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411's UFC Fight Night 35 Report 1.15.14
Posted by Robert Winfree on 01.15.2014

  • Starting at 4PM ET!

  • Thanks for joining 411 for our live coverage!

  • On tap…

    Garett Whiteley (156) VS Vinc Pichel (155)
    Beneil Dariush (156) VS Charlie Brenneman (155)

    Justin Edwards (155) VS Ramsey Nijem (155)
    Elias Silverio (155) VS Isaac Vallie-Flagg (155)
    Brian Houston (185) VS Trevor Smith (186)
    Louis Smolka (125) VS Alptekin Ozkilic (125)

    MAIN CARD FOX Sports 1, 7 PM ET
    Costas Philippou (185) VS Luke Rockhold (185)
    Brad Tavares (185) VS Lorenz Larkin (185)
    Mike Easton (135) VS TJ Dillashaw (135)
    Derek Brunson (185) VS Yoel Romero (185)
    Dustin Ortiz (124) VS John Moraga (126)
    Sam Sicilia (145) VS Cole Miller (145)

    Alright ladies and gentlemen, I'm Robert Winfree and I've got you covered here LIVE for tonight's action. While we're going here, if you haven't checked out the Radulich in Broadcasting network yet I can't encourage you strongly enough to do so. There's a variety of topics covered and I'm sure you can find something that suits your personal tastes, so while reading along, driving down the road, or bored at work, find a show that holds your interests, maybe entertains you, and enjoy it.

    New Pop Culture Podcasts with Mark Radulich on BlogTalkRadio

    This show will be one of the topics discussed on this Sunday's 411 Ground and Pound radio show, the call in number is (323) 657-0901 if you'd like to join in the discussion. The first couple of prelims come to you via the new Fight Pass.

    Jon Anik and Kenny Florian are on the mic, and I already miss Brian Stann. Place looks pretty empty to start things off, but that will change as the night goes on.

    Lightweight Bout: Charlie Brenneman vs. Beneil Dariush

    ROUND ONE: Dariush is a southpaw. Dariush lands a looping left hand, and a body kick. They clinch in the middle of the cage, Brenneman lands a volume of blows, Dariush lands a knee to the body and they break. Dariush lands a huge left that drops Brenneman! Brenneman grabs an ankle, but Dariush is able to take his back, he's landing strikes the whole time. Dariush looks for a choke, Brenneman has to tap.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Beneil Dariush via Submission, rear naked choke at 1:45 of Round 1

    Jon Anik is with Dariush. Beneil had to change opponents and weight classes, says he feels blessed and was a little thrown early by Brenneman throwing kicks to the leg. Beneil says that Brenneman's hair moving makes it look like he's been hit harder than he was so he wasn't going to rush the finish.

    Due to the quick finish we get a little hype and background piece on Constantinos "Costa" Philippou. It's actually not badly done.

    Whiteley comes out to "You're the Best" from The Karate Kid, which is pretty awesome. Sadly he is immediately topped because Pichel comes out to "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC.

    Lightweight Bout: Garett Whiteley vs. Vinc Pichel

    ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves to start. Whiteley looking to land a lead body kick. Pichel lands a left hook. Leg kick from Pichel, same from Whiteley. They clinch and trade some shots, now Pichel pushes Whiteley against the fence and gets a double leg into half guard. Whiteley hip escapes and Pichel stands up, landing some leg kicks. The ref stops that and they're standing. Whiteley bulls forward and lands a combination, Pichel clinches and pushes Whiteley against the fence. Whiteley tries a flying triangle, it doesn't work. Pichel gets on top against the fence now. Whiteley wall walks, Pichel drags him back down but Whiteley gets full guard. Whiteley with some elbows from the bottom. Pichel drops back for a heel hook, not even close, Whiteley tries to get on top and gets a loose d'arce. Pichel defends well but Whiteley gets his back in the transition, lands knee to the body. Pichel gets his feet and they're back to swinging. Pichel pushes Whiteley against the fence and they're trading knees against the fence. Pichel gets a single leg to end the round on top.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Pichel

