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411's UFC on FOX 9: Johnson vs Benavidez 2 Report 12.14.13
Posted by Mark Radulich on 12.14.2013

411's UFC on FOX 9: Johnson vs Benavidez 2 Report
Sleep Train Arena
Sacramento, California

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Flyweight Bout: Alp Ozkilic (125) vs. Darren Uyenoyama (125)

ROUND ONE: Alp is the first to land a leg kick. He follows with another. Counter leg kick from Uyenoyama. Uyenoyama works for a single leg takedown and he gets it. Uyenoyama works from full guard and Alp tries for an arm bar. He attempts to stand up and Uyenoyama takes him down again. Alp locks up his head and puts Uyenoyama on his back. Alp pulls away. High kick from Uyenoyama. He tries for single and Alp defends. Uyenoyama punches on his way to another takedown. Alp puts him on his back again. Alp lands a few punches from half guard before standing up. Leg kick from Uyenoyama.

SCORECARD: Ozkilic 10-9

ROUND TWO: Uyenoyama attempts a takedown but Alp deftly avoids him. They circle and he tries again. Alp sprawls and locks up his head. Uyenoyama throws up a triangle attempt but Alp punches his way out. Big right from Uyenoyama. Alp lands a pair of rights. Uyenoyama attempts a takedown and ends up on his back with Alp in his guard. Alp utilizes some ground and pound from full guard. Beltran has seen enough and stands them up. Kick to the thigh from Alp. Uyenoyama attempts a single, flops to his back and this time Alp just stays on his feet. Uyenoyama tries again and successfully flops to his back, baiting Alp to engage in his guard. Alp stands back up. Alp throws some hard shots but few connect. High kick from Uyenoyama and we're off to the third round.

SCORECARD: Uyenoyama 10-9

ROUND THREE: Head kick from Uyenoyama. Big right from Alp sends Uyenoyama bouncing off of the fence. Alp takes him down. Uyenoyama tries for a triangle but Alp defends and stands up. Uyenoyama looks like he was trying enziguri. Alp rocks him again. Alp catches him with a left. Alp is tagging him one punch at a time. Once again, Uyenoyama attempts a takedown and then flops to his back. Alp pulls away. Head kick from Uyenoyama. Alp takes him down. Alp gets back up. One-two from Alp connects. Alp finishes the round landing single punches on Uyenoyama.

SCORECARD: Ozkilic 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Alp Ozkilic by split decision (30-27 Ozkilic, 29-28 Uyenoyama, 29-28 Ozkilic).


Lightweight Bout: Roger Bowling (155) vs. Abel Trujillo (155)

ROUND ONE: Bowling starts with a few leg kicks (most of which miss). Trujillo lands a series of knees and punches. Trujillo takes him down, Bowling gets up and Trujillo takes him down again. He tries a third time and Bowling sprawls. He tries for a left-arm guillotine but he get clasp his hands together. Trujillo gets to his feet and lands another series of punches and knees to the face. Jump knee from Trujillo! Leg kick from Trujillo, Bowling throws a counter right. Bowling is eating a lot of punches! Knee to the body from Trujillo! Straight left from Trujillo. Bowling is tagged several times as he works for a takedown. Trujillo puts him on his back. Big knees to the body from Trujillo. Trujillo backs off. That was a mugging!

SCORECARD: Trujillo 10-9

ROUND TWO: Leg kick from Bowling. Uppercut from Trujillo. Takedown attempt from Trujillo. Trujillo smacks Bowling directly in nose! He falls back and Trujillo dives on him. JESUS! Trujillo bounces Bowling's head off the canvas! He follows up with a series of knees and punches. Bowling gets to his feet but I'm pretty sure he's look for the door! John McCarthy stops the fight!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Abel Trujillo by TKO at 1:35 of round 2.

Lightweight Bout: Cody McKenzie (155) vs. Sam Stout (154)

ROUND ONE: McKenzie gets a takedown. He works from half guard. Stout but scoots to the cage and gets to his feet. McKenzie grabs a hold of him and stays stuck. They are clinched against the cage. McKenzie breaks off. Left hand from McKenzie. Head kick from Stout. McKenzie throws a pair of terrible looking head kicks. Left jab from McKenzie. McKenzie tries another takedown but Stout sprawls. Kick to the body from Stout. Leg kick from Stout. Stout drops McKenzie with a punch to the body. He lands a body kick. Stout clobbers McKenzie. He misses a spinning back kick.

SCORECARD: Stout 10-9

ROUND TWO: Stout resumes kicking McKenzie in the body. Front kick from Stout. McKenzie shoots again and gets nothing. Kick to the body from Stout. Back and forth exchange of single strikes. Leg kick from Stout. Stout is landing kicks at will. Stout continues to score on McKenzie. McKenzie is just absorbing punches. McKenzie throws a straight, gets countered with a kick. The crowd is booing.

