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411's UFC 175 Report 07.05.14
Posted by Robert Winfree on 07.06.2014

  • On tap for tonight...

     photo UFC_175_event_poster_zps5ca58858.jpg


    Guilherme Vasconcelos (185 lbs.) vs. Luke Zachrich (185 lbs.)
    Kevin Casey (185 lbs.) vs. William "Bubba" Bush (185 lbs.)


    Alex Caceres (135 lbs.) vs. Urijah Faber (136 lbs.)
    Ildemar Alcantara (170 lbs.) vs. Kenny Robertson (171 lbs.)
    Chris Camozzi (185 lbs.) vs. Bruno Santos (185 lbs.)
    Rob Font (135 lbs.) vs. George Roop (135 lbs.)

    MAIN CARD (Pay-per-view)

    Champ Chris Weidman (185 lbs.) vs. Lyoto Machida (184.5 lbs.) - for middleweight title
    Champ Ronda Rousey (135 lbs.) vs. Alexis Davis (135 lbs.) – for women's bantamweight title
    Matt Mitrione (254 lbs.) vs. Stefan Struve (251.5 lbs.)
    Uriah Hall (185 lbs.) vs. Thiago "Marreta" Santos (185 lbs.)
    Marcus Brimage (135.5 lbs.) vs. Russell Doane (136 lbs.)

    Greetings everyone and thank you for joining 411's live coverage. I'll be your host, calling the action as I see it, Robert Winfree. I also feel it important to warn you beforehand that I am apparently under some form of voodoo curse which tends to make cards I cover be boring. Hopefully tonight breaks that trend. While you're here following along please check out the Radulich in Broadcasting network, it's home to the weekly 411 Ground and Pound radio show every Sunday at 8pm eastern time as well as a lot of other quality shows. No time like the present to give it a try.

    Online Pop Culture Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Mark Radulich on BlogTalkRadio

    I hope everyone who celebrated the 4th of July last night had a fun and safe time, and to those who don't celebrate that particular day I hope you had a fun and safe Friday. Please be aware, my inside sources have told me that Clucky is unhappy about the rate of consumption of his species at barbecue's last night and might be out for revenge so keep your eyes peeled for him.

    Mike Goldberg welcomes us to Fight Pass, by us I mean myself and the other people in the room as I assume we're the only ones watching.

    Middleweight Bout: Kevin Casey (185 lbs.) vs. William "Bubba" Bush (185 lbs.)

    ROUND ONE: Despite being an inch shorter Casey has a three and a half inch reach advantage. Bush is the favorite according to the Vegas odds. Casey is fighting southpaw. Casey counters a rush from Bush with a hard left hand that drops Bush. Bush regains his senses but Casey is on top in half guard. Casey trying to work short elbows, he finds a good rhythm lifting and dropping them, Bush isn't defending himself, he's hurt and the ref stops it.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Kevin Casey via TKO at 1:01 Round 1

    That was quick and decisive. Kevin gets an interview with Joe Rogan. Casey says it's great to be back and he's grateful to be here in the UFC. Casey thanks his training partners at Black House, the Gracie family, and Rafael Corderio then says he plans on staying in the UFC.

    The First Round Finish club will be sending you a gift basket Mr. Casey.

    Middleweight Bout: Guilherme Vasconcelos (185 lbs.) vs. Luke Zachrich (185 lbs.)

    ROUND ONE: No touch of the gloves. Both guys feinting early, neither man in a hurry to make a mistake. Zachrich looking to land a lead left, Guilherme keeping his hands high and most of these punches are being blocked. Leg kick from Guilherme but Zachrich is working diligently to get through the defenses of Guilherme. Both men are more comfortable now and swinging some leather. Zachrich being more active and aggressive. Zachrich lands a left hook in combination that got Guilherme's attention. Zachrich starting to get his jab working now, he's finding the holes in the defense of Guilherme. Zachrich digs a left to the liver and slides away from the counter. Some circling and the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Zachrich

