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411s UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira Report 4.26.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 04.27.2014

 photo ufc172poster_zps007c9ba7.jpg

UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira
Baltimore Arena
Baltimore, Maryland


  • I missed the Fight Pass prelim, which saw Chris Beal defeat Patrick Williams via RD2 FLYING KNEE OF DOOM and IT WAS AWESOME!

    Lightweight Bout - Charlie Brenneman (19-6) VS Danny Castillo (16-6-)
    ROUND ONE: Dan Mirgliotta is the official. Castillo works leg kicks early as both throw some pawing jabs. Body shot and leg kick by Castillo. Brenneman looks for a single leg, and then gets a trip and takedown. Brenneman into side control, and works knee strikes to the body. Short strikes by Brenneman, keeps control and is looking for a possible head and arm triangle. Short strikes and knees continue, and now Brenneman transitions and looks for an arm bar. Castillo escapes and gets the back of Brenneman. They stand as Castillo controls from behind and lands knee strikes to the thighs of Brenneman. Brenneman gets warned for grabbing the fence, and they separate. They circle for a while, both land shots at the same time, and then circle again. Body kick by Castillo, Brenneman shoots for a single leg again, and gets the takedown. Brenneman gets the back as Castillo gets to his feet, Brenneman lets go and then Castillo reverses and looks to take his back and pulls him to the ground in a choke, but the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Brenneman 20-19

    ROUND TWO: They come out, circle a bit and then Castillo just ENDS Brenneman with a right hand. Brenneman is out cold.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Danny Castillo via RD2 (0:21) KO

  • Castillo discusses the fight and the timing of the right hand. He says his corner is amazing, and that the corner was right there for him to take and he did.

  • GREAT KO! (Credit: @ZProphet_MMA)

    Bantamweight Bout - Bethe Correia (7-0) VS Jessamyn Duke (3-0)
    ROUND ONE: Kevin Mulhall is the referee for the fight. And here we go. Duke takes center cage and looks to jab early and use her reach. Leg kick by Correia. Duke with more jabs, Correia with the leg kicks, both looking for range. Correia keeps trying to get in for body shots, but can't find a way in. Correia in with a left, another leg kick follows. Clinch, Duke with a knee, they struggle and separate. Correia back to the leg kicks, jabs by Duke. Clinch again, a knee and right by Duke. Right by Duke but Correia with a spinning back fist that connects. Good right off the break by Correia, body kick by Duke and Correia back to the leg kicks. Clinch, knees by Duke, dirty boxing by Correia, and then after a guillotine try by Duke, they separate. Correia finding some range and getting inside, and another leg kick. Overhand right by Duke, slips in an uppercut and then the clinch again, but can't do much as Correia escapes. Jabs by Duke, leg kicks by Correia as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Correia 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Round two now begins, Duke with pawing jabs to begin. Good right by Duke, Correia with a good combo to counter that. Back to the leg kick for Correia, clinch and Duke looks for a takedown, and they go to the cage. Duke needs to check some of these leg kicks. They work along the cage, Correia presses Duke, but Duke with a takedown and as she went for a Peruvian necktie, but Correia counters and gets side control. Duke trying to turn, but Correia overpowers her to maintain side control. Correia not doing much, jus controlling. Looks to take the back now, Duke gets to her feet though and they work along the cage and a good throw by Duke to get a takedown. Correia pops back up, and we're back to the feet. They trade center cage, both land good rights. Left hook by Correia, leg kick follows. Another, jabs by Duke follow, clinch and doesn't get much from that. Leg kick by Correia, Good left by Correia, a knee by Duke as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Correia 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Final round now, both come out looking to strike. Leg kick by Correia, who then chases with a combo to back off Duke. Spinning back fist by Correia grazes Duke. Correia with a good right, lots of movement by Correia and a leg kick again connects. Clinch and knee by Duke, but Correia quickly out of that. They both land center cage, combo lands for Correia as Duke continues to fail at utilizing her reach. Rights by Duke, but Correia lands more on the exchange. Leg kick again by Correia, who keeps pressing the action. Combo by Correia follows, Duke gets a takedown and gets the back of Correia, but Correia escapes into her guard. Duke works a rubber guard, lands an elbow, and you can see Duke's leg is all bruised up from those leg kicks. They get stood up. Knee by Duke, combo by Correia. To the cage, Duke with a trip, but Correia right back up and lands a few shots as they separate. The fight ends.

    SCORECARD: Correia 30-27

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bethe Correia via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

  • No interview.

