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411's UFC Fight Night 42 Report 6.07.14
Posted by Robert Winfree on 06.08.2014

Greetings one and all, and thank you for being here at 411mania. We appreciate you all. Unfortunately, well,

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You see, I'm Robert Winfree and as far as I know I am still under the influence of some dark and powerful curse which takes events I'm covering and fills them with boring fights, appearances by Clucky, and other kinds of shenanigans. Just remember, you've been warned. But while you're following along with coverage, or just going about your daily life, check out the Radulich in Broadcasting network. It's home to a bunch of podcasts, including the weekly 411 Ground and Pound radio show which goes live every Sunday at 8pm eastern and talks the wide world of MMA. So check out some of the shows, you're bound to find something you like.

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Alright let's get on with the coverage!

Jon Anik and Kenny Florian are on the mic tonight and welcome everyone to Albuquerque New Mexico.

Light Heavyweight Bout: Roger Narvaez (204 lbs.) VS Patrick Cummins (204 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Narvaez normally fights at middleweight and took this fight on relatively short notice. Narvaez fights southpaw. Cummins grabs a single leg, Narvaez defends and they clinch into the fence. Cummins keeping Narvaez pressed into the fence. Narvaez escapes to the side and we're back in the middle of the cage. Cummins tries another single, again nothing doing for him. Third time, this time he adds a right punch to the face to get Narvaez to the mat finally. Narvaez keeps full guard while Cummins looks to posture up. Cummins passes towards half guard and lands a couple of hard righ hands before Narvaez regains his feet. Cummins gets another single leg and finishes the takedown again. Narvaez gets full guard, Cummins tries to land some ground and pound. Cummins is able to find the face with some punches, then he stands and the ref lets Narvaez back up. Narvaez eats a knee in the clinch and they circle to end the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Cummins

ROUND TWO: Narvaez has a small cut on the outside of his right eye. Narvaez hits Cummins with a couple of hooks in close, Cummins lands a right but has to back off. Cummins reaches for a double leg, gets it and is in full guard. Cummins keeps Narvaez on the mat in the turtle position, lands a knee to the body. Narvaez tries to get up, Cummins lands a right to the head, a flurry of blows on the ground and the ref has to stop it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Patrick Cummins TKO at 2:28 of Round 2

Cummins gets an interview. He says getting the first win feels good, it feels great to be here and to win. He says the game plan was pressure but keeping his eyes open and he got the win. He's happy to not be serving coffee anymore and wants to keep fighting in the UFC.

That wraps up the lone Fight Pass fight tonight, moving on to Fox Sports 1.

Lightweight Bout: Jake Lindsey (153.5 lbs.) VS Jon Tuck (154.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: No touch of the gloves. Tuck tries a couple of leg kicks, lands a right hand and gets a body lock. Lindsey manages to avoid being taken down and Tuck pushes him into the cage. Lindsey lands a couple of knees to the body and they break. Tuck lands a right hand that wobbles Lindsey, Tuck gets him down, on top in side control and starts punching. Lindsey hip escapes to half guard and looks to be out of immediate danger. Lindsey explodes and tries to get on top, Tuck avoids that by getting to his feet and they clinch against the fence. In the clinch Lindsey is landing some hard knees to the body. Tuck lands another right. Lindsey lands a right of his own, gets the clinch and hits another knee to the body. Tuck gets the body lock in the clinch and has Lindsey down again. Tuck has side control for a moment, lands an elbow, then Lindsey regains guard. Tuck on top in half guard. Ref stands them up, pretty quickly and the crowd boos him for it. Lindsey lands a right that gets Tuck to wobble, they clinch against the fence and Lindsey lands a bunch of punches to the body. Lindsey keeps Tuck against the fence and working the body with punches and knees. They exchange body blows in the clinch as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Tuck

