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411's The Ultimate Fighter 17 Report 03.19.13
Posted by Wyatt Beougher on 03.19.2013

The Ultimate Fighter 17: Team Jones vs Team Sonnen, Episode 9

Welcome back to 411 MMA's coverage of the seventeenth season of The Ultimate Fighter. Last week, we saw our coaches' challenge, as Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones competed in a back-and-forth battle of excavator prowess. Team Jones rolled into the Wild Card fight, as Dylan Andrews picked up a unanimous decision win over Zak Cummings, and Dana let the coaches choose their Wild Card fighters from two of their losing fighters. This week, Kevin and Bubba will compete for the final quarterfinal spot, and the finish of the fight has been touted as being shocking, so let's see!

Meet the Cast:


Jon Jones, Head Coach
Stonehorse Goeman, Muay Thai coach
John Woods
Bubba Jenkins, Wrestling coach
Frank Mir, Jiu Jitsu coach

Chael Sonnen, Head Coach
Randy Couture
Vinny Magalhaes, Jiu Jitsu coach
Mike Dolce, Strength and conditioning coach/dietician
Clayton Hires, Striking coach
Scott McQuary
Jamie Huey, Striking coach
Dan Henderson

Fighters (Middleweights)

Clint Hester
Josh Samman
Bubba McDaniel (Wild Card Selection)
Gilbert Smith Jr
Collin Hart
Adam Cella
Dylan Andrews

Luke Barnatt
Uriah Hall
Zak Cummings
Tor Troeng
Jimmy Quinlan
Kevin Casey (Wild Card Selection)
Kelvin Gastelum

FADE IN: We start out at the house and Kevin is at the table talking to Gilbert (and possibly others off-camera) and he talks about how he wasn't feeling it in his first fight. He tells the camera that he's glad that the coaches saw the potential in him. Bubba is sketching something and he's talking about how hard it is to be away from his daughter, who is 8. When he talks to her on the phone, she asks when he's going to come and see her, and he says he can't see her, because he doesn't have the money, and even if he did, it'd have to go to somewhere else it was owed.

Team Jones training session and the coaches tell Bubba that this is his career, that he's one of the best fighters in the house, and that he needs to win the fight by controlling position and showing that he's a great kickboxer. Bubba doesn't look nearly as confident as he did before his fight with Kelvin, and Jones tries to bolster his spirits by telling him what an amazing training partner he is and how he gives Jones a harder time in training than some of the best in the world. Bubba works his kickboxing with Jones and Jones says he looked incredible in training and tells Bubba that he's impossible to go against when he's coming forward. Bubba says he wants his kids to know he chased his dream and he wants them to chase their dreams. He wants people to look up to his kids just because they are his kids (?) and he hopes that someday, they'll realize that all of his sacrifices were worth it.

Back at the house, Gilbert and Josh are talking to King about having emotions about being the only fighter called out. They mention that it was the only call-out in the whole thing and Josh jokingly calls out Jimmy, and he and Jimmy shake hands, and Jimmy and Luke talk about who Jimmy wants to fight next, and Jimmy says he actually wants Josh and he knows Josh wants him because he thinks Clint didn't take any damage and just got submitted and if he gets submitted too, then he lost to a high-level grappler. Uriah also wants Josh because of their little verbal spate a couple of episodes back, and Jimmy and Uriah ask Chael what match-ups he had in mind. Chael tells them that he had planned on requesting Josh/Uriah and Jimmy/Collin. Jimmy says he likes the Josh match-up but he'd like Uriah to fight Josh because Uriah will beat the hell out of him. Jimmy agrees to let Uriah have Josh, and jokes that he's going to have to go home and tell Josh that he got outbid.

Chael says Kevin underperformed and that they don't want him to get his hand raised, they want him to fight to the best of his abilities. If Bubba is better, so be it; but he wants to see the real Kevin Casey. They do one-minute drills, and Chael tells them not to worry about failure. Kevin says his last fight was a fluke and the only time in his career that he's had a performance that poor. He's willing to make whatever adjustments he needs to make to feel 100% and he's trying to take care of that now. He says his gameplan is to overwhelm Bubba with strikes, and if it goes to the ground, to submit him, but either way, he wants to outwork him. Jimmy talks about how King is struggling with his breathing because of the mask he's wearing to protect his cut, but he's working hard and swinging for the fences. Luke says King comes from a long line of esteemed bjj players and you can tell that he's got the fire to represent them. Kevin says the fight means everything to him.

