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411's BAMMA 14: Daley vs. Da Silva Report. 12.14.13
Posted by Alex Watt on 12.14.2013

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On tap for tonight...

Main card:

Paul Daley (33-13-2, 169.6lbs) vs. Romario Da Silva (23-11-1, 170.8lbs)
BAMMA World Lightweight Championship: Mansour Barnaoui (10-2, 153.8lbs) vs. Colin Fletcher (9-3, 154.4lb)
Jim Wallhead (24-8, 169.2lbs) vs. Florent Betorangal (14-8, 168.8lbs)
Max Nunes (11-1, 186lbs) vs. Ion Pascu (7-3, 185.4lbs)

Preliminary card:

BAMMA Lonsdale British Welterweight Championship: Wayne Murrie (16-5, 169.2lbs) vs. Michael Johnson (9-5, 169.4lbs)
Wendle Lewis (6-1, 169.4lbs) vs. Leon Edwards (4-1, 171lbs)
Matt Howard (9-1, 186lbs) vs. Harry McLeman (5-2, 185.8lbs)
Zi Shah (4-0, 145.2lbs) vs. Andy Craven (2-0, 145lbs)
Tim Wilde (2-0, 155lbs) vs. Jefferson George (3-1, 156lbs)
Tim Menzies (0-0, 169.6lbs) vs. James Samuda (1-0, 170.6lbs)
Curtis Widmer (2-0, 185.6lbs) vs. Matt Hallam (3-2, 185.6lbs)
James Saville (12-7, 145lbs) vs. Tom Duquesnoy (7-1, 145.4lbs)
Ben Rees (1-0, 134lbs) vs. Ed Arthur (1-0, 135lbs)


Hello loyal 411 readers, welcome to our live coverage of BAMMA 14: Daley vs. Silva.

Just one member of the British Bulldogs / Bad Boys of Press Row / 411 UK Team on press row in the LG Arena in Birmingham, England. Jon is absent because he spent all his money on his honeymoon (how selfish) but Alex Watt has you covered.

Paul Daley returns to the BAMMA cage in tonight's main event to fight Romario da Silva and Mansour Barnaoui makes his first defence of the BAMMA World Lightweight Championship against Colin "Freakshow" Fletcher.

The main card will be televised live in the United Kingdom from 9pm GMT on 5*, in the USA from 4pm ET, as well as the Fight Network in Canada, Abu Dhabi TV, Transylvanian Media Group in Romania, Sony Russia, Extreme Sports and Setanta Africa.


Bantamweight Bout: Ben Rees (1-0, 134lbs) vs. Ed Arthur (1-0, 135lbs)

Rees' nickname is "Flubber". That's an interesting one.

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves and they exchange immediately. Arthur gets an early takedown and Rees tries to lock in a guillotine. Loses it and nasty elbows and punches from Arthur. Arthur opening up with big punches. Rees tries a sweep but only no joy. Arthur works for the guillotine but Rees flips him over. Arthur rolls with it and stays on top though. More ground and pound from Arthur. Arthur stands over Rees and drops more bombs. Rees looks to be bleeding. Rees goes for an armbar but Arthur gets free. Arthur back on top and lands a nasty elbow. More punches from Arthur. Rees is trying to counter with submissions but Arthur having none of it. Arthur takes his back and lands hard punches from the position. Arthur working for the rear naked choke. Rees defending but Arthur switches to punching again. Rear naked choke locked in. Or is it? Rees wriggles free. Arthur mounts though and lands more punches. Rees counters with a leglock! That was slick. Arthur wriggles out again though and he's back in top position. More punches from Arthur. Rees trying to cover up but he is bleeding badly now. Arthur stands up and lands more punches on his grounded foe as the round ends.

SCORECARD Ed Arthur, 10-9

We're not going to a second round. The referee has waved the fight off. I think the doctor was concerned about the cut over Rees' eye.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ed Arthur, Doctor's Stoppage / TKO, 5:00 of Round One

The two combatants hug and shake hands before exiting the cage. That was a fun little fight to get us started.

