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411s World Series of Fighting 7 Report 12.07.13
Posted by Matt Paligaru on 12.07.2013

 photo 29d2158c-2e8d-4f98-abfa-f883110755f1_zps1e637848.jpg

  • We're live from the PNE Agrodome in Vancouver, British Columbia for World Series of Fighting's first event of many planned in Canada. The main event sees an all-California tilt for the WSOF Featherweight title, when Lance "The Party" Palmer steps in on short notice to face Georgi Karakhanyan in the inaugural Featherweight Championship fight. Elvis Mutapcic will also face Jesse Taylor in their rescheduled Middleweight Tournament bout, and Nick Newell returns to face Vancouver's Sabah Fadai.

  • Micah Brakefield 185.4 Lbs (3-1) Vs. Brendan Kornberger 184.5 Lbs (3-0)

    Brakefield is by far the fan favorite here. Round 1 finds both fighters exchanging shots early. Brakefield presses Kornberger into the cage and suplexes him down. After a quick exchange, Brakefield is able to take Kornberger down again, but he gets back up. Close exchanges between both to close out the round. Brakefield looks impressive early.

    Round 2: Early on in the round, Kornberger is able to pepper Brakefield with shots. Brakefield looks for a leg, but Kornberger continues to rain down shots. After a few more shots, Brakefield's cornerman Kalib Starnes stands up and throws in the towel, signaling the end of the fight.

    Winner: Brendan Kornberger by TKO (Corner Stoppage) R2 2:45

  • Myles Merola 155.7 Lbs (10-7) Vs. Dan Ring 155.5 Lbs (5-1-1)

    Round 1: Merola catches Ring early, but he recovers and pushes Merola back to the center of the cage with lefts and rights. Ring and Merola fight for position against the cage. Merola is able to take Ring down, and an upkick near the end of the round hits Ring in the groin and basically signals the end of the round anyway. It looks like there's still a few seconds left, however (it sounded like the horn went) and both fighters exchange till the round officially ends.

    Round 2: Early in the round, Ring is taken down, but quickly gets to his feet. After a bit of scrambling, Ring tries for Merola's back, and is able to walk him out and fall back into a guillotine choke, however, Ring is able to escape and winds up on top. Ring tries for Merola's back, and is able to hold him up against the cage. Ring tries for a standing kimura, which results in him giving up his dominant position. Merola ends the round on top. Tough round to call, but you figure Merola could be up 2 rounds.

    Round 3: Ring throws a backfist, and Merola picks him up for a takedown. While attempting to get into Ring's guard, Merola eats a huge upkick. Ring hits Merola with illegal kicks in the guard, and the ref stands them up and immediately takes a point away from him. Ring likely needs a finish here. Merola presses Ring up against the cage and takes him down. After standing again, Merola ends the round with a standing guillotine attempt, and fires some knees into Merola's midsection to end the fight.

    Winner: Myles Merola def. Dan Ring via Unanimous Decision (29-27 x3)

  • Shawn Albrecht 155.6 Lbs (10-5) Vs. Gabriel Solorio 154.8 Lbs (9-6)

    Round 1: Albrecht the hometown boy gets the biggest ovation yet. Albrecht quickly works Solario into the cage and then to the ground where he scrambles to Solario's back. Albrecht controls the majority of the round, and looks strong early as the horn sounds.

    Round 2: Starts with Albrecht controlling the first couple minutes and attempting a belly down armbar on Solario. Eventually, Solario is able to reverse and hit Albrecht with a few shots on the ground. While standing, both fighters exchange till the horn, with no clear aggressor at the end. Albrecht is likely up 2 rounds on the scorecards.

    Round 3: Both fighters exchange shots for the first minute, with both landing some clean shots. The majority of the next 3 minutes is spent with both fighters continuing to exchange, with no clear aggressor again. Albrecht finally presses Solario toward the cage, with the latter defending his takedown attempt. Eventually, Solario is able to press Albrecht down, who reverses. Solario peppers Albrecht with body shots to end the fight.

    Winner: Gabriel Solario def. Shawn Albrecht via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3). Crowd is not happy.

  • David Perron 185.8 Lbs (5-2) Vs. Matt Baker 185.8 Lbs (9-4)

    Round 1: Very quick fight. Baker and Perron scramble toward the cage, and Perron is able to position himself from the bottom quickly into an Triangle Choke after a Baker slam, forcing him to tap after . I barely had enough time to get situated and the fight was over!

    Winner: David Perron def. Matt Baker via submission (Triangle Choke) 1:46 R1.

  • Michael Hill 169.2 Lbs (5-2) Vs. Richard Arsenault 169.8 Lbs (9-2)

    Round 1: Crowd favorite Hill opens up with some leg kicks and chases Arsensault around the way with those kicks. Arsensault eventually feels the sting of the kicks, and Hill swarms with rights before taking him down. Hill works from the top for the majority of the round, and is able to control Arsenault throughout. Round ends with Hill on top raining punches on Arsenault. Good round for TUF alumni Hill.

    Round 2: Arsenault is limping about a bit and Hill is taking advantage, goading him back to his feet. Ref calls a timeout to check on Arsenault's leg, and calls the doc in, who stops the fight.

    Winner: Michael Hill def. Richard Arsenault via TKO (Doctor's Stoppage) 1:29 R2

    Post-fight: Arsenault reveals injured his hamstring (which was likely the cause of his stumble in Round 1) and says he'd like to come back and fight Hill again once he's healed.