Back to the house for a combined teams and coaches Thanksgiving dinner, and everyone is laughing and hanging out. Chael gets up and thanks the guys for letting he and Jones be a part of their lives and that it's been a joy to get to know all of them, regardless of shirt color. He says there can only be one Ultimate Fighter, but that he and Jones will do everything they can to make sure that they're all UFC fighters. He tells Jones it's been a pure disappointment getting to see what a nice gentleman that he is, to which Bones laughs, and Chael says it kills him to know that he got Jones so wrong. Jones says he had Chael completely wrong, and Chael says their competition is based on competition and not animosity, because that's not how he operates (which gets a big laugh). Jones says he hopes nobody expected him to give a speech. Bubba sits off by himself and complains about having to make weight 3 times in 4 weeks and he hates that guys are bitching about not getting to be extra fat. Bubba says he feels small and weak and he hates that his body is breaking down. Bubba says he's going to take out every bit of aggression he has just hitting Kevin and then wait until the second round to beat him.

In the Team Jones van, Josh and Adam are talking about calling people out, and they determine that Uriah is the other Team Sonnen fighter who wants to fight him. Josh admits that he wants the easier fight (Jimmy) and he asks Collin if Collin is going to ask for Uriah. Collin peevishly answers yes, and Adam jokingly says Collin's going to go in and ask for Josh, which gets the whole team laughing.

Weigh-ins, and Bubba is up first. Again, Josh thinks Bubba is going to smash Kevin, but he at least admits that he was completely wrong in thinking that way when Bubba fought Kelvin. He thinks Bubba has more aggression this time because he has more to prove. Bubba weighs in at 186 and Dylan says Bubba has all the tools to win and if he doesn't, he might go crazy. Kevin has to have a towel in front of him to weigh, and he warns Luke and I think Uriah (mostly offscreen) not to drop it, or he'll scar everyone for life. Jimmy says they train with Kevin and if he comes out and fights like the Kevin they train with, he'll destroy Bubba. Kelvin says Kevin's ground game is way better than his and he thinks Kevin is going to submit him in the first round. Kevin has trouble getting his shorts back on with the towel around him, so Chael jokingly tells him he looks like he needs help and everyone has a laugh before the face-off. Bubba looks down during the staredown and Uriah says both guys are basically in win or die mode because you can't f*** up a second try at this.

Fight day, and Bubba is making breakfast and he says he feels slightly nervous but that's great because you have to have a certain amount of butterflies. He says he just wants to go out and perform. He tells Dylan that he jumped out of bed that morning in a full fight stance. Bubba sits on the Harley and he says he deserves this more than King. Kevin's outside, shadowboxing, and he says he doesn't want to waste his second opportunity to get it done when he should've gotten it done his first time. In the Team Sonnen locker room, Kevin tells the guys to get loud because it's not a funeral in there and he wants Chael to get loud. In the Team Jones locker room, Bubba says his plan is just to fight, and Jones tells him that he needs to go out like Collin did and just make Kevin respect him. Bubba says if he performs, he's going to crush Kevin. Kevin says he's going to take advantage of Bubba's mistakes and beat him. He says Bubba called him out earlier in the tournament, and now it's on, so may the best man win. Tale of the Tape, and Bubba is two years younger, four inches taller, and has a significant experience advantage, while Kevin has a 2.5" reach advantage.

Wild Card Middleweight bout: Kevin Casey (Team Sonnen) vs Bubba McDaniels (Team Jones)

Round 1: Bubba swings and Kevin grabs him, but Bubba gets the takedown and holds Kevin down against the cage. They jockey for position and Kevin looks for a guillotine, but Bubba slips his head out and stands up. Kevin presses Bubba against the cage and looks for the takedown, which he gets and Kevin works from side control. Bubba tries to get free, but Kevin cradles him and tries to pass into back mount. Bubba defends and gets King back into full guard. Kevin passes to side control again and Bubba looks for a triangle, but Kevin passes back into side control. Chael keeps telling Kevin to touch him, but Kevin hasn't landed a strong strike yet. And, as I type that, he drops a nice elbow. Kevin stands over Bubba, and then drops back down. Kevin lands a big punch to the ribs, stands up over Bubba, and then drops back down into side control. Bubba tries to scramble free and he manages to get to his feet against the cage, but Kevin catches him with an awkward kick to the stomach. Bubba switches position and lands a knee to the ribs, but Kevin reverses position. Bubba throws another knee, but Kevin answers with a punch to the stomach. Bubba with another knee to the stomach and Kevin pushes him. Bubba with another knee, Kevin answers with a punch, they move away from the cage and Bubba gets a nice uppercut, but Kevin takes him down again. Kevin looks for the mounted guillotine as the round ends.