ROUND TWO: Tuck lands a right hand to counter a body kick. Tuck lands a left to the liver and a right to the head, Lindsey counters with a body punch. Lindsey bulls forward and gets the clinch. Lindsey works the body in the clinch, then they break. Inside leg kick from Tuck. Tuck lands a right but Lindsey hits an uppercut counter. Tuck now working the jab to try and keep Lindsey at distance. Lindsey gets the clinch, Tuck gets the Thai clinch and hits a knee to the body. Lindsey keeps working with knees to the body in the clinch. Tuck breaks away. Tuck switches southpaw and eats a hard body kick from Lindsey. Lindsey moving forward. Tuck with a body punch, gets the clinch and gets a takedown. Tuck on top and passes to half guard. Tuck tries to mount and Lindsey immediately explodes to his feet. Lindsey keeping Tuck against the fence, Tuck spins him into the fence. Round ends with some knees to the body from Lindsey.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Lindsey, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: Tuck lands a right hand, gets the body lock and has Lindsey down again. Tuck in side control, Lindsey hip escapes to half guard. Tuck lands a short elbow and passes to side control. Lindsey tries to get up and Tuck spins around and gets full mount. Tuck has the arm, thinks about going for the armbar but Lindsey breaks the grip. Tuck still has mount, now the back and body lock. Tuck fights for the rear naked choke, Lindsey defending it. Something happened, Tuck didn't have the choke but Lindsey tapped. Replay shows that Tuck hit a couple of hard heel strikes to the liver that prompted the submission.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – John Tuck via TKO, verbal tap out, at 2:47 of Round 3

No interview.

Flyweight Bout: Danny Martinez (124.5 lbs.) VS Scott Jorgensen (125.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Martinez fights southpaw and lands a couple of left hands early. Jorgensen eats another left hand, but Jorgensen lands a couple of body kicks. Martinez still working the straight left but Jorgensen ducks under and gets a takedown. Jorgensen gets the back, Martinez gets back to his feet. Jorgensen ducks under another power punch and hits a single leg. Martinez gets his feet under him but Jorgensen keeps his hands lock and hits a slam. Jorgensen has the back again, this time with both hooks in. Jorgensen fights for the choke, can't get it. Martinez gets to his feet but gets slammed again by Jorgensen who then lands a right hand as Martinez was trying to get up. Jorgensen still has his hands locked, gets another lifting slam. Martinez keeps avoiding getting his back mounted but Jorgensen wont let him get any space. Martinez tries to roll for a kneebar, mostly just to get some space, but Jorgensen gets the neck. Martinez defends the choke and escapes to his feet. Martinez lands a hard body kick. Martinez lands a combination in close as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Jorgensen

ROUND TWO: Jorgensen opens with a body kick. Martinez lands a right hand and eludes the return from Jorgensen. Martinez lands a couple of hard left hands, he seems to have the range down. Martinez lands another hard left and Jorgensen drops. Jorgensen regains his feet and Martinez has him clinched against the fence. Martinez tees off to the body and head, Jorgensen is in trouble. Jorgensen gets some space and circles out. Martinez may have punched himself out for the moment, Jorgensen pushing forward now. Martinez circling, Jorgensen trying to walk him down. Jorgensen hits a right hand and a left hook, Martinez clinches him into the fence and lands a hard left uppercut. Jorgensen lands a combination and pushes Martinez into the fence then completes a takedown. Jorgensen in the ride position, Martinez gets up but Jorgensen gets another single leg and keeps him down. Jorgensen tries to take the back, Martinez walks up the cage and tries to spin out but Jorgensen keeps ahold of an ankle and keeps him down. Jorgensen on top again in the ride position, now working to take the back. Martinez just rides out the round with Jorgensen on his back.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Martinez, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: Martinez just misses a few range finding punches. Jorgensen with a stepping knee to the body and gets a takedown off of the clinch. Jorgensen on top in side control, possibly working for a kimura. Jorgensen can't keep body control and Martinez spins out and dives on a single leg. Jorgensen gets the double wrist lock to stifle the takedown and they break. Martinez lands a short left and a jumping knee to the head. Jorgensen shoots again, again has Martinez down. Jorgensen on top in the ride position as Martinez turtles up. Martinez gets to his feet and fights to break the grip. He does and they break. Martinez with a three punch combination, one of which lands. Jorgensen ducks under for another double leg and has Martinez down again. Jorgensen works to get hooks in as Martinez turtles up, he gets one but can't get the other and bails on the position as Martinez gets to his feet. Martinez now winging the left hand. Jorgensen gets a single leg, but can't finish the takedown this time. Martinez lands another combination and Jorgensen is wobbled. Martinez gets him against the fence and tries to tee off but Jorgensen shoots another double and gets Martinez down again. Jorgensen on top in full guard this time. The fight's going to end in that position.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Jorgensen, 29-28 Jorgensen overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Scott Jorgensen via unanimous decision (29-28x2, 30-27)