Middleweight Bout: Curtis Widmer (2-0, 185.6lbs) vs. Matt Hallam (3-2, 185.6lbs)

"The Farmer" versus "Farmer Boy". This fight is all about the agricultural nicknames.

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves and they exchange some heavy leg kicks. A left hook lands from Hallam but a kick lands low. A temporarily halt in the proceedings while Widmer relocates his testicles. They're back at it and Hallam is pushing forward aggressively. They exchange hard punches inside the pocket. These are big guys. Hallam looks huge in there. Some swings and misses from both men. Widmer lands a solid punch and Hallam looks rocked. He pushes forward for the finish. Hallam looks hurt but there was an eye poke there and the fight is temporarily halted again. The fight restarts and they exchange punches again. They are landing some heavy leather! Hallam lands a solid left hook and now it's Widmer who's hurt. Hallam lands a combination flush and Widmer collapses to his knees. Hallam jumps on him with ground and pound to the head and the body and, just like that, it is all over!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Hallam, TKO, 2:15 of Round One

Welterweight Bout: Tim Menzies (0-0, 169.6lbs) vs. James Samuda (1-0, 170.6lbs)

"The Yeti" vs. "The Mood" now. MMA nicknames are awesome.

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. Samuda pushes for an early takedown and eventually gets it. The crowd are solidly behind Menzies if their "Yeti" chants are anything to go by. Strange since Samuda is the hometown fighter. Samuda still on top but Menzies is controlling his posture well. Samuda unable to land much outside of the occasional short punch. Menzies employing the high guard, looking to counter with submissions. Menzies grinds his forearm into Menzies face though. The referee has seen enough and stands them back up. Samuda trying to punch his way inside. Both fighters cautious about exchanging. Samuda gets another takedown. Samuda grinding on Menzies but landing very little of note. The referee is keeping a close eye but he's not needed as Menzie's scrambles to his feet. Samuda has a front facelook applied though. That look tight and Menzies is struggling. Menzies gets free and gets a takedown of his own! More "Yeti" chants from the crowd. Menzies lands some good punches as the round ends.

SCORECARD James Samuda, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves. Menzies already looking to be more aggressive in this round. Menzies lands a solid 1-2 combination. Menzies catches a leg kick and lands a counter left straight. More "yeti" chants as Menzies gets another takedown. The tide is starting to turn in this fight. Menzies on top in half guard but Samuda controlling his posture well. It's a bit of a stalemate on the mat again. Some short punches to the ear from Menzies. Menzies controlling Smauda's head now and lands some nice left punches followed by some hard left elbows to the temple. Those can't feel too good for Samuda. Menzies starting to take over now and he lands some hard left punches from top position. Samuda trying to scramble and he counters well to end up in the clinch, pushing Menzies against the cage. Menzies reverses the position. This is a grinding fight. The referee separates them and returns them to the centre of the cage. Menzies pushes forward and lands a left straight. A few more punches land from Menzies but the horn sounds.

Tim Menzies, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE: Samuda pushes for a takedown at the start of the round from way too far out. Menzies saw that coming a mile off and avoids it and lands a punch to Samuda as he's on his knees. Samuda looks wobbly now and Menzies lands a few more punches before taking him down. Menzies on top and he lands some nice short punches. Menzies advances to side control and lands more short punches. Samuda covering up but Menzies is starting to land more and more solid strikes as the "Yeti" chants ring out around the LG Arena. Menzies opens up with more ground and pound as Samuda has his head trapped against the cage. More punches from Menzies and the referee is taking a close look. No defence from Samuda and Menzies is landing at will. The referee stops it! Abominable ground and pound from "The Yeti"!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tim Menzies, TKO, 3:16 of Round Three