    ROUND TWO: Both men looking to strike, Whiteley lands a body kick, Pichel lands a leg kick. Pichel lands a left hook and gets a double leg. Whiteley tries a guillotine but Pichel is in half guard on the safe side. Whiteley bails on the choke and just has underhooks. Pichel is in half guard against the fence. Pichel lands some good shots, Whiteley scrambles and escapes back to his feet. Pichel landed a couple of good shots on the way up. Pichel still pushing Whiteley against the fence. Whiteley tries a takedown, Pichel easily stuffs and reverses. Pichel on top, in full guard. Whiteley's head is against the fence. Pichel stands up and comes down with a big right that lands. Whiteley tries some elbows from the bottom, Pichel passes towards side control. Whiteley tries to get up, but gives up his back. Pichel tries to take the back, it takes him a while but he does get it. Pichel looking for a choke with both hooks in but the round is going to end.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Pichel, 20-18 Pichel overall

    ROUND THREE: Pichel misses a right hook, Whiteley lands a body kick. Whiteley lands a right hand. Pichel moving forward, gets the clinch against the fence again. Pichel tries an elevated single, Whiteley defends the initial attempt but Pichel gets him down on the second effort. Pichel is standing and comes down with a left that lands. Whiteley has full guard now. Whiteley tries a triangle, Pichel pulls out and comes down with another big right hand. This time Pichel lands in north/south position, then into side control. Pichel landing knees to the body then goes back to north/south. Whiteley gets to all fours, Pichel tries for a d'arce choke. He's tightening it up, Whiteley escapes but eats a knee to the chest from his knees. On the feet Whiteley lands a couple of knees from the clinch but Pichel is looking for another takedown. He gets him down for a moment but Whiteley gets up immediately and they're clinched against the fence again. Pichel lands a left elbow from the clinch. Another left elbow lands and Pichel drops for a takedown. Whiteley defends, he goes for a kimura, switches to an armbar but Pichel moves with him and winds up on top landing body blows. They get up and Pichel lands a throw from the back to end the fight.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Pichel, 30-27 Pichel overall

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Vinc Pichel via unanimous decision (30-27x3)

    Vinc get's an interview with Anik. Pichel thanks the crowd for their support, mentions the list of injuries he suffered in 2013 and that he felt good. Pichel says he didn't know how good Whiteley was on the ground and wanted to test him there. Pichel says the win felt good and ends with a primal grunt.

    Here's the exchange that dropped Whiteley and knocked his mouthpiece out.

    Flyweight Bout: Louis Smolka vs. Alptekin Ozkilic

    ROUND ONE: Smolka has 3.5 inches of reach on Ozkilic. Touch of the gloves and we're going. Smolka misses a high kick. Ozkilic lands a left to the liver. Smolka lands a right to the head. Ozkilic just misses with an uppercut. They get close and Ozkilic gets a body lock takedown. Ozkilic in full guard, Smolka possibly setting up an armbar. Closed guard now. Ozkilic avoids an armbar and lands some ground and pound. In the scramble on the ground Ozkilic winds up in side control. Smolka gets up and they clinch. Smolka throwing impressive knees to the body while Ozkilic unloads to the body. Smolka lands a left that wobbles Ozkilic. Ozkilic lands a right that has Smolta turning away. Ozkilic lands a left to the body and hits a double leg. He gets Smolta down but Smolta escapes and has the Thai clinch. Smolta lands a couple of knees to the body but Ozkilic lands another takedown. Smolka can't stop a pass, but he escapes and throws a flying knee that misses. Ozkilic lands a jab. Body kick from Smolka. They trade some punches to end the round.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Ozkilic

    ROUND TWO: Both men are looking to land some punches. Ozkilic lands a left off of a kick, and a right off of the return kick for Smolka. Smolka tries another flying knee, this one smothered. Ozkilic lands a left to the body. Smolka throwing head kicks. Smolka lands a jab. Ozkilic lands another left to the body. Ozkilic lands a right, then shoots and gets the double leg. Smolka tries to reverse, Ozkilic counters but Smolka still able to stand up. Ozkilic lands a couple of punches on the break. Smolka gets the Thai clinch and lands several knees to the body. Ozkilic gets the body lock against the fence and is looking for a takedown. Smolka gets the Thai clinch and lands more knees. Ozkilic lands a left on the break. Ozkilic is tired, visibly and Smolka looking to land punches. They're trading now, Smolka lands an elbow that wobbles Ozkilic. Smolka lands another striaght right, Ozkilic lands a couple of body blows from close quarters. That right hand from Smolka is landing almost at will. Ozkilic gets a body lock takedown and lands in full guard. Ozkilic tries to take the back but Smolka rolls under for a leg lock and they're playing footsie now. Smolka bails but spins and gets on top for a moment. Ozkilic up and lands another body lock throw to end the round.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Smolka, 19-19 overall