Really unsure of that 30-27, Jorgensen was hurt badly and nearly finished in the second, one takedown doesn't cancel that out. Oh well. No interview for Jorgensen.

Welterweight Bout: Lance Benoist (169) VS Bobby Voelker (170.5)

ROUND ONE: Benoist comes out southpaw. Voelker comes out swinging but settles down after eating a left. They circle and Benoist clinches Voelker into the fence. Benoist works some knees to the body, Voelker tries to get the Thai clinch but Benoist keeps close. Benoist lands a right hook as they break. Body kick from Voelker. Body kick from Benoist. Voelker misses a head kick. Body kick from Benoist lands, Voelker returns the kick. Benoist hits another body kick. Benoist tries a couple of head kicks, both miss. Voelker lands a punch and they clinch into the fence. Benoist gets a single leg and spins Voelker down. Benoist on top, he's keeping pressure and landing short punches. Benoist passes to side control. Voelker tries to use the cage to spin out, Benoist stays with him and retains side control. Benoist now working some short elbows. Voelker hip escapes to half guard. Voelker muscles his way to a reversal and is on top in full guard as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Benoist

ROUND TWO: They both get close and sling some leather, Benoist gets the better of it and breaks away before Voelker can really get going. Benoist lands a head kick that gets Voelker's attention. Benoist shoots a double, but they wind up clinched into the fence. Benoist digging for a single leg, Voelker is fighting to stay on his knees and regain his feet. Benoist slips and Voelker tries to get on top, Benoist is back up too quickly and still has Voelker pressed into the fence. The ref breaks them and warns Benoist about grabbing the fence. Benoist lands another high kick and they trade some punches. Benoist back to circling and trying to catch Voelker as he's coming in. Voelker trying to walk him down, lands a strong jab. Benoist tries to shoot a double, Voelker counters it and gets on top in full guard. Benoist trying to fight off of his back, Voelker trying to land some punches but can't find the chin reliably. Both guys are visibly fatigued. Round ends with Voelker on top.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Voelker, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: Body kick from Benoist to start the third. Voelker lands a left hook, Benoist clinches but eats some knees to the body from Voelker. Benoist leaves his head in a bad spot and Voelker grabs a guillotine but wont drop to his back and lets it go. Benoist tries a single leg, can't finish it but Voelker gets off balance on a knee attempt. Benoist tries to get on top but Voelker keeps him off and regains his feet. They clinch up again, both guys are sucking some serious wind, Voelker tries a throw but Benoist counters and gets on top in half guard. Voelker tries to push him off, Benoist counters and has full mount. Benoist tries to work some punches, Voelker tries to push him off but Benoist keeps his weight in proper position. Benoist trying to work some elbows, Voelker still trying to get Benoist out of mount. Benoist tries for an americana, Voelker gives up his back to avoid the pressure, then rolls over again. Voelker pushes off the cage and reverses position, now on top in full guard. Benoist tries a couple of attacks off his back and the fight ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Benoist, 29-28 Benoist overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Lance Benoist via unanimous decision (29-28x2, 30-27)

No interview, and the altitude really got to those two they were almost in slow motion by the end.

