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411's The Ultimate Fighter 17 Report 04.02.13
Posted by Wyatt Beougher on 04.02.2013

The Ultimate Fighter 17: Team Jones vs Team Sonnen, Episode 10

Welcome back to 411 MMA's coverage of the seventeenth season of The Ultimate Fighter. Last week, we saw the start of the semifinals, with Kelvin Gastellum again beating his favored opponent as he dispatched Collin Hart with relative ease. Also, Team Jones evened the score when last overall pick Dylan Andrews TKOed first overall pick Luke Barnatt. This week we'll see the final two semifinal fights, as Josh Samman squares off with Jimmy Quinlan in a fight both guys wanted and Uriah Hall takes on Bubba McDaniels in a fight neither guy wanted!

Meet the Cast:


Jon Jones, Head Coach
Stonehorse Goeman, Muay Thai coach
John Woods
Bubba Jenkins, Wrestling coach
Frank Mir, Jiu Jitsu coach

Chael Sonnen, Head Coach
Randy Couture
Vinny Magalhaes, Jiu Jitsu coach
Mike Dolce, Strength and conditioning coach/dietician
Clayton Hires, Striking coach
Scott McQuary
Jamie Huey, Striking coach
Dan Henderson

Fighters (Middleweights)

Clint Hester
Josh Samman
Bubba McDaniel (Wild Card Selection)
Gilbert Smith Jr
Collin Hart
Adam Cella
Dylan Andrews

Luke Barnatt
Uriah Hall
Zak Cummings
Tor Troeng
Jimmy Quinlan
Kevin Casey (Wild Card Selection)
Kelvin Gastelum

FADE IN: Team Jones training session, and Bubba is laying off by himself while the rest of the team does cardio to warm up, and he even lays by himself as the team starts drills. Jones comes and talks to Bubba, who says he's in a lot of pain after fighting three times in short order and he says all he wants to do is sleep. Jones says he doesn't think Bubba wants to go on and tells Clint to stay ready, and Clint says that he wanted the Wild Card spot, so he'll be ready if Bubba can't continue. Jones says Josh vs Jimmy is a fight that they wanted because it's a fight that Josh really wanted. Jon says Josh hasn't been shy, and he's made it easy to give him what he wants by winning, being a leader, and dominating every practice. Josh says Jimmy is going to be shooting from clear across the cage because he's afraid of standing up with Josh. Mir tells Josh to let Jimmy try to win the fight with the takedowns. Josh says he's the best seed based on record and experience and he's not afraid of Jimmy, but he knows Jimmy is a better wrestler than him. Josh says he doesn't get enough guillotines because he prefers TKOs. Bubba says it's a coin flip fight, if Jimmy can take him down and smother him he'll win, but Josh hits hard and repeatedly so he could win. Gilbert says he favors Jimmy slightly because of Josh's rib and leg injuries. Josh says Jimmy's whole game depends on the takedown, but he's good off of his back, so he thinks he'll surprise Jimmy on the ground. Bubba says his next fight is going to suck, because he has to fight the toughest guy on the other team that no one wants to fight. He tells Jones that Dana didn't like his fight, so he wants him out. Jones says he's not sure if Bubba is going to be mentally ready for the next round but they'll just have to wait and see. Jones says he's going to continue to encourage Bubba not to let his dreams pass him by.

Team Sonnen training session, and Jimmy is working striking and he says he gets his confidence from what he's accomplished in the past. He says he likes the match-up because Josh is a tough fighter, he's good all around, but he doesn't see Josh being better than him. He says if it was a BJJ match-up, it wouldn't even be a contest, but he wants to work on his striking because basically right now it's just running forward and swinging right now. Chael talks about how Jimmy is dog-tough and you can't deter him or wear him down and he's never lost. Chael tells Jimmy that he's fighting so much better than three weeks ago and he doesn't know if Jimmy thinks something is missing, but it's not. Jimmy says Josh's game plan is go out and do what he does and see what happens, but his game plan is always the same, get the takedown and get the win.

Team Jones training session and again, Bubba is laying off by himself while the other guys train. Jones says Bubba's back is bothering him but they're not sure if the pain is from his back or from his kidneys and after one of the coaches suggests he go and get bloodwork done, Bubba says he doesn't want out of the competition, but he wants to be safe. He goes for bloodwork, and Bubba says if he's cleared to fight, he'll fight, but if he can't get clearance, he'll have to step out.