    ROUND THREE: Touch of the gloves for the final round. Ozkilic lands a left hand and shoots a big power double that lands. Smolka tries to get up, Ozkilic tries to get the back, Smolka stands up and they separate. Ozkilic lands another couple of body shots, but eats a left and right from Smolka. Left hook from Smolka lands. Smolka lands a body kick and they trade leg kicks. Smolka pushing forward, Ozkilic is pretty tired. Smolka looking to tee off with his punches. Smolka lands a right hand after a failed takedown from Ozkilic. Smolka tries a spinning kick that misses and he falls. Ozkilic can't get on top in time and Smolka is back up. Smolka lands a left right, Ozkilic throws some punches to keep Smolka from swarming. Smolka landing almost at will. Ozkilic shoots, gets Smolka down but Smolka reverses and is back up really quickly. Ozkilic shoots a single and gets the back of Smolka. He's too high and Smolka shakes him off and Smolka is on top in half guard. Smolka looking for a d'arce choke. Ozkilic tryin to defend and Smolka bails on it. Smolka on top now, he stands up and starts landing some rights. Smolka in full mount landing punches. Smolka trying to get the stoppage but the bell is gonna save Ozkilic.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Smolka, 29-28 Smolka overall

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Louis Smolka via unanimous decision (29-28x3)

    No interview for Smolka.

    There were something like 38 unanswered punches at the end there, here's proof.

    Trevor Smith's nickname is Hot Sauce, well it couldn't have been worse than B-Hou. Seriously, people who mash up their first and last names to get a nickname, put some more effort into it.

    Middleweight Bout: Brian Houston vs. Trevor Smith

    ROUND ONE: Outside leg kick from Smith, then a body kick that's blocked. Houston throws a straight right. Smith shoots a double and gets Houston down for a moment. Houston gets back up but Smith has a front headlock and isn't letting go. Smith with a knee to the head and they break apart. Smith throws a leg kick that's caught, Houston gets him down for a moment, Smith with a fireman's carry that leads to getting them back up. They're clinched against the fence now. They break without doing a whole lot. Body kick from Smith lands. Houston kind of dancing around, he lands a left to the body. Leg kick from Smith. Smith hits another takedown, this time lands in half guard and gets head and arm control. Smith passes with an arm triangle, he bails but gets mount for a moment. Houston regains half guard, Smith on top landing short elbows. Smith into full mount again. Smith tries to posture up, Houston gives up his back but turns back, the round ends with Smith on top in north/south position.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Smith

    ROUND TWO: Houston lands a left hook, Smith lands a right hand. Houston lands a jab, Smith with an inside leg kick. Houston with an oustide leg kick. They trade left hooks but Smith is cut on the forehead. Smith shoots, Houston sprawls but they're clinched now. Smith with a knee to the body. Houston pushing Smith against the fence. Houston warned for grabbing the shorts. Smith grabs a kick and tries to get a takedown, but can't complete it. Smith shoots again, again Houston with a sprawl. Smith tries to hit a second effort takedown, Houston gets away. Smith misses a windmill right hand. Smith shoots for a single, not even close. Leg kick from Smith. Houston looking to jab now. Smith misses with an ugly spinning kick. Both men slowing down, but Smith more visibly tired. Leg kick from Houston. They end the round on a jab from Smith.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Houston, 19-19 overall

    ROUND THREE: Leg kick from Houston to start things. Smith wings another windmill right that misses. Leg kick again from Houston. Houston lands a jab. Leg kick from Smith. Leg kick from Smith again. Both guys are tired and this is getting sloppy, slow, and ugly. Smith lands a leg kick and a right hand. Neither man is doing much of anything. Body kick from Smith. Smith wades in with a double leg, Houston sprawls easily and they stand up. Smith lands a knee on the break. Houston tries a takedown in the final seconds, doesn't get it and eats a body kick.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Smith, 29-28 Smith overall

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Trevor Smith via split decision (29-28 Smithx2, 29-28 Houston)

    No interview, thank heavens that one's over.

