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411’s Bellator 120 Report 5.17.14
Posted by Robert Winfree on 05.18.2014

Hello everyone, Robert Winfree here and providing you with all the live coverage for Bellator's inaugural PPV event. Thanks for being here at 411mania. Before we get going, have you checked out the Radulich in Broadcasting network? It's the exclusive home of the 411 Ground and Pound radio show, hosted by yours truly, which is live every Sunday at 8pm eastern time. It's a call in show, and if you'd like to tune in and voice your opinions the number is (323) 657-0901. It's home to a bunch of other podcasts, all quality stuff, so give them a listen while you're following along here, or bored at work, or in transit. Podcasts are great pretty much anywhere.

Find Additional Pop Culture Podcasts with Mark Radulich on BlogTalkRadio

Lots of fights tonight, so let's all hope that Clucky is napping and that the action is worth watching. The first two fights were not streamed.

Brian Hall defeated Cortez Phelia via TKO at :24 of Round 3
Codie Shuffield defeated Anthony Lemon via Submission, rear naked choke, at 2:15 of Round 2

Welterweight Bout: Ben Brewer (170.2) vs. Andy Uhrich (170.5)

ROUND ONE: Brewer has four inches of reach advantage. Touch of the gloves to start things off. Both men are throwing some punches, Uhrich clinches Brewer into the fence. Uhrich gets a body lock takedown, and has the back with both hooks and looking for a choke. Brewer tries hand fighting, he's defending the choke well enough. Uhrich is trying a half nelson to get into full mount, it kind of works and Uhrich has full mount. Brewer hip escapes into half guard. Brewer is trying to use the cage to wall walk, Uhrich is keeping him on the mat. Uhrich takes the back, he's got position for an arm triangle choke but decides to take the back instead. Uhrich tries for the choke again, he's under the chin but Brewer is hand fighting. Unrich bails on the choke and moves to mount, Brewer gets his half guard back. Brewer gets the neck and tries for a guillotine, instead uses it to stand and lands a couple of punches in close. Brewer pushing Uhrich into the fence now and lands a couple of hard punches as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Uhrich

ROUND TWO: Brewer comes out aggressive, he avoids being taken down by Uhrich. Uhrich clinches up and pushes Brewer into the fence and looks for a double leg. Brewer lands some elbows to the side of the head before Uhrich sucks his legs out and has him down. Brewer tries to wall walk, and regain his feet. Uhrich still has his hands locked and again gets the takedown. Uhrich has the legs mounted, moves to side control but Brewer gets back to his feet and knees the body in the clinch. Brewer grabs the guillotine but Uhrich pulls out and eats a couple punches before shooting again. They wind up clinched against the fence. Brewer defends, lands a couple of hard punches from close range and Uhrich drops like a rock.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Ben Brewer via KO at 2:40 of Round 2

No interview for Brewer but here's the finish.

Heavyweight Bout: Justin Frazier (264.5 lbs.) vs. Mike Wessel (257.9 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. Frazier is southpaw, lands an inside leg kick and hits a straight left. They clinch standing and Wessel hits a nice knee to the head before scoring a takedown into half guard. Frazier muscles his way up and they grapple in the clinch before Frazier pushes Wessel into the fence. Wessel turns him into the cage and hits a knee to the body. Frazier pushes Wessel into the fence, they're trading some knees. They trade position again, Wessel hits an elbow. Wessel digging to the body from the clinch. Frazier eats a knee to the body and they separate. Wessel throws a head kick, blocked by Frazier. Body kick from Frazier. Body kick from Wessel. They clinch up, Wessel lands a couple of knees to the body and grabs a single, transitions into a double and gets the takedown into side control. Wessel works to the mounted crucifix and lands some nasty punches and elbows. Frazier isn't doing a whole lot besides eating punches and the ref stops it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Mike Wessel via TKO at 4:28 Round 1

Again no interview for the winner.

