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411's UFC Fight Night 30: Machida vs. Munoz Report 10.26.13
Posted by Alex Watt on 10.26.2013


Hello loyal 411 readers, welcome to our live coverage of UFC Fight Night: Machida vs. Munoz. The British Bulldogs aka. The Bad Boys of Press Row aka. The 411 UK Team Alex Watt and Jon Butterfield are back and we mean business! Our business being to report live from press row at the Phones 4u Arena in Manchester, England!


Middleweight Bout: Brad Scott (8-2, 186lbs) vs. Michael Kuiper (12-2, 185lbs)

ROUND ONE: Welcome to the coverage, it's Jon Butterfield here to cover the first fight. Good ovation for the first British fighter of the night as he faces Dutchman Kuiper. They touch. Scott tries a jab early. Leg kick misses from Kuiper. Scott lands a leg kick. Leg kick from Kuiper countering a Scott right. Leg kick from Scott is partially checked by Kuiper. Scott come forward, grabs a plumb clinch, lands a knee to the body. Scott tries a judo-style throw, Kuiper defends, and Scott has him against the fence. Scott working hard for the takedown, trip or throw at the moment. Knee to the body from Kuiper. Kuiper with an outside leg trip, winds up with Scott in a facelock, but Scott is up and trying hard for a single leg. Nice recovery from Scott. Kuiper is looking for a plumb clinch against the fence, but he can't find any space to work in. Knees to the thigh from Scott, not a huge amount happening with 100 seconds to go, Goddard separates. Leg kick from Kuiper, Scott looks to let the hands go, and lands a hard body shot. Kuiper tries a trip, and ends up going down himself, Scott locks on a standing guillotine, and Kuiper taps! British fighters start off strongly, as the underdog Scott grabs the first round submission!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brad Scott by Submission, Round One (4:17)

Featherweight Bout: Jimy Hettes (10-1, 145lbs) vs. Robert Whiteford (10-1, 145lbs)

Alex on the keys for the next fight. The support for the Scot Whiteford is deafening!

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. Overhand right misses from Whiteford. Overhand lands from Whiteford. Whiteford landing leg kicks and some nice uppercuts in the clinch. Hettes trying to move in for a takedown but eats a punch on his way in. Whiteford hits the switch and attempts a single leg. Good balance from Hettes. Hettes gets a hip throw and lands in side control. Hettes seems to have Whiteford in a side headlock, pro-wrestling style, and landing punches. Hettes advances. Whiteford scoots back to the cage. Hettes working for a choke. Whiteford defending the submission well, not allowing Hettes to snake his hands round the neck or get the hooks in. Crowd boo Hettes. Hettes responds and takes Whiteford's back. Hettes has the body triangle. Hettes can't quite get the choke with 50 seconds left in the round. Whiteford trying to land punches from his back. Whiteford escapes and the crowd goes wild! Whiteford tries to land an elbow standing but Hettes reverses into another takedown to end the round on top.

SCORECARD Hettes, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Whiteford lands a jab and a body punch. Whiteford swinging and missing. Hettes lands a solid knee to the chin of Whiteford. Hettes goes for the takedown but Whiteford does well to reverse. Hettes still winds up on top, however. Hettes takes the back and works for the RNC again. Hettes gets the body triangle again. Whiteford trying to turn in and he's almost there. Hettes responds by slapping on a triangle choke. Whiteford struggling but Hettes has that tight. Lands some solid elbows from the bottom and Whiteford goes out cold in the choke. Fight over.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jimy Hettes, Technical Submission (Triangle Choke), Round 2 (2:17)

Hettes puts over his opponent and congratulates him for taking the fight on short notice. Whiteford applauded by the enthusiastic crowd as he leaves the Octagon.

UFC fighter sightings walking past press row, thus far; David Grant, Brad Pickett and Alexander Gustaffson!