    ROUND TWO: Guilherme opens with a kick to the arms, Zachrich counters with a leg kick. Stiff right hand from Zachrich lands, Guilherme lands a glancing left on the counter. Guilherme shoots, shrugged off by Zachrich. Body kick from Guilherme lands. Zachrich looking to re-establish his jab. Guilherme reaches for another takedown, Zachrich counters with an elbow and avoids the clinch. Zachrich finding a home for his left hook now, he's landing it as a counter reliably. Some trading from both men, neither landing anything really flush but plenty of activity as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Zachrich, 20-18 Zachrich overall

    ROUND THREE: Touch of the gloves for round three. Between rounds the corner of Guilherme told him he needed a finish. Zachrich lands a hard leg kick. Guilherme trying to move forward early, Zachrich just has vastly superior movement and avoids most of the attacks. Zachrich catches a leg kick and sweeps the other but doesn't follow Guilherme to the mat. Zachrich still working the jab. They trade inside leg kicks. Guilherme lands a left hook. Zachrich working the jab, adding in some long right hands to the body. Guilherme lands a counter left. Zachrich lands a right hand. Leg kick from Zachrich. Zachrich still very active despite the final round almost being over. Guilherme starts swinging, he knows he's on short time, Zachrich avoiding and trying to counter. Straight right lands for Zachrich. Guilherme wings a couple of overhand rights but they miss and the clock runs out.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Zachrich, 30-27 Zachrich overall

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Luke Zachrich via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27x2)

    I suppose the third round could have gone to Vasconcelos. Zachrich gets an interview. Zachrich is very emotional, the crowd cheers in support, and says he can't explain how big a goal it was to get back to the UFC. He says the injuries and setbacks were hard but he accomplished a dream to win in the UFC. Zachrich thanks his coaches.

    That wraps up the Fight Pass stuff, and we're moving on to Fox Sports 1.

    Bantamweight Bout: Rob Font (135 lbs.) vs. George Roop (135 lbs.)

    ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. Roop has a sizable reach advantage. Font looks to land a leg kick, body kick from Roop. Font lands a rushing right hand. They trade leg kicks. Roop tries a lead leg high kick, blocked. Font pushes forward, they clinch against the fence. Roop pushes Font against the cage, eats a short elbow from Font on the break though. Roop lands a left hook. Stiff jab from Roop. Leg kick from Font. Inside leg kick from Roop. A right hand from Font lands flush! Roop staggers for a moment before collapsing and the official stops it.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Rob Font via KO at 2:19 Round 1

    Rogan is with Font. Font says nothing from Roop surprised him, he was ready for the height and had to be faster on the punch. He says he felt great, also says "UFC jitters are a lie" which immediately makes him a personal favorite. Font likes the replay of his fight ending punch.

    The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Font for his contributions to the fights tonight.

    Middleweight Bout: Chris Camozzi (185 lbs.) vs. Bruno Santos (185 lbs.)

    ROUND ONE: Camozzi fights southpaw. Santos has a ton of muscle. Camozzi tries a head kick, blocked. Body kick from Camozzi lands. Outside leg kick from Camozzi, Santos returns the kick. Camozzi lands a left, Santos returns fire with a right hand. Santos can't quite get the range down, he's pawing with a left. Camozzi misses a combination, Santos doesn't even try a counter. Right to the body from Santos. Straight right lands for Camozzi, Santos lands a couple of hooks in the clinch and they get to the fence. Santos tries to get the back standing, Camozzi defends but Santos still has him pushed into the fence. Camozzi turns him and breaks the clinch. Santos ducks under a punch and clinches Camozzi into the fence again. Santos thinks about a throw, thinks better of it but gets the body lock and tries to trip Camozzi down. Camozzi breaks the grip, Santos drops down for a double leg but Camozzi spreads his base out and defends, Santos just resumes clinching. Camozzi lands a short elbow, they remain clinched as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Camozzi