SCORECARD: Stout 10-9

ROUND THREE: Stout and Mckenzie resume their amateur kickboxing match. Straight right to the chin from Stout. Kick to the body from Stout. And clobbering shot to the chin from Stout. Another blocked takedown from Stout. Stout goes for a guillotine. McKenzie escapes and gets to his feet. Stout lands a kick to the leg and McKenzie is now favoring that leg. The crowd is booing again. McKenzie shoots for a single and Stout lands nearly in full mount. They scramble and both resume standing.

SCORECARD: Stout 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Sam Stout by unanimous decision (30-27X3).

Flyweight Bout: Scott Jorgensen (124.5) vs. Zach Makovsky (125)

ROUND ONE: Leg kick for Makovsky. Makovsky circles on the outside. Jorgensen moves in and throws a few punches. Makovsky attempts a single leg. Another inside leg kick from Makovsky. Big right hand from Jorgensen. They grapple against the fence. Spinning back is blocked by Jorgensen. Makovsky rocks Jorgensen with an uppercut. Leg kick from Makovsky. He tries for a takedown but Jorgensen sprawls and then locks up his head. Makovsky defends and escapes. Body kick from Makovsky. Makovsky wobbles him again! Straight grazes Jorgensen and then he ducks a head kick. Jorgensen takes Makovsky down. Makovsky reverses.

SCORECARD: Makovsky 10-9

ROUND TWO: They clash and Makovsky takes him down. Jorgensen attempts a choke. Makovsky escapes and gets to his feet. Makovsky takes him down again. Jorgensen gives up his back to get to his feet. They clash and grapple in the center of the cage. Jorgensen breaks off and then they clinch against the fence. Makovsky pushes away. Jorgensen trips Makovsky and pushes him to the canvas. Jorgensen throws a few punches and then lets him up. They grapple agains the fence again. Makovsky escapes again. Head kick from Makovsky.

SCORECARD: Jorgensen 10-9

ROUND THREE: They trade kicks to the body. Jorgensen continues to come forward but he's not doing much in the way of damage. Makovsky attempts a takedown but is shrugged off. Makovsky tries again but is slammed on his back. Makovsky and looks for a reversal. Makovsky mounts him from the back. Jorgensen reverses! Jorgensen catches him coming in. Makovsky's takedown attempt is stuffed. Guillotine attempt by Jorgensen but Makovsky rolls out of danger. He takes his back again. Makovsky momentarily had rear-naked choke. He tries for it again and runs out of time.

SCORECARD: Makovsky 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Zach "Fun Size" Makovsky by unanimous decision (30-27X3).

Lightweight Bout: Bobby Green (155) vs. Pat Healy (155)

ROUND ONE: Healy comes out swinging! Healy keeps coming forward but Green is too fast for him. Green gets a takedown and mounts his back. Healy gets back to his feet. Green lands to the body. Healy tags Green and Green shakes it off. Green is sticking his chin and dropping his hands, baiting Healy. Straight to the body from Green. Straight left to the chin of Healy. Green is tagging him with single shots. Healy clinches and takes him down. Green gets to his feet. They trade shots and Green continues to taunt Healy. Healy finally catches him on the chin and clinches against the fence. Healy takes him down. Green gets to his feet and turns around. Green escapes. These two are trading hot and heavy to end the round.

SCORECARD: Green 10-9

ROUND TWO: Green looks to counter the slower Healy. Healy lands 1 punch for every 10 thrown. Big left from Green. Healy tries a takedown, Green gets away. They tie up and Green takes his back. Green breaks off. Right hand connects for Green. Healy executes a nice judo throw. Healy has his back but Green is on his knees. Green escapes. Healy roughs him up and pushes him to the fence. Green takes his back again. Green breaks away. Green is still connecting. Healy takes him down against the fence. Healy lands a few shots as Green tries to get away. Green takes him down.

SCORECARD: Green 10-9

ROUND THREE: Healy lands a leg kick. Healy is landing a bit more now. Green rocks Healy with a right while backing up. They tie up again. Healy punches to the body while being pressed in to the fence. Green backs off. Healy chases and punches but Green lands a big punch. Healy takes his back. He land a few punches and Green reverses. Green takes him down against the fence. Pat reverses into top position and with seconds left lands a flurry of punches.

SCORECARD: Healy 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – by Bobby Green unanimous decision (30-27X2, 29-28).

