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411’s UFC Fight Night 39: Minotauro vs. Nelson Report 4.11.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 04.11.2014

 photo UFC_ABU_DHABI_POSTER_zpsa0141e34.jpg

UFC Fight Night 39: Minotauro vs. Nelson
DU Arena
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


  • Johnny Bedford vs. Rani Yahya - no contest (accidental head butt) – RD 1 (0:39)
  • Jim Alers defeated Alan Omer via split decision (29-28 Alers, 29-28 Omer, 29-28 Alers)
  • Thales Leites defeated Trevor Smith via RD1 TKO (0:45)
  • Jared Rosholt def. Daniel Omielanczuk via unanimous decision


  • Dan Hardy is on commentary, and discusses the difficulty that can come from fighting outdoors.

    Lightweight Bout - Beneil Dariush (7-0) vs. Ramsey Nijem (9-4)
    ROUND ONE: Neil Hall is the referee for the bout. Here we go with the opening bout of the evening, and they come out quickly, both looking to land. Nijem circles, good body kick by Dariush, but Nijem stays out of the takedown and then lands some leg kicks to Dariush, who was on his back. Nijem circles, Dariush shoots, fails and to the cage they go. Dariush with dominant position, landing some body shots and throwing knees and elbows. They break and Dariush takes center cage, Nijem circling away and then throws a body kick. Slick right by Nijem, who is using good head movement. Big knee by Dariush, but Nijem connects with a left and then pounces on him and starts to unload. Hammer fists follow, and then a guillotine by Nijem. Dariush escapes but Nijem starts to unload again. Nijem landing, Dariush looking for a possible heel hook, Nijem out and gets mount. He gets the back now, starts to land again as Dariush is turning and then turns to body shots and it is finally stopped. Nijem did some work there.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Ramsey Nijem via RD1 TKO (4:20)

  • Hardy speaks with Nijem. Nijem says he felt he could end it early, he came in with energy and it meant a lot to fight here. Nijem says he has respect for his opponent, but he wanted to win and wants to bring a title home to the Middle East. He wants bigger fights, and he wants people to be afraid of him.

    Welterweight Bout - John Howard (22-8) vs. Ryan LaFlare (10-0)
    ROUND ONE: Leon Roberts is the referee. They touch gloves and we're underway. Howard takes center cage, LaFlare circles and lands body kicks. Takedown by LaFlare, and works from half guard. LaFlare claming down as he passes to side control. Shoulder shrugs by LaFlare, Howard rolls but LaFlare maintains side control. LaFlare then looks for the darce choke, Howard gets him into half guard as LaFlare keeps working for the choke. He releases, to the feet and a knee by LaFlare on the exit. They exchange, roll to the ground and then right back to the feet. Knees along the cage by LaFlare, and an elbow on the exit. LaFlare looks for another takedown, to the cage and lands knees to Howard. LaFlare with a throw into the takedown. Works north south as Howard gets back to his feet. Knees by LaFlare and another elbow on the exit. They clinch, separate and LaFlare works the body with rights. A knee follows and then a kick to the body. Head kick checked by Howard. Some leg kicks by Howard, body kick by LaFlare. Howard takes him to the cage as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: LaFlare 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Round two begins as Howard clips LaFlare and drops him. LaFlare recovers quickly, and to the cage they go. Howard then gets the takedown and works from the guard. Howard to half guard now, working some body shots as well. Good sweep by LaFlare, into side control, very nice. Howard sweeps, but LaFlare right to his feet. Body kick by LaFlare, jab follows and they clinch. To the cage they go, some knees by LaFlare but Howard turns and presses LaFlare to the cage. LaFlare throws a knee and hits Howard low. We get a break in the action. Howard is in extreme pain, and the doctor has been brought in to check him. Howard tried to get up, but is now sitting back down. Not looking good here. Wait, Howard then says screw it and is back to his feet and here we go. LaFlare gets a takedown, into side control again and Howard gives up his back. Knees to the body by LaFlare, Howard powers to his feet and they clinch. To the cage they go, a knee to the body by LaFlare and then another body shot. Combo by Howard misses, takedown by LaFlare, but Howard rolls to his feet as they work along the cage. More knees to the body by LaFlare, Howard turns LaFlare to the cage but LaFlare turns him back and lands more knees to the body. Howard with a turn and an uppercut, and then a left hook. Jabs by LaFlare to back off Howard as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: LaFlare 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Final round, and Howard needs a finish. His corner's advice was to "fuck him up". Howard trips LaFlare with a leg kick, but LaFlare then gets a takedown and pushes him towards the cage. LaFlare working from guard, sweep by Howard and back to the feet. Howard with another uppercut on the exit connects. Leg kick by LaFlare, shoots, takedown again. LaFlare in the guard again, lands a short elbow as Howard tries to utilize butterfly guard. LaFlare into half guard, and lands an elbow. LaFlare trying to pass, and is in side control again. Good sweep by Howard, but then he gives up his back. LaFlare landing some strikes from the back, now possibly looking for a head and arm choke. Gives that up, Howard now rolls and looks for a heel hook and gets one, but it is too low. LaFlare rolls, escapes and lands some elbows. LaFlare landing body strikes from the back position, Howard rolls but LaFlare keeps control, and that ends the fight. Howard looks to be in extreme pain as he heads to his corner.