    Lightweight Bout: Isaac Vallie-Flagg vs. Elias Silverio

    ROUND ONE: Silverio has three inches of reach and comes out kicking. Isaac ties coming forward with punches but they're falling short. Silverio lands a left to counter the forward motion. Isaac lands a right hand. Isaac lands a left behind the ear that puts Silverio off balance but Silverio gets a takedown into full guard. Isaac looking for a butterfly sweep, he's on the fence and is back on his feet. Isaac throwing punches, he tries a leaping left hook but gets countered by Silverio and dropped. Silverio gets on top and is in half guard against the fence. Silverio landing short lefts as Isaac tries to get up. Isaac can't get up and is eating a consistent stream of left hands. Silverio has the back now, just one hook though and Isaac trying to stand up. He gets to his feet this time but they're still clinched up. They break and Silverio lands a big right and a knee. Isaac doesn't go down and they resume trading. Isaac digs a left to the body, Silverio gets the clinch and lands a big combination to end the round.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Silverio

    ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves. Silverio landing push kicks to the body as Isaac tries to get in close. Isaac wings some punches and gets in, but Silverio gets the clinch and takes Isaac down again and lands in half guard. Silverio working some ground and pound and trying to pass straight into mount. Isaac turns and gets to his hands and knees, Silverio was looking for a d'arce choke. Silverio lands a knee to the head while Isaac was on one knee and we get a break. We get a point deduction for Silverio, on replay that knee might have hit the chest more than the head. We're going again and Isaac is pushing forward, lands a left, then a right. Silverio lands a straight right and they clinch up. Silverio lands an elbow and they clinch against the fence again. Silverio hits another single leg takedown and is on top in half guard. Silverio working towards passing but landing some small shots along the way. Isaac tries a sweep, can't get it and they're back where they were. Silverio still throwing shots from the top. Silverio lands some shots as Isaac gets up and the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 9-9 DRAW with point deduction, 19-18 Silverio overall

    ROUND THREE: Isaac comes out swinging, but he's out of range. Silverio landing some kicks, Silverio unloading and they clinch against the fence. Silverio is landing shots, Isaac tries a throw but Silverio easily stops it and lands in full mount. Isaac gives up his back and Silverio is landing shots from the back. Isaac manages to recover half guard but Silverio is still on top and landing shots. Silverio passes into full mount. Isaac can't seem to get him out of position. Silverio gets the back and looks for a choke. Isaac defends the choke, then gives it up. Isaac defends again, Silverio has ten second to finish it but doesn't have it under the neck.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Silverio, 29-27 Silverio overall

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Elias Silverio via unanimous decision (29-27x3)

    No interview for Silverio.

    Lightweight Bout: Ramsey Nijem vs. Justin Edwards

    ROUND ONE: Nijem has 5.5 inches of reach on Edwards. Nijem coming out jabbing. Leg kick from Nijem. Edwards pushes forward and they clinch against the fence. Nijem lands a couple of shots on the break, Edwards lands a left. Leg kick from Nijem. Edwards counters a kick with a left to the face. Body kick from Nijem, Edwards just misses a left counter. Nijem using the front kick up the middle to keep Edwards at distance. Nijem tries a flying knee, not quite on point. Edwards lands another left hook to counter a leg kick. They're both throwing, but neither man is landing all that flush. Nijem tries a spinning kick, misses and Edwards swarms. Edwards lands a combination, Nijem lands a left hook that backs Edwards off. Nijem tags Edwards with an uppercut. Nijem misses another spinning kick, Edwards gets on top, Nijem going for a heel hook as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Nijem