Lightweight Bout: Edson Barboza (155) vs. Danny Castillo (155)

ROUND ONE: Castillo looks for the early takedown. Castillo lands a punch to the body. Spinning back kick to the body from Barboza. Both fighters are throwing one strike at a time. Short hook from Barboza. Castillo catches Barboza! Barboza is running for his life! Castillo batters him and takes him down! Castillo pounds on him! Castillo is laying into him with big punches but Barboza is throwing up submissions from his back. Barboza stays in the fight! Barboza is on his knees with Castillo on his back. Rear-naked choke attempt from Castillo. Barboza spins out of it but eats more punches for his troubles. Barboza is cut open! Barboza tries for a heel hook but Castillo spins out of it. A pull of blood is forming off of Barboza's head!

SCORECARD: 10-8 Castillo

ROUND TWO: Castillo ducks under Barboza and tries for a takedown. Barboza lands a leg kick. More leg kicks from Barboza and then boom! Stunning spinning back to the body sends Castillo stumbling back. More hard leg kicks from Barboza. Spinning wheel kick from Barboza! Castillo is eating a lot of leg kicks. Front kick to the body from Barboza. Spinning kick from Barboza puts him off balance. Another leg kick. Front kick from Barboza. Castillo has not been able to get anything but the occasional single punch going. BARBOZA CLOBBERS CASTILLO WITH A HOOK! Barboza dives on him and looks for a submission. Barboza smashes Castillo and then lets him up.

SCORECARD: Barboza 10-9

ROUND THREE: Barboza lands a big hook. Hook from Castillo. Big right hand from Barboza. Front kick from Barboza. Castillo tries a takedown and Barboza blocks it. Right hand connects for Castillo. The fighters are trading single strikes. Spinning back kick to the gut from Barboza. Barboza scores on the body again. Barboza gets a takedown but Castillo escapes. They circle and run out of time.

SCORECARD: Barboza 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Edson Barboza by majority decision (29-28X2, 28-28).

That was probably fight of the night.

Welterweight Bout: Ryan LaFlare (170) vs. Court McGee (169.5)

ROUND ONE: McGee goes right after LaFlare. He blocks a kick from LaFlare. LaFlare lands a double and takes him down. McGee gets up and LaFlare takes him down again. McGee is up. He lands a leg kick. LaFlare counters. McGree moves in close and takes a knee to the sternum. Lots of back and forth clashing between these fighters. McGee takes him down. LaFlare sweeps and nearly gets back to his feet. He smacks McGee and gets to his feet. So far he's outstruck McGee. Straight left from McGee. LaFlare tries a spinning kick but he didn't have enough space.

SCORECARD: LaFlare 10-9

ROUND TWO: Kick to the body from LaFlare. McGee having some trouble landing in this round. He has more success with the leg kick. LaFlare lands a body kick. LaFlare takes him down. LaFlare lays down some elbows. McGee scrambles to his feet. They clash and LaFlare lands a short hook. McGee seems to have a gash on his head. LaFlare takes him down again. McGee gets back to his feet. McGee has a face full of blood! They trade punches. McGee lands a body kick.

SCORECARD: LaFlare 10-9

ROUND THREE: LaFlare is getting the better of the exchanges this round. LaFlare stuffs a takedown. Hard right hand from McGee. Inside leg kick from McGee. Body kick from LaFlare and then he tries for a takedown. McGee defends. LaFlare tries again and this time McGee locks up his head. LaFlare rolls through it and escapes. They grapple against the fence. LaFlare tries a standing kimura. McGee lets him up. LaFlare gets a takedown. McGee gets back to his feet. McGree has him pressed against the fence. LaFlare tries to escape but McGee attempts a guillotine. LaFlare escapes. McGee hammers away at LaFlare to end the round.


OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Ryan LaFlare by unanimousdecision (29-28X3).



Lightweight Bout: Mac Danzig (155) vs. Joe Lauzon (155)

ROUND ONE: Both men throwing a lot of jabs to start off. Lauzon gets a takedown. He looks for the armbar! Danzig escapes. Danzig has top position now. Lauzon tries for an armbar again but Danzig defends. Lauzon tries for an omaplata but Danzig gets back to his feet and is able to pull away. Short standing elbow from Lauzon. Knee to the body from Danzig. Danzig presses Lauzon against the fence. Lauzon tackles Danzig. He ends the round in top position.

SCORECARD: Lauzon 10-9

ROUND TWO: Back and forth to start round 2. Leg kick from Danzig. They tie up. Left jab connects on the nose of Lauzon. Danzig is throwing a lot of strikes now. Short elbow in the clinch from Lauzon. Knee to the body by Danzig. Lauzon delivers a short hook. Lauzon lands on top Danzig after a failed trip. Lauzon opens up Danzig with an elbow. Danzig elbows Lauzon from the bottom. Lauzon gets to half guard. Danzig momentarily gets back to butterfly guard but Lauzon passes to full mount before the round ends.