Featherweight Bout: Andy Ogle (9-2, 145lbs) vs. Cole Miller (19-8, 146lbs)

ROUND ONE: Jon here. British fighters currently 1-1, can Ogle get the job done on home soil? They touch. Ogle looks for an overhand right, just misses. Body shot from Ogle. Hard body kick from Miller. Straight right from Miller, Ogle circles away, and Miller looks like he hurt him. Plumb clinch for Miller, lands two knees. Ogle presses Miller to the fence, and that's enough to break the plumb clinch. Ogle can't secure a takedown, but he keeps working, tries a single leg takedown but lets it go. Ogle eats another knee. Miller reverses, Ogle defends a throw, reversing it and winding on top momentarily. Miller is relentless, and reverses to take the back. Body lock on, arm in! Ogle get his arm out to help him defend. Heel to the body from Miller, and he keeps control to boot. Miller switching from body triangle to hooks, as Ogle tries to punch from his back. Another heel to the body for Miller. 90 seconds left. Miller tries to mount Ogle, but Ogle won't let him get it, so Coles settles for the back. Ogle is landing shots even with Cole behind him, not much on them but they're there. 10 seconds to go. Miller neutralized Ogle but didn't achieve too much.

SCORECARD Miller 10-9

ROUND TWO: Good right off the bat for Ogle, and Miller tries a head kick to reply. One-two from Ogle misses. Leg kick from Ogle. Another. One-two Miller, and they clinch. Ogle trying for a single leg. Miller threatening with a guillotine as Ogle pressures him, and suddenly that becomes the major threat. Ogle continues to fight, winds up on top and he's out! Ogle on the outside of Miller's butterfly guard, and pressing ever forwards. Miller switches to full guard, with half the round to go. Miller lands a few heel shots to the back of the thigh, and Ogle presses forward into a triangle attempt, but he defends himself well and it's into Miller's body triangle from the bottom. Ogle looking to land elbows, but Miller ever-active from his back doesn't allow Ogle to posture. Miller shows fantastic technique when he uses a variant of the butterfly guard to flip Ogle over and wind up straight in an armbar attempt from the top! Brilliant from Miller, with a minute to go, but Ogle won't give up. Miller takes the back of Ogle, locks on the body triangle, and tries a face crank/RNC attempt wit ten seconds – not particularly close, and that's the round.

SCORECARD Miller 10-9, but it's close (20-18 Miller)

ROUND THREE: Third and final round, and Ogle has it all to fight for. They touch. Ogle presses straight forward, fakes a flying knee and lands a body kick. Ogle lands a leg kick, and a one-two. Nice body hook from Ogle, and he's really pressing Miller! Ogle lands two or three as he wades forward, and a body shot, and a body kick. Ogle misses a left hook. Miller defends a one-two-three combination well, but Ogle won't stop pressing forward, and Ogle just misses an uppercut. Knee to the body from Miller, and Ogle tries to avoid a clinch, Miller appears to pull guard/allow a takedown. Ogle on top, lands two or three elbows, big mark under Miller's left eye. Ogle lands more elbows, as Miller is folded up in one of the corners, but an upkick gives him something to think about! Miller pulls full guard, and that relieves at least some of the pressure. Body triangle from the bottom for Miller, as Ogle tries to posture up and rain down more elbows. Ogle is dominating this round. Just over a minute to go. Miller lands some more heel strikes, and tries to back himself against the fence to stand, but no dice. Ogle trying to evade wrist control and land more elbows, but Miller's defences have really tightened up. Miller tries to scoot round the back of Ogle, but Ogle won't be out-grappled this time. Ten seconds. They stand, and Ogle throws a kick late on, but that's that. Ogle definitely won the round, both raised their arms, so it's all about that close second.

SCORECARD 10-9 Ogle (29-28 Miller overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cole Miller by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Cole Miller disses the judges and European fighters. Heel promo! Miller legs it from the Octagon back to the dressing room under a hail of boos.

Women's Bantamweight Bout: Rosi Sexton (13-3, 135lbs) vs. Jessica Andrade (9-3, 134lbs)

Alex back on the coverage.