    ROUND TWO: Both men pawing with the lead hand, Camozzi eats a left hook from close range. Santos hits a punch to the body then gets a takedown. Santos on top in full guard, Camozzi throws a couple of short elbows from his back. Santos can't seem to find the head with his ground and pound, Camozzi is defending himself well. The ref calls time briefly as Santos lost his mouthpiece, he puts it back in and we're back. Santos passes to side control very quickly. Santos tries to mount, Camozzi hip escapes back to full guard. Santos passes to half guard, Camozzi uses a leg to elevate Santos back into full guard. Camozzi lands a hard elbow from teh bottom and Santos is bleeding. Santos passes to side control. Camozzi regains his feet momentarily but Santos drags him back down and lands a hard right hand. Camozzi resumes throwing elbows form his back to close out the round.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Santos, 19-19 overall

    ROUND THREE: Touch of gloves for the third round. Camozzi lands a short right. Santos lands a right. Camozzi working the inside leg kicks now. Front kick up the middle from Camozzi. Santos with a right to the body, Camozzi with a body kick. Camozzi lands a double jab. More jabs from Camozzi. Santos gets a double leg and has Camozzi down. Camozzi trying to regain his feet, he has the double wrist lock and uses it to get his feet under him. Santos pulls him back to the canvas. Camozzi gets his knees under him again, back to his feet and breaks away. Camozzi pushing forward, throws a knee to the body that Santos catches and takes him down. Santos on top in full guard, Camozzi trying to lock down an arm, Santos passes to half guard. Camozzi tries another kimura, but can't sweep and the clock runs out.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Santos, 29-28 Santos overall

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Bruno Santos via split decision (28-29, 29-28x2

    That second round could have gone to Camozzi based on activity, and had he not moved to side control twice I'd likely agree with that. No interview for Santos.

    Welterweight Bout: Ildemar Alcantara (170 lbs.) vs. Kenny Robertson (171 lbs.)

    ROUND ONE: Alcantara fights southpaw. Outside leg kick from Robertson. Robertson pushes forward and gets the clinch, Alcantara wont be spun down just yet and they wind up against the fence. Alcantara spins, Robertson spins. Robertson keeping Alcantara against the fence, Robertson pulls him away and gets a trip takedown. Robertson on top in half guard. Robertson postures up and lands a couple of right hands, he keeps trying to get his arm under the neck for a d'arce choke but Alcantara defends it and regains full guard. Robertson working on landing short elbows and punches, Alcantara has closed guard but is eating some punches. Robertson has a good pace with his ground and pound, he works consistently and is having success with it. Robertson keeps busy with punches from the guard as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Robertson

    ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves. Robertson working the outside leg kick, Alcantara just misses a head kick. Robertson trying to land a right hand as me moves forward, he's wide open for a counter punch but Alcantara can't find his chin. Straight left from Alcantara but Robertson drives for a double leg. It takes him a moment but he completes the takedown. Robertson on top, Alcantara gets to his knees but Robertson on top has the ride position. Alcantara gets up but Robertson drags him back down and is now on top in half guard. Robertson now with full mount. Robertson lands a bevy of small punches before Alcantara is able to do anything defensively. Big couple of punches from Robertson, he moves to side control to try an americana, back to mount for the attempt but Alcantara pulls his arm out. Robertson moving freely from side control to mount, landing some elbows and punches. Robertson gets full mount and lands some heavy elbows as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Robertson, 20-18 Robertson overall

    ROUND THREE: Touch of the gloves for round three. Robertson with an outside leg kick. Elbow strike from Robertson lands. Robertson reaches for a double, gets the clinch and has Alcantara in the fence. Robertson throws a knee, it goes into the groin and we've got time for Alcantara to recover. Alcantara takes a moment but is good to continue. Body kicks from Alcantara. Robertson with a right hand and an outside leg kick. Alcantara with a knee to the body, then he sprawls the shot from Robertson. They both get up and trade knees, looks like Robertson's went low again. Again we've got time for Alcantara. Replay shows the knee went into the groin. Ref warns Robertson that if it happens again he'll take a point. Alcantara is able to contine and we're going. Robertson trying to close the distance, Alcantara trying to walk him down. Robertson shoots, Alcantara counters and gets Robertson down. Alcantara on top. Robertson tries a sweep, it works and Robertson on top in full guard. Robertson resumes throwing ground and pound. We get a stand up, not sure I agree with it, Alcantara lands a right hand, Robertson slips to the mat and the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Robertson, 30-27 Robertson overall

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Kenny Robertson via unanimous decision (30-26x3)

    Second round could have been 10-8. No interview for Robertson.