Catchweight Bout: Zach Underwood (152.3 lbs.) vs. Austin Lyons (152.4 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Lyons has seven inches of reach on Underwood. Underwood trying to land the one two, both men throwing a fair amount of punches. Both men settling down, Underwood still trying to work the one two. They clinch up, Lyons has the back standing and pushes Underwood into the fence. Underwood turns and faces Lyons, then reverses position. Underwood tries a trip, loses his grip and eats an uppercut as they break. Lyons clinches up the body lock again, tries two different lifting takedowns, both times Underwood lands on his feet and Lyons pushes him into the fence. Lyons trying to jab now. Lyons reaching for a right to the body, Underwood trying to counter with a left. Now lots of circling. Body kick from Lyons lands, Underwood tries a takedown but Lyons counters, lands in side control briefly before they regain their feet. Both men miss some punches to end the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Lyons

ROUND TWO: Lyons again trying to jab at the start of this round. Underwood circling, trying to land a shot every now and then. Lyons lands a decent uppercut. Underwood trying to find the timing to get inside and land. They clinch up briefly, then Underwood gets taken down. Lyons has the back as Underwood regains his feet against the fence. They break without much incident. Lyons flashing the jab. Underwood eats a body kick and shoots a single. Lyons defends and hits a switch to wind up on top. Underwood regains his feet against the fence, Lyons still pushing him into the cage. Underwood hits a knee and they break. Lyons back to following, Underwood circling. Underwood shoots a single from way outside, Lyons defends it and pushes Underwood into the fence. Lyons hits a couple of knees to the head, then a flurry before Underwood circles away. Underwood lands a straight right. Another good right lands for Underwood who looks to have the timing for his counters now. Round ends with a missed superman punch from Lyons.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Lyons, 20-18 Lyons overall

ROUND THREE: Underwood get's caught with a short right and stumbles. He's not really hurt and resumes circling. Underwood shoots, stuffed easily and Lyons is on top in half guard. Underwood tries to use the fence to push off, he gets to all fours and has his feet under him. Lyons can't keep him in the clinch but lands a right on the break. Underwood circling more, shoots again, Lyons sprawls and has his neck. Lyons lets up on a possible choke and starts landing punches against the fence as Underwood tries to regain his feet. Lyons knees the head as Underwood tries to break, Underwood drops to avoid more knees. Lyons thinks about a choke, bails and keeps Underwood down. Underwood gets his feet under him and stands, Lyons knees him in the face again and Underwood looks hurt. Lyons tries to swarm, he lands a knee to the head of Underwood while Underwood was on one knee. Clearly Underwood was down, Lyons might have been trying to time it with his standing but he never got off of one knee. We've got time for Underwood to recover. If Underwood can't continue we will score this round to this point and go to the judges. I don't think Underwood is going to finish out the round. The ref now asks for the doctor to check on Underwood. Between Underwood and the doctor they wave off the round and we're going to the judges. No point deducted from Lyons for the knee, but the round will be scored to the point of the foul and that will decide the winner.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Lyons, 30-27 Lyons overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Austin Lyons via unanimous technical decision (30-27x2, 29-28)

Here's the finishing sequence, including the illegal knee.

That wraps up the stuff on Spike.com, now onto Spike TV.

Featherweight Bout: Goiti Yamauchi (145.5 lbs.) vs. Mike Richman (145.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Yamauchi has five inches of reach on Richman. Richman is fighting southpaw, and we touch gloves to star things off. Both men circling to start, Yamauchi throws an inside leg kick but it strays high and lands in the groin. Replay shows that kick landed almost square in the groin. Richman has five minutes. Richman is up and time is back in. Touch of the gloves on the restart. Richman trying to get his jab going now. Body kick from Yamauchi lands, and another one. Richman working the outside legkick, Yamauchi lands another hard body kick. Yamauchi with a knee to the body as they clinch up. Yamauchi pushes Richman into the fence. Richman fights for the body lock and turns Yamauchi into the fence. Yamauchi turns him and just misses a left hand on the break. Richman looking to land his left hand, and hits a head kick. Body kick from Yamauchi lands, Richman tries to return the body kick. Richman lands a couple of body shots and pushes Yamauchi into the fence. Yamauchi gives up a single, but Richman doesn't follow him to the ground. Inside leg kick lands for Yamauchi but Richman lands a couple of punches. Yamauchi lands a combination, follow up head kick is blocked. They clinch up and Richman pushes Yamauchi into the fence. Yamauchi throws a blocked head kick as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Yamauchi