Considering the rumours of poor ticket sales for this event following Bisping's withdrawal, this place looks fairly jam packed. Wild crowd tonight too!

This will be the first UFC women's fight held in Europe. Both ladies in desperate need of their first UFC win too. The crowd are loud in their support of Rosi Sexton, who lives and trains right here in Manchester. Great atmosphere in here already tonight.

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. The fighters circle cautiously to start. Furious exchange! Andrade explodes out of the blocks and lands numerous punches. Most of those landed on the arms but that was mental. Sexton slows the pace with a clinch. They separate and trade punches. Andrade hits a body kick which Sexton catches and pushes for the takedown. Good balance from Andrade. Sexton eating more vicious punches from Andrade and she looks hurt. She circles away though. Sexton lands a nice left hook. Leg kick lands from Sexton, left hook response from Andrade. Andrade warned about keeping her hands closed. They're trading punches now. Andrade landing some solid punches but Sexton firing back with body shots. Two solid elbows from Andrade and her nose looks busted up. She's still in this though; kicks from Rosi in response to Andrade's punches. Andrade wades forward with punches Wanderlei Silva style. Sexton fires back with an overhand right. Beautiful hip throw from Andrade into side control. Rosi ties the leg up brilliantly and stands back up. Beautiful knee to the chin from Sexton. Rosi pushes for a double leg but it's well stuffed. Rosi pushes Andrade against the fence. They separate and Andrade goes into wild mode. Lands punches. She drops Rosi on the buzzer and lands an illegal knee. Controversy to close out a thrilling first round!

SCORECARD Andrade, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves. Andrade with more punches but Sexton fires back. Beautiful right hook from Andrade. Rosi looks hurt but she's firin back. Rosi lands a superman punch. Tis is awesome. They're exchanging now. Rosi unsuccessful on the takedown. Hard leg kick from Rosi. Sexton still looks hurt and she eats punches, knees and uppercuts against the fence. I'm not sure how Sexton is still in this. Andrade's strikes are vicious! Front kick from Andrade. Andrade pushes forward and lands more punches. Rosi is keeping her hands up but she is taking a lot of shots against the fence. Sexton fires back with a superwoman punch off the cage. Sexton eats a body kick. Flying knee from Andrade lands. Sexton still won't go down. Andrade relentless, stalking her foe around the Octagon. One-two lands from Andrade and Sexton fires back with a punch. Andrade has her against the cage again; punches and body kicks are landing. Sexton tries for another takedown. Andrade defends but Sexton gets her down at the end of the round. This fight is awesome!

SCORECARD Andrade, 20-18

ROUND THREE: Sexton needs a finish here. Touch of the gloves. Leg kick from Rosi and Andrade fires back with punches. They exchange punches in the pocket. Andrade lands more solid punches but Sexton keeps firing back! Loud "Rosi" chant goes up in Manchester. Sexton pushin forward more this round but Andrade responds and pushes her against the cage. They separate. Rosi lands a combination but Andrade fires straight back. Rosi landing more strikes this round but they're not stopping the Andrade pressure. Andrade has Sexton against the cage again. More punches and a hard body kick. More punches and body kicks from Andrade. Sexton firing back but she is taking a beating here. Andrade landing more punches. Seriously, what is keeping Rosi up? They separate again and Rosi tries for the takedown; easily stuffed by Andrade. Uppercut from Andrade. Solid one-two from Andrade. They trade punches and Rosi attempts another takedown. Andrade defends. Last ten seconds and Andrade attacks with yet more punches as Rosi tries to fire back. Great fight!

SCORECARD Andrade, 30-27

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jessica Andrade, Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-26)

Sexton gets a great ovation as she leaves the cage. Andrade says (via a translator) that she's really happy with the win and hopes she proved that this is where she belongs.