Scorecard: Kevin, 10-9 (He didn't do a lot of damage, but he controlled the round and did land some ground and pound.)

Round 2: Bubba comes out with a kick and Kevin dives forward and clinches. Bubba pushes him against the cage and throws a knee, and another one, and then an elbow over the top. Kevin pushes Bubba off and against the cage but Bubba pushes him back and lands another punch and knee. They continue to jockey for control against the cage, with Bubba landing a handful of punches before getting a takedown. Bubba working from side control, but he's just laying on Kevin and not doing anything. Bubba tries for mount, but Kevin defends. On Bubba's second attempt, he gets mount and lands some ground and pound, but Kevin quickly gets him back to full guard. Kevin closes his guard, but Bubba postures up and lands a big elbow and some punches. Kevin controls Bubba's posture, but Bubba lands a short elbow. Bubba lands some more punches to Kevin's face and then another short elbow. Bubba lands a punch and an elbow to Kevin's ribs, followed by another short elbow to the face. Bubba starts swinging for the fences at Kevin's head so Kevin ties up his head again. Bubba goes back to the short elbows and then throws a pair of punches to the ribs. Bubba throws a big elbow to the face and then goes back to the body punches. Bubba stands over Kevin and drops a punch and then drops a short elbow and some more punches. Bubba lands a punch to body and then one to the face, followed by a short elbow as the second round ends.

Scorecard: Bubba, 10-9

Kevin doesn't answer the bell for the third round and the fight is over. Bubba yells and makes an ass of himself in the cage.

Official Result - Winner: Bubba McDaniel, Forfeit

Chael says Kevin came out and won the first round, turned it into a grappling contest, and looked great. Jones talks about how bad Bubba looked in the first round, but then one of Team Sonnen's guys yelled out that Bubba was breaking, and that was enough to motivate Bubba to come out strong in the second round. Jones walks through Bubba's domination of the second round, and then Chael talks about how surprised he was to see Kevin not answer the bell, because he's not out of shape and Chael regularly sees him go for an hour with no issues in training. They take Kevin to the locker room and he collapses onto the mats on the floor. Kevin says he felt great in the first round, and midway through the second round, he felt his body shutting down. He says that in mid-2010, he had a similar situation when his kidney shut down. He didn't want to leave in the ambulance, but he said that he had to. In the Team Jones locker room, Bubba is swaggering around and says the coolest thing he's ever done is take a man's will and make him not want to fight anymore.

Dana calls Chael and Bones into his office and tells them that he brings the fighters in and asks them who they want to fight, and they start with Bubba, who wants to fight either Jimmy or Luke. Jimmy wants Bubba. Dylan wants to fight Luke. Luke wants to fight Bubba or Dylan. Kelvin wants to fight Collin. Collin wants to fight Uriah. Uriah wants to fight Josh because he wants to punch Josh in the face. They tell Josh that Uriah calls him out and Josh says they know that Collin is a bad fight for Uriah and he's avoiding it and says he wants Jimmy and Jimmy wants him. Bones and Chael agree on Dylan vs Luke. Chael wants Uriah vs Josh and Bones wants Jimmy vs Josh. Time for the announcements and they are:

Collin Hart vs Kelvin Gastellum
Luke Barnatt vs Dylan Andrews
Josh Samman vs Jimmy Quinlan
Uriah Hall vs Bubba McDaniel

Uriah is surprised that he got matched up with Bubba, because he thought he'd get the fight he requested with Josh.

NEXT WEEK ON THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER: The quarterfinals start!

For your convenience, here are the teams as they stand now (color coded for easy reading):

Clint Hester
Josh Samman
Bubba McDaniel (Wild Card)
Gilbert Smith Jr
Collin Hart
Adam Cella
Dylan Andrews

Luke Barnatt
Uriah Hall
Zak Cummings
Tor Troeng
Jimmy Quinlan
Kevin Casey (Wild Card)
Kelvin Gastelum

KEY: Fighters with name crossed out have been eliminated from the competition; fighters with name in italics are Wild Card fighters


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