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411’s UFC 174: Johnson vs. Bagautinov Report 6.14.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 06.15.2014

 photo ufc174_zps9225b950.jpg

UFC 174: Johnson vs. Bagautinov
Rogers Arena
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


  • Jason Saggo defeated Josh Shockley via RD1 (4:57) TKO
  • Michinori Tanaka defeated Roland Delorme via unanimous decision (30-27 across the cards)


  • Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan welcomes us to the prelims on FX.

    Lightweight Bout: Tae Hyun Bang (16-8) VS Kajan Johnson (19-11-1)
    ROUND ONE: Big John McCarthy is the official. Johnson took center cage early, landed some nice clean strikes, using his reach. Bang fired back well, but Johnson scored a clean double leg takedown into side control immediately. Bang countered and escaped as he was looking for a guillotine, which was more for defense than offense. As they worked on the feet, Bang hit a good counter left, rocked Johnson and then worked for the guillotine from there. Bang had back control, but Johnson with a great scramble got back to his feet, taking minimal damage. Both landing well standing from there, Bang with good lefts but Johnson landed a good right and started working his kicks. Johnson scored another takedown, right into side control in the final 30-seconds. Bang used good wrist control to avoid any significant damage. SCORECARD: Bang 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Johnson started round two trying to establish distance with jabs and push kicks. Johnson used the jab much better early on, Bang stated to throw wildly, allowing Johnson to land a very good counter right. Bang again looked for the guillotine with the takedown, but Johnson scrambled and escaped. Bang in top position, and Bang got busted open some where in that exchange because he is bleeding badly. It's from his nose. Johnson works a calf slicer with back mount, Bang got to his feet, but Johnson with another takedown. Johnson is bleeding a bit as well. They work back to the feet, both circling and looking to land. Both are tired and missing here. Bang flashed some kicks late, but looked exhausted doing so. SCORECARD: 19-19

    ROUND THREE: Final round now, and with that nose damage Bang's likely having breathing issues. Bang's corner did a good job cleaning up the nose and stopping the blood. Johnson with a right, but Bang with a counter right that landed much cleaner. Both men appear cautious here, lots of circling. Johnson went for a kick and Bang destroyed him with a counter right and that is all!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Tae Hyun Bang via RD3 (2:59) KO

    Bantamweight Bout: Mike Easton (13-4) VS Yves Jabouin (19-9)
    ROUND ONE: Kevin Dornan is the official. Both come out quickly, pawing jabs and circling. Easton got poked in the eye. He's good to go, Jabouin gets a warning. Back to action, Easton was landing some good rights and backing off Jabouin. Jabouin with a kick high and instant takedown stops the effective striking of Easton. Easton working a good butterfly guard, but Jabouin is able to get back to guard. Jabouin is on top, but not very active due to Easton's ability to keep him close. Easton wall walks, Jabouin with a trip but both back to the feet right away. Jabouin almost immediately gets him back down, and is stealing the round (due to how most judges score). Elbow by Jabouin, Easton gets to his feet again. Easton with a trip, into side control from that and needs to do some damage here. Jabouin escapes without taking damage, they circle but don't do much as the round ends. Close round SCORECARD: Jabouin 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Easton working good jabs to start the round, Jabouin working the body kicks to maintain distance. Easton trying to work in some body strikes, Jabouin stuffs a takedown and looks to take the back. Jabouin working a very good over/under, but Easton makes it to the cage and to his feet. Jabouin trips him back down, lands a few shots and Easton is able to get back to his feet again. Easton eats a high kick and a body kick as he comes off the cage, and then knees and rights by Jabouin landing cleanly. Jabouin with another easy takedown, and is grinding out Easton here. Easton's defense is actually pretty good here, not allowing Jabouin to pass or do any significant damage. They get stood up, which was a bit sketchy, but so is MMA is 2014. Easton lands a good left hook, but Jabouin answers well with counter strikes and some kicks. Easton tries to walk down, but the round ends. SCORECARD: Jabouin 20-18