SCORECARD: Lauzon 10-9

ROUND THREE: Leg kick from Danzig. Danzig grabs Lauzon's head and lands a few knees. Their heads collide but the fight continues. Body shot from Danzig. Hook to the body from Danzig followed by one to the head. Lauzon rushes forward, lands a knee and gets a takedown. Lauzon works from full guard. Lauzon passes to side control. He's going for a mounted crucifix. Lauzon smashes his face with elbows. Lauzon looks to lock up his arm for a submission. Danzig pulls out of it. Lauzon is on his knees with his head in Danzig's arms. He pushes forward in to full guard. More elbows to the face of Danzig.

SCORECARD: Lauzon 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Joe Lauzon by unanimous decision (3-27X3).

Featherweight Bout: Nik Lentz (145) vs. Chad Mendes (145)

ROUND ONE: Lentz is the first to strike. Mendes throws a big uppercut and nearly crumbles him! Mendes looks to finish but Lentz defends and stays in it. Lentz lands a hard kick to the body. They are trading strikes in the center of the cage. Mendes ducks a punch and takes Lentz down. Lentz defends and gets back to his feet. Left hook from Mendes. Lentz dives forward and drives Mendez into the fence. Mendes gets another takedown. Lentz gets back to his feet but Mendes smacks him on the way. Mendes gets another takedown.

SCORECARD: Mendes 10-9

ROUND TWO: Leg kick from Lentz. Lentz lands a hook. Another leg kick from Lentz. Leg kick from Mendes. Lentz comes forward and Mendes takes him down. Lentz gets back to his feet. Lentz attempts a guillotine but Mendes easily pulls his head out. Lentz has landed 54 ground strikes to Mendes' 5...wow. Lentz gets back to his feet. Mendes takes him down for a 6th time. Rogan is now being highly critical of Mendes, basically saying with a performance like this, he doesn't deserve a rematch with Aldo. Ouch.

SCORECARD: Mendes 10-9

ROUND THREE: The fighters trade kicks. Kick to the body from Lentz. Lentz momentarily drops Mendes against the fence. Kick to the body from Lentz. Leg kick from Mendes. Lentz appears to have been poked in the eye. Mendes takes him down but Lentz easily dislodges him. Big left hand from Lentz. Mendes lands a flying knee and follows up with a guillotine! Lentz defends. Mendes lets him up as time expires.

SCORECARD: Mendes 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Chad Mendes by unanimous decision (30-27X2, 29-28).

I wonder why one of the judges scored the fight 29-28? I mean, what did that judge see that he or she gave a round to Nik Lentz?

 photo Food_FinalCleanWeb_zpsf7416994.jpg

Ah, the prosecution rests then.

Bantamweight Bout: Urijah Faber (135) vs. Michael McDonald (135.25)

ROUND ONE: Head kick and takedown from Faber. Faber picks him up and slams him. Elbow from Faber in the guard. Not enough action so they are stood up. Leg kick from Faber. Faber lands to the body. McDonald throws a kick, it's caught and Faber counters. Swing and miss from Faber. Faber lands again.

SCORECARD: Faber 10-9

ROUND TWO: Quick exchange of strikes from both fighters. Faber tries a takedown and gets nothing. McDonald takes a kick in the junk. Front kick from Faber. BIG RIGHT HAND FROM FABER! Leg kick from Faber. Front kick from Faber. Left hand from McDonald. FABER NAILS MCDONALD!!! He clobbers him again! McDonald crashes into the fence. Faber pounces and finishes a fight with a guillotine! Hot Damn!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Urijah Faber by submission (guillotine) at 3:22 of round 2.


Flyweight Title bout: Champ Demetrious Johnson (125) vs. Joseph Benavidez (125)

ROUND ONE: Leg kick from Benavidez. Both fighters struggling to land a strike. Johnson tries for a single, settles for punching Benavidez in the face. They trade leg kicks. High kick attempt from Johnson. One-two from Benavidez. Head kick from Benavidez. BIG RIGHT HAND FROM MIGHTY MOUSE AND JOE BENAVIDEZ IS OUT!!! Well, that was something completely different wasn't it? The First Round Finish Club has a message for you:

 photo Daniel_Bryan_YES_zps2405c9d9.gif

You are our personal Fighter of the Month Mighty Mouse Johnson, and you can be our friend!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION - "Mighty Mouse" Demetrious Johnson by KTFO at 2:08 of round 1.

Thanks for reading tonight folks. We'll be reviewing this card tomorrow night at 9:00 PM EST on the 411 Ground and Pound Show. Until next time, be well, be safe and behave!


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