    Bantamweight Bout: Alex Caceres (135 lbs.) vs. Urijah Faber (136 lbs.)

    ROUND ONE: Caceres has a six and a half inch reach advantage. Caceres fight southpaw. Touch of the gloves, Caceres looking to land a jab early. Leg kick from Caceres, Faber catches the kick and tries a takedown, Caceres defends it. Caceres defends the follow-up attempts too and they wind up clinched against the fence. Faber eats a knee to the body, Faber drops for a double but can't take Caceres down. They clinch against the fence and Faber finally gets Caceres down. Caceres closes the guard. Faber can't get any distance but is landing short elbows to the head. Faber can't pass or get his posture but he's diligently trying. Faber finally gets postured up and comes down with a right hand. Caceres is now fighting for wrist control, Faber lands a couple of elbows. Faber postures, Caceres scrambles and the round ends as they regain their feet.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Faber

    ROUND TWO: Caceres lands a left hand, Faber rushes forward with a right that lands, they clinch and Faber gets a takedown. Caceres tries to climb up the body but Faber easily pulls out of potential danger. Caceres fighting for wrist control, he pushes Faber off with his legs and regains his feet. Head kick from Caceres pushes Faber back. Combination lands for Caceres. Faber tries to rush, misses two punches. Caceres lands a body kick, Faber catches the leg and tries a takedown, Caceres defends but they wind up clinched against the fence. Faber tries to take the back but Caceres spins into him and lands a hard knee to the body. Faber keeps Caceres pressed into the fence and trips Caceres down. Caceres gives up his back momentarily but Faber can't take it and Caceres is back up. High kick from Caceres is blocked. Caceres with a side kick to the chest. Spinning leg kick from Caceres lands, Faber clinches him into the fence again. Caceres gets the body lock and spins Faber, Faber with a hip toss and Caceres has to escape from the bottom. Faber eats a left hand. They clinch up again, Faber drops for a double against the fence, Caceres defends it. Caceres lands a knee to the body. Faber tries for a trip, can't finish it as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Faber, 20-18 Faber overall

    ROUND THREE: Caceres comes out jabbing, lands an inside leg kick. They clinch up and Caceres pushes Faber into the fence. Caceres lands a couple of body blows and breaks away. Faber catches a leg kick and takes Caceres down. Faber gets the back as Caceres tried to get up, locks in the choke and Caceres has to tap.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Urijah Faber via Submission, rear naked choke, at 1:09 Round 3

    Faber is with Joe Rogan. Faber says Alex is very tough and he took this fight seriously, he says Caceres has a bright future but he had to get the fight where Caceres was at his weakest. Faber says if he put enough pressure on Caceres he would make a mistake and that's what happened, then puts over his team and his after party.

    That does it for Fox Sports 1, on to Pay Per View. We had a good set of three fights to start, three kind of m'eh fights, let's see if that pattern holds true.

    Bantamweight Bout: Marcus Brimage (135.5 lbs.) vs. Russell Doane (136 lbs.)

    ROUND ONE: Brimage fights southpaw. Both men looking to land combinations. Inside leg kick from Brimage. Doane misses a high kick. Doane shoots and gets Brimage down quickly. Brimage has butterfly guard, Doane easily passes into side control. Doane looks for a d'arce choke, Brimage defends it and is on his knees but Doane has the ride position. Doane tries to take the back, has one hook in looking for the choke but Brimage is hand fighting and keeping the second hook from being secured. Doane gets both hooks in and works for the choke, gets Brimage flattened out and lands some punches before Brimage is able to regain some defense. Doane still working for a choke, Brimage trying to turn into him but Doane's control from the back is working. Brimage explodes to his feet. Brimage looking to land some kicks to the legs, he's starting to find a home for his left hand. Round ends after Brimage lands a leg kick.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Doane


    Apparently Stefan Struve has fainted backstage, more news as it becomes available.