    ROUND THREE: I have it 20-18 for Jabouin, but round one was very close, so it could be 19-19. Both begin striking and landing solidly early. They work along the cage, trading, but Easton is looking and digging deep for a takedown. It's not happening for him. They both work the knees and dirty boxing along the cage, separate and Jabouin is stringing together some nice dual level combos here. Jabouin then uses that to secure another takedown, as he continues to frustrate and confuse Easton. Jabouin works for the back, but Easton is working for a kimura and gets half guard. Easton working very hard for the kimura; but he is exhausted and lets go. He works some body shots from side control, they scramble a bit and Easton remains in top control. Some more body shots land, but Jabouin gets Easton back into guard to stop the possible submission attempt. SCORECARD: Jabouin 30-27

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Yves Jabouin via unanimous decision (29-28 across the cards)

    Women's Bantamweight Bout: Valerie Letourneau (5-3) VS Elizabeth Phillips (4-1)
    ROUND ONE: The official is Jaren Valel. No messing around, they start striking right away. Phillips works some knees from the clinch, and then separates and works the jab. They trade check high kicks, and both lands solid over hand rights. Another good right by Phillips, Letourneau looks to favor her left eye a bit and Phillips now works the jab. Letourneau's left eye is swelling, and Phillips is landing more to that area. Letourneau flashing some kicks, trying to keep Phillips away, but her eye is swelling badly. Phillips keeps landing near that injured eye, working her jab well. Letourneau still throwing well in the pocket, and lands a grazing high kick. Phillips clinches they work along the cage and she lands some knees before they separate. Letourneau's left eye is in bad shape, but she lands a solid high kick and follows with a strong combo to end the round. SCORECARD: Phillips 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Letourneau's left eye is close to closed. Letourneau is throwing and landing well here, but Phillips keeps working the jab. They work along the cage, fighting for a takedown, but Letourneau landing knees and short strikes. They separate, and Letourneau keeps finding her uppercut and is getting the better of the striking thus far in round two. Letourneau with a combo and a solid jab that follows, she then lands the uppercut again and is starting to bust up Phillips a bit. Both tiring here, but Letourneau is landing at a 2 to 1 rate right now. Phillips looking the more tired here, and she is getting sloppy. They trade a bit as the round ends. SCORECARD: 19-19

    ROUND THREE: Phillips charges for a takedown and fails. Letourneau lands the short uppercut again, rocks Phillips on an inside exchange and Phillips keeps turning away, which is not good. Phillips looks as if she is in slow motion, allowing Letourneau to land the cleaner strikes. They work to the cage, clinch, Phillips is desperately trying for a takedown but nothing doing here. Letourneau with some short knees, they go to the ground for a moment but both pop back up. Phillips chases with the jab a bit, but Letourneau putting together her strikes well. Nothing devastating, but Letourneau is more technical and clean. Good left by Phillips, but Letourneau with the uppercut again. They throw a bit wildly at the end and that is all. SCORECARD: Letourneau 29-28

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Valerie Letourneau via split decision (29-28 Phillips, 29-28 Letourneau, 29-28 Letourneau)

    Welterweight Bout: Kiichi Kunimoto (16-5-2dr-1nc) VS Daniel Sarafian (9-4)
    ROUND ONE: The official is Yves Lavigne. This is Sarafian's welterweight debut. Sarafian controls center cage, Kunimoto working leg kicks to begin. Sarafian chases with a big right, pushing Kunimoto back, but Kunimoto with more leg kicks and then rushes Sarafian to the cage. Kunimoto working to pull Sarafian to the mat, and finally gets a trip. Sarafian works for a guillotine, but Kunimoto escapes. Kunimoto works from the half guard, and then into side control. He works for the back, gets it and locks in the rear naked choke and Sarafian has to tap. That was very nice work from Kunimoto.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Kiichi Kunimoto via RD1 (2:52) submission

  • Kunimoto is with Rogan. Kunimoto says he hopes to fight for the UFC in Japan this September.

  • They replay Jason Saggo defeating Josh Shockley from the Fight Pass prelims.


  • Robert Winfree, Pat Mullin and Mark Radulich will be doing live commentary on the PPV portion of the show, which you can follow on the below player…


  • Rogan and Goldberg welcome us to the PPV.