Fight day, and Jimmy and Josh are in the kitchen together. Jimmy says he won to get in the house by TKO, and his fight with Clint Hester took a lot out of him and now he's got Josh. Josh says he didn't like Jimmy, that Jimmy rubbed him the wrong way when they got to the house, but now he likes him a little bit, but he won't hesitate to hurt him once the cage door shuts. Jimmy says it's awkward to fight someone you live with, but he can't change how he acts towards Josh because that could be seen as a sign of weakness. Josh says he had a plan when he came to the house, and while he didn't pick Tor, that turned out to be a good fight for him and now Jimmy's next, followed by one more fight and then hopefully standing across the cage from someone in April for the TUF championship. Jimmy says he thinks Josh knows he's in trouble if the fight hits the mat, but punches change the game a lot and anything can happen, but he knows he has to control the transitions and make this his fight. Josh says he's glad he has Jimmy, he's wanted this fight since the beginning, and he thinks Jimmy's style matches up well with his. He knows Jimmy's an excellent grappler, but he thinks he's a talented grappler himself with knockout power and he hopes that'll make the difference. Josh says he's a damaging destructive fighter and someone has to control him to beat him and that's not Jimmy. Jimmy says he always wins, and he's ready to adjust his plan based on what happens to come out with the win. He says when the cage door closes, he's only thinking about his first move. Tale of the Tape and Josh is two years younger, three inches taller, enjoys a 7-inch reach advantage, and owns a 9-2 record to Jimmy's 3-0.

Quarterfinal Middleweight bout: Jimmy Quinlan (Team Sonnen) vs Josh Samman (Team Jones)

Round 1: Jimmy comes across the cage quickly and looks for the takedown. Josh lands come punches, but Jimmy picks him up, carries him to the middle of the Octagon, and slams him down. Jimmy is working from side control and is bleeding. Josh with elbows to the back and kidneys as Jimmy looks to improve his position. Jimmy scrambles into side control and looks for north-south, but Josh defends and gets half-guard. He looks for a triangle, but Jimmy gets his head out, spins, and lands a big punch to Josh's face. Jimmy works from side control, but Josh gets him back to guard. Josh lands a few punches but Jimmy passes to side control again. They scramble and Josh again gets Jimmy back to full guard and lands a punch to the head. Josh lands double punches to the head as Jimmy stands up. Jimmy picks Josh up and slams him and then lands a punch to the body. Jimmy punches Josh in the body and Josh lands short punches to the face. Jimmy stands up and drops back down to side control and looks to move to north-south. Again Josh defends and tries to wall walk, but Jimmy remains in side control and he lands a big punch to Josh's ribs. They stand up and Josh lands a big combination on Jimmy, followed by a knee, and he takes Jimmy's back as Jimmy looks for the takedown. Josh rides Jimmy down and lands Sakuraba double punches to the head until Jimmy taps out!

Official Result - Winner: Josh Samman, Submission (Strikes, Round 1)

Dana says the fight went as expected - Josh landed big punches early and Jimmy took him down impressively. Chael says Jimmy made it a grappling match and maintained superior position, but Dana says once they go back to their feet, Josh started landing the heavy punches and he broke Jimmy's will. Josh unsurprisingly pats himself on the back and Jimmy talks to him in the hallway. They shake hands, and Jimmy says he controlled most of the round but it came down to him quitting.

Team Jones training session and the doctor comes to talk to Bubba, and his bloodwork came back fantastic so the pain in his back is likely strained/pulled muscles, so he'll be fighting in the semifinal fight. Bubba says it's nice to know is just pain from being beat up. Jones talks to Bubba about Uriah wanting to keep him back on his heels because of the success Uriah has enjoyed thus far.

Uriah says Gilbert said Bubba said he's afraid to fight him. Uriah says that someone saying that is one thing, but in the cage, it's completely different. Uriah then compares himself (inadvertently perhaps) to Anderson Silva, saying people lose the fight before they ever step into the cage. Chael says guys on both teams are sizing Uriah up, and he's a very gifted fighter who also works hard, which is a rare combination. He says you're either talented or you work hard, but Uriah does both, and he's faster, stronger, in better shape than anybody else in the tournament, but that his mind plays tricks on him. Chael says he (Bubba) can close his eye, but he can't make him stop, so they (Team Jones) need Uriah to beat Uriah, and Uriah knows he can do that or he can win, because he's done both, and so has Chael.

At the weigh-ins, Luke says no matter how bad a guy is, seeing your teammate get spin kicked into an ambulance is going to shake your confidence. Adam says Bubba is a head case but he hopes Bubba fights his fight. Josh thinks Uriah is going to be lost in Bubba's world and it's going to be Bubba's fight. Jones talks about how Bubba's body language was submissive, and Dana says he thinks it's going to be rough night for Bubba because everything Uriah throws has bad intentions behind it.