    ROUND TWO: Nijem misses a front kick, Edwards gets an arm in guillotine off of the slip from Nijem. It looks pretty tight. Nijem survives and Edwards lets it go. Nijem on top in full guard now landing some punches. Edwards has closed the guard now. Nijem lands a left. Edwards throws his legs up but can't get anything going. Edwards pushes up to his feet but eats a knee on the way up from Nijem. Nijem now looking to land his jab. Stepping knee from Nijem to the body. They clas and Nijem lands a right. Front kick to the face, but not much on it from Nijem. Nijem tries a takedown, Edwards survives but Nijem lands a knee that rocks Edwards. Nijem unloads, gets Edwards down again and into full mount. Edwards gives up the back, Nijem looking for the choke. Nijem with the body triangle, Nijem can't seem to get the choke in properly. Edwards tries to stand and dump Nijem, doesn't work. Nijem still looking for the choke but can't seem to get it all the way under the chin. Edwards is gonna survive to the bell.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Nijem, 20-18 Nijem overall

    ROUND THREE: Slow start to the third, both men circling and looking to capitalize. Body kick from Nijem. They trade left hooks, both men land. They clinch, nothing happens and they push off each other. Edwards tries a spinning kick, it's ugly and misses badly. Nijem gets a double leg and has Edwards down in full guard and immediately lands an elbow. Edwards fighting for wrist control, tries a foot sweep and is up but Nijem has a front head lock. Nijem tried to spin to the back but can't get it and Edwards lands a left hook on the break. Nijem lands a straight right. Edwards lands a left hook. Lots of circling now. Nijem trying to move in and out and land shots. Edwards is bleeding around the left eye. Edwards tries yet another spinning kick, this one hits the chest. Nijem gets another double leg and has Edwards down. Edwards working to his feet and Nijem lands a couple of shots on the break. Edwards lands a short left hook, Edwards throws a spinning back elbow and lands. Nijem tries for a single, Edwards tries to drop for a guillotine but Nijem escapes almost immediately. Nijem on top landing some shots. Edwards tries for a heel hook, Nijem spins, Edwards tries with a calf slicer, Nijem tries a toe hold, the fight comes to an end without a tap from either man.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Edwards, 29-28 Nijem overall

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Ramsey Nijem via unanimous decision (30-27,29-28x2)

    No interview for Ramsey Nijem. Anik and Florian pimp the charity Nijem is donating a portion of his purse to.

    Featherweight Bout: Cole Miller vs. Sam Sicilia

    ROUND ONE: Cole Miller has 7 inches of reach on Sicilia. No touch of the gloves. Inside leg kick from Miller, outside leg kick from Sicilia. Both men are circling, they're cautious and no one is lading much. Sicilia misses a right hook. Miller gets inside with a jab, no one lands in the clinch and they break. More circling. Miller lands a front kick and a right to the face of Sicilia. Miller trying to get his jab going. Sicilia misses a lunging left hook. Right to the body from Sicilia, and a right to the head. Miller now sniping from long range. They clash, no one lands anything, and break. Miller is slipping Sicilia's power shots as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Miller

    ROUND TWO: Miller again looking to land from range, and he's doing so with his jab. Miller lands a right that hurts Sicilia. Sicilia shoots, nothing doing and Miller is back to sniping. Sicilia tries to land in close, Miller with a knee and they break away again. Right to the body from Sicilia. Another right drops Sicilia, Miller unloads and grabs a guillotine. Sicilia turns but Miller is on top in side control. Miller takes the back, and has the choke. Sicilia has to tap.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Cole Miller via Submission, rear naked choke at 1:54 of Round 2

    Anik is with Cole Miller. Miller thanks the crowd for coming out, says it's good to win in his home state of Georgia. Miller promises to be more consistent in the future and gives a happy birthday to his striking coach. Miller may have broken his left hand on a hook he landed. Says he wants to fight Donald "Clownboy" Cerrone. Miller says he'll send Mike Dolce to Cerrone's house and that he'll pay the bill.

    The talking heads in the studio tonight are Karyn Bryant, Brian Stann, and Gilbert Melendez. Interesting line up, but I'd rather have Stann on commentary and put Florian in the studio.

