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411s WSOF 10: Branch vs. Taylor Report 6.21.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 06.22.2014

 photo wsof10_zps2fddc4ba.jpg

WSOF 10: Branch vs. Taylor
The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada


  • A.J. Williams defeated Tanner Cowan via RD1 (0:44) TKO
  • Jimmy Spicuzza defeated Justin Jaynes via unanimous decision (30-27 across the cards)
  • Ashlee Evans-Smith defeated Marciea Allen via RD3 (3:01) TKO
  • Krasimir Mladenov defeated Angel DeAnda via unanimous decision (30-27 across the cards)
  • Timur Valiev defeated Adam Acquaviva via RD3 (1:35) TKO
  • Derrick Mehmen defeated Dave Huckaba via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-25, 30-27)


  • Todd Harris and Bas Rutten are the announcers.

    Featherweight Bout - Nick LoBosco (7-0) vs. Lance Palmer (7-1)
    ROUND ONE: Herb Dean is the official. LoBosco takes center cage early, but Palmer works leg kicks to keep distance. Palmer goes to the body with a kick and follows with a straight left. Palmer seems a step ahead early, avoiding LoBosco's shots and working more body shots. LoBosco finally connects on an exchange, and then Palmer gets a double leg from about a mile away. Palmer presses to the cage, takes the back of LoBosco with the body figure foured. Palmer working for a choke, now lands hammer fists to LoBosco. Palmer has him flattened, lots of punches here, gets warned for the back of the head shots, LoBosco covering up but Palmer looks for the choke again. LoBosco turns into Palmer, who releases the choke and lands more punches. Palmer flattens him again, starts to land a lot of punches again as LoBosco tries to cover up. Palmer back to the choke and LoBosco taps.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Lance Palmer via RD1 (4:15) submission

  • We get highlights from the fight.

  • Jessica Aguilar comments on defending her title against Emi Fujino later tonight.

  • Todd Harris and Bas Rutten break down the rest of the card.

    Lightweight Bout - Luiz Firmino (17-6) vs. Tyson Griffin (17-7)
    ROUND ONE: The official is Steve Mazzagatti. Griffin works leg kicks early, charges in with a combo but Firmino gets him to the mat and takes his back immediately. Firmino works for a choke, Griffin turns into the guard and escapes, and tried for a guillotine, but Firmino escapes. Firmino turns things and gets into half guard. Slick escape by Griffin as Firmino tried to take the back. They trade wildly here, Firmino got the better of the exchange as Griffin looks uncomfortable on the feet. Griffin is falling into Firmino's game, and eating a lot of shots. Griffin pulls guard and almost gets a guillotine, but Firmino into half guard. They go to the feet again as Griffin escapes Firmino's attempt to get the back. Griffin looks sloppy as hell trying to throw kicks, and Firmino lands counter strikes well off of that. Round ends. SCORECARD: Firmino 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Firmino pressing forward early, Griffin gets wild and lands well and Firmino then takes the back of Griffin as he stands. Firmino pulls him to the mat, works from the back here and loses the hooks. He gets one back and then loses position as Griffin goes into the guard of Firmino. Firmino throws elbows from the bottom as Griffin does little from the guard. Griffin postures up, looks for a guillotine but Firmino escapes with ease. Firmino with body strikes and knees from the clinch. Griffin swinging for the fences, but Firmino countering well. Jabs by Firmino follow, shoots in but Griffin takes top position from that and into guard. Firmino working for a triangle, Griffin keeps leaving the arm out there for him to do so. Firmino pushes Griffin off, lands an up kick as Griffin dives back in. Firmino switches position, has side control and works for the back. Lots of body shots by Firmino as well here, in complete control from the position. More elbows as the round ends. SCORECARD: Firmino 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Final round now, and Griffin needs a finish. Firmino takes center cage and presses forward, continuing to press and push Griffin back. Griffin continues to be wild, but gets countered by Firmino with ease. Firmino scores another takedown, into guard and Griffin needs to get out of this right quick and in a hurry. Griffin working well from the bottom and defending well, Firmino is frustrated but in control of things still. Firmino with body shots and back to half guard. Griffin's ribs are all bruised up from those body shots. Firmino controlling from north south, keeping the pressure on with some strikes and superior positioning. Elbows by Firmino follow, and keeps Griffin on lockdown. Firmino completes the big brothering of Griffin with strikes to the head as the round ends. SCORECARD: Firmino 30-27

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Luiz Firmino via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

  • Joey Varner is with Bas and the ring chicks, and discuss the motorcycle they will give away tonight.

    Strawweight Title Bout - Champ Jessica Aguilar (17-4) vs. Emi Fujino (13-7)
    ROUND ONE: Herb Dean is the official. Aguilar out early with leg kicks, controlling center cage and avoiding the strikes of Fujino early. Fujino gets wild after a good right by Aguilar, and Aguilar takes the fight to the cage. Aguilar works knee strikes along the cage, and separates off a right hook. More leg kicks by Aguilar, follows with the right hook and backs off Fujino. Fujino then lands a good combo, Aguilar continues to land well on the exchanges. Fujino's nose is bloodied from the strikes already, Aguilar landing clean and continually moving forward well here. Fujino constantly wiping at the nose, it's bothering her badly. Clinch and knees by Aguilar, who is really dominating here. Aguilar continues to pick apart Fujino as the round ends. SCORECARD: Aguilar 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Fujino tries to open up her striking, but is just too slow and sloppy as compared to Aguilar. Aguilar continues to land cleanly and picks her shots very well. Fujino is moving forward and throwing, but nothing of purpose landing as Aguilar continues to control with ease. Aguilar seems to be boxing her way to a win here, constantly countering and landing cleanly on her opponent. Fujino's bloody again from the nose, Aguilar continues to connect well through out the round. Fujino has nothing to offer here as the round ends. SCORECARD: Aguilar 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Round three begins and Fujino continues to be a game opponent, pressing in but still eating clean shots from Aguilar. Fujino slowly finding some connection here in this round, but then Aguilar takes her down. Aguilar working for the head and arm choke, to side control goes the champion and keeps pressing for the submission. Aguilar doesn't quite have it locked in and may be burning her arms out here. Aguilar gives it up, goes to mount and lands some ground and pound. Fujino pulls her close, Aguilar presses her to the cage and continues to land. Elbows by Aguilar now, just pummeling Fujino here but she survives the round but that was a mauling. SCORECARD: Aguilar 30-26