Lightweight Bout: Tim Wilde (2-0, 155lbs) vs. Jefferson George (3-1, 156lbs)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. George throwing some flashy strikes to start us off and a nice leg kick lands solidly. Wilde makes him pay with a strong counter punch though. They clinch up and exchange hard punches. A right hook backs Wilde up and George lands a solid leg kick. Fast paced action here folks! George's movement is slick. He just misses a jumping scissor kick. Wilde responds with a leg kick and a takedown. Wilde on top. Wilde lands a solid punch to the body followed by a hard elbow. Solid ground and pound from Wilde and George's nose looks bloodied. More punches from Wilde but George scrambles to his feet. Referee Mark Woodard takes the opportunity to halt the fight and bring in the doctor to check on George's cut. The claret is covering Wilde's hair as well. And that's all she wrote! The doctor has stopped the fight!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tim Wilde, Doctor's Stoppage / TKO, 3:42 of Round One

Replays show that it was that heavy elbow landed by Wilde which opened up a nasty laceration on George's eyebrow.

Featherweight Bout: Zi Shah (4-0, 145.2lbs) vs. Andy Craven (2-0, 145lbs)

"Come on Mark!" shouts a crowd member. He really wants Goddard to have a great refereeing performance!

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. Solid body kick from Shah and a hard left straight. Craven counters with a takedown. Craven on top. Craven goes for a leglock. Heel hook! That's done.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Andy Craven, Submission (Heel Hook), 0:36 of Round One

Middleweight Bout: Matt Howard (9-1, 186lbs) vs. Harry McLeman (5-2, 185.8lbs)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. They circle cautiously as Mcleman lands a leg kick, before charging into each other. They clinch. McLeman pushing Howard against the cage and grinding his head into Howard's chin. McLeman wants the takedown but Howard is defending really well. We're at a bit of a stalemate and the referee breaks them up. McLeman immediately pushes forward for another takedown. I wonder what his strategy is? McLeman has Howard pushes against the cage and landing some solid knees to the body. Howard tries to counter with a knee of his own and McLeman sweeps his other leg from underneath him for the takedown. That was beautifully done! McLeman on top but Howard scrambles. They're back on their feet. BIG SLAM from McLeman! McLeman on top but not for long as Howard sweeps to get top position. Howard lands some hard punches and McLeman's nose is bloodied. McLeman pushes forward again for a takedown. Howard shrugs it off. McLeman looks exhausted now but he manages to clinch again to end the round.

SCORECARD McLeman, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Slow body kick from McLeman and Howard responds. McLeman gets the takedown. McLeman looks tired and Howard gets the sweep. Howard on top as McLeman tries to throw his legs up for submissions. Howard lands some nice punches as McLeman tries to sweep. "I love your shorts Dave!" shouts a crowd member. Howard opening up now and lands some hard punches from top position. He stands up and lands a leaping punch. McLeman is still conscious though and now he struggles to his feet and takes Howard down. McLeman on top but doing little with it. Howard sweeps and now he's back on top. Hard punches from Howard. Howard looked like he let him back to his feet there. I'm not sure what that was about. McLeman takes him down now. McLeman going for the guillotine. He locks it in but he's trying to do it one handed. It looks quite tight but Howard gives the thumbs up and we're going to a third round.

Matt Howard, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE: Leg kick from McLeman. And another. Howard counters with a solid 1-2 combination. They clinch in the centre of the cage and McLeman wants the takedown again. Howard defending well against the cage. Knee to the body from McLeman. Howard counters and switches the position to get McLeman on the mat. Only briefly though as McLeman scrambles and gets the takedown. McLeman on top and lands a couple of short punches. McLeman advances to half guard and he's trying to move into mount. McLeman looks content to control Howard from this position. Howard unable to get McLeman off him and McLeman lands a short elbow for good measure. McLeman takes the back of Howard. Howard defends the choke well but McLeman flattens him out and lands some punches. McLeman moves to mount and lands a coupe more punches. Howard reverses the position and he's landing some brutal ground and pound. The round ends with Howard on top dropping bombs. The two fighters raise each other's arms as they get to their feet. This judges' decision will be interesting.