Bantamweight Bout: Sergio Pettis (135 lbs.) VS Yaotzin Meza (136 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Circling from both men to start. Pettis tries a body kick, Meza with a low leg kick to the calf. Meza lands a short right. Pettis has a head kick blocked. Pettis lands a jab. Pettis switches southpaw and lands the right jab. Pettis lands a glancing right hand. Pettis switching stances frequently, misses a spinning kick. Leg kick from Pettis. Both men still working to find the range and timing. Another leg kick from Pettis. Meza misses a leg kick. Meza eats a jab, tries to shoot but stuffed by Pettis. Neither man being terribly effective, Pettis tries a cartwheel kick, it doesn't land but it does stop the boos from the crowd. Pettis lands a body kick as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Pettis

ROUND TWO: Leg kick from Pettis. More circling, neither man has a handle on the range yet. Meza dives for a single, Pettis limp legs out. Meza lands a jab. Pettis moving forward looking for openings. Pettis working the leg kicks now. Not a whole lot going on, outside of the occasional leg kick from Pettis. Another leg kick lands for Pettis, looks like they're staring to make an impression as Meza thinks about switching stances. Both men missing a lot of punches, they can't find the range. Pettis lands a head kick and Meza is wobbly. Pettis with a left hand that has Meza shooting desperately for a single. Pettis defends the takedown attempt but Meza looks to have recovered. More circling to end the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Pettis, 20-18 Pettis overall

ROUND THREE: Pettis switching stances again. Pettis circling again, lands a leg kick and a jab. Another jab lands, Pettis might have finally got the range down. Spinning back kick to the body lands for Pettis. Meza thinks about a shot, Pettis easily avoids it. More circling. Meza lands a left hook. Leg kick from Pettis. After circling Meza shoots a single leg, Pettis defending, but Meza finally gets Pettis down in half guard. Pettis gets back to full guard, he tries a triangle choke and transitions to an omaplata as the clock runs out.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Meza, 29-28 Pettis overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Sergio Pettis via unanimous decision (29-28x3)

No interview. I've seen gassed heavyweights do more in a third round than those two bantamweights, what's going on here?

 photo papa_zpsceec6291.jpg

Right, voodoo curse.

That wraps up the prelims, though we're staying on Fox Sports 1 for the main card.

Bantamweight Bout: Bryan Caraway (135 lbs.) VS Erik Perez (136 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Perez tries a head kick early, blocked. Leg kick from Perez lands. Perez wings an overhand right, doesn't land. Caraway tries to shoot, stuffed easily but Perez. Perez throws a combination and shoots. He's got Caraway against the fence but Caraway has the neck and goes for a guillotine choke. Perez survives and gets his head out but Caraway uses it to regain his feet. Caraway tries to find his range with the jab. Perez with a jumping knee to the body. Perez tries another head kick, Caraway gets under it and gets Perez down and immediately gets his back. Caraway has the body triangle as he looks for the choke. Perez trying to undo the hooks, he gets one out and turns into Caraway. Perez on top in full guard. Perez lets Caraway up and lands a couple of punches on the way. Perez lands a big knee to the head as Caraway was leaning for the takedown. Jumping knee from Perez lands. Perez lands a left. Caraway shoots, Perez defends for a moment, they end the round after a brief scramble.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Caraway

ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves to start the second. Perez shoots and gets Caraway down, Caraway uses the momentum to sweep and is on top in half guard. Caraway passes to side control. Perez regains half guard. Caraway passes to mount, now working to take the back. Caraway takes the back, and goes with the body triangle. Caraway gets the choke, under the neck and Perez taps.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Bryan Caraway via submission, rear naked choke, at 1:52 of Round 2

Caraway gets an interview. He says the win feels awesome and that the fight was super challenging. He dedicates the win to his brother. He says Perez was prepared for him to have his back but he persevered and got the finish. Caraway says he thinks he's 5-0 because he feels he beat Mizugaki, then mentions Eddie Wineland and Michael McDonald as possibly opponents in his future.