    Light Heavyweight Bout: Ryan Jimmo (19-3) VS Ovince Saint Preux (15-5)
    ROUND ONE: OSP will enjoy a seven-inch reach advantage in this fight. Kevin Dornan is the official. OSP is 3-0 in the UFC, and a PPV victory will help in his efforts to earn a title shot down the line. OSP with a leg kick and a great counter left earl yon. OSP clips Jimmo, who then chases with the right and presses OSP to the cage. Jimmo works some good dirty boxing along the cage; they switch position a few times and separate. Jimmo bleeding from the nose a bit already, OSP flashes a high kick, leg kicks by Jimmo. OSP with an overhand left, but not really using his reach or controlling well. Jimmo continues to land leg and body kicks, OSP shoots and drags Jimmo down late in the round, works for his back and lands a few shots as they stand at the horn. SCORECARD: OSP 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Jimmo fires away early with some rights that connect, he's not having any major issues with the reach of OSP. OSP counters well here, catches a leg kick and gets a takedown from that. OSP gets mount and then the back of Jimmo rather quickly, rolls and looks for the RNC. Jimmo loses a hook and the choke, lands come hammer fists and then the fight is stopped. Jimmo has apparently broke his arm during the scramble. OSP was working on the left arm, and Jimmo started to yell that he broke his arm. He injured the right arm.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Ovince Saint Preux via RD2 (2:10 via (TKO) verbal submission

  • Ovince Saint Preux says his MMA wrestling is really good, and that he likely broke Jimmo's arm with a kick.

    Heavyweight Bout: Brendan Schaub (11-3) VS Andrei Arlovski (21-10-2nc)
    ROUND ONE: The official is Big John McCarthy. Arlovski takes canter cage, clinches and takes Schaub to the cage. Arlovski not doing much, some knees, they get warned to work. Schaub spins out, lands an overhand right and that backs off Arlovski. Arlovski works some leg kicks, they clinch again and to the cage they go. Arlovski with knees to the thighs, but not much really as they get warned to work again. Schaub pushes off, and then connects with a good combo. Schaub misses an overhand right, Arlovski looked for the clinch again but Schaub shoved him away. Not a whole lot happening, Schaub with a right but Arlovski takes him to the cage. They trade some knees, Schaub escapes again and shoots off of a missed kick by Arlovski, and the round ends. That was uninspired. SCORECARD: 10-10

    ROUND TWO: Arlovski catches Schaub low and we get a break early. Schaub chases for the right, counter by Arlovski. Arlovski presses Schaub to the cage once again, and again not really doing anything but laying on Schaub. Schaub pushes off again, overhand right by Schaub misses and Arlovski counters with a left. Body kick by Arlovski, both connect with rights. Schaub looks again for the overhand right, misses, but then presses Arlovski to the cage. They get warned to work, crowd starting to hate this. Schaub gets a takedown for about 2 seconds, and they pop back to their feet. Schaub isn't setting a damn thing up as he swings wildly for the one shot KO. Both stay away, jab by Schaub. Arlovski is countering well enough, Schaub with a good right and they clinch. Body combo by Arlovski connects, and then a right as the round ends. SCORECARD: Arlovski 20-19

    ROUND THREE: Hard to judge this due to not much happening. Schaub chases with wild shots, not really connecting, but Arlovski not countering either. Good left by Arlovski, that hurt Schaub and they get stopped and waned for accidental head butts. They clinch and again work to the cage. Schaub finally gets a takedown and works from guard. Schaub is busted open, but is landing some good body shots. Lots of body shots now, but some elbows from the bottom by Arlovski are connecting as well. Wild swings by Schaub, some connecting but he gets riding time here, which judges love. Schaub postures up, hammer fists, but Arlovski gets to his feet. Once again to the cage, some knees by Arlovski connect. They separate, Arlovski misses a right but stuffs a takedown. They get a bit wild as the round ends. The right side of Schaub's face is rally swollen, he may have broken his jaw. It's really bad looking. I figure Schaub gets round three, I have it as a draw. SCORECARD: 29-29

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Andrei Arlovski via split decision (29-28 Schaub, 29-28 Arlovski, 29-28 Arlovski)

  • It's not a horrible decision overall, more a completely horrible fight with very little action in round one and most of round two.

  • Rogan is with Arlovski. He is glad to be back in the UFC. He was nervous, but this was good for him.