    Flyweight Bout: John Moraga vs. Dustin Ortiz

    ROUND ONE: Ortiz lands a right hand that gets Moraga's attention. Moraga tries a shot, Ortiz stuffs it easily. Ortiz shoots, gets Moraga's back but can't complete a takedown. They wind up against the fence. Ortiz tries dragging Moraga down, can't do it. Still clinched against the fence, Ortiz holding Moraga there. Ortiz working really hard to get a takedown, he's got double underhooks but Moraga isn't budging. Finally Ortiz gets a sweep to go with the body lock and lands in full guard. Ortiz trying to pass to half guard, he does. Moraga regains full guard and closes it. Ortiz working short shots against the fence. Moraga tries to wall walk, Ortiz pulls his legs out from under him. Moraga goes to rubber guard as Ortiz passes to half guard. Ortiz looking to land some short elbows, throws a knee to the body as well. Moraga with rubber guard again, Ortiz lands a right. The round ends with Ortiz in closed guard.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Ortiz

    ROUND TWO: Ortiz ducks a left hook from Moraga. Moraga lands a leg kick. Moraga lands a lead uppercut that gets Ortiz's attention. Outside leg kick from Moraga. Leg kick from Ortiz. Leg kick from Moraga, and he lands a left hook. Ortiz is stumbled, Moraga pushes him against the fence. Moraga lands some knees but they break. Ortiz slips as he circled away from Moraga and Moraga jumps on him. Ortiz is able to turn the position and get on top. Moraga lands some elbows to the side of the head, then slides out and gets the back. Very slick move and Moraga gets a choke. Ortiz survives the choke and turns into Moraga and winds up on top. Ortiz passes into side control. Moraga gets to his knees, Ortiz has the front head lock and tries to spin to the back. He can't maintain position and Moraga slides out the back and we're standing. Moraga lands a right hand left hook combination. Ortiz tries to shoot, Moraga sprawls but doesn't have underhooks so Ortiz spins to his back. Moraga turns into him to end the round.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Moraga, 19-19 overall

    ROUND THREE: They trade kicks to start. Moraga misses a right hand. Both men cautious. Ortiz shoots, stuffed easily by Moraga. Moraga thinks about a d'arce choke but bails on it and we're standing again. Ortiz lands a left, Moraga misses a head kick. Ortiz lands a right. Leg kick from Moraga. Both men being careful here, they know the winner of this round wins the fight. Ortiz pushes forward with a combination. Moraga tries to shoot, bails on it and lands a knee to the body. Ortiz catches a body kick and lands a right. Ortiz shoots and gets Moraga down quickly. Ortiz trying to pass into half guard. Ortiz passes into side control, Moraga regains full guard, Ortiz passes into half guard. Ortiz landing some short elbows, Moraga regains full guard. Moraga pushes Ortiz off and they're standing. Ortiz shoots, Moraga stuffs it, Ortiz spins and gets the back and pushes Moraga against the fence. Moraga tries to get a guillotine with the final ten seconds but doesn't have his hands clasped and Ortiz ends the round on top.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Ortiz, 29-28 Ortiz overall

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – John Moraga via split decision (29-28x2, 28-29)

    No interview, and I don't agree with that one. Clucky, what do you think?

     photo url-1_zps240d881c.jpeg

    Fair enough.

    Middleweight Bout: Derek Brunson vs. Yoel Romero

    ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves and we're going. Both men are southpaws, Brunson leans in for a left hand that kind of lands. Romero lands a left and throws a flying knee. Brunson shoots and gets Romero down. Romero scrambles back and lands a left. Circling now, Brunson hits Romero in the chest with a left. Romero with a left to the body. Brunson lands a head kick that barely phsases Romero. Brunson tries crane kick to the body. Leg kick from Brunson. Romero lands an uppercut, Brunson misses a head kick. Romero tries another flying knee, lands a short uppercut to Brunson and Romero gets a takedown. Brunson gets up quickly and lands a shot that has Romero sommeraulting backwards. Brunson has the back standing, Romero tries for a kimura, Brunson elevates him and gets a takedown. Romero regains his feet, Brunson pushes him against the fence. They end the round clinched.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Brunson

    ROUND TWO: Brunson lands a jab. Romero lands a punch to the body that drops Brunson, upon replay you see the punch wound up hitting Brunson in the groin so we get time. Brunson recovers quickly and Romero comes at him swinging heavy leather. Brunson is avoiding them and lands a straight left. Brunson throwing kicks, nothing landing just yet. Romero with another flying knee, this one lands but Brunson seems unphased. Brunson shoots and gets Romero down into half guard. Both men throwing weak short blows. Brunson passes into full mount. Brunson lands an elbow. Brunson is trying to set up an arm triangle choke with his punches. Romero hip escapes and recovers half guard. Romero scrambles and gets to the cage but can't wall walk. Romero scrambles and gets up. They clinch, no one lands and they break. Romero lands an uppercut. Romero half shoots and lands an uppercut on the spraw from Brunson. They clinch and Brunson pushes Romero against the fence. Romero tries another takedown, blocked, lands a body blow to end the round.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Brunson, 20-18 Brunson overall

