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411's The Ultimate Fighter Report 03.26.13
Posted by Wyatt Beougher on 03.26.2013

The Ultimate Fighter 17: Team Jones vs Team Sonnen, Episode 10

Welcome back to 411 MMA's coverage of the seventeenth season of The Ultimate Fighter. Last week, we saw Bubba McDaniels and Kevin Casey prepare for their Wild Card opportunity, followed by the Wild Card fight. Bubba lost the first round, but came out strong in the second and was declared the winner when Kevin couldn't answer the bell for the third round due to symptoms similar to those he suffered when he was experiencing kidney failure. We also got to see the fighters let Dana and the coaches know who they wanted to fight in the quarterfinals, followed by the quarterfinal announcements. This week marks the beginning of the quarterfinal round, so let's get to the action!

Meet the Cast:


Jon Jones, Head Coach
Stonehorse Goeman, Muay Thai coach
John Woods
Bubba Jenkins, Wrestling coach
Frank Mir, Jiu Jitsu coach

Chael Sonnen, Head Coach
Randy Couture
Vinny Magalhaes, Jiu Jitsu coach
Mike Dolce, Strength and conditioning coach/dietician
Clayton Hires, Striking coach
Scott McQuary
Jamie Huey, Striking coach
Dan Henderson

Fighters (Middleweights)

Clint Hester
Josh Samman
Bubba McDaniel (Wild Card Selection)
Gilbert Smith Jr
Collin Hart
Adam Cella
Dylan Andrews

Luke Barnatt
Uriah Hall
Zak Cummings
Tor Troeng
Jimmy Quinlan
Kevin Casey (Wild Card Selection)
Kelvin Gastelum

FADE IN: At the training center, Jon Jones says he feels confident about the match-ups, but Bubba looks less than pleased with his draw of Uriah Hall. Bubba says he asked for three of the four remaining guys from Team Sonnen and he got the guy he didn't want. Chael admits to being surprised at the match-ups, and Kelvin says he thinks they still don't think he can box.

Team Jones training session, and Jones says he thinks Kelvin is "okay" at everything, and Collin is "okay" at everything but jiu jitsu, where he thinks Collin has a big advantage. Collin says he thinks Kelvin is going to give him a good fight, and he wants to show more than the "boring" fight that he had with Kevin Casey. He says he just held Casey down and he wants to show the world his hands.

Team Sonnen training session, and Kelvin is working his striking. Chael says Kelvin is a sleeper, rising to the top from the last pick. Chael says Collin Hart is a big problem for a couple of his guys, but Kelvin isn't one of them. He thinks this is a good opportunity to eliminate Collin, and that people think Kelvin is a wrestler, but he's very good everywhere and that Chael sees him as a brawler - he puts his chin down and goes to work. Kelvin says he thinks people are going to underestimate his boxing and kickboxing, and he's actually glad to come in as the underdog, because he's going to come out and go hard. Chael introduces for Ronda Rousey, who is there to train the guys as she promised Kelvin before his fight with Bubba. She drills judo takedowns with Kelvin and the other guys and Kelvin says he doesn't really do judo, but it was great getting tossed around by her and that it was an honor to get handled by a world champion. Chael talks to Ronda about how Kelvin was their least threatening guy three weeks ago, and now he thinks Kelvin can win the whole thing. He says he's never seen a guy springboard like that in a pressure situation, while Ronda says the entire team is very good, quick learners. Ronda shares a "mom-ism" with Team Sonnen - before her fights, her mom would tell her that "no one has the right to beat you", and that no matter how much better your opponent or their facilities are, you just ignore that and don't use their advantages as excuses.

Weigh-ins, and Collin is up first. Clint thinks that if Collin comes out, dirty boxes him, and gets him to the ground, it'll be Collin's fight, while if Kelvin keeps his distance, sticks and moves, and throws heavy, it could go his way, but he sees it going three rounds. Zak thinks that when two wrestlers can't take each other down, it turns into a stand-up contest, and Zak says Kelvin has great stand-up and he wasn't impressed with Collin's, so he thinks it's Kelvin's fight. Chael says Kelvin is going to win the fight with pressure and moving forward, while Jones thinks Collin is going to win because Kelvin is a wrestler who will take Collin down, where he'll submit Kelvin off of his back. That's a pretty specific proclamation, so it'll be interesting to see if it plays out.