    Light Heavyweight Bout: Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante (12-4-1nc) VS Ryan Bader (16-4)
    ROUND ONE: The official is Yves Lavigne. Bader with an early takedown, but Cavalcante up immediately and they work along the cage. Bader drags him back down, but Cavalcante right back up. Bader drags him back down, but Cavalcante right back up. Some knees to the thighs by Bader, he keeps tripping Cavalcante down, but Cavalcante keeps getting back to his feet. Bader is working the thigh well though. They finally separate, jabs by Bader. Cavalcante chases, lands a left and backs off Bader. They both land jabs, Bader shoots and gets a double leg. He takes Cavalcante to the cage, tries to keep him down and lands some lefts to the head. Bader controlling, and landing some body shots now as well. Bader keeps control as the round ends. SCORECARD: Bader 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Cavalcante checks a head kick, and then stuffs a takedown as the round begins. They work along the cage, Cavalcante stuffs another shot and Bader starts to land the jab. He shoots for the double and gets it. He presses Cavalcante to the cage and works from the guard. Elbows by Bader, gets the back and more knees to the thigh by Bader. Bader continues to land the knees, and Cavalcante is doing jack and shit. He gets to his feet, they separate, and then Cavalcante starts to throw wild shots. Cavalcante is almost stationary here, standing straight up and is pretty much a target as Bader lands body shots. Cavalcante is exhausted. Rights by Bader, lands a body shot and another. Bader scores another takedown, lands some elbows and controls as the round ends. SCORECARD: Bader 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Cavalcante needs a finish here. Cavalcante leaps in with a right, left also connects. Bader shoots, stuffed as they work along the cage. Cavalcante chases with a combo, Bader shoots and stuffed again. Cavalcante controlling from north south, and then lands some hard elbow strikes to Bader. Cavalcante shoves Bader away, Bader falls to his ass, but gets right back up. And now they work to the cage, and they get separated for not working. Cavalcante in zombie walk forward mode, Bader shoots and to the cage again. Bader gets him down, and works elbows to the body. Cavalcante is simply hanging on here as Bader continues to land body shots. Bader grinds away from the guard, landing more body shots while Cavalcante has given up. The fight thankfully ends for Cavalcante. SCORECARD: Bader 30-27

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Ryan Bader via unanimous decision (30-27 across the cards)

    Welterweight Bout: Tyron Woodley (13-2) VS Rory MacDonald (16-2)
    ROUND ONE: The official is Big John McCarthy. MacDonald takes center cage, looking aggressive early. They clinch, body shots by Woodley, knees also connecting. They work to the cage, foot stomps by Woodley as well as knees to the body. Lots of good knees by Woodley, they separate and MacDonald throws a high kick but checked. Body kick by Woodley, but MacDonald flashes the front kick to back him off. Body kick by Woodley, and then one from MacDonald. Combo by Woodley, knee to the body by MacDonald but Woodley drives him to the cage. They separate, Woodley blocks high kick and then gets a takedown, but MacDonald pops right back up. Body kicks by MacDonald, combo to the body and back with the kick. MacDonald is backing off Woodley, jabs by MacDonald follow. Another body kick and then a combo by MacDonald. The round ends. SCORECARD: MacDonald 10-9

    ROUND TWO: MacDonald out aggressively again, landing jabs and flashing an axe kick. Woodley back with a leg kick, another but MacDonald keeps backing him off. Jabs by MacDonald, also working the body shots as well. Switch kick by MacDonald, Woodley throwing but begin countered by MacDonald. MacDonald continues backing off Woodley, and MacDonald is just shutting him down. Double jabs by MacDonald, Woodley is landing some leg kicks, but for each one, MacDonald eats it, backs him off and lands clean strikes. High kick by MacDonald, Woodley eats it, but is still standing. MacDonald continually lands to the body and then a good overhand right follows. MacDonald is taking Woodley to school, standing in front of him and showing no fear of any power Woodley has. SCORECARD: MacDonald 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Woodley needs a finish here. Woodley comes out with a good combo and then gets wild, clips MacDonald but then slips and backs off. MacDonald starts to back off Woodley again, catches a kick and jabs Woodley back to the cage. Woodley is fighting with his back to the cage again, as he has been the whole fight. MacDonald looked to hit Woodley low, but Big John says bullshit, keep fighting. MacDonald then gets a takedown, Woodley holding on for dear life to get a standup, MacDonald works from guard and starts to land some light shots. Woodley not doing anything but hanging on, MacDonald postures up and drops in with a left, avoiding the up kicks. Tiiiiiick tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tiiiiiiiiiiiick Woodley, come on dude. MacDonald then takes mount, slides into side control and traps the right arm of Woodley. Lefts by MacDonald as he has Woodley trapped in what is basically big brother position. MacDonald completely shut down and owned Woodley. SCORECARD: 30-27