ROUND TWO: Richman eats a front kick to the body, but lands a jab and tries a head kick. Yamauchi lands a left hook and follows up with a combination. Richman pushes him off, but Yamauchi hits a hard knee to the body and clinches up. Richman pushes Yamauchi into the fence, Yamauchi with a body lock takedown. Richman tries to regain his feet, Yamauchi hits some punches and grabs the legs to keep Richman from getting up. Richman regains his feet but eats a knee on the way out. Richman with a left to the body. Yamauchi switches to southpaw and hits a front kick to the face. Yamauchi still southpaw and landing his jab. Now he switches back to orthodox. Richman slips on a kick but Yamauchi pushes forward and hits him in the clinch. Yamauchi eats a body punch, tries to shoot from the opposite stance and is stuffed easily. Richman with a couple of body kicks, Yamauchi lands a knee to the body as they clinch up. They break without much happening. Body kick from Yamauchi. They circle as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Yamauchi, 20-18 Yamauchi overall

ROUND THREE: Final round starts. Richman moving forward and looking to punch. Yamauchi shoots, Richman grabs his neck, Yamauchi pulls guard and closes the guard. Yamauchi on his hip, looking towards an attack on an arm. Yamauchi goes to the body triangle from the bottom. Richman sneaks a left hand in as Yamauchi was working towards a shoulder lock. Richman not doing a whole lot, he's worried about the submission game of Yamauchi. Richman lands a left hand. Yamauchi keeps attacking but his submission attempts aren't getting all that close to being locked in. Yamauchi briefly has a triangle position, Richman pulls out easily. The ref stands them up. Yamauchi lands a body kick, Richman is pushing forward. Two body kicks for Yamauchi as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Richman, 29-28 Richman overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Goiti Yamauchi via unanimous decision (29-28x3)

Surprised we got a unanimous decision out of that fight, round one was close and this had split decision written all over it.

Catchweight Bout: Shahbulat Shamhalaev (145.1 lbs.) vs. Fabricio Guerreiro (147.9 lbs.)

Guerreiro missed weight for this one, it was scheduled to be a featherweight bout.

ROUND ONE: Shamhalaev lands a body kick and dodges the return fire. Guerreira ducks under a hook. Both men taking their time. Shamhalaev trying to bait Guerreiro into coming forward. Leg kick for Shamhalaev. Guerreiro lands a right hand. Guerreiro get's in close and has a takedown. Shamhalaev grabs a single leg, Guerreiro has the crucifix now and drops down with a kimura attempt. It's close, Shamhalaev tires to roll, Guerreiro sticks with it and Shamhalaev has to tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Fabricio Geurreiro via Submission, kimura, at 3:29 of Round 1

Guerreiro does get an interview with Jimmy Smith. Guerreiro thanks God and that he knew he could win this fight anywhere but one he had the kimura he knew he had it. He concludes by saying he was ready for anything, thanks his family and his trainers.

Here's the finish.

And here's a close-up on the broken elbow.

Catchweight Bout: Nate Jolly (158 lbs.) vs. Marcin Held (158 lbs.)

What is it with all these catchweight fights tonight?

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves and we're going. Held catches Jolly with a knee that wobbles him, Jolly recovers and lands a punch that wobbles Held. Both men take a moment to circle and recover. They clinch, Held pushes Jolly into the fence. Held tries a trip, gets it and has the back momentarily. Jolly tries to stand but Held gets the back with both hooks in. Jolly is managing to hand fight and keep two of his hands on one of Held's and preventing the choke attempt. Held has mount for a moment but gets the arm triangle position for a moment, then retakes the back as Jolly defends. Jolly explodes and turns into Held. Jolly stands and comes down with some hard punches but Held catches an arm and locks in the armbar for the submission win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Marcin Held via Submission, armbar, at 4:20 of Round 1

Held gets an interview with Jimmy Smith. Held says the early exchanges were because he was looking for a knockout. He calls the ground game his world, says the punches on the ground looked bad but weren't that hard so he went for the submission. Says he is ready for Patricky Pitbull, who was his original opponent tonight, and he'll be even better when they fight.