Collin talks about watching kung fu movies and doing backyard fights and boxing with his brothers and stuff, so he starting fighting in his senior year. Kelvin talks about growing up in Yuma and choosing wrestling over gangs and how that saved his life. He wants to make his mom proud because she's worked so hard to support him. Collin says the best part of staying focused is going into the cage and letting go of your fears. He says he's happy to compete with Kelvin because he's a scrappy guy and it should be a good fight. Kelvin says no matter what Collin has done or how good his record is, he doesn't deserve to beat him. Two young guys, and Collin is four inches taller and enjoys a six-inch reach advantage.

Quarterfinal Middleweight bout: Kelvin Gastellum (Team Sonnen) vs Collin Hart (Team Jones)

Round 1: They come out jabbing at one another and Kelvin actually lands the first clean shot. They tie up and jockey for position against the cage, but they separate and start throwing hands, and Kelvin is landing a combination every time Collin lands a punch. Collin looks to slip after a good combination from Kelvin, and Kelvin pounces and pounds on him with hammerfists until Mazzagatti stops the fight. Collin protests the stoppage, but it was a good one.

Official Result - Winner: Kelin Gastellum, TKO (Punches, Round 1)

Collin says he got caught, he was banging and the next thing he knew, he got TKOed. He says it's the ugly part of the sport, but he congratulates Kelvin and hopes that he wins the whole thing. Kelvin says being the youngest guy in the quarterfinals is an awesome experience, and now he's going to get ready for the next one.

Team Sonnen training session and Luke is working on his timing and camouflaging his right hand. Chael says Luke/Dylan is a very interesting fight for one reason - because Luke was the first pick and Dylan was the last pick. Chael says that was wrong because Dylan is very good, but with Luke, he's a problem for anyone because of his height, and it's hard to hit someone when their chin is a foot above your head. Chael doesn't see a lot of ways Luke loses this fight. Luke says he's been drilling a few specific things relating to Dylan, but it's largely been mental focus. He says they're both aggressive fighters who like to cause damage, and he can take some damage, but he can also dish it out. He says they're both stand-up fighters, but he loves to go to the ground and if he gets it to the ground, he's going to wear Dylan out from the top.

Team Jones training session and Dylan is working on keeping his chin down but looking up with his eyes while striking. The goal is to keep Dylan from looking up so that Luke can't catch him. Jones talks about how Dylan has gravitated towards Stonehorse, who's from an Indian reservation in Buffalo, and both guys have tribals and talk about the warrior cultures that they come from. Dylan says Stonehorse saw something in him, and he's never had positive reinforcement in his love, so Stonehorse is a father figure to him and he appreciates that and loves him for it. Jones says Luke is a fighter that doesn't like to get hit in the face and Dylan is the guy to hit him in the face. Jones says if it goes to the ground, they see themselves on the top, scoring points and finishing. When it's on the feet, Dylan needs to control the distance to keep Luke from using his reach.

Mike Tyson is at the training center and he visits with both teams, and both Luke and Dylan are huge Tyson fans and Dylan can't believe Tyson's going to be cageside for their fight. Luke talks about living behind the reception area in a gym in a cold, dark room that only has a bed, and how England is a terrible place and waking up there every morning just reminds him of how much he sacrifices on a daily basis and how far he'll go to achieve his goals. Dylan says he has a simple life back home and he's made it that way because that's what makes him happy. He says he just needs his girlfriend and his two kids, but he didn't think he could handle a 9-5 Monday through Friday, drink on the weekends, he needed to be great at something. Luke says he doesn't dislike Dylan Andrews, but he wants to put some fear into the guy he'll be facing after Dylan. Dylan says to beat Luke, he just has to be himself, as he believes he's better than Luke everywhere. He's going to come forward and hit him and take him down and hit him with elbows. He says it's going to end when Luke makes a mistake. Dylan says everything he does here is for his family and his beautiful kids and he has a drive inside him that can't quit. People feel his pain inside the cage. Luke says he hopes Dylan brings the best version of himself so that he can face some decent competition. Luke with a five-inch height advantage, but only a 2.5" reach advantage.

