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411’s Bellator 110 Report 2.28.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 02.28.2014

 photo bellator110_zps0406168d.jpg

Mohegan Sun Arena
Uncasville, Connecticut


  • Rico DiSciullo vs. Marvin Maldonado was ruled a no-contest due to unintentional illegal knees by DiSciullo – RD1 - 1:53
  • Josh Diekmann vs. Manny Lara was ruled a no-contest due to an unintentional eye poke by Lara – RD1 – 0:18
  • Ryan Quinn defeated Andrew Calandrelli via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Egidijus Valavicius defeated Atanas Djambazov via knockout - RD1 - 0:48
  • Saul Almeida defeated Andrew Fisher via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • FW Quarterfinal Bout: Daniel Weichel defeated Scott Cleve via submission – RD1 – 3:46
  • FW Quarterfinal Bout: Will Martinez defeated Goiti Yamauchi via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


  • Here are the early main card results…

  • FW Quarterfinal Bout: Desmond Green defeated Mike Richman via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
  • FW Quarterfinal Bout: Matt Bessette defeated Diego Nunes via split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)

  • I am joining this late as I was recapping Smackdown for the wrestling zone, my apologies for that. I had planned to go off the old DVR, but the old DVR had other plans. But I will provide coverage for the Light Heavyweight Tournament bouts. Bellator is obviously hoping for King Mo and Rampage to advance as that is a big fight they have previously stated that they want to run.

  • Forgive me if I am rusty, I haven't recapped any MMA since September.

    LHW Tournament Semifinal Bout: King Mo Lawal (11-3) vs. Mikhail Zayats (22-7)
    ROUND ONE: Todd Anderson is the official. And here we go with the co-main event of the evening. Remember, no elbows in the tournament bouts. Mo out quickly, they dance and look to feel each other out. Overhand right by Zayats is blocked by Mo. Zayats then clips Mo as he looked for a takedown, but Mo drives him to the cage. Mo tries to drag Zayats all the way down, but Zayats to his feet and they work along the cage. Knees by Mo, Zayats controlling his hands. Zayats fires away with knees now, and Mo connects with a great left hook on the break. They circle, jab by Mo, Mo with a body shot, and Zayats explodes with a combo that eats air for the most part. Jabs by Mo again, while Zayats looks for leg kicks. Mo keeps working the jab, keeping distance, and Zayats hits a left as Mo was circling away. Mo blocks a right by Zayats, they get a bit wild, but nothing really connecting. Zayats tries for a takedown, bails on it and throws a head kick, but Mo blocks that. Mo looks for a late takedown, but Zayats escapes. Jab by Mo, Zayats cannot get a clean counter off. Zayats slips after a right, and Mo backs him off. To the cage, good right by Zayats and the round ends. Mo takes the round, but Zayats is finding range.

    SCORECARD: Mo 10-9.

    ROUND TWO: Round two begins, they come out and Zayats works a leg kick and jab. Mo in with a right but also eats a left from Zayats. Mo dropping his hands here, crowd restless as not much is happening here. Zayats rushes, sloppy combo and a blocked head kick follow, but he is getting close. Zayats stuffs a takedown from Mo, both land jabs and continue to circle. Another jab by Zayats, followed by a body kick. Mo rushes Zayats to the cage, looking to finish the takedown, but Zayats fights back to his feet and Mo gets warned for grabbing the cage. Mo again with a sloppy single leg shot, warned for a cage grab again, and finally has Zayats down to his knees. Zayats quickly back to his feet, Mo not doing anything of note with his takedown game. Knees by Mo, they separate. Both throwing pawing jabs, looking for distance, and then Zayats avoids another takedown try by Mo. Leg kick by Zayats, crowd not liking the action. More leg kicks by Zayats, but Mo in with a low high combo on Zayats. Mo has found the body a few time, but hasn't stayed with it. A leg kick by Zayats ends the round. No one wants to commit, but I think Zayats took that round, barely. Both rounds were close.

    SCORECARD: 19-19 after two.

    ROUND THREE: Final round now, I have it all tied. Zayats keeps flashing that high kick, and grazes Mo with an over hand right. High kick again blocked by Mo. Zayats throws the jab, Mo shoots again, fails and another warning for grabbing the cage. A point should have been taken by now. Front kick by Zayats, Mo shoots again for a double leg, Zayats fighting it off. Down to one knee and knee strikes by Mo. Zayats gets to his feet, more knees by Mo to the body this time. Zayats is able to keep it standing, and they separate. Jab by Mo, another and Zayats is backing off. Zayats looks very tired with under 2-minutes left. Zayats clips Mo, who slips, and is fine as he fires back with the jab. Zayats slips while throwing a wild right, final minute now. Mo keeps flashing the jab, kick by Zayats blocked. Solid right by Zayats, but Mo stays away and keeps circling. Mo shoots, fails and Zayats with a right on the exit. Final seconds now, they dance, Zayats misses a front kick and the crowd hates this as it ends. Should be Mo here.

    SCORECARD: 29-28 Mo.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: King Mo 29-28 across the cards

  • Bellator's Bjorn Rebney is out for a major announcement. Chandler vs. Alvarez III will take place on May 17th LIVE on PPV. Both guys are there to promote the trilogy bout.

    LHW Tournament Semifinal Bout: Christian M'Pumbu (18-5-1dr) vs. Rampage Jackson (33-11)
    ROUND ONE: Christian M'Pumbu won the LHW Title, and then lost a Non-Title Superfight to Travis Wiuff in his next fight. Then in the fight after that he lost the title to Attila Vegh. M'Pumbu weighed in for the fight at 199.5 pounds.

    Big John McCarthy is the official. Rampage out quickly and takes center cage. M'Pumbu looks to stay on the outside, Rampage walking him down and they bounce around and do nothing. Leg kicks finally by M'Pumbu. Rampage continues to stalk M'Pumbu, pawing jabs and backs off. Leg kick by M'Pumbu, M'Pumbu with the jabs to keep Rampage at distance. Combo by Rampage, a good right as well and they clinch. To the cage they go, M'Pumbu turns position and works some knee strikes. M'Pumbu playing it safe, landing knees and keeping Rampage pressed against the cage. Some shoulder shrugs by M'Pumbu, and Big John finally breaks them and we get a restart. Rampage hasn't landed much of anything here, looks for the jab but it is more of a distance tool at this point. Same for M'Pumbu. Leg kick by M'Pumbu. Rampage tries to walk down M'Pumbu, but he keeps circling away. Rampage catches M'Pumbu with a jab, but M'Pumbu slips and Rampage on top and starts to drops in some short ground and pound strikes, and Big John stops the fight. Rampage landed three strikes clean and M'Pumbu's eyes rolled up in his head.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Rampage Jackson via RD1 TKO (4:34)

  • Rampage says that he is a monster and he will take everyone out. He says King Mo is next, who then enters the cage, and we get a pull apart between the two.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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