    Lightweight Bout - Isaac Vallie-Flagg (14-4-1) VS Takanori Gomi (34-9-1)
    ROUND ONE: Herb Dean is the official. And here we go. Gomi takes center cage, leg kicks by Vallie-Flagg. Jabs by Gomi, they both exchange and to the cage they go. They separate, pawing jabs by Vallie-Flagg. Body kick follows for Vallie-Flagg, slips on a body kick and both land jabs. Combo by Gomi, switching levels, leg kick by Vallie-Flagg. Clinch, knees by Vallie-Flagg, they separate and both working the jab. Gomi back to southpaw, straight right by Vallie-Flagg, chases Gomi and both land jabs. Leg kick by Vallie-Flagg, overhand right just misses. Vallie-Flagg just misses the overhand right again, slips on a kick and Gomi into the guard of Vallie-Flagg. Half guard now for Gomi, Vallie-Flagg working some elbows from the bottom. Gomi postures up in the guard, Vallie-Flagg scoots to the cage, looks to stand, but Gomi takes his back. He has the hooks in, looking for a choke. Gomi loses a hook, and Vallie-Flagg escapes and gets to his feet. Body kick by Vallie-Flagg, clips Gomi but he is back to his feet. A good right by Gomi, leg kick follows. Combo by Gomi, leg kick by Vallie-Flagg. Both look exhausted as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Vallie-Flagg 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Round two begins as Vallie-Flagg lands a leg kick. Good right by Vallie-Flagg, chases and we get a stoppage as Gomi has loose tape that needs cut. Back to action as Vallie-Flagg looks for more leg kicks. Good right by Gomi, and Vallie-Flagg smiles at him. Leg kick and jabs by Vallie-Flagg, push kick follows. Both land rights, jab by Gomi and then a leg kick follows. They clinch, to the cage they go and knees by Vallie-Flagg. They separate, body kick by Vallie-Flagg again. Vallie-Flagg continues to press as Gomi continues to tire. Combo to the body by Gomi, Gomi with another combo and finally starts to land solid stuff. Jabs by Vallie-Flagg, front push kick follows. Both land jabs, and Gomi with a level changing combo, finding some success with the body shots. They work along the cage now, jabs from both follow as they separate. Good right by Gomi and Vallie-Flagg is showing damage now by the right eye. Vallie-Flagg's eye is swelling badly now as Gomi lands more clean strikes and the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 19-19

    ROUND THREE: Final round now, and some good jabs by Gomi to the eye of Vallie-Flagg. Body shot by Gomi, overhand right also lands. Gomi staying close and landing, straight rights by Vallie-Flagg. Vallie-Flagg then gets a takedown and starts to pound away on Gomi, but Gomi gets to his feet. They work along the cage, knee to the body by Gomi. Gomi separates, they trade center cage, both landing well but Vallie-Flagg's right eye is basically closed. They clinch along the cage, knees by Gomi and they separate. Good jabs and an uppercut by Gomi. Vallie-Flagg is busted up badly now bleeding a lot. Gomi keeps landing, they clinch and go to the cage. Gomi warned for grabbing the cage here. Not much happening as Dean warns then to work and they go to the mat, with Vallie-Flagg on top and getting the back. Gomi escapes to the guard and Vallie-Flagg throws elbows from the bottom and the round ends, Vallie-Flagg is a bloody mess and after some celebration, they embrace.

    SCORECARD: Gomi 29-28

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Takanori Gomi via unanimous decision (29-28 across the cards)

  • No interview.

    Flyweight Bout - Tim Elliott (10-4-1) VS Joseph Benavidez (19-4)
    ROUND ONE: Mario Yamasaki is the official. They come out quickly, Elliot rushes for a takedown, Benavidez looks for a guillotine, but they get back to their feet. Combo by Benavidez after a knee by Elliot. Takedown by Elliot, looks to get the back of Benavidez, rolling crucifixes by Elliot, landing strikes and keeps Benavidez trapped, that was cool. Elliot into guard, looking to land but Benavidez busy from the bottom. Benavidez gets to his feet, combo by Elliot. Combo by Benavidez, they clinch and knees by Benavidez. Separate, body kick by Benavidez. Elliot shoots and gets a double leg takedown. Looks to get his back again, but Benavidez into north south and looks for a possible guillotine. Benavidez in half guard, still has the neck, and Benavidez into side control. Benavidez looking for mount, Elliot countering as Benavidez holds onto the neck. Benavidez now has mount, cranking on the guillotine and Elliot taps with his feet because he was wrapped up. Outstanding fight.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Joseph Benavidez via RD1 (4:08) submission

  • SLICK SUB! (Credit: @ZProphet_MMA)

  • Benavidez says that Elliot is a wild man, and an awesome opponent. Benavidez said Elliot made this fight. Benavidez says he has been working top control and grappling a lot.

