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411's UFC Fight Night 38: Shogun vs Henderson 2 Report 3.23.14
Posted by Mark Radulich on 03.23.2014

411's UFC Fight Night 38: Shogun vs Henderson 2 Report
Ginasio Nelio Dias
Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil!

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Featherweight Bout: Noad Lahat (145) vs. Godofredo Pepey (145)

ROUND ONE: Lahat comes out with an overhand right. Pepey strikes back. Lahat clinches and releases. Leg kick from Lahat. Pepey swings wildly and gets knocked over. Lahat tags him and then they clinch. Pepey presses him into the fence and Lahat moves off the fence. Pepey lands a hard punch and nearly drops Lahat. PEPEY ENDS THE FIGHT WITH A FLYING KNEE!!! BOOM, done...off to Fox Sports 1!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Godofredo Pepey by KO at 2:39 of round 1.


Light Heavyweight Bout: Francimar Barroso (204) vs. Hans Stringer (204)

ROUND ONE: Barroso throws a side kick. Stringer kicks and is put on his back. Barroso content to just kick Stringer in the duff while he has his guard up. Stringer knocks him down with hard punch. Stringer works from guard. Stringer mauls Barroso with elbows. He moves to half guard. Back to full guard. Barroso is still being pummeled. Stringer backs off of him. Barroso kicks to the body. Stringer clinches him against the fence. Stringer takes him down. Barroso gets back to this feet. Barroso clinches and then Stringer reverses. Knee to the body.

SCORECARD: Stringer 10-9

ROUND TWO: Barroso starts the round with a series of leg kicks. Stringer clinches. Barroso reverses. Barroso gets away. Stringer tries to bring Barroso down but Barroso lands on top of him. Barroso works from full guard. Stringer gets back to his feet. Stringer tries a takedown. Barroso tags him while he goes for a single leg. More clinching. Side kick from Barroso. Stringer comes forward with a looping right. Big uppercut from Barroso. Left hook from Stringer.

SCORECARD: Barroso 10-9

ROUND THREE: Stringer comes forward with a left. Barroso counters. Left from Barroso. Overhand right from Stringer. Stringer tries and fails to catch a kick. Stringer presses him against the fence. Yamasaki breaks them up. Leg kick from Stringer. More clinching. They trade knees to the body. Hans falls to the mat trying to take down Barroso. Barroso with a leg kick. Barroso gets a takedown. Barroso rides out the clock in full guard.

SCORECARD: Barroso 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Hans Stringer by split decision (Stringer 29-28X2, Barroso 29-28).

 photo garfield-face-whatever-orange-graphic_1_zps1e4c84f0.jpg

Welterweight Bout: Thiago Perpetuo (170) vs. Kenny Robertson (171)

ROUND ONE: Robertson throws a head kick and Perpetuo knocks him over. Robertson gets to his feet and takes Perpetuo down. Robertson gets to full mount. Robertson cuts him up with elbows. Robertson locks up a rear-naked choke. TAP TAP TAP and we're done!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Kenny Robertson by submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:45 of round 1.

Flyweight Bout: Jussier Formiga (125) vs. Scott Jorgensen (125)

ROUND ONE: Jorgsensen throws a wide right hand. Formiga lands a left and attempts a takedown. Formiga connects with another left and then they clinch. Jorgensen ducks under and punches the body. Formiga misses a spinning back kick. Inside leg kick for Jorgensen. Formiga accidentally head butts Jorgensen and jumps on his back. He figure-fours the waist. Formiga locks up and cranks the neck! Jorgensen taps out!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Jussier Formiga by submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:07 of round 1.

Middleweight Bout: Ronny Markes (190)* vs. Thiago "Marreta" Santos (183)

ROUND ONE: Marreta lands a big liver kick and Markes drops to his back. Marreta pounds away on him and that's all she wrote! No seriously, the ref stops it...for reals...no foolin even.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Thiago "Marreta" Santos by TKO at 0:53 of round 1.


Featherweight Bout: Rony Jason (145) vs. Steven Siler (146)

ROUND ONE: Siler comes out kicking. Jason is taking a lot of kicks to the leg. Overhand right from Jason. BIG RIGHT FOLLOWED BY A LEFT HOOK AND DOWN GOES SILER! Siler tries to defend and throws up kicks but that's not enough for the ref. We're done.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Rony Jason by TKO at 1:17 of round 1.

Lightweight Bout: Michel Prazeres (155) vs. Mairbek Taisumov (155)

ROUND ONE: Leg kick from Prazeres. He throws a flurry of punches and they tie up. Prazeres takes him down and gets right to full mount. Prazeres works towards a North-South choke. Taisumov gets back to his feet. They clinch again. Prazeres takes him down again. He gets right back to full mount again. He smashes him with a left. Prazeres continues to pound on him. Taisumov escapes. Taisumov gets pointed for what I think was a soccer kick.

SCORECARD: Prazeres 10-9 (-1)

ROUND TWO: Apparently Taisumov was pointed for the kick but rather for constantly grabbing the fence. Prazeres clobbers him with big right hand! Taisumov recovers and puts Prazeres on his back. Taisumov stands in his guard. Yamasaki stands them up. Prazeres attacks the body and Taisumov misses with an uppercut. Prazeres clinches against the fence and...oh Lord, Taisumov gets pointed for grabbing the fence...again. Leg kick from Taisumov. Head kick from Prazeres. Short right finds the mark from Prazeres. Left hook-straight right from Prazeres. Front kick from Taisumov. Leg kick from Prazeres. Another head kick from Prazeres.