Here's the finish.

Heavyweight Bout: Cheick Kongo (235 lbs.) vs. Eric Smith (253.8 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Smith the aggressor early, lands a close punch as he tries to clinch but Kongo circles away. Smith misses a left hook. Kongo has his back to the fence and is trying to circle. Kongo lands a left, Smith lands a winging over hand right and has the body lock. Smith tries a throw, Kongo remains verticle. Smith breaks and pushes away, now slowly walking Kongo down again. Smith lands another right, Kongo returns fire and Smith shoots. Smith has Kongo pushed into the cage, they jockey for position for a bit. Smith fights for the body lock, he elevates Kongo and gets a takedown into half guard. Smith not doing a whole lot, Kongo can't seem to get him off him though. Kongo gets his back to the fence and looks to wall walk. Smith lands a bunch of right hands, many were blocked and Kongo is on his feet again. Kongo unloads with three successive body kicks. Another body kick. Smith might have gassed himself out with that flurry. Kongo in the clinch and landing knees to the body. Kongo keeps Smith against the fence and lands a right hand as the bell rings.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Smith

ROUND TWO: Kongo bouncing and again moving backwards. Body kick lands for Kongo. Smith pushes forward and lands a couple of hooks. They clinch up, Kongo has Smith pushed into the fence. Kongo drops down for a double leg and gets it. Smith on all fours, Kongo working short punches to the head as Smith tries to stand. Kongo lands a big knee to the body. Smith tries to stand, Kongo pulls a leg out from under him. Kongo working some short punches to the head. Smith finally regains his feet, but gets kneed in the head. Kongo working punches, another knee to the head, and that prompts the stoppage.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Cheick Kongo TKO 4:35 of Round 2

Kongo gets an interview. Kongo thanks his friends and dedicates the fight to the people his friends have lost. Today is also Kongo's birthday, which gets a pop from the crowd, and is 39. He concludes by saying he's French, black, and proud.

Well, we're moving on to PPV.

Welterweight Bout: Rickey Rainey (170.1 lbs.) vs. Michael Page (170.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. Page keeps his hands at his sides. Rainey pushing forward trying to land some punches, Page circling and looking to get the timing. Page lands a couple of jabs. Page hits a jumping knee that has Rainey wobbled. Page now not even looking at his opponent. Rainey is following way too much instead of curring Page off. Rainey gets the clinch against the fence and works some punches before Page breaks away. Page is dancing a little bit. Actually dancing. Rainey gets the clinch against the fence. Rainey gets the single leg and tries a takedown, can't finish it but keeps the clinch after a brief scramble. Page has the body lock and turns Rainey into the fence before pushing away. Page with a jumping knee that lands, and a spinning backfist that lands. Page lands an uppercut, then a big right hand ends Rainey's night.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Michael Page via TKO at 4:29 Round 1

Page gets an interview. Page felt in control the whole time, says he feels like he proved why he deserves to be here. He plans on returning and doing this again, and again, and again. Page says he wants to take his time in the sport and grow properly, he wont be rushing into a fight against the top of the division, but when he gets there you better watch out.

Heavyweight Bout: Blagoi Ivanov (249.5 lbs.) vs. Alexander Volkov (236.1 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Volkov has an eight inch reach advantage. Ivanov is southpaw. Circling to start, Ivanov lands a left hand and pushes into the clinch. Ivanov has a single leg, bails on it and just tries for the body lock. Volkov with a knee to the body as they jockey for position. Ivanov drops for a single, baisl and resumes clinching. Volkov with a knee to the head. Ivanov trying to work short punches to the head. Trading knees to the body now. Volkov gets a little separation and throws a kick that's caught and Ivanov maintains the clinch. Ivanov lands a right hand and left to the body on a break and then clinches up again. Ivanov is smothering Volkov as much as possible. Volkov trying to work some knees, and spins out of the clinch. Ivanov lands a left hand, Volkov pushes forward and tries a knee to the head. Ivanov trying to gauge the distance, they clinch up, Volkov lands a knee but Ivanov hits a left on the break. Round ends with some circling.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Ivanov