Lightweight Bout: Piotr Hallmann (154 lbs.) VS Yves Edwards (155 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Edwards fights southpaw. Body kick from Hallmann. Edwards moving backwards to start, lands a body kick, and another one. Hallmann trying to work forward, Edwards looking to counter. They trade body kicks and Edwards got poked in the eye so we get time. The doctor is in to check it, Edwards seems to have recovered quickly and we're back to action. Hallmann pushing forward again, Edwards still looking to counter. Hallmann grabs a single, Edwards pulls his leg out. Straight left from Edwards lands. Hallmann shoots again, gets Edwards down and has the ride position long enough to land a hard knee to the body before Edwards regains his feet. Hallmann shoots again, Edwards uses a guillotine to counter the shot and they break. Knee to the body from Hallmann. Hallmann with inside and outside leg kicks. Edwards slips on a kick and Hallmann is on top. Hallmann passes from full guard to half guard, working some short elbows. Hallmann tries to take the back as Edwards stands, Edwards gets up but Hallmann uses a single leg to get him back down. Edwards hits a switch and has the back standing. Hallmann turns into him and they trade some close shots as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Hallmann

ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves. Hallmann lands a body punch. Edwards complains of another eye poke as Hallmann was moving forward to land a knee to the body. No point deduction and Edwards is back quickly. Hallmann trying to work the stepping knee to the body. Hallmann tries another single leg, Edwards defends this one and we get an exchange. Referee Mario Yamasaki warns Hallmann about his open hands, as if on que Edwards lands an eye poke after Hallmann lands a body kick. The doctor checks the eye, everything is good and we're back to fighting. Hallmann pressing forward again, Edwards lands a short counter. Hallmann gets the body lock but can't finish the takedown. Hallmann lands a knee on the break from the clinch. Hallmann shoots another single leg, can't finish the takedown and they clinch into the fence. Edwards lands some hard blows against the fence, he tries to take the back standing. Hallmann dumps him down and gets on top in full guard. Hallmann working short elbows to the body and head and passes to half guard. Hallmann gets the back, he's got the ride position. An elbow opened up Edwards, Edwards tries to get out and Hallmann keeps him close and gets back on top. Hallmann on top in half guard again and trying to land elbows. Hallmann tries to take the back, Edwards stands but can't escape the clinch and Hallmann lands a knee to the body and an elbow as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Hallmann, 20-18 Hallmann overall

ROUND THREE: Hallmann comes out still pushing forward. He lands a lunging left hook. Edwards defends a takedown attempt, Hallmann lands a couple of knees to the body in the clinch, Hallmann shoots again but this time it's stuffed. Hard body kick from Hallmann. Hallmann pushes into the clinch, gets the body lock and has him against the fence. Hallmann drops for a single leg and pulls Edwards down. Hallmann on top, Edwards working to get to his knees and Hallmann has the ride position. Edwards looks to hit a switch, Hallmann keeps pressure and gets on top in half guard. Hallmann could get full mount if he wanted, instead takes the back and locks up the rear naked choke forcing the tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Piotr Hallmann via Submission, rear naked choke,at 2:31 of Round 3

No interview for Hallmann. The move to lightweight seems to have paid off for him.

Lightweight Bout: Jason High (154.5 lbs.) VS Rafael Dos Anjos (156 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Both men are southpaws. Dos Anjos lands a right hand counter. Dos Anjos trying to work the high kick. Dos Anjos moving forward, High tries for a shot and dos Anjos defends the intial shot. High locks his hands around the legs and gets a quick takedown. Dos Anjos gets up quickly, he gets the neck of High when High tries another takedown but High lands in side control to defend it. Dos Anjos has full guard, working for wrist control and towards an armbar. High lands a left hand. Dos Anjos tries an armbar but High pulls out and gets back on top before dos Anjos could get to his feet. Dos Anjos locks up a kimura and uses it to sweep and escape, they trade some punches and dos Anjos digs hard to the body. Body kick from dos Anjos. Dos Anjos still pushing forward, High backing up but dos Anjos tags him repeatedly before shooting a double and getting High down. Dos Anjos on top in half guard, working for a kimura, High grabs his own shorts to prevent the hold being finished. Which is legal, though apparently dos Anjos didn't know that. Dos Anjos lands a couple of punches as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 dos Anjos