McLeman, 10-9 (29-28 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Harry McLeman, Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

Or maybe not.

Welterweight Bout: Wendle Lewis (6-1, 169.4lbs) vs. Leon Edwards (4-1, 171lbs)

ROUND ONE: They charge at each other and start swinging immediately. They're exchanging hard punches already. This one ain't going the distance. Edwards lands some heavy head and body punches as Lewis is trapped against the cage. Lewis fights out and lands a hard head kick. Edwards responds with another punch and a head kick. And a jumping knee! That landed. Lewis looks badly hurt and Edwards is teeing off with knees and punches. Lewis backpedaling but Edwards grabs his head and lands some uppercuts. The last uppercut puts him down and out cold. That was violent! Edwards casually strolls away and shrugs as though it was no big deal.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Leon Edwards, KO, 1:20 of Round One

Featherweight Bout: James Saville (12-7, 145lbs) vs. Tom Duquesnoy (7-1, 145.4lbs)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. They swing wildly. Saville lands some solid punches in there. Duqo responds with hard punches and knees in the clinch. Head kick from Saville. Fast action from the featherweights. Saville has some crazy movement and it's throwing Duqo off. Saville lands a body punch, ducks, dodges and lands a head kick. Awesome. Duqo responds with punches and clinches with Saville against the cage. Duqo lands a solid uppercut but can't get the takedown he desperately wants. Duqo lands a wild hook and Saville is down! Ground and pound from Duqo to follow up but Saville recovers his senses well. Duqo is still on top though. Saville controlling Duqo's posture well now but Duqo able to land some good body punches. Duqo stands up and Saville follows him. Duqo lands a good punch and they're back in the clinch. Duqo gets the takedown and lands a couple of solid punches from inside Saville's closed guard. More punches from Duqo. They're back to their feet and Duqo lands a good knee inside the clinch. Saville responds and Duqo lands a hard elbow. Duqo throws Saville to the mat as the horn sounds.

SCORECARD Duquesnoy, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves and an immediate head kick attempt from Saville. Duqo responds with a leg kick. They exchange kicks. Solid right hook from Saville. They're swinging wildly again but Saville manages to land a leg kick. Duqo pushes forward and lands a good combination finished with a knee. Hard leg kick from Duqo. They exchange leg kicks and Saville's went a little low. A brief break in the action due to the accidental low blow. A 1-2 combination from Saville as we restarts. Saville beginning to find his range as he lands another nice combination. Good leg kick from Duqo and they must be starting to have an effect. Saville's movement isn't as good as it was at the start of the fight, that's for sure. Spin kick attempt from Saville. Hard punches from Duqo and Saville may be hurt. Saville tries for a takedown, which is stuffed. Duqo rocks him with a punch and lands another as Saville is on his back. He lets him back up. Saville tries another takedown but eats more punches. Saville still looks a bit wobbly his nose is also smushed across his face - and he tries for another takedown but eats yet more strikes for his troubles. Duqo is starting to capitalize now and he lands some hard punches and takes Saville down. Hard ground and pound from half guard from Duqo and Saville is turtling up. Duqo continues the assault with hard elbows and the referee has seen enough. Great fight from two exciting fighters!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tom Duquesnoy, TKO, 4:04 of Round Two

"Did you think you had him hurt?" asks Frank Trigg of Tom Duquesnoy. "Can you repeat the question?" asks the Frenchman as the crowd shares a laugh. Anyway, Duquesnoy wants to fight for the championship next time.

BAMMA Lonsdale British Welterweight Championship: Wayne Murrie (16-5, 169.2lbs) vs. Michael Johnson (9-5, 169.4lbs)

Both Murrie and Johnson (not that Michael Johnson, by the way) are walked right around the BAMMA cage in some sort of bizarre pre-fight championship tour. Johnson's knees are heavily strapped so we'll see how that plays into the fight.