Middleweight Bout: Luke Barnatt (6-0, 185lbs) vs. Andrew Craig (9-1, 186lbs)

ROUND ONE: Jon here. Alex just told me he "can't get it up". I'm assuming he's referring to the website, I'm not quite sure. 6'6 Luke Barnatt faces a very promising prospect in Andrew Craig who has knocked off Kyle Noke and Chris Leben. Craig comes out swinging, but nothing connects. No feeling out process, good leg kick from Craig, who swings hard again! He wants to go home early. Leg kick from Craig almost countered by Barnatt. Barnatt looking to establish a jab, then lands a body kick. Good right from Craig. Barnatt staggers him with a straight right. Body kick from Barnatt. Body punch from Barnatt. Leg kicks traded. Double-jab from Barnatt, and Craig comes in and has to defend a plumb clinch as Barnatt looks for a knee or two. Leg kick from Craig. Barnatt finishes up a combination with a body kick, but that's all that lands. Hard hook to the body from Craig. Body kick from Craig partially blocked. Jab from Barnatt. Leg kick from Barnatt. 90 seconds to go. Leg kick from Craig. Craig feigns a spinning back fist, but gives up half way through. They start to throw a little faster now, with a minute to go. Barnatt fakes a knee, and lands a good straight right and the left hook and that DROPS Craig! Barnatt landing follow up shots with 30 seconds to go! Craig endures, and he's up, but he's wobbling! Knee from Barnatt, and that's that, Craig hung in there!

SCORECARD Barnatt 10-9

ROUND TWO: They high five. Craig appears to have recovered, let's see if he changes his strategy. Barnatt looking for that jab, and he's picking up the volume with his kicks too. Craig with a nice overhand right, landed on the temple. Craig snaps Barnatt's head back with a jab. Barnatt tries an overhand right of his own, but misses. They're at close quarters momentarily, but nothing major comes of it, and Craig tries a front kick. Craig appears to land a right, and Barnatt DROPS Craig about the same time with a strike from the clinch! Barnatt on top, and almost had the crucifix. Barnatt has the back, has the rear naked choke, and Craig taps! Good performance from Luke Barnatt!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Luke Barnatt, Submission, Rear Naked Choke, Round Two (2:12)

Lightweight Bout: Al Iaquinta (6-2-1, 155lbs) vs. Piotr Hallmann (14-1, 155lbs)

Alex back for the next fight. The less said about what act Jon compared Luke Barnatt's walkout music to, the better…

The two reporters sitting next to us are from Poland. They're very excited about Piotr Hallman.

Both fighters took this one on short notice after Paul Taylor's injury (and subsequent retirement) forced his fight with Anthony Njokuani completely off the card.

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves and Iaquinta immediately goes for the takedown. Some counter punches from Hallmann but Iaquinta takes the back. Partially, anyway. Hallmann defending well against the cage. They break. Head kick from Iaquinta blocked. Nice right hand from Iaquinta. Iaquinta tries for the headkick again and now a single leg. Hallman fights him off. Hallmann pushes forward and lands a knee to the body. Overhand right just misses from Hallmann. Head kick and right hook land from Hallmann and Iaquinta just takes them. They exchange punches and Hallmann stuffs another takedown attempt from Iaquinta. Hallmann lands a good combination but Iaquinta fires right back. Hallman tries for a spinning back kick but gets it all wrong and Iaquinta lands a hard body kick. Hallman with a nice combination. Iaquinta throwing a lot of fakes and trying to land punches on the counter. Hallmann swings hard with a left hook and misses. Single leg attempt defended well by Hallmann. Hallmann gets the takedown on his first attempt. That might just steal him the round.

SCORECARD 10-9 Hallmann

ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves. Right from Iaquinta. Hallmann right hook misses. Hallmann head kick blocked. Hard exchange in the pocket. Hard body kick from Iaquinta. Iaquinta throws a head kick but Hallmann counters with the takedown! Hallmann lands a good punch as Iaquinta gets back to his feet. Iaquinta lands a left on the way out. Both fighters throwing their punches hard. Iaquinta is bleeding from the nose. Solid body kick and a hook to the body from Hallmann. Iaquinta lands a solid left hook as Hallmann pushes forward. That looks like it hurt him. Hallmann wobbly and Iaquinta lands another punch and Hallmann goes down. Hallmann gets back to his feet and Iaquinta is pushing for the finish. Takedown attempt from Iaquinta is stuffed but they jostle for position. Hallmann lands a good punch as they separate. Iaquinta lands a solid punch and pushes Hallmann against the fence. Solid one-two combo from Iaquinta. Hallmann looks like he's tiring while Iaquinta looks like he has plenty left in the tank. They exchange to end the round.