ROUND TWO: High tries a head kick, just misses and dos Anjos hits a hard body kick. They trade and High gets poked in the eye. That was a bad one and the doctor is in to check on it. Doc says it's OK and Dos Anjos gets warned. They both throw immediately. Dos Anjos digs another punch to the body. High ducks under and shoots a double, dos Anjos slides out quickly and is back on his feet. Dos Anjos with a jumping knee to the head, and a hard leg kick. High winging his punches and can't find the target. Dos Anjos lands a left hand and gets the body lock. Dos Anjos takes High down and lands in side control. Dos Anjos tries some elbows, he tries for a guillotine but High counters and gets on top on the safe side. Dos Anjos gets to his knees and High tries to take the back, dos Anjos gets to his feet but High has the body lock. Dos Anjos spins High into the fence and they break. High lands his jab, dos Anjos lands a big one two combination and High drops. Dos Anjos lands some punches, High isn't moving and the ref stops it. High thinks the stoppage was early but he wasn't moving and dos Anjos was landing a bunch of hammerfists.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Rafael dos Anjos via TKO at 3:36 of Round 2

Dos Anjos gets an interview and says he feels good and got in town two weeks ago to acclimate himself to the altitude. He says he tries to get better with every fight and he wants to put on a good show for the fans. Dos Anjos then says that he's here to fight the best, and if Cain Velasquez could get on a scale and make 155 he'd fight him.

John Dodson is fighting John Moraga next. These two are likely to give me carpal tunnel.

Flyweight Bout: John Moraga (126 lbs.) VS John Dodson (125 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Dodson is fighting southpaw. They trade inside leg kicks early. Both men range finding with low kicks early. Dodson lands a straight left. Dodson with a hard left to the body, Moraga shoots and accidentally knees Dodson in the groin. Dodson doesn't even slow down, he takes a lap as the ref calls for his break and they get back to fighting quickly. Dodson with a stepping knee to the body. Moraga misses a high kick. Moraga with a body shot. Both men looking for an opening. Moraga wings a right and uses it to get the clinch and land a knee to the body. Dodson circling, still looking for an opening. Hard knee to the body from Dodson, a body kick as well and the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Dodson

ROUND TWO: Dodson looking for a home for his left hand early. Moraga tries a spinning back kick, it doesn't land and Dodson lands a counter body kick. Inside leg kick for Moraga. Dodson can't seem to get the range down, or he's being way too patient. Moraga lands a right hand and pushes forward, Dodson lands some body shots in the clinch and pulls the legs out from under Moraga and gets the takedown. Dodson on top for a moment, Moraga uses butterfly guard to push him off and regain his feet. Circling and feinting from both men, Moraga trying to stay at distance and land from the outside. Dodson misses a left hook. Dodson lands a stepping knee to the body and a half hearted left hand behind it. Body kick from Dodson. Dodson lands a left knee to the face and Moraga goes down. Dodson swarms him, Moraga's nose is leaking like a faucet but the clock will save Moraga.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Dodson, 20-18 Dodson overall

ROUND THREE: The ref waved off the fight between rounds, a knee from Dodson badly smashed Moraga's nose. Not sure if it was the doctor, Moraga's corner, or the referee who stopped it, but someone did.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – John Dodson via TKO, doctor stoppage, at 5:00 of Round 2

Dodson gets an interview and the crowd is very pro Dodson. Dodson is pumped, says he loves Albuquerque and was born and raised there. Dodson says he was trying to sit down on his punches because Moraga is a gamer, he says he wanted to put Moraga to sleep and apologizes for how the stoppage happened. Dodson then says he's the one coming for the belt, whoever wins next weeks title fight he's going after them, says he's got the most power in the division and whether it's Ali, who he's trained with, or Johnson he's coming for the belt.