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves and Murrie immediately attempts a superman punch. And now a takedown attempt from Murrie. Murrie has Johnson pushed up against the cage. Johnson defending the takedown well but Murrie finally drags him to the ground. Murrie in half guard and trying to advance position. Murrie lands a couple of short elbows to the side of Johnson's head but Johnson is controlling his opponent's posture well. Murrie moves to side control. Murrie trying to pass into mount but Johnson uses his leg to stop Murrie advancing. Nicely done. They're briefly back to their feet but Murrie takes Johnson's back and drags him back to the mat. Murrie has both hooks in and sinks the rear naked choke for the dominant submission win. Impressive performance from Wayne Murrie; your new BAMMA Lonsdale British Welterweight Champion!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Wayne Murrie, Submission (Rear Naked Choke), 3:23 of Round One


Middleweight Bout: Max Nunes (11-1, 186lbs) vs. Ion Pascu (7-3, 185.4lbs)

Nunes towers over Pascu in the pre-fight staredown.

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. Nunes leg kick checked by Pascu. Nunes just misses with a front kick. Nunes constantly circling away from Pascu's power. He's learnt from the Jason Jones loss then. Hard leg kick from Nunes. Another leg kick from Nunes. Pascu hasn't landed anything of note yet; he's struggling to fight his way inside of the long reach of Nunes. Pascu leg kick checked. Nunes lands a front kick but Pascu catches it and tries to take Nunes down. Nunes remains upright though and clinches with Pascu against the cage. Nunes with some knees as Pascu tries to punch his way out of trouble. Nunes is so much bigger though and he's using the size advantage to dominate Pascu in the clinch. A knee and an elbow from Nunes. Knee to the head from Nunes and Pascu responds with a good uppercut. Nunes with more knees to the body but Pascu maintains wrist control. Pascu lands a good left hook but he's still being pushed against the cage. Pascu lands a couple of good punches and Nunes responds with another big knee and pushes Pascu against the cage again as the horn sounds. Nunes' size advantage is a big factor in this one.

SCORECARD Nunes, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Pascu lands a hard left straight which back Nunes up. And now swings inside with a 1-2 punch combination. This is better from Pascu. Nunes misses with a head kick. Nunes fakes a knee and lands a punch. Hard body kick from Pascu and that hurt Nunes. Nunes tries to disguise it but he goes down. Pascu swarms on him! Big ground and pound from Pascu! Nunes is taking some hard punches but he covers up well and keeps his senses about him. Nunes trying to scramble back to his feet and does so. Nunes still looks wobbly and his hands are held much lower to protect his sore ribs. Pascu stalking him around the cage. They're circling now but neither is throwing. This is a bit odd. Pascu's letting Nunes recover here. Pascu finally tries to swing his way inside and Nines clinches. Back to the centre. Nice jab and leg kick from Nunes. Grazing leg kick from Pascu. And another. And a third. Nunes fires back with a leg kick of his own. A strange round.

Pascu, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE: Pascu immediately takes the centre of the cage and swings some hard punches which don't find their target. Nunes pushes forward and gets a takedown. Nunes lands some good punches from inside Pascu's guard. Nunes lands punches and elbows as Pascu struggles to control the posture of his larger foe. Pascu tries to scramble but Nunes pushes him back down. Nunes stands over Pascu and lands some good punches. Pascu's nose looks bloodied. Nunes lands more punches and Pascu appeared to spit his gumshield out there. Maybe he wants a reprieve? Nunes advances to half guard. Nunes still on top landing ground and pound and Pascu just can't get the big guy off him. Nunes lands some more punches as the round comes to a close.

Nunes, 10-9 (29-28 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Max Nunes, Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)

Pascu looks surprised by the decision. I'm not sure why. Frank Trigg asks Max Nunes about the liver kick and Nunes says that the follow up ground and pound didn't hurt at all but his body was very sore. Pascu is looking at the replay on the big screen and looks very disappointed with himself.

A liver kick. Somewhere Bas Rutten is smiling.