SCORECARD Iaquinta, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE: Touch of the gloves. Hard body kick from Hallmann. Hallmann pumping the jab as he comes forward and Iaquinta looking to counter. Hallmann tries for the takedown and almost gets it but Iaquinta does well to defend. Solid leg kicks from Iaquinta. Another takedown attempt from Hallman but no joy. Spinning back kick from Hallmann lands to no visible reaction from Iaquinta. Hallmann fighting with a sense of urgency. Nice left hook from Hallmann and immediately goes down holding his eye. Iaquinta's finger got in his eye there. Ouch. We're back underway after a short break. They touch gloves. Hallmann just misses a headkick / knee. Nice one-two from Hallmann. Iaquinta counters with a right hand really well there. Hallmann goes for a takedown and they scramble. Another attempt for a slam and Iaquinta again does well to reverse and get back to his feet. Hard leg kick from Iaquinta. Hallmann tries another takedown and ends up reversed against the fence. Iaquinta gets the takedown and has the back. Hallmann gets back up but Iaquinta sticks to him like glue against the cage. Iaquinta lands some good punches as they break. Iaquinta misses with an uppercut. Hallmann lands a knee flush to the jaw but, again, Iaquinta just takes it and secures a takedown on Hallmann. Hallmann back on his feet and Iaquinta lands some punches to end the round. Both men raise their arms in celebration but I think Iaquinta edged that one.

SCORECARD Iaquinta, 10-9 (29-28 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Al Iaquinta, Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Flyweight Bout: Phil Harris (22-10, 125lbs) vs. John Lineker (22-6, 128lbs*)

ROUND ONE: It's Jon back for the first main card fight of the night. Flyweight Phil Harris has his hands full against Lineker, who failed to make weight – again. They touch. Lineker looks for a jab early. Body hook misses from Lineker, who then scores a solid leg kick. Good left from Lineker. Jab from Lineker. Another solid leg kick, Lineker throwing a lot into these shots early. Good left from Harris, and he lands a couple of counters to a leg kick. Good right from Harris. Body shot from Lineker. Lineker charges forward, drops Harris with a left-right combination, but Harris is right back up and doesn't look wobbly, implying a possible slip. Good uppercut from Lineker. Body kick from Harris countered by a HARD left. Lineker lands a right hook, drops Harris again, Harris looking more wobbly. Lineker lands an overhand right and an uppercut to the body. Harris is eating some nasty punches to the body. Harris fires back, but another body punch from Lineker creases Harris, and he's still down five seconds later. Ouch!

OFFICIAL RESULT: John Lineker, TKO (Body Punch), Round One (2:51)

Joe is with Lineker, congratulates him on his spectacular finish. Lineker is very happy with his work, he says that's the way he fights, he likes the body punches.

Middleweight Bout: Alessio Sakara (15-10, 185lbs) vs. Nicholas Musoke (10-2-1, 186lbs)

Conor McGregor in attendance! He gets a hell of a cheer as he's shown on the big screen.

Alex back with the wurdz. Jon doesn't approve of my dancing on press row to funky walkout music. Eh, what does he know? Hmmm, is Alessio Sakara's walkout music epic enough?