    ROUND THREE: Brunson looks for a straight left, doesn't quite connect. Romero with a left to the body. Brunson circling, shoots and doesn't get the takedown. Romero thinks about shooting, decides against it and lands a short left. Romero lands a lead uppercut, then a big right that wobbles Brunson. Brunson avoids going down but he felt it. They're in close quarters throwing, Romero lands a left. Brunson is backing up, and Romero lands another left, and another. Brunson is hurt, he rolls but Romero is standing and landing punches. Romero drops down and has Brunson's back landing some short shots. Romero lands an elbow as Brunson turtles up, Romero lands a barrage of elbows to the body that finally gets the ref to stop this.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Yoel Romero via TKO at 3:23 of Round 3

    Romero is with Anik. Romero says the UFC is about a great battle and he kept fighting knowing God would bless him with a win. Says he wasn't thinking about when the fight should be stopped, his job is to keep hurting his opponent until the ref stops it.

    Here's the finish.

    Bantamweight Bout: TJ Dillashaw vs. Mike Easton

    ROUND ONE: Easton will have 3 inches of reach. Circling to start, Easton lands a right hand on an exchange. Leg kick from Dillashaw. And another. Easton misses a spinning back kick. Dillashaw misses a combination, then Easton misses a combination. Body kick from Dillashaw, Easton returns the kick and his knocks Dillashaw over. Dillashaw shoots and gets a double. Dillashaw passes towards half guard, Easton gets a butterfly hook in and has full guard. Easton pushes Dillashaw off and stands up. Dillashaw shoots again. Easton against the fence, lands some knees to the body as Dillashaw breaks. Dillashaw lands a couple of punches. Easton with a side kick to the body. Dillashaw lands a right hand. Easton lands a left hook. Dillashaw throws a head kick, blocked. Easton against the fence, Dillashaw stalking, Easton says he got poked in the eye but the ref didn't see it. Body kick from Dillashaw to end the round.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Dillashaw

    ROUND TWO: Inside leg kick from Dillashaw, a right hand lands too. Dillashaw landing a lot of punches, they trade some leg kicks. They're really going after each other, Dillashaw lands a head kick and Easton shoots in desperation. Dillashaw stuffs it easily and gets on top in half guard. Easton is bleeding. Dillashaw landing short shots. Easton tries to get up, does, they trade in the clinch with Dillashaw easily getting the best of it. Body kick from Dillashaw, Easton misses a spinning kick. Dillashaw gets close and takes Easton down. Easton gives up the back. Easton trying to regain his feet, does but Dillashaw still has the back. Dillashaw with a knee to the face. Easton trying to turn and face Dillashaw, can't quite get it as Dillashaw keeps kneeing the thigh. Dillashaw lifts him up, but Easton balances well. Easton trying a kimura, Dillashaw still kneeing the thigh. Easton tries to get the kimura, Dillashaw goes with him and lands a right hand before they break. Nothing else to end the round.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Dillashaw, 20-18 Dillashaw overall

    ROUND THREE: Easton needs a finish and he comes out looking to throw. Body kick from Dillashaw. Right hand lands for Dillashaw. Easton is missing his punches, Dillashaw is landing his. Liver shot from Dillashaw. Dillashaw is basically pot shotting at will now. Body kick from Dillashaw, he's landing a high percentage and Easton isn't doing a whole lot. Uppercut lands for Dillashaw. Leg kick from Easton lands but Dillashaw lands three or four blows to answer. They clinch, Dillashaw lands a couple of knees while Easton hits the body. Easton shoots a single, doesn't get the takedown. Body kick blocked from Easton, Dillashaw lands a knee to the body. Dillashaw just out working and out classing Easton. They clinch and both men throw until the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Dillashaw, 30-27 Dillashaw overall

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – TJ Dillashaw via unanimous decision (30-27x3)

    Dillashaw gets an interview. Dillashaw says he respects Easton, says he was the better athlete tonight. Says he was prepared to go all fifteen minutes, also is in denial about losing to Rafael Assuncao in his last outing. Dillashaw closes by saying he wants a shot at the number one contender but also says Faber will be the champion after UFC 169.