Welterweight Bout: Jim Wallhead (24-8, 169.2lbs) vs. Florent Betorangal (14-8, 168.8lbs)

"Judo" Jimmy Wallhead gets the loudest crowd reaction of the night so far as he jogs out and around the cage to "All Of The Lights".

Wallhead pacing up and down like a caged animal as Betorangal smiles and waves to the crowd, before bowing to Wallhead.

ROUND ONE: Betorangal pushes forward with punches early. Wallhead catches a Betorangal kick but can't capitalize. Betorangal lands a nice one-two and Wallhead responds with a hard leg kick. Wallhead lands a leg kick but eats a straight left. They exchange jabs. Wallhead lands a one-two and a leg kick. Betoranga lands a hard straight right and Wallhead backs up. Betorangal follows up with some hard punches and an uppercut. Wallhead covers up and circles away. "Judo!" chants the crowd. Wallhead lands another solid leg kick and Betorangal replies with a body punch. Wallhead lands an overhand right and Betorangal a leg kick. Wallhead pushes forward for a takedown, Betorangal defends but Wallhead trips him and gets the slam. The crowd goes wild! They're back to their feet though and Betorangal has Wallhead pushed against the cage. Hard knee to the body from Betorangal. Wallhead responds with a knee of his own but Betorangal is controlling this position. They remain clinched against the cage as the round ends.

SCORECARD Betorangal, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves and Wallhead comes out more aggressive from the get-go. Wallhead lands a couple of nice leg kicks but he's eating jabs from Betorangal. Betorangal lands some solid punches and backs Wallhead up. Wallhead ducks a swing from Betorangal and gets the takedown. Nicely done. Wallhead on top in half guard. Wallhead content to control the position and land the occasional elbow. He has to be careful though because Betorangal responds with elbows from his back. More "Judo!" chants from the crowd. Wallhead trying to create some space to land punches but Betorangal controlling his posture well. Wallhead lands a couple of punches. Wallhead considering a choke variation but thinking better of it. He lands a couple of solid elbows instead. Betorangal with hammerfists from his back. Wallhead gets head control briefly but loses it. Wallhead drops a body punch. Good ground defence from Betorangal but he's still clearly losing this round. Back to full guard. Wallhead postures up but can't land any more strikes as the round comes to an end.

Wallhead, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE: Touch of the gloves. Jab from Betorangal and Wallhead fires back with some hard punches. Wallhead drops for the takedown. Betorangal defends briefly but Wallhead picks him up and slams him! Betorangal is out cold! Wallhead hammers away with hammerfists and elbows but Betorangal is completely unconscious. The referee possibly should have been a bit quicker to step in there. Nasty knockout.

Betorangal is down for a long time but he's eventually helped to his feet by the doctors and staff to a big round of applause.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jim Wallhead, KO (Slam), 0:21 of Round Three

Jimmy Wallhead says he meant to slam him hard but it was a freak accident that the knockout occurred. Wallhead says that he needs to work on some things and Frank Trigg, conducting the interview, says Wallhead is being too hard on himself. Wallhead says Betorangle is a well rounded fighter and he needed to be sharper out here tonight, like he is in the gym. Jimmy says it's just nice to win after losing his last fight. Wallhead says he put far too much pressure on himself before his last fight against Eddy Ellis.

BAMMA World Lightweight Championship: Mansour Barnaoui (10-2, 153.8lbs) vs. Colin Fletcher (9-3, 154.4lb)

Raucous reception for the challenger Colin Fletcher.