    ROUND TWO: Doane switches to southpaw, Brimage throwing low kicks. Brimage lands a right hook that has Doane down, Doane working for a takedown as Brimage moves to pounce but he slows it down enough to regain his feet with his senses. Brimage lands a low inside leg kick and Doane goes down from it. Brimage makes him stand, Brimage lands that low kick again. Doane is limping but times a takedown with a kick from Brimage. Doane has him down, Brimage gives up his back in the turtle position, Doane has a hook in and is looking for the choke. Brimage gets his knees under him and stands back up. Doane shoots against the fence, Brimage defends it and gets away. They clinch and Doane lands a knee to the body, Brimage slams some punches to the body and Doane drops for a takedown against the fence. Brimage defends, and rolls out of the possible takedown and they're standing again. Doane is still wobbly on his left leg. Left hand lands from Brimage, another one as Doane tried to land a knee. Outside leg kick lands from Brimage to end the round.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Brimage, 19-19 overall

    ROUND THREE: Touch of the gloves. Doane looking to land a straight right hand, misses a head kick and Brimage gets a takedown. Doane briefly tries for an omoplata but Brimage pulls away. Leg kick from Brimage, Doane is fighting southpaw to protect his left leg. Big inside leg kick from Brimage has Doane down to a knee for a moment. Another one, Doane is having some problems with that leg. Doane shoots, stuffed by Brimage, Brimage counters an attempted choke with a takedown but he gets off the ground quickly. Combination lands for Brimage. And my feed got dodgy, thanks a lot comcast. I don't know what else happened, my bad guys.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Brimage based on what I saw, 29-28 Brimage overall

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Russel Doane via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)

    Doane is with Rogan. Doane says he wasn't surprised that Brimage could defend the positions he put him in. He would have liked the finish but a win is a win.

    30-27? That's dubious. What the heck were you watching judges?

     photo clucky_zps71341c5a.gif

    Ah, that makes sense.

    Mike Goldberg brings out Dr. Jeffrey Davidson to confirm that the fight between Stefan Struve and Matt Mitrione has been called off. Struve is stable now, but all things considered the fight has been scrapped for tonight. Someone put Mark Radulich in suicide watch.

    So as the PPV starts we get a featured match called off. What's going on here, it's almost as if...

     photo papa_zpsceec6291.jpg

    Right, right, voodoo curse.

    Middleweight Bout: Uriah Hall (185 lbs.) vs. Thiago "Marreta" Santos (185 lbs.)

    ROUND ONE: Hall misses a spinning back fist. Santos misses a wheel kick. Body kick lands for Santos. They trade leg kicks, Santos misses another wheel kick that was aimed at the head. Leg kick from Santos, lands a right hand behind it. Another good leg kick from Santos. Jab from Hall lands. Inside leg kick from Santos. Right lands from Hall to counter a leg kick. Inside leg kick from Santos, Hall catches an outside leg kick and tries to get a takedown, Santos spins out quickly. Hall is limping a little on his lead leg. Hall lands a right, Santos swings a counter so hard he spins around but it misses badly. Hall misses a high kick. Inside leg kick again from Santos, Hall lands a good left hook. Santos misses a high kick. Hall has his hands at his side walking Santos down and Santos isn't throwing. Inside leg kick lands for Santos, Hall misses a wheel kick and the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Santos

    ROUND TWO: Hall has at least one badly broken toe on his right foot, might be more than one. Santos misses a right hand, lands an inside leg kick. Both men respectful of each other's power. Santos with a body kick. Leg kick from Santos, Hall misses a counter right. Santos lands a right hand, and a leg kick. Hall tries to catch it, tries for a takedown, Santos is down for less than a second. Another leg kick lands for Santos. Hall misses a spinning kick, inside leg kick lands for Santos. Santos tries a head kick, blocked by Hall. Santos still working the kicks. Santos reaches for a takedown, pushed aside by Hall. Hall lands a jab. Hall slips trying a spinning kick. Santos misses a spinning kick. Hall tries another kick, this one a rolling kick that misses again.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Santos, 20-18 Santos overall