Quarterfinal Middleweight bout: Luke Barnatt (Team Sonnen) vs Dylan Andrews (Team Jones)

Round 1: Luke with a jab and Dylan answers with a combination before taking Luke down. Luke looks for the triangle, but Dylan gets into full guard and lands punches to the body Luke gets to the cage and stands up, punching Dylan in the face. Luke tries for a reverse trip takedown, but Dylan holds on and ends up in side control. Dylan tries to pass to mount but Luke looks for the armbar and then a leg triangle. Dylan gets free and into full guard, but Luke looks for the triangle again. Dylan stands up and Luke looks for the upkick, but Dylan holds his leg and drops back down into guard. Every time Dylan postures up and tries to improve his position, Luke looks for the triangle. Dylan with a punch to the body and then he stands up. Dylan grabs Luke as he stands up and looks for the guillotine, flipping over Luke and trying for a mounted guillotine. Luke gets free and gets to his feet, but Dylan hops on his back and tries to get a hook in as they go back to the mat. They grapple for position and Luke gets back to his feet. They separate and Luke starts fighting long, using jabs and kicks. Dylan looks for the takedown, Luke defends, but Dylan ends up taking him down. Again, every time Dylan looks to improve his position, Luke tries for the triangle, but Dylan starts working punches. Jones keeps yelling for elbows, but Dylan just isn't throwing them. Dylan stacks Luke up, but Luke quickly gets him back to guard. Dylan throws short punches to the ribs and Luke ties him up as the round ends.

Scorecard: Dylan, 10-9

Round 2: Interesting that Jones tells Dylan he's winning, even though he is. Luke working the jab and then a big overhand right. They trade punches and Dylan comes in with a combination to the body. Luke lands a knee to the face and they separate before trading punches again. Dylan ties Luke up but can't get the takedown, and Luke presses him against the cage. They separate and Luke comes out with a combination and a knee. Luke eats an uppercut as he ties Dylan back up and Dylan pushes him against the cage. They trade position and Luke sweeps Dylan down directly into mount. Every time Luke tries to punch, Dylan tries to buck him off. Luke landing punches as they scramble, but Dylan ends up reversing and into guard. They scramble again and Luke ties up an arm with his legs, but Dylan stands up. Dylan tries a diving punch, but Luke uses his legs to push him off-target. Dylan drops back down they jockey for position until Luke pushes him off with his legs again. Luke stands up and they clinch, with Luke looking for a kimura, and Luke pulls guard while holding the arm. Dylan gets his arm free and and starts alternating punches to the body. Luke pushes Dylan away and looks for the triangle, but Dylan defends well. Dylan continues to throw punches to the body. Dylan stands up and tries to drop down on Luke, who rolls with his momentum and tries for control, but Dylan ends up behind him and looks for the choke. Dylan locks his hands but can't get the hooks in and they scramble as the round ends.

Scorecard: Dylan, 10-9 (It could go either way, though, as Luke got the better of the stand-up)

And we're going to a third round, which is actually surprising to me. Dana actually says "great judging", because he didn't think the judges would give Luke credit from the bottom.

Round 3: Luke fakes a jab, then lunges forward with an awkward elbow, that Dylan easily avoids and clinches with him. They clinch against the cage, Luke lands some nice knees and they separate. Luke landing jabs, but Dylan countering well. Dylan coming forward with his hands down and nice combinations, but Luk definitely does not like getting hit in the face and he's backpedling. Luke gets a standing choke, but it goes nowhere and he lets it go. He lands a flying knee to Dylan's face, and Dylan is clearly gassed. They're trading punches, but Dyland is landing some nasty punches and Luke is out on his feet! Dylan drops Luke and Herb Dean steps in as Luke tries to defend, but after Dylan drops a nasty hammerfist, it's all over!

Official Result - Winner: Dylan Andrews, TKO (Punches, Round 3)

Dana, Chael, and Jones talk through the replay, how Dylan came out and outwrestled Luke, with Chael mentioning that they thought it was going to be a two-round fight after the second round. Again, Dana commends the officials for giving Luke the second round, and then they go over the third round, which was exciting; however, near the end there, both guys were clearly gassed and it was like watching Wes Shivers fight on the heavyweight season of TUF. Dana was thoroughly impressed by Dylan, Luke gets some consolation from Mike Tyson, and Stonehorse congratulates Dylan with a hug.

NEXT WEEK ON THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER: The final two quarterfinal fights occur and we get our semifinal matlch-ups!

For your convenience, here are the teams as they stand now (color coded for easy reading):

Clint Hester
Josh Samman
Bubba McDaniel (Wild Card)
Gilbert Smith Jr
Collin Hart
Adam Cella
Dylan Andrews

Luke Barnatt
Uriah Hall
Zak Cummings
Tor Troeng
Jimmy Quinlan
Kevin Casey (Wild Card)
Kelvin Gastelum

KEY: Fighters with name crossed out have been eliminated from the competition; fighters with name in italics are Wild Card fighters


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