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Rory MacDonald via unanimous decision (30-27 across the cards)

  • MacDonald talks with Joe Rogan. MacDonald says to win in Vancouver is amazing. Everything he worked on came together, he respected Woodley, and it was an honor to fight him. MacDonald feels he is ready for a title shot, he knows Brown and Lawler have a big fight and respects that, but the belt will be him.

    Flyweight Title Bout: Champion Demetrious Johnson (19-2-1dr) VS Ali Bagautinov (13-2)
    ROUND ONE: Johnson works leg kicks early, avoiding Bagautinov and also backing him off. Hard body kick by Bagautinov, Johnson presses forward with a pawing jab and landing with the leg kicks. Johnson using his speed and movement to avoid and frustrate Bagautinov early. Bagautinov shoots, lands a knee as they clinch and work to the cage. Bagautinov working hard for a takedown here as they trade knees. Great takedown defense by Johnson here, landing more knees as well. They get warned to work, which they are. Knees by Bagautinov now, Johnson turns control along the cage. Knees to the body by Johnson from the plum, Bagautinov drags Johnson down, but he pops back up as the round ends. SCORECARD: Johnson 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Johnson works the leg kicks to begin the round and to back off Bagautinov. Bagautinov takes Johnson to the cage, clinch and knees by Johnson again connect. Bagautinov flashes a high kick, but misses and Johnson throws a body kick, partially caught by Bagautinov. Johnson continues to use his speed and movement well, and lands more leg kicks. Good right by Johnson connects, high kick by Bagautinov, checked but it still had to suck. Bagautinov takes Johnson to the cage, they trade knees again. Both continue to land knees, more volume here by Johnson overall. Bagautinov really working for a takedown, elbows by Johnson. Good right by Bagautinov, knees by Johnson as the round ends. SCORECARD: Johnson 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Johnson begins round three with more leg kicks. Johnson in and out with the kicks, continuing to use the obvious speed advantage. Jabs by Johnson, and a body kick follows. To the cage they go, they trade knees and the crowd is restless. More knees by Johnson from the clinch, and back to the leg kicks for Johnson. Counter right by Johnson, Johnson is clowning him with speed and technique here. Bagautinov getting wild here, lands a body kick, shoots and finally gets a good takedown, but Johnson back to his feet immediately. More knees from the clinch from Johnson, Bagautinov tries for another takedown, but eats knees from Bagautinov. Bagautinov with a trip, Johnson to his feet and lands rights, knees and elbows as the round ends. SCORECARD: Johnson 30-27

    ROUND FOUR: Championship rounds now, Johnson is dominating here. More knees from the clinch from Johnson, and then an elbow on the exit. More jabs and leg kicks by Johnson, in and out with ease for Johnson. Johnson with a body kick, fakes a shot and then lands a knee. Johnson slips, and Bagautinov clips him with a right, but other than that, has nothing to offer the champion. They work to the cage again, more knees by Johnson. They scramble, Johnson gets the back, Bagautinov slams him down but the round ends. SCORECARD: Johnson 40-36

    ROUND FIVE: Final round now, and Bagautinov needs a finish without a doubt. Johnson using the speed advantage, defends the takedown and lands knees from the clinch. To the cage, more knees by Johnson, but Bagautinov looking for a takedown. Johnson defends again, more knees land. Johnson doing work from the clinch, more knees and then lands a combo and a knee as they continue to work along the cage. Bagautinov tries for the takedown, fails again. More clinch work from Johnson, the knees continue to land. Johnson tenderizing the ribs of Bagautinov. Bagautinov keeps pressing to the cage, lands a knee but they separate. High kick by Johnson checked, to the cage and Bagautinov tries the takedown again, some body shots, more knees by Johnson and that is all. SCORECARD: Johnson 50-45

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Demetrious Johnson via unanimous decision (50-45 across the cards)

  • Rogan is with Johnson. Johnson says it was a tough fight, and his knee hurts from throwing it so much.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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