  • Kalib Starnes 205 Lbs (15-8-1) Vs. Dwayne Lewis 205 Lbs (13-6)

    Round 1: Both fighters feel each other out to start. Starnes tests his jab while Lewis tests his low kicks. Lewis catches Starnes with a left and forces him back toward the cage, but Starnes rebounds and pushes forward. Lewis works the body as Starnes goads him on. Starnes lands multiple shots on Lewis, and then they exchange against the cage. After a couple more exchanges, Starnes presses Lewis against the cage and works his combos. Lewis is able to land a counter right, but Starnes lands another in return. Lewis lands a couple uppercuts on Starnes, and lands a low kick to end the round.

    Round 2: Starnes catches Lewis early and backs him into the cage. Starnes finishes Lewis with a huge elbow and adds a few parting words in return. The two got really heated in the days and weeks leading up to the fight, and definitely didn't disappoint. Good tilt to open the main card. Starnes wins his 4th in a row in multiple weight classes.

    Winner: Kalib Starnes def. Dwayne Lewis via KO (Elbow) 1:02 R2

  • Nick Newell 155.8 Lbs (10-0) Vs. Sabah Fadai 155 Lbs (7-2)

    Round 1: Newell opens aggressively, and Fadai attempts to work his counterpunch. Newell catches Fadai's leg and is able to take him down. He works Fadai into a standing guillotine and Fadai is forced to tap out. Impressive victory for Newell. It's hard to deny him the next title shot for the WSOF Lightweight title once Gaethje and Martinez fight at WSOF 8

    Winner: Nick Newell def. Sabah Fadai via Submission (Standing Guillotine) 1:21 R1

  • Jesse Taylor 185.7 Lbs (26-9) Vs. Elvis Mutapcic 185.6 Lbs (13-2)

    Round 1: Taylor and Mutapcic get to the ground early with Taylor up top. Taylor spends most of the round working in Mutapcic's guard. Mutapcic is able to reverse and work from Taylor's back for a bit, but by the end of the round, Taylor has top position again, and that's how the round ends.

    Round 2: Taylor is relentless from the top as he attempts for a choke from Mutapcic's half-guard. Taylor continues to work, but eventually, they reach a standstill and are stood up. Mutapcic lands a right, and gets Taylor down. Mutapcic now works his way into full mount, but Taylor is quick to reverse. The round ends after another minute of Taylor on top, hitting a few shots on Mutapcic.

    Round 3: Mutapcic tries to swing overhand rights at Taylor, who ducks and takes him down again. Taylor works Mutapcic over to the fence and subdues him there. Taylor tries to shoot for side control but is caught in Mutapcic's guard. Still, it's all Taylor from the top. Every time Mutapcic tries anything, Taylor has an answer for it. While Mutapcic is hanging tough, Taylor remains dominant from inside the guard and is able to keep Mutapcic at bay for the rest of the round.

    Winner: Jesse Taylor def. Elvis Mutapcic via Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)

  • Georgi Karakhanyan 144.7 Lbs (22-3) Vs. Lance Palmer 144.6 Lbs (7-0)

    Round 1: Both fighters are fairly even out of the gate and are able to neutralize each others striking. Karakhanyan shakes off a takedown, and an errant eyepoke leads to a stop in the action halfway through the round. The rest of the round remains standing, with both fighters trading strikes and neither able to break through.

    Round 2: The second round opens very early with Palmer getting poked in the eye. Karakhanyan meets him with a kick and Palmer is able to take him down, however, Karakhanyan attempts an armbar and is slammed down for his efforts. Palmer gets on top and continues to work but Karakhanyan works toward an ankle lock and forces Palmer to stand. Karakhanyan catches Palmer with a right hook but is taken down again. Palmer isn't able to catch much traction, but he's able to keep Karakhanyan at bay for the last part of the round. Round 2 ends with Palmer on top, but unable to break through Karakhanyan's guard.

    Round 3: Palmer and Karakhanyan have some great exchanges to open the 3rd round. Palmer has started to slow a bit but he's able to get Karakhanyan down and gets a body triangle from behind, looking for a rear naked choke. Karakhanyan is able to keep Palmer busy long enough to buck out, but Palmer gets his back again. Karakhanyan again bides his time, manages to slide into guard and hits a quick guillotine choke for the tapout and submission victory. He's your new WSOF Featherweight Champion!

    Winner: Georgi Karakhanyan def. Lance Palmer via submission (Guillotine Choke) 4:40 R3

  • Thanks for reading!

    Tonight's Walkout Songs

  • Dan Ring: White Zombie - Thunderkiss 65

  • Myles Merola: Brooks and Dunn - Hillbilly Deluxe

  • Gabriel Solario: Young Jeezy - By the Way

  • Shawn Albrecht: DMX - Lord Give Me a Sign

  • Matt Baker - Tech N9ne, Skatterman and Snug Brim - Riot Maker

  • David Perron - Rick Ross feat. T-Pain and Ludacris - All I Do is Win

  • Richard Arsenault: DMX - Lord Give Me a Sign

  • Michael Hill: Puff Daddy and the Family - Victory

  • Dwayne Lewis / Kalib Starnes - No Entrance Music

  • Sabah Fadai - ??

  • Nick Newell - ??

  • Elvis Mutapcic: Frenkie - Superfreak

  • Jesse Taylor: Matisyahu - One Day

  • Lance Palmer: Eminem - Survival

  • Georgi Karakhanyan: Deftones - Knife Party


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