ROUND TWO: Volkov is actively jabbing to start the second. Ivanov reaches for a single, Volkov defends. Ivanov pushing forward, gets the clinch against the fence. Ivanov tries a throw, Volkov defends and gets Ivanov's back in the transition. Volkov has the rear naked choke and Ivanov has to tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Alexander Volkov via Submission, rear naked choke, at 1:08 of Round 2

Volkov will now get a rematch with Vitaly Minakov for the Bellator heavyweight championship. Volkov gets an interview. This was just Volkov's second submission win in his career, he says it was an honor to tap a world class grappler. He thanks his coach and his team for supporting him. Volkov says he was worried about Ivanov's punching power and he came into the fight with a slight rib injury and that he felt Ivanov was tired in the second and he took advantage of that. Volkov says he's ready for a rematch with Minakov, he'll work very hard and was motivated by the loss, and that he wants his belt back.

Light heavyweight Bout: Alexander Shlemenko (201.9 lbs.) vs. Tito Ortiz (205.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: No touch of the gloves, Shlemenko is southpaw. There is a substantial size difference between these two. Ortiz shoots, stuffed. Shlemenko lands two hard liver kicks. A third. Ortiz shoots and stuffed again. Shlemenko lands a combination. Ortiz lands a right hand. Another body kick for Shlemenko, and a spinning backfist that lands. Ortiz shoots again, they clinch on the fence. Ortiz starting to work knees in the clinch. Shlemenko tries to spin out, Ortiz gets a takedown. Shlemenko on his knees, Ortiz tries to pull him down, does, Ortiz going for an arm triangle choke. It's pretty close, and Shlemenko goes out!

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Tito Ortiz via Technical submission, arm triangle choke, at 2:27 of Round 1

Ortiz gets the interview. He says "he's back" for the umpteenth time in his career. He says he worked very hard and wants to inspire others to work hard. Ortiz says he looked up to Hulk Hogan, then launches into a pretty poor Hogan impression. Ortiz says he's had countless surgeries and was counted out, had his back to the wall and was counted out, then says the performance was for his sons watching at home. Then says the UFC can try to erase him, but the fans will remember him forever. Ortiz says he was surprised that Shlemenko was as heavy as he was, that he sponsored Shlemenko when Shlemenko was coming up and that he's a great champion at middleweight. He closes by saying that he's still in the sport and will be for a long time to come.

Interim Lightweight Title Bout: Michael Chandler (154.9 lbs.) vs. Will Brooks (154.2 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: No touch of the gloves, Chandler comes out jabbing. Chandler shoots a double and gets Brooks down. Brooks gets full guard and closes it. Chandler working to posture up and land ground and pound. Brooks working to keep Chandler close. Brooks uses butterfly guard to elevate Chandler and regain his feet. Brooks lands a jab. Brooks lands a knee to the body during a clash. Chandler still pushing forward, they clinch against the fence. Chandler pushing Brooks into the cage. Chandler drops and gets another double leg slam. Brooks immediately gets his back on the fence and sits up. Chandler pulls him away from the cage. Chandler trying to posture, Brooks is keeping him close so Chandler works the body a bit. Chandler trying to land some short elbows. The round ends with Chandler on top working short elbows.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Chandler

ROUND TWO: Brooks tries to work the jab to start the round, lands an inside leg kick as well. Chandler shoots a single, gets Brooks into the fence. Brooks defends the takedown attempt and lands a knee to the body on the break. Chandler shoots again, again they're into the fence. This time Chandler pulls the legs out from under Brooks and mounts the legs as Brooks sits against the fence. Brooks gets to full guard but Chandler is postured up and land some ground and pound. Chandler tries to pass, gets into half guard when Brooks attempts a sweep. Brooks tires to walk up the cage, Chandler pulls his legs back away from the cage. Brooks escapes to his feet and uses the body lock to take Chandler down. Chandler gives up his back as he tries to stand up. Brooks has the back with both hooks in. Chandler turns into him and is on top in his guard again. Chandler is going to ride out the round in the closed guard.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Chandler, 20-18 Chandler overall