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. They exchange immediately. Sakara lands a solid combination finished with an uppercut which hurts Musoke. Nice takedown from Sakara. Musoke back up. Musoke lands a left jab and a right hook and Sakara is wobbled now. Musoke landing punches at will against the fence but Sakara fires back with a right hand. He's still in this thing. Musoke gets the takedown easily. Musoke lands a punch from top position. Sakara looks to throw his legs up for a triangle but no joy. Musoke passes to side control and he looks clearly the superior grappler. Sakara gets back to half guard though and he's landing good punches from the bottom. Sakara powers his way out! And lands hard punches from the top. He's inside Musoke's guard now. Hard elbow from Sakara but Musoke grabs the arm and counters and locks in a tight armbar. Oh that is done. Sakara verbally submits. Musoke celebrates by running from one side of the cage to the other. Impressive debut.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Nicholas Musoke, Verbal Submission (Armbar), Round 1 (3:07)

Musoke says that's what he gets paid for. Musoke likes Sakara and his style but he's so damn happy to be here. He thanks the crowd. Musoke says he heard Sakara verbally submit and didn't want to hold the submission any longer than he needed to. In the post-Palhares UFC, all submissions must be justified and apologized for.

Lightweight Bout: Norman Parke (18-2, 155lbs) vs. Jon Tuck (7-0, 155lbs)

ROUND ONE: It's Jon back on the keys, awaiting this bout between Northern Irishman Norman Parke and Guam's Jon Tuck. They touch. Head kick attempt from Tuck. Front kick misses from Parke. Hard leg kick from Tuck, followed by another head kick attempt. Leg kick from Tuck. Hard body kick from Tuck, and Parke replies in kind, just as hard. Leg kicks traded. Head kick from Tuck is just blocked by Parke. Overhand right from Tuck glances off Parke. Good left from Parke. Knee from Tuck, but no trip thereafter. Solid left from Norman. Two rights from Parke land at close quarters, Norman appears to be poked in the eye, no break. Tuck with a body kick, Parke with a head kick that misses. Big let hook misses from Parke. Body kick from Tuck, he feinted for a head kick and went to the ribs. Straight left from Parke. Straight right from Tuck. Front kick attempted by Tuck. Counter left from Parke catches Tuck. Head kick from Parke off the mark. Leg kick from Tuck. Head kick from Tuck slams off Parke's shoulder. Parke counters a leg kick with a pair of inside punches. Body punch from Parke. Parke goes for the takedown, Tuck defends, but Parke has it, and lands a suplex as the horn goes. Does it steal the round?

SCORECARD 10-9 Parke

ROUND TWO: They touch, Parke looking for a hard left, misses. Parke coming out with more purpose. Nice one-two from Parke, Tuck eats it, and he lands two body kicks. Nice one-two against from Parke, who's happier with his boxing. Right hook from Tuck finds the gloves of Parke. Smart combination from Parke, ending with a hook to the body, Tuck appears to be slowing. Parke snipes Tuck with a pair of counter punches, and lands a body kick. Parke forcing the play, good combination from Parke. Good body punch from Tuck, but he's on the back foot still. Straight let misses from Parke. Parke dishing out the punches consistently now, landing the jab and combinations at will. Head kick from Parke. Straight right from Parke, who spits blood from his mouth. Body kick from Tuck. Flying knee from Tuck has Parke covering up, but he's right back in Tuck's face, lands an uppercut and a left. Head kick from Parke blocked. Parke still pushing forward. 30 seconds left. Nice winged punch from Parke. 10 seconds. Superman punch from Parke. Good round for Parke.

SCORECARD 10-9 Parke (20-18 overall)

ROUND THREE: If Tuck won the first round, this is all to fight for – otherwise the Super Saiyan needs a finish – either way, more urgency needed from Tuck. They touch. Body kick misses from Tuck, Parke lands an uppercut, and Tuck fires back with another body kick. Spinning back kick misses from Parke, Tuck was out of there. Tuck misses a front kick, and eats a body punch for his troubles. Good overhand left from Parke. Leg kick from Tuck. Tuck smiles at Parke and wings a punch that misses. Parke tries to stalk Tuck down, but Tuck moving a bit more easily in this round. Parke lands a one-two, and a couple of uppercuts in the clinch. Tuck tries a knee, gets nothing but air, and Tuck drops his mouth piece, picks it up, and almost pays for it! Tuck with a knee, nice combination from Parke works Tuck's body all over! Body punch from Tuck. Two minutes left. Parke lands a good left, he's in Tuck's face all the time. Uppercut lands from Parke. Head kick from Tuck is blocked. Hard body kick from Parke. Nice left from Parke again, he's landing, but Tuck keeps eating them. Jabs from Parke, and some leg kicks. Parke pushes forward, lands a few punches, 30 seconds left. A couple of boos, I'm not sure why. Not enough damage done for this crowd, but Parke has landed a ton of punches, and Parke responds with a spinning back kick-flying knee combo, neither of which find the mark! Good fight, Norman Parke wins.