  • Since we have time left, we see Chris Beal defeat Patrick Williams via RD2 FLYING KNEE OF DOOM and IT WAS AWESOME! (Credit: @ZProphet_MMA) This aired on Fight Pass.



  • Rogan and Goldberg welcome us to the PPV.

    Featherweight Bout - Andre Fili (13-1) VS Max Holloway (8-3)
    ROUND ONE: Kevin Mulhall is the official. And here we go. Fili with jabs and a leg kick early. Backs off Holloway, but Holloway lands a good right to slow that down. They circle, leg kick by Fili. Back spinkick by Holloway lands to the body. Leg kick by Fili, uppercut by Holloway. Both work jabs, leg kick by Fili. Another back spinkick by Holloway. Good left by Fili,, body shots follow for Fili. More jabs by Fili, head kick checked. Fili using his reach, another leg kick lands. Fili continues to land leg kicks, left hook by Holloway. Good exchange, both landing well, Holloway with another back spinkick to the body. A clean right follows for Holloway, Fili with the leg kick and takedown. Holloway pops right back up, body kick by Fili. Holloway catches a push kick, lands a right and then takes Fili to the cage. Not much happening as they work for position. A knee by Fili and the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Fili 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Round two begins, leg kick by Fili. Push kick by Holloway, both land jabs and a kick by Holloway. Clinch against the cage and knees by Holloway. They separate, back to center cage and both land jabs again. Holloway catches a kick, takes Fili down, but Holloway backs off. Holloway with a solid right, they clinch, separate and Holloway controlling the cage and lands another good right. Fili looks tired here, and both landing jabs again. Fili shoots, gets the takedown, and works from guard. Holloway with good wrist control, keeping Fili close. Ref tells them to get busy, shut up, they are grappling. And we get a SHIT stand up. Body shot by Fili, combo by Holloway lands. Back spinkick by Holloway, partially caught, to the cage and Fili works for a takedown, but fails. To the cage they go again, final seconds, they trade knees and the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 19-19

    ROUND THREE: Final round now. Both looking to take control, both landing jabs. Holloway has center cage, Fili forward with a kick, checked, and then shoots, Holloway defends and they separate. Fili stops a back spinkick with a leg kick, and then lands an overhand right. Fili with the takedown, works from guard now. They work back to the feet, Fili did nothing with that takedown. Good right by Holloway, Fili looked to shoot, but bailed. Fili shoots again, stopped and a knee by Holloway. Fili tries again, Holloway works him into north south, and then back to the feet. To the cage they go, short lefts by Holloway. A right elbow lands, Fili rocked, and a guillotine try by Holloway, in tight and Fili has to tap!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Max Holloway via RD 3 (3:39) submission

  • Guillotine! (Credit: @ZProphet_MMA)

  • Holloway gets interview time, and thanks Jesus. The win was awesome, and felt as if he needed the finish. He was promised Krispy Kremes if he got a submission.

    Lightweight Bout - Yancy Medeiros (9-1-1) VS Jim Miller (23-4-1)
    ROUND ONE: Medeiros has a six-inch reach advantage. Mario Yamasaki is the official. Both slow to center cage, Miller flashing some jabs to begin. Push kick by Medeiros, and then jabs follow. Miller having trouble getting inside on Medeiros. Leg kick by Medeiros, looks to work his jab. Body kick by Miller, front kick by Medeiros lands. A right hook follows, and then another body kick. Medeiros slips, and Miller lands a body shot and a combo. Miller presses Medeiros to the cage, they trade knees and Miller gets a takedown and into a guillotine attempt. Medeiros keeps fighting to escape, but then gets choked out! Damn.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Jim Miller via RD1 (3:18) technical submission

  • Another Guillotine! (Credit: @ZProphet_MMA)

  • Rogan talks with Miller. Miller says that it is the night of the guillotine. He appreciates that Mederios stepped into fight him on short notice. He trains with the best and wants to keep proving. He'll take on Cerrone, TJ Grant, Thomson, Dos Anjos or anyone else to move up in the ranks.