ROUND THREE: Chandler circling to start, Brooks moving forward now. Chandler lands a left hook. Chandler shoots, Brooks sprawls. They both land knees, Chandler tries a throw from the clinch but Brooks defends and now has Chandler against the fence, but breaks. Brooks misses an uppercut. Brooks shoots, nearly gets a takedown, Chandler defends, Brooks persists and gets Chandler down. Chandler gives up his back, Brooks gets the hooks in. Chandler explodes and tries to turn into Brooks, Brooks counters by locking in a body triangle. Brooks has Chandler flattened out and lands some punches, Chandler turns and Brooks is on top in full mount. Brooks landing elbows, Chandler is cut. Brooks is about to stop this. Chandler grabs a body lock, Brooks breaks it and lands some more elbows and punches. Chandler explodes to his feet and eats a kick. Brooks shoots, they clinch and he lands some knees to the body. Chandler drops to his knees, Brooks tries to take the back again. Chandler regains his feet, Brooks lands a head kick as they break. Another head kick lands for Brooks and he gets another takedown. Chandler again gives up his back and Brooks locks up the body triangle. Chandler is just going to ride out the round.

SCORECARD: 10-8 Brooks, 28-28 overall

ROUND FOUR: Brooks comes out fast, lands a body kick to Chandler. Chandler circling, Brooks looking to jab. Chandler reaches, Brooks sprawls easily. Chandler lands a left hook, another one. Brooks shoots a double and gets the takedown. Chandler again gives up his back, Brooks has both hooks in. Chandler hand fighting, and turns into Brooks and winds up on top. Brooks closes the guard, Chandler starts throwing some short punches. Brooks tries to push Chandler off, Chandler remains close and stays on top. Chandler trying to get some posture but Brooks is keeping him close. Ref breaks them and we're standing. Brooks lands a counter right hand. Chandler hits a glancing right hand and shoots, Brooks defends and lands a knee to the body. Chandler is bent over at the waist, one hand on the ground and Brooks knees him in the head. We get time because of the foul. Chandler will be continuing and Brooks gets a warning. Brooks switches southpaw and lands a body kick, Chandler returns with one of his own. Brooks tires to go high, Chandler shoots and Brooks immediately sprawls and circles, takes the back and has both hooks. Brooks locks up the body triangle as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Brooks, 38-37 Brooks overall

ROUND FIVE: Touch of the gloves for the final round. Brooks throws a head kick, Chandler shoots, they clinch up, then break. Brooks trying to work his jab, Chandler trying the leaping left hook. Brooks stuffs a takedown and lands an uppercut, Chandler shoots again and has a high single against the fence. Brooks defends well. Brooks grabs the neck, Chandler spins him down, Brooks keeps the headlock and they break. Both men jabbing, Chandler shoots, Brooks evades. Chandler is agaisnt the fence and Brooks lands some punches. Chandler pushing forward won, Brooks gets his back standing and throws him then takes his back. Brooks gets too high and Chandler shakes him off, then gets on top. Chandler sitting on one leg as Brooks puts his back to the cage then regains his feet. Chandler looks for a double, Brooks defending. Chandler has a low single now, Brooks pulls himself free and stands. Chandler lands a hard left hook and Brooks sinks to the ground. He might have been out. Chandler gets the arm triangle position, has the mount with it. Chandler moves to side control with the choke, retakes mount and bails on the choke. Chandler has full mount to ride out the round and the fight.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Chandler, 47-47 DRAW overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Will Brooks via split decision (48-47x2, 47-48)

Brooks says the interim belt feels amazing to have. Says he just tries to get better as a fighter and the fight was fun, he just wanted to slug it out with another fighter. Brooks says he didn't think he could hit Chandler any harder than he was when he had him mounted, says Chandler is still a champion. Chandler gets a quick word with Jimmy, he thanks everyone for coming and says this was by far the worst performance of his life, he's got a lot of stuff going on, and he'll be back better than ever.

Why oh why are we deprived of Chandler vs. Alvarez 3? What's the logic MMA gods?

 photo 48756288_zps7624e05f.jpg

One of these days Clucky, the ghost of Colonel Sanders will find you.