Lightweight Bout: Ross Pearson (155.5 lbs.) VS Diego Sanchez (155 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Sanchez fights southpaw. Sanchez comes out quickly but Pearson kicks him in the body. Sanchez trying to feint his way in, misses a combination. Sanchez with a body shot. Pearson with a body punch. Sanchez misses a head kick. Pearson hits the body again. Sanchez misses a spinning back kick. Pearson misses a jab, lands a right hand though. Pearson lands a short left hook as Sanchez was coming forward, a right hand lands to the temple and briefly has Sanchez off balance. Body kick from Pearson. More circling, Sanchez eats a jab. Body kick from Sanchez. Body kick from Pearson, he's looking to counter and Sanchez isn't being as aggressive as he has been in the past. Pearson with another body shot. Sanchez misses a body kick, and a spinning back kick. Pearson lands a head kick, Sanchez bulls forward and with a flurry, he lands a couple but Pearson circles off the cage without taking serious damage. Sanchez tries another flurry, Pearson ducks away as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Pearson

ROUND TWO: Feinting to start, Sanchez tries a single leg and Pearson gets out easily. Body kick from Sanchez. Another one. We've got a "Yes" chant for Sanchez. Pearson lands a head kick and Sanchez smiles at him. Pearson lands a lead right. Pearson ducks a punch and digs to the body. Body kick from Pearson. Pearson moving forward now, looking to pressure Sanchez. Pearson is starting to find a home for his right hand. Sanchez misses a spinning kick. Pearson lands a jab and a left hook counter. Body kick from Sanchez. Sanchez switches to orthodox for a moment, lands a right hand, then goes back to southpaw. Pearson lands a big right hand on the chin, Sanchez drops for a moment but springs up quickly. Sanchez tries to kick, Pearson catches it and sweeps him down. Sanchez regains his feet quickly and misses yet another spinning kick. Pearson is landing his jab almost every time he throws it. Sanchez pushes with a flurry, but misses four punches in a row.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Pearson, 20-18 Pearson overall

ROUND THREE: Pearson immediately looking to land his lead hand again. Body kick from Pearson. Sanchez misses a lead hook. Pearson looking to counter, keeps landing a right hand to the body. Pearson ducks some hooks and tags the body again. Sanchez tries a flying knee, Pearson circles away easily. Sanchez tries another head kick, not much on it. Pearson with a hard right to the body, this time Sanchez lands a counter. Sanchez tries another spinning kick, misses and Pearson gets the body lock. Pearson thinks about a takedown then breaks away. Sanchez misses another spinning kick, Pearson lands a stiff jab. Pearson with a counter right that lands. Sanchez with a body kick, Pearson with a hard body kick and a right hand behind it. Sanchez lands a short right hook. Pearson lands a body/head combination. Sanchez misses another spinning kick. Pearson with a right hook. Sanchez tries another flying knee, misses and Pearson counters with a flying knee to the off balance Sanchez, then they swing on the fence for a second before the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Pearson, 30-27 Pearson overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Diego Sanchez via split decision (30-27, 29-28, 27-30)

Oh what the bleeding hell?

Sanchez says he loves Albuquerque. He says he works on his wrestling but knew the chemistry with Pearson would be great, then says he loves the judges and loves the UFC. He says he felt like he was going for the big shots and deserved to win.

Seriously, what the hell? Kenny Florian buries the decision and says the judges should be ashamed. I don't know, what do the judges say to Mr. Florian?

 photo tumblr_lq0ax5O8f51qlubhpo1_500_zpsc81d9cce.gif

Yeah, that's what I thought. So we get a forgettable fight and a horrible decision? What's going on here?

 photo papa_zpsceec6291.jpg

Damn voodoo curse.

