks and Struve and says forget it, we're done. Hey MMA Media, can we please get Mark Hunt in the rankings over Shane Carwin. The man hasn't fought since 2011 and hasn't won since 2010!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Mark Hunt by TKO at 1:44 of round 3.

Apparently Hunt broke Struves Jaw...ouch. Well that explains the stoppage, other than Hunt walking off because in his mind the job was done. #MarkHuntDecides


Light Heavyweight Bout: Wanderlei Silva (204) vs. Brian Stann (206)

ROUND ONE: After lots of faints Stann does is best Silva impression throwing rights and lefts like a beast. Silva responds and Stann almost falls over. Silva goes to work with knees. Stann defends and knocks Silva down! They clinch against the fence. The clash again. Jesus Christ! Both of these guys are going toe-to-toe in the center of the cage! Silva circles away, Stann stalks him. They clash and Stann catches Silva in the groin with his foot. Silva flicks his jab. Some leg kicks from Stann. Another leg kick from Stann. Stann moves in clobbers Silva! Silva counters and Stann goes to a knee. Stann puts Silva on his back! There's blood everywhere! Stann finishes the round in Silva's guard. Wow!

SCORECARD: Stann 10-9

ROUND TWO: Stann backs Silva into the fence. Leg kick from Stann. Inside leg kick from Stann. Silva misses with the right hand. Yeesh, another shot to the groin. Stann is warned to think about his target and stop kicking poor Wanderlei in the nuts. Stann moves in, Silva counters and Stann blocks. Head kick from Silva. Another leg kick from Stann. Body kick from Silva. Silva catches Stann and BLAMMO!!! SILVA DEFEATS STANN!!! SILVA DEFEATS STANN!!! Silva leads with the right hook and crushes him with the left. After that some ground and pound to put a punctuation mark on and we're done!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Wanderlei Silva by KO at 4:08 of round 2.

Forget about the rest of the card, all I needed to see was that! The Mark Hunt finish was cool too. See you Sunday night at 9:00 PM for the 411 Ground and Pound Radio show!


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