SCORECARD: Prazeres 10-9 (-1)

ROUND THREE: Big right from Prazeres. Front kick from Taisumov. They clinch against the fence. Taisumov blocks a takedown and...grabs the fence. He's warned that the next time will result in a DQ. Taisumov is flicking his jab. Prazeres lands a leg kick. Prazeres walks through a front kick to the face. Prazeres shoots for a takedown and he gets it (sans cage grab). Prazeres gets right to full mount. Taisumov gets back to his feet. Big right from Prazeres.

SCORECARD: Prazeres 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Michel Prazeres by unanimous decision (30-25X3).

Light Heavyweight Bout: Fabio Maldonado (203) vs. Gian Villante (204)

ROUND ONE: Leg kick from Villante. They tie up. Villante takes him down. Villante looks for the crucifix. Maldonado defends but that allows Villante to take his back. Knee to the thigh from Villante. More knees to the thigh. Villante takes him down again. Villante works from side control. Big elbow from Villante. Villante continues to grind his elbow into Maldonado's face.

SCORECARD: Villante 10-9

ROUND TWO: Villante stuns Maldonado with punch. Maldonado works his jab. Maldonado comes straight forward and Villante is backing straight up. Villante goes for a takedown. Villante takes his back. Back elbow from Maldonado. Big knees from Villante as Maldonado gets to this feet. Maldonado punches to the body. Maldonado has got a face full of blood. One-two from Maldonado. Maldonado is landing clean. Villante looks to counter but he's not connecting. More body shots from Maldonado. Villante gets clobbered and drops his mouthpiece.

SCORECARD: Maldonado 10-9

ROUND THREE: Left hook from Maldonado. Villante misses a takedown. He misses another takedown. Maldonado tee's off on the body. Straight right bounces Villante off of the fence. Villante attempts another takedown and it is stuffed. Villante is essentially just walking backwards with his hands down. Maldonado is just punching Villante at will. He's absorbing a lot of punches. Maldonado snaps his neck back with uppercuts. Maldonado is landing punch after punch and Villante nearly falls on him. Villante clings to Maldonado's leg as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Maldonado 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER Fabio Maldonado by unanimous decision (29-28X2, 29-27).

Lightweight Bout: Norman Parke (156) vs. Leonardo Santos (155)

ROUND ONE: Leg kick from Santos. Parke counters. Kick to the body from Parke. They clash and tie up and release. Parke motions that he's been poked. Kick to the body from Santos. Santos lands a counter uppercut. They tie up against the fence and release. Leg kick from Parke. Inside leg kick from Santos. They clinch against the fence. Not enough action so they are separated. Parke lands a left hand. Body kick from Santos and an aborted take down. Parke breaks off and lands a few jabs. They tie up again.

SCORECARD: Santos 10-9

ROUND TWO: Parke comes out kicking. Santos responds with an uppercut. They tie up against the fence. Nothing happens and they are broken up. Parke clinches Santos again. Parke is pointed for grabbing the shorts (no warning). They trade punches in the clinch. Santos breaks off. Santos throws a head kick but it is blocked. The spend the rest of the round grappling against the fence. Parke controlled him and did nothing else.

SCORECARD: Parke 10 (-1) - 9

ROUND THREE: Parke comes out kicking. They clinch against the fence. Parke has him pressed against the fence. Parke lands a quick succession of lefts. More uppercuts from the clinch. Mercifully they are broken up. Santos grabs a Thai clinch and lands a few knees. Parke tries and fails a takedown attempt. With less than 2 minutes they trade punches for a glorious moment in time. Parke presses him against the fence. Parke slides to Santos' back and knees him in the thigh.

SCORECARD: Parke 10-9


 photo WorstFightAnimated_zps54623fa6.gif

Middleweight Bout: C.B. Dollaway (184) vs. Cezar Ferreira (185)

ROUND ONE: Ferriera comes forward with a pair of lefts followed by a kick. Dollaway comes back with a left hook and BLAMMO! Down goes Ferreira! Dollaway dives into his guard and pounds him out! Great googily moogily!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER C.B. Dollaway by TKO at 0:39 of round 1.


Light Heavyweight Bout: Dan Henderson (202) vs. Mauricio Rua (205)

ROUND ONE: Leg kick from Shogun, followed by an overhand right from Hendo. Leg kick from Shogun. He fires off another. Kick to the body from Shogun. They clash and Hendo lands an uppercut. Body kick from Shogun. Hendo continues to just take kicks. More leg kicks from Shogun. Henderson fires off the occasional punch. Hendo drops Shogun with a left! Shogun recovers and drops Hendo! Shogun wrestles Hendo down! He pounds on him from half guard.

SCORECARD: Shogun 10-9

ROUND TWO: Shogun lands a jab. Shogun continues to attack the leg. They smash each other! Shogun ties him up. Henderson shrugs him off. They trade but Shogun ends the exchange with a body kick. Henderson tries and fails a takedown. Big uppercut lands for Shogun and Henderson is on his back! Shogun dives into his full guard. Shogun is keeping busy but isn't progressing his position. They are stood up. Shogun is using his jab.

SCORECARD: Shogun 10-9

ROUND THREE: Shogun comes out jabbing. Henderson rushes and Shogun unloads rights and lefts. Henderson tries for a takedown and BOOM! He connects with an explosive right hook and dives on him for the ground and pound (complete with at least 3 hammer fists to the back of the head)!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER - Dan Henderson by TKO at 1:31 of round 3

Depending on whether or not I get a press pass for UFC on Fox 11 in Orlando, this is probably my last live coverage for 411. Regardless, thanks for reading.

Be well, be safe and behave.


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