Lightweight Bout: Rustam Khabilov (156 lbs.) VS Benson Henderson (155.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. Henderson fights southpaw. Khabilov trying to find range for his right hand. They clinch up, Henderson lands a left, Khabilov looks for a throw. Henderson rolls with it and lands a knee to the body as they break. Henderson lands a straight left. Khabilov misses a one two. Henderson looking for his spot, Khabilov being patient. Khabilov lands a left hand. Henderson pushes forward with a flurry, lands a left hand, they clinch and Khabilov has the body lock from the back. Henderson throwing some elbows towards the head, Henderson defends a possible suplex and pushes Khabilov off. Henderson lands a left, but eats a counter elbow from Khabilov. Benson misses a couple of left hands. Benson misses a lead hook. Henderson tries a body kick, Khabilov times the kick and takes Henderson down. Khabilov in Henderson's full guard as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Khabilov

ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves. Both men miss some lead hooks. Khabilov tries a spinning back fist, blocked and Henderson lands a counter. Henderson with a stepping knee to the body. Khabilov lands a right hand. Henderson lands a couple of lefts and they clinch. Both men throw some blows, Henderson has the body lock but can't get a trip and they break. Henderson tries a long knee, misses and Khabilov's counter right just misses as well. Henderson misses a left hand and Khabilov gets a takedown off of it. Khabilov on top in full guard, Henderson lands a couple of punches off of his back then kicks Khabilov off and stands. Henderson pushes close, gets the clinch and takes Khabilov's back. Henderson goes with the body triangle and starts looking for the choke. Khabilov has one hand locked down, he spins and escapes to his feet. Henderson pushes on a double leg and has Khabilov against the fence. Henderson working for a takedown, bails on the leg and moves to the clinch. Khabilov tries a trip, Benson avoids being thrown but might have tweaked his shoulder. Henderson switches to orthox and lands a hard leg kick. He tries a second but Khabilov counters with a right hand.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Henderson, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: Khabilov pushes forward with some hooks, they miss. Henderson switches to orthodox and lands a left to the body, misses a leg kick and Khabilov tries to get a takedown. Khabilov has the front headlock, Henderson tries to sit out, stopped by Khabilov. Khabilov knees the chest and Henderson regains his feet. Body kick from Henderson. Another one, and they clinch against the fence. Khabilov misses an elbow as they break. Henderson gets a body lock, Khabilov tries a throw and then lands a left hook on the break. Inside leg kick from Henderson. Body kick from Henderson, he lands an uppercut and tries for a guillotine as Khabilov shoots. Khabilov breaks the grip quickly and gets back to his feet against the fence. Henderson looking for a single leg, bails and they break. Henderson lands a counter right hook. Henderson gets the clinch for a moment, Khabilov shoots and has Henderson down for a moment, Henderson sits out quickly and is on top in half guard. Henderson wont have enough time to do much besides land some short punches.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Henderson, 29-28 Henderson overall

ROUND FOUR: They clinch up, then break without much happening. Khabilov tries a right hand, it glances. Henderson lands a left as they clinch. Henderson has the body lock and misses an elbow as they break. Henderson with a long left to the body. Right hand uppercut and a left behind it rock Khabilov! Henderson takes his back instantly and has the choke. Khabilov has to tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Benson Henderson via Submission, rear naked choke, at 1:16 of Round 4

Henderson gets an interview. He says the victory is good, just like all his UFC wins. Says he opens his heart and soul to go beyond what his body could do. He says he doesn't need to talk too much, he does his talking in the cage. He says he puts tremendous pressure on himself, he expects to finish everyone, it doesn't always happen but he expects excellence from himself. Henderson concludes by saying that since the belt isn't being defended, anyone who wants a shot will have to go through him.

That does it for UFC Fight Night 42. The 411 Ground and Pound radio show will be live this Sunday at 8pm eastern and will talk over all the action. If you want to call in and make your voice heard the number is 323-657-0901. 411 will have you covered next week for UFC 174, please keep coming back to 411mania for all your pop culture needs.


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