    ROUND THREE: Santos moving forward to start the round. Santos misses a head kick. Body kick from Santos. Hall aborts a jumping spin attack. They trad combinations, Hall lands a right hand that got Santos's attention. Inside leg kick from Hall. Santos tries a spinning attack. Santos misses a leg kick. Hall lands a right hand. Hall tries another right, this one misses. Hall pushing forward with the jab. Inside leg kick from Santos. High kick from Santos is blocked. Spinning back kick to the body from Hall lands. Body kick from Santos. Santos with a jumping kick towards the body, looks like it glanced the groin and Hall will have five minutes to recover. Hall is good to continue after a moment but Santos bull rushes him into a clinch. Santos has the back while standing and is pushing Hall into the fence. Santos is throwing knees to the thigh and keeping Hall pressed into the fence. Hall grabs a double wrist lock to break the grip, Hall drops to try for the kimura but Santos is out easily and on top as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Hall, 29-28 Santos overall

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Uriah Hall via unanimous decision (29-28x2, 30-27)

    Hall is with Rogan. Rogan asks about the broken toe, which actually has some bone sticking out. Hall says he was brought up to overcome adversity, specifically that if you get knocked down you have to get up and say "You hit like a bitch". Hall says he could feel the bone moving around in his toe every time he did anything with that foot. He thanks his family and friends, then says if you're not chasing your dreams you're just existing and you should do more than just exist.

    To help make up for the cancelled fight we get a replay of Font and Roop.

    UFC Women's Bantamweight Title Bout: Champion Ronda Rousey (135 lbs.) vs. Alexis Davis (135 lbs.)

    ROUND ONE: Ronda comes out jabbing, both women throwing some punches. Ronda lands a big right hand and Davis is rocked! Davis clinches but Ronda immediately throws her to the mat! Ronda lands in side control and pounds on Davis for a couple of seconds before the ref stops it.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Ronda Rousey via KO at :16 of Round 1

    Davis was so out of it she not only tried to grapple Yves Lavigne, she had no idea what had happened. It took almost a minute before they could explain to her that the fight was over.

    Ronda is with Joe. She says she's been boxing six days a week to improve her striking because that was where she needed the most improvement. Ronda says she feels she can get better, then mentions it felt good to be cheered and she'll keep her fingers crossed that they will. Rogan is asked via his ear piece if Ronda will accept a fight at UFC 176 to replace the main event after the Aldo and Mendes fight fell through. Ronda says she's scheduled for knee surgery but is down. If her coaches agree that she can go again for UFC 176 she's willing to step in.

    UFC Middleweight Title Bout: Champion Chris Weidman (185 lbs.) vs. Lyoto Machida (184.5 lbs.)

    ROUND ONE: Weidman has four inches of reach on Machida. Weidman tries a couple of kicks to start, both miss. Weidman trying to find the range with kicks, he's missing but they're measurments more than legitimate attacks. Lots of kicks from Weidman. Body kick from Machida, caught by Weidman who tries a single leg, Machida defends relatively easily and they break. Inside leg kick from Weidman lands. Straight right lands for Weidman, he's feeling comfortable with the range now. Weidman is moving forward, Machida still trying to find the timing. Straight left lands for Machida. Head kick by Machida, blocked. Machida times a right hand with a kick from Weidman, it's just a glancing blow. Weidman fakes a shot and punches, misses the blow. Weidman catches a body kick but Machida pulls his leg free before Weidman could try for a takedown. Weidman misses a head kick, Machida lands a body kick, Weidman misses the counte and the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Weidman

    ROUND TWO: Inside leg kick from Machida to start the second. Weidman misses an inside leg kick. Weidman pushing forward, Machida is circling away relatively easily but not countering. Machida lands a body kick after Weidman missed a combination. They trade inside leg kicks, Machida's was better. Weidman is trying to goad Machida into an ill timed rush so he can counter. Machida tries a lunging right hand, misses. Weidman pushing forward, trying to keep the pressure on. Machida lands a left hand. Weidman shoots a double, he gets Machida down against the fence. Machida is sitting against the fence, Weidman lands some short right hands and gets Machida to move. Weidman lands some knees as Machida regains his feet and they end the round clinched along the cage.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Weidman, 20-18 Weidman overall