SCORECARD Norman Parke 10-9 (30-27 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Norman Parke by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Joe asks Norman if he was surprised he couldn't put him away, Parke says yes, he wanted to push the pace and force mistakes, but Tuck was tough. Parke says he worked really hard to defend takedowns, and was surprised Tuck didn't look for the takedown.

Light Heavyweight Bout: Jimi Manuwa (13-0, 205lbs) vs. Ryan Jimmo (18-2, 204lbs)

Alex back to cover our next fight. A great night of fights so far tonight. Not been a dud yet, which could be famous last words.

Manchester United's Patrice Evra is in attendance tonight and gets a mixed response, shall we say, as he's shown on the big screen.

The exciting Jimi Manuwa has finished every single one of his 13 fights inside the distance. He'll have his hands full with the experienced Ryan Jimmo tonight though, a man who's no stranger to impressive knockout wins himself! A raucous response in Manchester for England's own Jimi Manuwa!

ROUND ONE: Jimmo straight out the blocks and attacks with punches. Jimmo switches to southpaw and Manuwa catches a Jimmo body kick but can't get the takedown. Jimmo pushes Manuwa up against the cage. They exchange short knees in the clinch. Manuwa lands some solid punches to Jimmo's midsection. Jimmo looking to grind this one out in the clinch. Referee breaks them up to big cheers from the crowd. Manuwa lands a solid knee which Jimmo takes and keeps moving forward. Manuwa pushes Jimmo against the cage this time. Some nice knees from Manuwa in this position. Referee wants more action. Manuwa tries to break away but Jimmo reverses the position. Boos from the crowd. Manuwa reverses the position. The action has stalled again so the referee separates them. Hard leg kick from Manuwa. Jimmo swinging wildly. Hard body kick from Jimmo and a leg kick from Manuwa. Overhand right from Manuwa and a spin kick attempt. Chants of "Jimi" ring out; that could be confusing since it's JIMI vs. JIMMO. Jab from Jimmo. Manuwa goading Jimmo on. Hard body kick from Manuwa and two left hooks. Manuwa pushing forward and lands a hard leg kick at the end of the round.

SCORECARD Manuwa, 10-9

ROUND TWO: No touch. Jimmo immediately goes for a jab. Big left hook from Manuwa. Unsurprisingly Jimmo clinches again and, even less surprisingly, the crowd don't approve. Manuwa lands a good knee to the body. Knee from Jimmo. Referee keeping a close eye on this one and he separates them again. Body kick from Manuwa. Good leg kick from Jimmo. Hard leg kick from Manuwa and a hook to the body. Manuwa following Jimmo around the cage and lands a hard leg kick. Nice body kick from Jimmo. Manuwa pushes forward and they end up back in the clinch. These guys both look massive from Octagon-side, by the way. Jimmo reverses the clinch position. They exchange knees. Referee halts the action as a Manuwa knee went below the belt. Jimmo fine to continue. They touch gloves. Good front kick from Manuwa and another solid leg kick. Jimmo almost gets the trip takedown but Manuwa defends well and uses the fence (legally) to stay upright. Manuwa tries a trip but no joy. The referee separates them again and has a word with Jimmo, possibly about stalling tactics. Manuwa instigates the clinch this time. Not a classic, this one. Hang on, they separate and Manuwa lands a solid knee to the chin of Jimmo. Jimmo staggers back and then suddenly goes down. Looks like he might have wrenched his knee there. The referee waves the fight off. That was a strange finish but it goes down as another TKO win for Manuwa.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jimi Manuwa, TKO, Round 2 (4:41)

Manuwa laughs and says he got the win in the end. He dedicates all his success to his coaches and training partners.

