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411’s UFC Fight Night 41 Report 5.31.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 05.31.2014

 photo UFC-Fight-Night-41-Munoz-vs-Mousasi_zpsd845a2df.jpg

UFC Fight Night 41
O2 World Berlin
Berlin, Germany


  • Ruslan Magomedov defeated Viktor Pesta via unanimous decision (29-28 across the cards): A battle of new UFC heavyweight fighters, and both are smaller HW's (in the 240-250 range). Good back and forth first round, close overall but I felt Pesta had better striking and control on the ground. Both backed off a bit in round two, Pesta got sloppy near the end of the round, chasing with sloppy combos and reaching too much. Magomedov was utilizing his counter striking well and caught Pesta with a big right as the round ended. Pesta was lucky he was against the cage; the fight looks even going into round three. Pesta was having issues getting takedowns in round three, and Magomedov continued to counterstrike well. Magomedov did well stuffing takedowns, and also found some success with his jab. Pesta got sloppy and chased more in the round, and Magomedov kept slipping away and countered effectively. This was nothing too impressive overall for either man, but a win is a win. I had it for Magomedov, 29-28.

  • Note: The octagon canvas is blank (minus the UFC logo), with no ads. According to Dana White on Twitter, the Berlin canvas for sent to Brazil.

  • Maximo Blanco defeated Andy Ogle via unanimous decision (29-28 across the cards): Blanco is 1-3 in the UFC, and coming off back-to-back losses. For some reason people think that he is still a big deal. Ogle is also is 1-3 in the UFC, and coming off back-to-back losses. This is the classic loser leaves town match. They got the word to start and Blanco rushed Ogle and landed a jumping kick to his face. Blanco pounced on him, but could not put him away. Blanco busted Ogle up a bit, but Ogle had time to recover and eventually for the back of Blanco at the mid-point of the round, looking for a rear naked choke. Blanco would escape, and overall get the better of the striking for the round and I had it 10-9 Blanco. Blanco came out with a switch kick to begin round two, and then they went into aggressive grappling. Ogle again got the back and worked for a RNC, and controlled the majority of the round from that position. Blanco escaped to the guard of Ogle in the final 30-seconds, but Blanco worked a rubber guard to neutralize Blanco until the round ended. I have it even after two rounds. Blanco has noticeably slowed here in the third; they are standing and exchanging, but no one really getting the better of things through out the first half of the round. Ogle's head movement is non-existent in the round; he's started to eat some counter strikes. The damage in Ogle's face may not bode well for a decision. Blanco is tired, but the counters are good and he also landed a beautiful spinning high kick. The counter striking in the round was really good from Blanco, and should be the key to him winning the fight. I had it for Blanco, 29-28.

  • Peter Sobotta defeated Pawel Pawlak via unanimous decision (30-27 across the cards): They kept it standing early, with Pawlak not being able to find range, while Sobotta showed improved striking and good use of the body kicks. Sobotta did well in not allowing Pawlak to find any comfort or range by using his jab well. Pawlak found some strikes late, Sobotta took the round with ease. Pawlak made the mistake of throwing lunging strikes in round two, which allowed Sobotta an easy takedown. Pawlak did a good job defending, but Sobotta rode him the majority of the round and was up 20-18 on my card. Once again, Sobotta made Pawlak chase with his striking, dropped levels and got a takedown. Pawlak got back to his feet, but immediately taken back down and almost begged for a standup. He eventually got it following a good grapple-fuck from Sobotta. Sobotta had no respect for anything that Pawlak brought to the case, and made things look easy as he returns to the UFC after a four-year hiatus to score a victory. I had it for Sobotta, 30-27.

  • Iuri Alcantara ENDED Vaughan Lee via RD1 (0:25) TKO: Iuri Alcantara pulled the old MDK on Vaughan Lee, ending him in seconds with a sweet ass overhand left and some ground and pound. Nap time for Vaughan Lee, someone get that boy a blankey.

  • Magnus Cedenblad defeated Krzysztof Jotko via RD2 (4:59) submission: Cedenblad trains with Gustafsson. These boys came out swinging early, with Jotko being more aggressive in the exchanges. They worked along the cage for a while, Cedenblad finally got a takedown from that. He stopped Jotko from escaping at one point by holding onto his shorts, and the ref completely missed it. Cedenblad worked from the guard, not doing too much; they got warned to work so Cedenblad stood and then dove back in. Jotko did well defending, go to his feet, and taken back down. Cedenblad took the first round, mainly due to riding time. This referee is horrible, Cedenblad lost his mouthpiece and so the fighters are working along the cage. This idiot then stops it with Cedenblad in a dominant position, gives him the piece back, and then restarts them center cage. Anyway, Cedenblad took Jotko to the cage, and then took him down again. Cedenblad looked to have a head and arm choke locked in, but Jotko swept him and then ended up on mount himself. Jotko almost has a RNC, but Cedenblad slipped and turned into Jotko's guard, pretty slick. Cedenblad then locked in a guillotine and pulled guard, which led to Jotko tapping at 4:59 of the round.