    ROUND THREE: Touch of the gloves. Weidman still trying to use forward pressure. Machida tries a high kick, blocked. Weidman shoots, Machida evades. Lead right lands for Machida. High kick from Machida is blocked. Weidman reaches for another takedown, Machida sprawls out easily. Weidman shoots yet again, this time he gets the takedown into full guard. Machida throws some elbows from the bottom. Weidman gets a leg over into half guard. Machida gets to his knees and stands, Weidman tries to take the back but Machida gets him off his back. They trade some punches, Weidman lands a good left hook. Right hand lands from Weidman, Machida is bleeding from the nose now. Weidman is pushing forward, he's looking to finish Machida. Machida with a knee to the body, Weidman gets a takedown against the fence. Weidman tries to take the back as Machida gets to his knees, Weidman just suplexes him as he gets to his feet and has the ride position. Weidman with some more punches before Machida escapes. Machida is bleeding from another cut now. Machida tries a head kick that's blocked as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Weidman, 30-27 Weidman overall

    ROUND FOUR: Machida lands an inside leg kick. Weidman still trying to apply pressure, he's walking Machida down. Head kick from Machida is blocked, he throws a body kick behind it that lands hard. They clinch briefly, Weidman with a knee to the body. Another body kick from Machida. Machida with a left hand that lands. Weidman shoots, Machida fights to the fence and widens his base. Machida pulls his leg out and is free. Straight left from Machida lands flush. Weidman misses a head kick, that left seems to have got Weidman's attention. Right hand and a left behind it, Weidman is on the defensive for the first time. Machida tires another head kick that misses, follow up body kick lands. Another body kick from Machida. Weidman eats a left hand. Weidman looks a little tired, he's reacting slower. Machida avoids a takedown and lands a right hand. Weidman pushes forward, his punches are labored and miss. Weidman shoots, Machida stuffs it. Machida lands another punching combination and Weidman is circling away. Machida misses a high, lands a substantial left hand at the bell.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Machida, 39-37 Weidman overall

    ROUND FIVE: Machida opens up with an inside leg kick and a body kick. Machida counters with some punches, Weidman tries to push forward. Weidman misses a head kick, Machida just misses a left hand counter. Machida lands a left hand. Weidman shoots a single, Machida fights it off and lands some punches in the clinch. Machida lets the clinch go, Weidman lands a solid right hand. Weidman now looking to land his jab. Weidman lands another right hand, Machida pushes forward and lands a left. Machida just misses a counter flurry, they get close and Weidman lands a hard elbow. Machida is wobbled a little. They both throw punches, Weidman shoots a double and gets the takedown. Weidman on top in half guard looking to land elbows. Weidman slides his leg through into full mount, Machida gives up his back and Weidman has both hooks in. Weidman flattens him out, Machida gets the hooks out and stands up. Weidman can't keep the clinch and Machida breaks away. Machida rushes forward and blitzes Weidman! Weidman survives the rush and the round ends.

    SCORECARD: 10-9 Weidman, 49-46 Weidman overall

    OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Chris Weidman via unanimous decision (49-45, 48-47, 49-46)

    Weidman says Machida was as good as he thought, quick and unpredictable. He says Machida is tough as nails and it was a good fight. Weidman says he'll have to watch the tape back to figure out what the final two rounds were like, he assumes he got hurt at some point because he can't remember too much.

    Rogan with Machida now. Machida says the plan was to keep the fight standing but Weidman is tough and deserves the title. He thanks the crowd, says he knows yesterday was a big day for America, also thanks Brazil.

    Alright, that wraps up UFC 175. The 411 Ground and Pound radio show will be live tomorrow at 8pm eastern time breaking down all the fights from tonight and some of the stuff from tomorrow's finale of The Ultimate Fighter. If you'd like to call in to the show the number is (323) 657-0901. Tomorrow Mark Radulich will return to punch the old time clock one more time and provide you guys live coverage of the finale of The Ultimate Fighter. Until then, be sure to keep checking out 411mania for all your pop culture needs.


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