Light heavyweight Bout: Rampage Jackson (205.9 lbs.) vs. King Mo (205.6 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: No touch of the gloves for these two. Lawal shoots a single and gets Jackson down immediately. Lawal in half guard, Jackson regain full guard. Lawal lands a few short right hands. Lawal passes into side control, has Jackson against the fence. Jackson explodes to his feet and they clinch. Lawal hits a knee to the body. Jackson pushed against the fence, Lawal drops down and gets a double leg. Jackson sitting against the fence, he tries to stand and Lawal pulls the legs out. Jackson gets to his knees, Lawal kneeing the thigh of Jackson. Lawal hits a trip takedown and Jackson is on his butt against the fence again. Lawal gets his back as Jackson moves to his knees and then explodes to his feet. Lawal is still clinched up with him though, Jackson pushes him off. Lawal flashes the jab. Jackson misses a couple of hooks, but lands a stiff jab. Jackson moving forward, Lawal circling. Lawal misses a hook and loses his balance, Jackson can't capitalize. Lawal switches to southpaw and lands a hard body kick. Jackson moves forward, round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Lawal

ROUND TWO: Jackson comes out looking aggressive. Lawal lands another body kick from the southpaw stance. Lawal shoots, stuffed by Jackson who lands a short punch on the break. Jackson lands a right hand and Lawal is wobbled, he tries to follow up but Lawal grabs the body lock. Lawal hits a knee to the body. Lawal drops for a double, Jackson shrugs him off. Lawal shoots again, gets the double leg against the fence. Jackson fighting the position, Lawal trying to finish the takedown. Lawal drops again, tries to get his hands together and gets a single leg position. Jackson defends and misses a couple of punches on the break, Lawal ducks under a hook and has the back standing. Lawal kneeing the thigh again. Jackson turns into Lawal, turns Lawal into the fence, Lawal circles away without incident. Jackson misses another hook, Lawal lands a couple of punches, misses a jumping knee. Lawal throws a right hand and shoots, gets the double leg and Jackson is sitting on the cage again. Lawal with a knee to the body, Jackson regains his feet and turns Lawal into the fence. Jackson clips Lawal with an uppercut as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Jackson, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: Lawal misses a body kick to start the round. Lawal leans for a takedown, Jackson defends easily and lands a couple of quick punches. Jackson lands a left hook, stuffs the takedown from Lawal. Lawal gets the clinch and pushes Jackson into the fence again. Lawal drops for a single leg, Jackson defends the initial effort but Lawal persists and has him down. Lawal in half guard against the fence. Lawal throws a couple of weak hammerfists. Jackson gets back to full guard, Lawal passes, Jackson turns and gets to his knees. Lawal has the back, no hooks and Jackson regains his feet. Lawal drops for another double, Jackson defends and pushes him off. Lawal misses right hand, Jackson misses the counter left hook. Jackson defends another takedown. Lawal shoots again, has Jackson against the fence. Jackson stays upright, tries to turn Lawal, does, Lawal turns him and the ref breaks them. Lawal dodging the punches of Jackson. Jackson lands an uppercut, stalks Lawal but can't land anything as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Lawal, 29-28 Lawal overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Quinton "Rampage" Jackson via unanimous decision (29-28x3)

I've got nothing. No, wait, I've got this.

 photo hqdefault_zps072380cf.jpg

Jackson and Lawal keep insulting each other. Jackson says Lawal did better than he thought he would, says he wants a rematch because he wanted to knock out Lawal. You won the fight and you want a rematch? Well Jackson has said he doesn't want to fight Emmanuel Newton. Lawal has the mic and says he won the fight, insults Jackson and Bjorn Rebney, says "cut me if you don't like me." Jackson thanks Memphis, says he wants the rematch in Memphis. Jackson dedicates the fight to his late high school wrestling coach, then apologizes for his poor wrestling. He thanks the mayor of Memphis for making today "Rampage day", says he loves his mother and wants the crowd to come get drunk with him at his after party. Thanks his sponsors and again says to meet him for the after party.

The 411 Ground and Pound radio show will be live tomorrow at 8pm eastern, be sure to tune in, and be sure to keep coming to 411mania for all your pop culture needs.


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