    ROUND FOUR: Aguilar is bleeding from the nose a little bit. Good right to start off the round for Aguilar, she seems calm as they exchange and Fujino takes an eye poke so we get a break in the action. Fujino is finding some success countering the leg kick of Aguilar, but it may be too little and too late. The doctor checks on Fujino, and she is good to go. Back to action and Aguilar continues to land clean strikes. Clinch by Aguilar, more knees and they separate. Aguilar uses her boxing well here to dominate Fujino as the round ends. SCORECARD: Aguilar 40-35

    ROUND FIVE: Final round now, and Fujino certainly needs a finish here. More of the same here, some sloppy strikes by Fujino, clean counters by Aguilar. Aguilar content to counter and keep Fujino back with her boxing. They go to the cage, knees by Aguilar follow and she maintains complete control. Not much happening here as they are essentially hugging, and finally break. Spin kick by Aguilar lands to the body. Aguilar with the takedown in the final minute and follows with elbows. Body shots follow, and Aguilar stands and lands shots from the feet to the downed Fujino as the round ends. SCORECARD: Aguilar 50-44

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Jessica Aguilar via unanimous decision (50-44 across the cards)

  • Joey Varner is with WSOF President Rey Sefo. Sefo hypes the July 5th NBC card, and says this is a big step for the promotion.

    Featherweight Title Bout - Champ Georgi Karakhanyan (23-3-1) vs. Rick Glenn (14-2-1)
    ROUND ONE: The official is Steve Mazzagatti. Karakhanyan charges and takes Glenn to the mat to begin the fight. Karakhanyan works from half guard, and was looking for a choke but then starts to unload on Glenn. Glenn tries to push him off, but Karakhanyan fishing for a guillotine. Karakhanyan with strikes again as he looks to take mount, does and takes the back of Glenn. Glenn turns, but Karakhanyan now tries for an arm bar and has it. He cranks at a bad angle, but Glenn somehow escapes and gets to his feet. Sweet escape. Glenn into half guard and works the body strikes from there, postures up and Karakhanyan looking for a knee bar. Glenn drops back in, lands good rights to Karakhanyan, but Karakhanyan rolls for a knee bar. Glenn with great rights and that allows him to escape. Glenn back to half guard, landing great body shots here and ends the round impressively. Close round here. SCORECARD: Glenn 10-9

    ROUND TWO: They work to the cage right away, Karakhanyan climbs up on Glenn and looks for a guillotine, but Glenn won't have any of that. Karakhanyan looks for a takedown, Glenn with elbows to stop that. Karakhanyan digging deep for that takedown, Glenn countering well and also landing strikes to counter. Good combo by Karakhanyan on the escape, he shoots again and to the cage they go. They fall into north south with Glenn in control, Glenn postures up and lands very good strikes to the head and body of Karakhanyan. Glenn landing a lot here and cleanly. Glenn with knees to the body as well, keeping Karakhanyan down. Karakhanyan finally fights to his feet and Glenn keeps connecting. Karakhanyan to a knee and Glenn is swarming with rights and lefts. Karakhanyan again to his feet, Glenn takes him back down and more lefts and elbows by Glenn. Hammer fists follow for Glenn, works from half guard and lands more elbows as the round ends. SCORECARD: Glenn 20-18

    Karakhanyan cannot answer the bell for round three, looks to be a rib issue for him. The doctor and Mazzagatti had a meeting with Karakhanyan's corner, and the decision was made to stop the fight. Karakhanyan told them he couldn't breathe and they were icing down his ribs.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: AND NEW WSOF FEATHERWEIGHT CHAMPION Rick Glenn via RD2 (5:00) TKO via doctor's stoppage

    Inaugural Middleweight Title Bout - David Branch (13-3) vs. Jesse Taylor (27-9)
    ROUND ONE: Herb Dean is the official. Taylor shoots early, looks for the guillotine and Branch defending well and making Taylor work and burn his arms out. Taylor cannot get the legs wrapped to get the right position and Branch pops out. Branch from Taylor's guard, works for a darce choke and that is all. Good night JT Money.


  • Branch says this has been a long road, he did it for his kids, family and students. He has arrived, loves the fans and plans to put on a show for them each and every time out.

  • They hype the July 5th card on NBC, starting at 4PM ET.

  • They talk with Lightweight Champion Justin Gaethje and challenger Nick Newell. Newell says he is just chasing a dream, and says Gaethje is well rounded and praises him, but notes that he is vulnerable. Newell is ready to prove that he is the best at 155. Gaethje praises Newell, and says he is a good role model, but will do his job and knockout Newell.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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