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411s UFC Fight Night: Kim vs. Hathaway Report 3.01.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 03.01.2014

 photo tuf-china-finale_zps8bef62a4.jpg

UFC Fight Night: Kim vs. Hathaway
(The Ultimate Fighter China Finale)
The Venetian Macao's CotaiArena
Macau, China


  • Mark Eddiva defeated Jumabieke Tuerxun via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Anying Wang defeated Albert Cheng via TKO (doctor's stoppage) RD 1, 5:00
  • Vaughan Lee defeated Nam Phan via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)
  • Yui Chul Nam defeated Kazuki Takudome via unanimous decision (29-27, 27-28, 29-28)


  • Morning kids! Daddy's back again as the other guys have the weekend off from coverage. Last night I reviewed Bellator 110, and just hours later I am back for the main card of the Ultimate Fighter China Finale! Thanks for reading, and be gentle, yesterday and today are the first MMA I have recapped since September.

    Featherweight Bout: Hatsu Hioki (26-7-2dr) vs. Ivan Menjivar (25-11)
    ROUND ONE: Dan Mirgliota is the official. And here we go with the first fight of the main card. Hioki looks like a giant next to Menjivar. They dance around, throwing some pawing jabs. Menjivar catches a body kick by Hioki, takes him down and lands a few shots. Hioki rebounds, gets on the back of Menjivar and is working for a choke as he has in the hooks. Menjivar back to his feet but Hioki is on his back still. Menjivar gets the hooks off, nearly escapes, but Hioki is just all over him and keeping the pressure on. Menjivar turns and escapes, good knee by Hioki. Combo along the fence by Menjivar, and a body kick by Hioki in return. Hioki clinches and takes Menjivar to the cage. They work along the cage, and a beautiful trip takedown by Hioki. Hioki works from half guard, lands some strikes as he works to pass to side control. Menjivar keeping him in half guard still, but Hioki gets to side control and gets the back of Menjivar. Hioki almost pulls off a slick arm bar, transitions out and almost grabs a knee bar but the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Hioki

    ROUND TWO: Second round, Menjivar out quickly and lands a body kick. An uppercut and body shot follows, Menjivar pushes the pace early in the round and lands another body kick. Leg kick by Hioki, and then one to the body. They work along the cage, clinch fighting follows. Hioki lands the outside trip once again, and gets the fight to the mat with over 2:40 left in the round. Menjivar gives up his back, Hioki working for an arm bar, transitions to a triangle, but Menjivar pops out and now works in the guard. Menjivar with knees to the body, but Hioki takes Menjivar back down and works from the half guard. Hioki working for a possible head and arm choke, now works for a shoulder lock, but Menjivar escapes and lands another good knee to the body as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 20-18 Hioki

    ROUND THREE: Final round now, and Menjivar needs a finish. Menjivar takes center cage, jab and left kick combo by Hioki. Combo by Menjivar, leg kick follows. Hioki with a body shot, push kick follows that. Hard leg kick by Menjivar, catches Hioki with a right and drops him. Hioki manages to get back to his feet, Menjivar never followed up like he should have. Hioki is still rocked and an elbow by Menjivar lands. Hioki looking to circle away and Menjivar backs Hioki to the cage, lands a right but Hioki circles away. They clinch and Hioki with a body shot, right elbow by Menjivar. High kick checked by Hioki, but another right by Menjivar lands. Menjivar pressing a bit, body kick lands. Menjivar not pressing as he needs to, allowing Hioki to use his range, and then shoots from 5 feet away and gets a takdown. Menjivar rolls and gets a knee bar, but the horn sounds. Too little and too late for Menjivar.

    SCORECARD: 29-28 Hioki

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Hatsu Hioki via unanimous decision (29-28 across the cards)

    Heavyweight Bout: Matt Mitrione (6-3) vs. Shawn Jordan (15-5)
    ROUND ONE: Dan Mirgliota is the official. And here we go. Mitrione out fast and swings for the fences. He misses. Jordan looking to counter, they get wild as hell and are CLUBBERIN. But hey mostly miss and start to circle. Leg kick by Mitrione, one for Jordan, who then presses him to the cage. Knees to the thighs by Jordan, Mitrione circles out of that and trade jabs and leg kicks. Good left by Jordan, who then presses, but doesn't land clean shots. Lefts from Mitrione, they trade center cage, leg kick by Mitrione. Good combo by Jordan, but then they get sloppy and just throw stuff without skill or anything landing. Another solid combo by Jordan, leg kick by Mitrione, but Jordan drives him to the cage and some light dirty boxing follows. Mitrione stuns Jordan, lands a few clean shots and Jordan is in trouble, Mitrione catches him and he crumbles to the mat as Mirgliota waves it off right before the horn. Tough break for Jordan.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Mitrione via RD1 KO (4:59)

  • Interview time with Mitrione. Mitrione says WHAT's UP CHINA? He didn't want to force the KO or listen to his corner as much as he should, but stayed home and had a great camp. He thanks a long list of people, and says if you slap his fat friend, he will buy you a beer. He also says one of his training partner's mom, dad and four kids died in a fire the day they left, and he is working to raise money for the family.