  • Nick Hein defeated Drew Dober via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28): Hein has the left hand loaded and is looking to destroy with it. Hein cut Dober early over the right eye, landing the better strikes as well as the better quantity of strikes. Hein got a good throw into a takedown, got some riding time but couldn't do much. They got to their feet, Dober tried to press but that allowed Hein to effectively counterstrike and keep control. Nick Hein secured another takedown, rode out the round and easily took it on the cards. Early striking battle in round two, Hein was looking to get the back of Dober, who grabbed the cage no less then four times in 5 or 6 seconds in front of the ref to stop it. "Don't grab the fence" is all we got. For real. Dober eventually went down, but turned control and worked from half guard. Dober worked some really good body shots and kept Hein down, he needed that, and we should be even heading into round three. Hein continues to land well in the third round, and Dober is bleeding badly from the cut. Seriously, the blood of Dober is running down Hein's leg as they clinch. The ref has stopped it for the fighters to get wiped off, and the doctor allows it to continue. Dober presses, but keeps getting the worse of the striking exchanges. Dober fought hard, but that cut got real bad and Hein was picking him apart on that side. I had it 29-28 for Hein.

     photo ufcberlin_zps079cc481.jpg


    Featherweight Bout: Niklas Backstrom (7-0) vs. Tom Niinimaki (25-5-1)
    ROUND ONE: Leon Roberts is the official. Niinimaki almost immediately took things to the ground and kept it there for almost the entire first half of the round.. That's a great way to nullify the reach of Backstrom. Backstrom managed to jump up and lock in a tight guillotine and pull Niinimaki down, but he escaped. Backstrom then got what was basically a side headlock, transitioned to a choke with no hooks in (like a pro wrestling sleeper) and scored the submission victory. That was all set up by a great leaping knee strike. Good performance for Backstrom.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Niklas Backstrom via RD1 (4:15) submission

    Middleweight Bout: Luke Barnatt (8-0) vs. Sean Strickland (14-0)
    ROUND ONE: Luke Barnatt vs. Sean Strickland in a main event in regards to walkout music - The Beatles vs. Johnny Cash. Good work boys. Tentative start for both fighters, both throwing pawing jabs and looking for distance. Barnatt throws some soft body kicks, the crowd is not impressed. Barnatt pressed with his jab a lot, but no t a lot happened. Strickland was content to stay back and see what Barnatt was going to throw. Perhaps Strickland was taking it in to see what Barnatt had to offer, but the crowd was not pleased. MY SCORECARD: Barnatt 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Barnatt came out and continued to establish the jab and some body kicks. Strickland took Barnatt down, and tried to work from the guard, but Barnatt was able to butterfly him and kick him away with ease. Strickland has some solid counters and did better, but Barnatt controlled the striking game again and landed a really good right later in the round. MY SCORECARD: Barnatt 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Barnatt controlled early in the round, and Strickland is bleeding under the right eye from the jabs he is eating. Strickland started to check his right hand a lot half way through the round; he may have injured it because he's not throwing it a lot. Strickland tried a leg lock and got Barnatt down, but Barnatt escaped. Barnatt kept pressing the action and landing solid strikes as the round ended. The crowd was not impressed. Strickland told his corner that he broke his right hand, so there you go. MY SCORECARD: Barnatt 30-27

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Sean Strickland via split decision (29-28 Barnatt, 30-27 Strickland, 29-28 Strickland)

     photo clucky_zps1b2f5f81.jpeg

    Middleweight Bout: Francis Carmont (22-8) vs. C.B. Dollaway (14-5)
    ROUND ONE: Dollaway tried to get inside early, but Carmont made him think twice with body kicks. Dollaway worked a few leg kicks, but Carmont landed some good rights to keep him backed off. Carmont landed a body kick, and they he and Dollaway basically called each other on and played to the crowd. Dollaway then clipped Carmont with a left hook, and dropped him. Dollaway tried to pounce on him, but Carmont recovered and then they postured to the crowd. Dollaway with some good striking, Carmont took him down and took him to the cage. Dollaway reversed position and held Carmont against the cage to complete the round. Close round overall. MY SCORECARD: Dollaway 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Carmont back to the body kick to start round two. He throws a high kick that Dollaway mostly blocks, but Carmont is making it difficult for Dollaway to get inside. Hard leg kicks from Carmont and then lands a good combo, unfortunately he left himself open and Dollaway scored a takedown. They work to the cage and Carmont gets to his feet, looking for a kimura along the way. Carmont drops down and continues to look for the kimura, but Dollaway works his way around to the back to relieve the pressure. Carmont has to let go of that, and is frustrated as Dollaway makes his carry his weight for the rest of the round. MY SCORECARD: Dollaway 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Carmont tries to use the kicks again early in round three, and then fails at a takedown. They work to the cage, Dollaway with a takedown and takes the back of Carmont. Dollaway worked and got the hooks in, good switch by Carmont and he gets back to his feet. Carmont gets a standing elbow, tries to stop a takedown, but Dollaway complete it and then gets mount. Dollaway worked some elbows, and then transitioned to the back of Carmont. Not much happening, Dollaway is wrestle-fucking Carmont, and the round ends. MY SCORECARD: Dollaway 30-27

    OFFICIAL RESULT: CB Dollaway via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

    Middleweight Bout: Mark Munoz (13-4) vs. Gegard Mousasi (34-4-2)
    ROUND ONE: Marc Goddard is the official for our main event, which is scheduled for five rounds. Munoz teases takedowns early, but Mousasi is keeping a low base. Munoz grabbed Mousasi and tried a big slam, but Mousasi turned and almost landed on Munoz's head. Mousasi not afraid to throw leg kicks, and stuffed a takedown and went right to side control, which was pretty slick. Munoz tried to roll, but Mousasi landed good rights and elbows to keep Munoz grounded. They got to the feet, and Mousasi turned a takedown try by Munoz and the then took his back and choked him out. Good night sweet prince.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Gegard Mousasi via RD1 submission (3:57)

  • End scene.

  • Make sure to join me for my UFC TUF Brazil 3 Finale coverage later tonight!

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