    Middleweight Bout - Tim Boetsch (17-6) VS Luke Rockhold (11-2)
    ROUND ONE: The official is Mario Yamasaki. They touch gloves and here we go. Body kick by Boetsch to start, and then the leg kick. Takedown by Boetsch, but Rockhold rolls through and now works for a triangle from the top. Elbows to the back by Rockhold, Boetsch tries to stay turtled up to relive pressure. More elbows by Rockhold, trying to flatten Boetsch out. Rockhold now looking for a kimura as well, Boetsch rolls, but Rockhold has him tied up. Boetsch taps.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: VS Luke Rockhold via RD1 (2:08) submission

  • Luke Rockhold does work! (Credit: @ZProphet_MMA)

  • Rockhold say she loves that inverted triangle, and he just needed to stay calm and work his position. He thanks Tim for the fight, and he wants a title shot. But he wants to earn it, and wants to go through Vitor Belfort in a rematch. If Belfort can't come back he wants Michael Bisping.

    Co-Main Event Light Heavyweight Bout - Anthony Johnson (16-4) VS Phil Davis (12-1-1)
    ROUND ONE: The official is Herb Dean. Here we go as they take center cage, Johnson stalking and backing off Davis. Circling and not much happening thus far. Clinch, and they separate. Uppercut by Johnson, they clinch and Davis drops down for a shot, fails. A right by Davis now, body kick by Johnson. Jabs by Johnson, front kick misses for Davis, combo by Johnson follows. Leg kick by Johnson, and a soft body kick for Davis. Lands a good one, but Johnson with a right follows. Davis shoots, Johnson counters and starts to land rights against the cage. Davis' left eye is busted open, and a kick by Johnson, and also escapes a takedown. Johnson stalking, pressing Davis back, Davis tries a high kick, checked. Jab by Johnson, leg kick follows. Another good right for Johnson, the jab follows. Davis with a head kick, checked. The round ends.

    SCORECARD: Johnson 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Round two begins, Johnson takes center cage right away. Leg kick by Johnson connects, chases a bit with a combo that misses, but keeps pressing Davis back. Jab by Davis, Johnson catches a leg kick and throws a head kick, checked. Johnson stuffs another takedown, good right by Johnson as Davis looked to shoot in. High kick by Johnson checked by keeps backing Davis off. Jabs follow for Johnson, and another right connects. Johnson with good angles, good defense and just frustrating Davis here. Body kick by Davis, leg kick by Johnson in return. Sweet combo by Johnson, including a great counter uppercut. Another overhand right by Johnson lands, checks another high kick from Davis. Davis fails at another takedown, he's 5 for 5 stopping those. Davis has no answer for anything Johnson is doing as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Johnson 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Final round now, and Davis needs a finish. His corner said as much, but offered no real advice. Johnson takes center cage right away, right to the body by Johnson. Davis slipping punches here but offers no counters. Push kick by Davis, right hook by Johnson follows. Jab by Davis, head kick checked by Johnson. Good right by Davis, shoots for a takedown and to the cage they go. Johnson with a right to separate, leg kick by Johnson follows. Johnson stuffs another takedown, 7 for 7 now. Push kick by Johnson, Davis offering nothing of note. Misses another head kick, Johnson stuffs another takedown and Johnson chases, and Davis essentially runs away. To the cage they go, Davis looking for a single leg takedown, Johnson counters and separates. Straight left by Johnson, they trade a bit wildly as we enter the final 25 seconds. Along the cage, Davis works for a possible kimura, but the fight ends.

    SCORECARD: Johnson 30-27

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Anthony Johnson via unanimous decision (30-27 across the cards)

  • Rogan talks with Johnson. Johnson is excited, and Rogan says he always shad potential but tonight was a tremendous performance. Johnson thanks everyone that supported him. He thanks God, his manager, training partners and family. Johnson says that leaving the UFC helped him, and he thanks Dana White for changing him into a beast.