ROUND ONE: No touch and they exchange immediately. Fletcher lands a one-two and Barnaoui drops Fletcher with a straight right. Barnaoui follows him down with punches. Fletcher is back up and trying for the takedown. No joy and they're exchanging bombs. Barnaoui chases Fletcher with punches and Fletcher looks hurt. They exchange punches to the head in the clinch. This is nuts! Barnaoui is battering Fletcher. Fletcher circles away. They clinch. They break and exchange more punches. Barnaoui goes down now! This is absolute insanity! Fletcher follows with ground and pound but Barnaoui survives. Barnaoui reverses the position and sort of ends up on top. Fletcher works for a D'Arce choke but loses it. Fletcher looks tired and Barnaoui takes his back. Barnaoui lands punches as the crowd chants "Freakshow!" Barnaoui sinks in the choke. Fletcher tries to turn into it but that is locked in tight. Fletcher has no choice but to tap. Fletcher helps Barnaoui up, shakes his hand and hugs him. Great sportsmanship and an absolute barnburner of a one round fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mansour Barnaoui, Submission (Rear Naked Choke), 4:00 of Round One

Barnaoui via translater says he trained hard for this fight and he was determined to finish the fight. Barnaoui says he will fight anyone; he has no fear.

Barnaoui has first round stoppage wins over Colin Fletcher and Curt Warburton. This guy could be the next big thing.

Colin Fletcher says he wasn't surprised at how tough Barnaoui was and he was unbelievable strong. Barnaoui wore him down and he was the better man tonight. He'd love to fight him again sometime (and judging by the crowd's reaction, they'd love to see it again too!) Fletcher said he could have grappled but he wanted to fight the kid and put on a show. He sure did that.

Welterweight Bout: Paul Daley (33-13-2, 169.6lbs) vs. Romario Da Silva (23-11-1, 170.8lbs)

There's a lot of love for Paul Daley in the LG Arena tonight. Daley and Da Silva go nose to nose in the staredown.

ROUND ONE: The two miss kicks early. Daley lands a leg kick. Da Silva leg kicking and jabbing from the outside. Da Silva lands another jab and dodges the Daley counter punch. Leg kick from Daley. Daley ducks a Da Silva punch. Da Silva lands a jab as Daley lands a solid leg kick. Daley lands another hard leg kick. And another. Da Silva can't take many of those. Daley trying to jab his way inside now. Another leg kick from Daley. Daley jabs to the body. Daley doing well here; taking his time. Daley lands a good hook to the body. Da Si;lva has his back against the cage briefly and Daley swings and misses. Daley lands a one-two but Da Silva blocks most of the impact. Another leg kick from Daley. Daley avoids a Da Silva head kick. Daley catches a Da Silva kick and barely misses with a counter punch. Daley with another leg kick and Da Silva pushes forward with aggressive punches. Daley pushes Da Silva against the cage. Da Silva briefly switches the position as the round ends. Da Silva started well but Daley began to take over with the leg kicks and body punches as the round progressed.

SCORECARD Daley, 10-9

ROUND TWO: They both take the centre of the cage. Daley looking to jab his way in. And another hard leg kick from Daley. Da Silva's thigh is nastily bruised now. Daley finally lands the overhand right he's been looking for but it doesn't land flush. Another leg kick from Daley. Da Silva slips and Daley capitalizes as Da Silva's back is against the cage. Daley lands some hard punches but Da Silva fires back with some of his own. They're exchanging, which may not be wise on Da Silva's part. They break. And Daley lands a left uppercut. Night over. No follow up punches. Daley simply walks away. Da Silva is completely out cold.

Paul Daley celebrates by jumping on all corners of the cage and shrugging his shoulders.

Da Silva is down for a long time receiving treatment but finally gets helped to his feet to a big round of applause from the crowd.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Paul Daley, KO, 1:42 of Round Two

Daley says he knew he was expecting the right hook to the body so he faked it and threw the left uppercut instead. Daley said he knew Da Silva was out call from the way he fell. Daley says he's going to continue to get better. He trains hard. Daley thanks his team and all the fans who came out to support him. Daley said he'd never fight Jim Wallhead but he'd fight Eddy Ellis for the BAMMA Welterweight title.

And that's all from Alex Watt on press row at BAMMA 14.

Another great night of fights from BAMMA. If you missed the Barnaoui vs. Fletcher fight, it's well worth seeking out. 4:00 of unadulterated thrills. And yet another highlight reel KO from Paul Daley.

Enjoy UFC on FOX tonight and remember 411 MMA for all your MMA needs!


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