Michael Bisping is in the house! He milks the rapturous applause from the audience and points at his eye apologetically.

Lightweight Bout: Ross Pearson (15-6, 156lbs) vs. Melvin Guillard (31-12-2, 155lbs)

ROUND ONE: Melvin Guillard knocked out Mac Danzig last time out, while Pearson has finished both George Sotiropolous and Ryan Couture back-to-back since returning to 155 lbs. Big reception for Pearson as you'd expect. They touch. Jab from Guillard. Hard leg kick from Pearson. Jab from Guillard again. Guillard pushes forward but misses a combo, but lands a leg kick. Leg kick from Pearson. Body kick from Pearson. Guillard lands a right, but Pearson showing good head movement to evade the rest of his arsenal. Guillard attempts a one-two, but Pearson nowhere to be found. Knee from Guillard. Flying knee from Pearson, Guillard almost caught him, they're down, Guillard throws an illegal-looking knee against the fence, and the powder keg threatens to ignite! Boos for Guillard, who protests, neither happy with that. They replay the knee, it's hard to tell if Ross was down or not, but it appears his hand was down for the first knee. Guillard is NOT happy, but Ross will not be able to continue due to a nasty cut either way. The debate will no doubt continue on this one, but the fight will not! LOUD chant of "Bullshit" from the crowd.

OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest due to an Accidental Foul, Round One (1:57)

Joe is with Ross. Ross said he wants to "do it again", Joe talks through the ‘finish', Ross apologizes to loud cheers, he says he wasn't hurt, he was illegally attacked, but it happens. Guillard getting booed very loudly, Melvin thanks the fans, it's his first time overseas, and he says Ross is a great fighter and a friend, and says his second knee was unfortunately illegal and he wants to do it again. Classy promo from Melvin under difficult circumstances.

Alex back to cover the last fight of the night. Hopefully it can wash the bad taste out of everyone's mouths following that unfortunate finish to the last fight. Such a shame that happened; it was shaping up to be a fantastic fight.

Another footballer (proper football that is!) is in attendance and gets another, erm, mixed response. This time it's Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge. He's sat right behind a certain Alexander Gustafsson. TUF contestants David Grant and Michael Wootten are also in attendance.

Jon is handing out flapjack on press row now. God, we're really embracing this whole UFC thing.

Middleweight Bout: Lyoto Machida (19-4, 185lbs) vs. Mark Munoz (13-3, 186lbs)

Lyoto Machida walks out to Oasis' "F***in In The Bushes" in Manchester. He wins the universe. He also looks absolutely shredded at middleweight!

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. A slow start as the two fighters circle and feint. Munoz pushes forward but, unsurprisingly, he doesn't find his evasive target. Leg kick from Machida. Neither fighter keen to overcommit but Machida briefly pushes forward with a two punch combination which misses. Munoz threatens the takedown but Machida was right out of there. Hard body kick from Machida. Machida can't find the home for the left straight. Nasty body kick from Machida and he feints a leg kick. Hard inside leg kick from Machida. Munoz looks worried about engaging and why wouldn't he? Machida fakes low and kicks high and cracks Munoz upside the head. Munoz is out cold! That's all she wrote! What a finish! Machida classily saw that Munoz was unconscious and didn't throw the follow up punch.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Lyoto Machida, KO, Round 1 (3:10)

Lyoto Machida says it was difficult to fight a friend but it's all business. He says they're friends again now that the fight is over and apologises to Munoz about the headkick. Machida confirms he'll be staying at middleweight.

And that's all from the 411 UK team in Manchester. Overall, a great night of fights and finishes. It's just a shame that the co-main event had to end on such a sour note.

Thanks for joining us tonight and for leaving your comments, and remember 411 MMA for all your MMA needs!


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