    TUF China Welterweight Tournament Final Bout: Wang Sai (7-4-1dr) vs. Zheng Lipeng (7-7-1dr)
    ROUND ONE: Jerin Valel is the official. And here we go. Leg kick by Sai to begin. Another, Lipeng backs off and Sai with another leg kick. Leg kick by Lipeng in return. Sai tries a head kick, checked and then a nice right by Lipeng. Lipeng with the pawing jab to keep Sai away, Sai with leg kicks again as he tries to work himself inside to do damage. Combo by Sai, but a double leg takedown by Lipeng and he then takes the back and gets hooks in. he's working for a rear naked choke. Sai fights to escape, looks to roll but that only allows Lipeng to get the rear naked choke. It was pretty damn tight (although never locked in properly) but Sai got out, nice. Sai works from guard now, landing elbows. Lipeng works for a triangle, but Sai escapes. Sai now has the back of Lipeng and is working for a choke, but the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Lipeng

    ROUND TWO: Second round, Sai working the leg kicks to start the round. Crowd getting restless as not much happening. Lipeng looks for a double leg, but Sai counters, and they work to the cage. Sai gets back control, and then lands a knee as Lipeng transitioned. Elbows follow, and they continue to work along the cage. Sai hits a knee to a grounded Lipeng, gets warned, back to action and Lipeng with the double leg, which works this time. Sai gets back to his feet, but Lipeng slams him back down. Lipeng tries to get the back, Sai to his feet, but Lipeng throws him down again. Lipeng with back control, head is too high and needs to get the hooks in. Sai with a sweep and then he gets the back of Lipeng. Rights follow as Lipeng rolls, and tries a heel hook. Sai steps out with ease, back into guard he goes. Lipeng works rubber guard, eventually bails on it and Sai stands, looks to land but just slides backing doing nothing of note. Round ends. Close round.

    SCORECARD: 19-19

    ROUND THREE: Final round now to crown the TUF China Welterweight Champion. Sai with leg kicks, and then one to the body. Lipeng shoots, stuffed and Sai works into the guard. Lipeng works the rubber guard once again, possibly looking for the triangle as he looks to slide the other leg up. The ref stands them up, because fuck it, who cares about ground work. Lipeng gets a takedown, but Sai counters and rolls, gets the back and locks up the body, looking for the choke. Great reversal by Lipeng into guard. Lipeng into mount for a moment, but gets rolled off and Sai stands and lands leg kicks to the grounded Lipeng. Sai eats an up kick, back to the leg kicks he goes. Sai back into the guard of Lipeng, Lipeng works his rubber guard again, but right now it is all defensive. Final 30-seconds, big right by Sai. Jesus they get stood up again. Fuck off ref. They stand, get wild swinging and the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 29-28 Sai

    OFFICIAL RESULT: And Welterweight Winner of The Ultimate Fighter China Zheng Lipeng via split decision (29-28 Lipeng, 30-27 Sai, 29-28 Lipeng)

  • Cung Le awards him the trophy.

    Welterweight Bout: Dong Hyun Kim (18-2-1dr-1nc) vs. John Hathaway (17-1)
    ROUND ONE: Leon Roberts is the official. And here we go with the main event of the evening. Kim press right away, good knee to the gut by Hathaway. Kim rocks Hathaway with a right, but Hathaway is able to grab hold and compose himself, and then pull Kim to the mat. Kim up right away, they work along the cage and Kim just misses a spinning backfist. Good combo by Kim as he landed on Hathaway while he was against the cage. Hathaway back with knees, they continue to work along the cage and they break. Kim stalking Hathaway here, walking him down but as he over commits, big knee by Hathaway connects. Both land rights, Kim getting sloppy as he over pursuits. Hathaway takes him to the cage. Kim turns and escapes, leg kick by Hathaway. Kim lands a good left, Hathaway to the mat, Kim tries to unload on him and drops into the guard. Kim is throwing a lot but not landing a lot or not doing all that much damage. Kim stands and drops in with a good left, and then an axe kick. Hathaway almost gets a tingle out of that, and Kim allows him to stand. Kim with some spinning stuff, misses, round ends.

    SCORECARD: Kim 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Round two begins, they come out quickly again and a combo and knee to the body by Hathaway. They clinch and work to the cage. Good elbow by Kim, big right and a knee by Hathaway. He pushes Kim back to the cage, they trade, separate and then work back to the cage. Hathaway looking to land an elbow, they clinch again and work to the cage. Kim is still aggressive here, lands a combo, but is looking tired already. Hathaway on his horse, circles, double jab and the knee to the body follows. An elbow on the exit, but Kim back with a hard left, Hathaway clinches up. They separate, Hathaway lands a right and follow up elbow. Hathaway much more mobile here as Kim is getting more flat footed as the round goes on. Kim gets a trip from the clinch, and into side control. He traps an arm and lands repeated lefts until Hathaway frees the arm. Knee on belly by Kim, Hathaway looks to push off the cage and sweep. Kim keeps control and lands two big strikes as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Kim 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Round three begins, Hathaway with a leaping knee strike. Kim mostly blocks and calls him on. Elbow by Hathaway, takes Kim to the cage, Kim circles out. Hathaway takes him to the cage again, but Kim fires back with a back spinning elbow and DESTROYS Hathaway, out cold!

    He jumps into the crowd and celebrates!

    Hathaway is still down and getting checked on. He is now sitting up and appears to be ok. Well as ok as you can be after getting destroyed by an elbow.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Dong Hyun Kim via RD2 KO (1:02)

  • Post fight, Kim says that he is so happy, and for all of the Asian fans, he is happy to get the win. When asked about a title shot, he doesn't care who it is or who he has to face, he will take anyone on.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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