    Main Event Light heavyweight Title Bout - Glover Teixeira (22-2) VS Champion Jon Jones (19-1)
    ROUND ONE: The official is Dan Mirgliotta. And here we go with the main event of the evening. They touch gloves and Teixeira with an overhand right to begin. Kick by Jones, body kick by Jones. They trade in the clinch, knee by Jones and takes Teixeira to the cage. Teixeira stops the takedown, they separate and kick to the leg by Jones. Body shot by Teixeira, Teixeira catches a kick by Jones and to the cage they go. They separate, good right by Teixeira. A leg kick follows, Teixeira shoots, fails and to the cage they go. Left hook by Jones, high kick by Jones and Teixeira eats it. We have an eye poke by Jones, Teixeira is ok and we're back to action. Overhand right by Teixeira, combo follows. Jab by Jones, and a snapping left hook by Jones. Inside leg kicks by Jones, jabs follow. Catches a kick and takes Teixeira down. Works north south, but Teixeira escapes. Jabs by Jones, left hook by Teixeira. More jabs by Jones, Backspin kick by Jones to the body, Teixeira chases a bit and gets wild, and then chases with a right. Jones fakes a jumping knee, and then lands an axe kick as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Jones 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Second round begins, Teixeira backs Jones to the cage, takedown stuffed by Teixeira. Both looking to work the jab, head kick by Jones checked, so he goes back to the leg kicks. They circle, jab by Jones and a body kick follows. Both miss big rights, back to the leg kicks and then an elbow lands. Teixeira looks to shoot, stuffed by Jones and we have another eye poke by Jones. He gets a warning. Jones paws with that long reach and opens the hands and that is what happened there. Back to action, body shot by Teixeira. Jones ducks under a rights, Teixeira with a comb and takes Jones to the cage. Back to center cage, high kick by Jones checked, but then lands an elbow. Good left hooks by Teixeira, but then lefts by Jones connects along the cage followed by a left hook. Teixeira shoots, to the cage and stuffed. Leg kick by Jones, backspin kick to Teixeira, to the cage and shoulder shrugs as well for Jones. Body kick by Teixeira, another and then Jones misses with a wheel kick as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Jones 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Teixeira's shoulder is hurting him according to his corner, and Jones has not been throwing rights, and could have an injury. They take center cage, body shots by Teixeira. Knee to the body by Jones, Teixeira having trouble getting inside here. Jones with the leg kicks, an uppercut follows. Jones shoots, Teixeira stuffs that and to the cage they go. Jones tries to tie up Teixeira, but Teixeira lands a few uppercuts and then they separate. Jones fakes the jumping knee again, to the cage again and a knee by Jones. Elbow by Jones, uppercut follows and then one from Teixeira. Body shot by Teixeira, Jones working wrist control along the cage and then gets a left hook. Teixeira is bleeding from the elbows from earlier. They separate, leg kick again from Jones. Left hook follows for Jones, and then a body kick then follows that. They trade along the cage, Jones with more elbows here as he takes control away. Teixeira with a right and then left hook and the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Jones 30-27

    ROUND FOUR: Teixeira has a big cut over his right eye from the elbows. They take center cage, both throw kicks and then jabs by Jones. Jones with more kicks to the legs, Jones works Teixeira to the cage, Teixeira just missing on exchanges, and then misses a spinning back elbow. Teixeira looks for a single leg, fails and to the cage they go. Knees and an elbow by Jones along the cage, and Jones keeps control easily here. Teixeira lost his mouthpiece, and they rinse it off and back to action. Teixeira now presses, body kick from Jones and then a grazing knee. Left hook and leg kick by Jones. Elbow strikes by Jones, almost jab like. Another elbow and leg kick by Jones, some shots by Teixeira, but nothing really happening for him. To the cage again, Teixeira eats another elbow and then another. Jones just busting him up while avoiding Teixeira's strikes. Jones with rapid-fire elbow strikes against the cage, Jones shoots and gets a takedown, some ground and pound but the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Jones 40-36

    ROUND FIVE: Final round, Teixeira needs a finish desperately. They hug before the round begins. Jabs by Jones to begin and then a takedown. He has Teixeira against the cage, Teixeira to his feet and then a spinning elbow by Jones. Jones keeps pressing, controlling the wrists and working some body shots. Uppercut by Teixeira, left hook follows. Jones backs him to the cage, starts to land against the cage and so does Teixeira. Teixeira loses his mouthpiece again. He gets warned for that and we're back to action. Teixeira with a good right, and a body shot follows. Teixeira with another right, but another elbow by Jones. Left hook and elbow for Jones, uppercut by Teixeira. They work along the cage, more elbows by Jones. Teixeira is exhausted here, Jones misses the jumping knee. Jab by Jones, Teixeira with a body shot and Jones covers and moves away. Left hook by Jones, spinning elbow misses for Jones. Teixeira chases, and Jones stays away. Jones on his horse, misses a wheel kick, to the cage and Jones backs away as the fight ends.

    SCORECARD: Jones 50-45

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Jon Jones via unanimous decision (50-45 across the cards)

  • Jones is with Rogan. Jones thanks Jesus, and then thanks Ray Lewis for being there. Rogan discusses strategy, and Jones says he wanted to pick him apart form distance, but then got close to Glover couldn't wind up with big shots. Jones says the fight was what eh thought it would be because Glover isn't too versatile.

  • Rogan is with Glover, and asks about his shoulder. He says he hurt it in the first round and may have a broken rib. Jones took his best and is just a great champion. Glover followed his gameplan, but Jones just beat him at his best.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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