    Middleweight Bout: Lorenz Larkin vs. Brad Tavares

    ROUND ONE: Inside leg kick from Tavares, it kind of lands. Both men are taking their sweet time engaging. Tavares hits the body and head with two left hooks. Leg kick from Tavares. Larkin trying to establish his kicks. Leg kick from Tavares. Body kick from Tavares, and an outside leg kick. Leg kick from Larkin. Larkin lands a right hand in close. Larkin throws a kicking combination. Leg kick from Larkin but Tavares throws a right hand to counter. Tavares with a combination. Larkin misses a right hook and Tavares grabs the back. Larkin is still standing, Tavares tries to get him down. He gets one knee down against the fence and the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Tavares

    ROUND TWO: Inside leg kick from Tavares, then a left right combination. Inside leg kick from Larkin. Head kick from Larkin is blocked. Larkin lands a left hook in close quarters. Leg kick from Tavares. Tavares pushes forward and throws some punches to the body and head. Body kicks from Tavares now, leg kick from Larkin. Larkin misses an uppercut and Tavares lands a left hand counter. Tavares misses a head kick. Tavares shoots a single, doesn't get it and they wind up clinched against the fence. Tavares sticks with the single and gets Larkin down. Tavares has the back, both hooks in. Tavares is fighting for the rear naked choke, Larkin is hand fighting to defend it. Larkin rolls into Tavares and winds up in his full guard to end the round.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Tavares, 20-18 Tavares overall

    ROUND THREE: Tavares lands a right. Tavares is the busier fighter so far, he's throwing a higher volume. Tavares lands a couple of leg kicks. Larkin misses a couple of strikes. Larkin misses with a big right hook. Larkin lands an elbow in close, Tavares misses a couple of punches on the return. Leg kick from Tavares. Tavares tries a spinning backfist that's blocked. Leg kick from Tavares. Larkin just not doing a whole lot. Tavares shoots, stuffed by Larkin who gets the neck and tries for a guillotine. Tavares defends well and Larkin is standing over the laying form of Tavares. Larkin lets him back up. Tavares shoots again, Larkin fights it off against the fence and lands a couple of elbows to the head of Tavares. Larkin throwing elbows similar to Travis Browne but Tavares defends them and shoots again. Larkin defends the shot and lands an uppercut. Tavares returns fire with a left hook and shoots, this time nothing happens with it. Tavares shoots again, again nothing happens and the fight ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Tavares, 30-27 Tavares overall

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Brad Tavares via unanimous decision (29-28x3)

    Not sure which round Larkin won, I suppose the second might be debatable. No interview and we're onto the main event.

    Middleweight Bout: Luke Rockhold vs. Constantinos Philippou

    Costas comes out to "I want to Rock" by Twisted Sister, which makes me happy.

    ROUND ONE: Rockhold is southpaw. Circling to start, neither man in a hurry here. Outside leg kick from Costas. Body kick from Rockhold. Rockhold lands a right hook counter that catches Costas, Costas lands a short counter but Rockhold clinches him against the fence. They body disengage safely. Head kick from Rockhold. Costas pushes forward but misses his punches. Body kick from Rockhold, Costas crumbles! It's over, one strong liver kick ends the fight.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Luke Rockhold via TKO at 2:31 of Round 1

    Rockhold is with Jon Anik. Rockhold says he felt good, that he's here to be great not good, and that he wants a rematch with Vitor Belfort. He says he wants Belfort in the States, or Bisping would be great too. His kicks are strong and feels he's better when he's patient as opposed to anxious.

    Here's the liver kick that ended Costas.

    We get a replay of Charlie Brenneman getting choked out by Beneil Dariush from the curtain jerking fight.

    That wraps up UFC Fight Night 35, the show will be the topic of discussion on the Sunday's edition of the 411 Ground and Pound radio show, live at 9pm eastern standard time. If you want to join in the conversation the call in number is (323) 657-0901. 411 will have coverage of UFC on FOX 10 next week, and we'll be happy to see you there.


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