    SCORECARD: LaFlare 30-27

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Ryan LaFlare via unanimous decision (no scores announced)

    Co-Main Event Featherweight Bout - Clay Guida (30-11) vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri (33-7-2dr)
    ROUND ONE: Marc Goddard is the referee for the fight. And here we go. Guida rushes out with his caveman style, presses Kawajiri, and spinning back fist by Kawajiri just misses. Overhand right by Guida DROPS Kawajiri! Guida follows up, Kawajiri tries to recover, but Guida has his back along the cage. Guida cannot capitalize, and Kawajiri is likely recovering. Guida then drops down for a single leg, but Kawajiri is working for a kimura. Guida with some knees to the thighs, Kawajiri rolls into an arm bar! Guida stacks him and then picks up Kawajiri and slams him down, Kawajiri maintains the hold. Guida finally manages to escape, they work along the cage, Kawajiri again looking to grab the arm as Guida essentially rides his back, until he SLAMS him to the mat. Knees to the thighs again by Guida, Kawajiri turns it and then slams Guida to the mat. Guida then looks for a kimura, Kawajiri on top and they roll as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Guida 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Round two begins, both guys staying low, Kawajiri shoots and fails. Guida drives him to the cage, some short elbows by Kawajiri as Guida looks for a single leg. Kawajiri looking to get the arm again, Guida rolls and they separate. Kawajiri checks a high kick, they circle and Guida then shoots in. Along the cage, short elbows by Kawajiri but Guida slams him down again. Kawajiri gets to his feet almost immediately, looking to get out of the body lock and get to the arm of Guida again. Kawajiri gets a kimura out of a roll, but Guida manages to escape and pushes Kawajiri to the cage. Knees by Guida as Kawajiri gets to his feet. They continue to work along the cage, Guida pressing, but Kawajiri drives Guida to the mat and looks for a triangle, but fails as Guida gets side control. Guida has the back, Kawajiri to the cage and gets to his feet. Guida has the back along the cage, again, Kawajiri looks for the arm, again. The round ends.

    SCORECARD: Guida 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Final round now, they both connect as they come out with solid strikes. Left hook by Guida, Kawajiri tries a spinning backfist and then takedown, none of that worked. Guida controls from north south, Kawajiri presses him to the cage as Guida lands short punches and elbows to the head. Guida defending and landing the short strikes. Kawajiri has his leg wrapped up, Guida pushes down and then lands more short strikes. Guida to his feet, they separate and leg kicks by Guida follow. Kawajiri looks dog tired here, but lands a body kick. Misses an overhand right, Guida takes him to the cage, and Kawajiri looks for that arm again. Kawajiri looks for a guillotine, Guida slams him to the mat, Kawajiri still has it, but then Guida pops out. Guida gets the back, lands some rights, roll by Kawajiri, but Guida back to side control. Knees by Guida follow, and the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Guida 30-27

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Clay Guida via unanimous decision (30-27 across the cards)

  • Dan Hardy talks with Guida. Guida praises Kawajiri, and says he trained on his feet a lot looking for a KO. Guida says the UFC is protecting Conor McGregor, and he wants to fight that "little Leprechaun". He also has unfinished business at 155, and he'd also fight Josh Thomson.

    Main Event Heavyweight Bout - Roy Nelson (20-9) vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (34-8-1dr-1nc)
    ROUND ONE: Leon Roberts is the referee. And here we go with our main event of the evening. They come out, Nogueira takes center cage, and both looking to land with jabs. Jabs by Nogueira, Nelson ducks in and can't really land anything. Jabs by Nelson, an uppercut lands and Nogueira is down! He recovers, almost gets a leg by Nelson escapes. Nelson backs off Nogueira, but misses an overhand right. Body shot by Nelson, pawing shots by both, looking for distance. Left hook by Nelson, but misses the right again. Jabs by Nogueira, they circle and a right by Nelson lands. Overhand right by Nelson DROPS Nogueira. Nogueira manages to get to his feet, Nelson stalks him, lands another right and Nogueira looks wobbly. HUGE right by Nelson and that's a walk off as Nogueira is out!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Roy Nelson via RD1 KO (3:37)

  • Nelson says this was a huge win because Big Nog is a legend. He says he is fighting because of guys like Big Nog. As for what's next, he wants to fight for the belt. Nelson says he was waiting to land that right, and Nog has a hard head. He expected to go five, and wanted to get a takedown if he could each round, but the right hand landed first.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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