Fight day, and Uriah tells Gilbert that it doesn't even feel like a fight. He says that he's trying not to let his mind wander, that he's just trying to grasp everything and focusing on not getting overwhelmed by what he's learned and achieved thus far and he knows emotions are fake and you can't let them get the best of you. Bubba says the only thing that holds him back is him, and it's really which Bubba shows up that determines the outcome of the fight. They tell Bubba that Uriah is supposed to knock him out because he's a Wild Card, while Chael tells Uriah to show him something early to break his confidence. Bubba says this isn't the fight to get to the semifinals with the least amount of damage, as they're just going to beat the hell out of each other. Uriah says Bubba does some little things to get in, and that's what he's looking for, those split-second openings. Bubba says he's going to impose his will and make Uriah uncomfortable. Uriah says he's mentally ready, ready to go, and there's no stopping him. Tale of the Tape and Bubba is a year older and three inches taller, but Uriah has a five-inch reach advantage. Bubba's 20-6 carries a lot more experience than Uriah's 7-2.

Quarterfinal Middleweight bout: Uriah Hall (Team Sonnen) vs Bubba McDaniels (Team Jones)

Round 1: Uriah catches Bubba coming in with a knee and then with a punch and Bubba goes for a takedown, it looks like, Uriah throws hammerfists, but Bubba's actually unconscious and this fight is over!

Official Result - Winner: Uriah Hall, KO (Punch, Round 1)

Dana tells Carlos Condit that Uriah is a dangerous fighter and it's scary when he knocks people out. Bubba says something is wrong with his eye and they roll him over to his side, and he's bleeding from a cut on his nose and one inside his eye. That was insane, and Chael tells Uriah that he spent five years at middleweight and he thinks Uriah is a contender. Dana says the way Uriah knocks people out, you feel bad clapping for it, because he's quick, he's vicious, and he's the best fighter in Ultimate Fighter history. Dana asks if he can win Knockout of the year twice. Jon and Chael shake hands and Bubba says he's pissed. He doesn't know what happened, he was walking forward and then he's on his face and can't move. He says he doesn't feel like he fought at all, and the doctor checks his eye out. Mir consoles him and says he didn't do anything stupid, he was just being aggressive and got caught. Uriah tells his teammates that he was trying to beat forty seconds. He says he feels bad for Bubba because he knows his story and he feels great that he made it to the semifinals but he feels bad that he had to fight Bubba (as Bubba leaves in the ambulance).

Chael and Bones meet with Dana for the semifinal deliberations and Dana says this is the most interesting semifinals in TUF history. Josh is in first, and he says the finals are for him and Uriah and he's the only guy who finished all of his fights and in the first round (Uriah did too, but Josh minimizes that). He says he wants Kelvin to set up he and Uriah in the biggest TUF finale ever. Dylan is next and he says too much has happened to him already, he doesn't care who he fights next. Uriah says he hates this part, but he wants Josh. Dana says "You can't stand him, right" and Uriah says at first he thought he was a dick, but now it's more than that. Kelvin wants Dylan because he thinks he can beat him. Bones says he wants Josh vs Uriah and Dylan vs Kelvin, which Chael agrees with. Dana thanks both coaches and they leave. We get our fight announcements, and Dana says unbelievable season because of everyone there. He announces the first fight as Josh....vs Kelvin, leaving Uriah vs Dylan. Josh says he plans to keep his first round finish streak alive and Kelvin won't be able to keep up with his pace. Uriah says he likes Dylan and he's a deep guy. He knows Dylan will bring his heart out so he's going to have to bring his heart out too. Dana says he listened to the coaches but he disagreed with them, and he thinks Josh and Uriah are the best fighters out there, so now it's up to Dylan and Kelvin to prove him wrong. You know what they say about making the fight when you've got them, Dana - here's hoping your Uriah vs Josh dream fight doesn't disappear in a puff of smoke next week. Dylan and Kelvin could both easily play spoiler.


For your convenience, here are the teams as they stand now (color coded for easy reading):

Clint Hester
Josh Samman
Bubba McDaniel (Wild Card)
Gilbert Smith Jr
Collin Hart
Adam Cella
Dylan Andrews

Luke Barnatt
Uriah Hall
Zak Cummings
Tor Troeng
Jimmy Quinlan
Kevin Casey (Wild Card)
Kelvin Gastelum

KEY: Fighters with name crossed out have been eliminated from the competition; fighters with name in italics are Wild Card fighters


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