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411’s UFC Fight Night 45: Cerrone vs. Miller Report 7.16.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 07.16.2014

 photo 50222ebb-463c-4603-8a51-0f5a1333b314_zps61829e2a.jpg

UFC Fight Night 45: Cerrone vs. Miller
Revel Casino Hotel
Atlantic City, New Jersey


  • Claudia Gadelha defeated Tina Lahdemaki via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)


  • Jon Anik and Brian Stann are the commentators.

    Lightweight Bout - Jerrod Sanders (14-1) VS. Yosdenis Cedeno (9-3)
    ROUND ONE: Sanders took the fight on two weeks notice, and is usually a featherweight. Sanders throws a body kick, caught and Cedeno drops him with a right and unloads with ground and pound. Sanders grabs for a leg, and is able to turn position and presses Cedeno to the cage and then takes top position as he works from the guard. Cedeno sweeps and lands body shots from half guard. Cedeno postures up and out, lands good strikes from standing and drops back into the half guard. Cedeno looking for short elbows and then lands some knees to the body. Cedeno landing good rights from half guard, and the round ends. SCORECARD: Cedeno 10-9

    Sanders had to be helped to his corner in between rounds, and may have hurt his knee or ankle. The doctor calls a stop to the fight when he has difficulty getting to his feet for round two.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Yosdenis Cedeno via RD1 (5:00) TKO (fighter retirement)

    Bantamweight Bout - Aljamain Sterling (9-0) VS. Hugo Viana (8-2)
    ROUND ONE: Sterling is seven years younger and will have a 3.5 inch reach advantage. Sterling landing body kicks early, but gets caught on an attempt and then clipped. He bounces back, circles and tries a flying knee, but eats a combo from Viana. Viana trying to get inside, but Sterling gets a takedown against the cage. Sterling works from half guard, but Viana works to his feet but eats 4-5 rights from Sterling and is pulled back down. Knee to the body by Sterling and another. Sterling pressures along the cage, another knee to the body and then Sterling backs off. Viana still having issues getting inside on Sterling, Sterling throws some wild ax kicks that miss and then lands a head kick on Viana. Jump kick by Viana connects to the body, but still cannot get inside. Leg kick by Viana as the round ends. SCORECARD: Sterling 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Sterling working his distance with kicks to the body, Viana tries to rush in, but gets nothing and allows Sterling to take him to the cage. Knees by Sterling land, but Viana press him away and they circle around the cage. Viana landing some shots, but it is all single shot and out stuff. Sterling has to work for it, but gets a single leg takedown. He works from the guard, and has Viana in the center of the cage. Viana scrambles and escapes, but eats some body kicks following the escape. Sterling shoots again, and then gets a trip and takedown on Viana. Sterling into side control and lands some lefts. Sterling now looks for mount, but Viana is against the cage and stops that. Sterling looks for the back of Viana, landing some strikes to the head and now looks for the rear naked choke. They are too close to the cage, Sterling has the body locked but had to let go of the choke. Body shots by Sterling follow, still working for the choke, but the round ends. SCORECARD: Sterling 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Final round now, Sterling gets a single leg early and works form the half guard. Sterling gets to side control, looking for a head and arm choke, but Viana gets half guard back to counter. Sterling bails on the submission, and then lands elbows to the head of Viana. Sterling looked to go for is arm bar, failed but gets into mount from that so it's all good. Sterling looking to flatten him here, possibly looking for the head and arm choke again. Body shots as well from Sterling, now looking for a possible arm bar. Nope, he starts to rain down with crazy fists! Viana rolls, but Sterling continues to land repeatedly and the ref steps in to stop it. Another victory for the Serra-Longo team.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Aljamain Sterling via RD3 (3:50) TKO

  • Anik is with Sterling. Sterling says the win was awesome, but he has a lot more to work on and to show off. He puts over Viana as tough, but he wanted a finish to show that he was for real.

    Bantamweight Bout - Leslie Smith (6-5-1) VS. Jessamyn Duke (3-1-1)
    ROUND ONE: Duke has like a seven in reach advantage in this fight, and is two inches taller. Lets see if she can use the reach this fight. Duke uses her jab well to begin, but Smith with a leg kick and combo in return. Duke follows with leg kicks and jabs, Smith chases with a head kick, but it's checked. Smith is backing off Duke, landing leg kicks and body shots. Smith landing leg kicks to the lead leg of Duke well at this point, but Duke catches a body kick and lands a few good strikes before Smith escapes. Smith then backs her off and opens up on her along the cage with rights and lefts, body shots follow and Duke is down and the fight gets stopped. Good body shots paid off there for Smith, she kept backing her down and was very efficient with her strikes.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Leslie Smith via RD1 (2:24) TKO

  • Anik is with Smith. She says that the win felt great and she loves New Jersey. She trained hard and did what she trained to do in the cage. She says tonight is just epic for her, and adds that she needed the win.

  • Send Duke down to developmental (INVICTA) for more seasoning.

  • Heidi Androl spoke with Dan Miller earlier today. Dan admits that Jim hates to watch video, so he and other coaches watch and break things down frothier training. Dan says Jim needs to be aggressive against Cerrone tonight. He hopes to be back in the cage in September or October.

    Lightweight Bout - Pat Healy (31-18-1) VS. Gleison Tibau (37-10)
    ROUND ONE: And here we go with our next fight. Good left by Tibau to open things up, they both look to use the jab, but are mostly pawing with it early. Both guys open up a bit and start to land clean, Healy chases with a combo, but nothing really lands. He backs off Tibau again, and Tibau landing with the left and both connecting with leg kicks. Tibau with a sweet scoop and takedown, popping right into side control. Good lefts by Tibau, but gets pulled back to half guard. Tibau into the full guard of Healy now, lefts land for Tibau and they are clean. Healy looked to be crawling his legs up for a triangle, but Tibau stopped that with those hard lefts. Tibau stands, lands some kicks to the legs of the downed Healy, and then Healy finally makes it to his feet. Healy chasing, lands a few body shots but Tibau avoids damage as the round ends. SCORECARD: Tibau 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Round two begins as Tibau lands a spinning backfist. He follows that with a takedown, and into the guard of Healy. Tibau to half guard, they work to the cage and Healy gets to a knee as Tibau lands knees and possibly looks to take his back. Healy to his feet, and they separate. Some leg kicks by Healy, but Tibau with the left lands again. Healy is pressing forward, but is being countered easily by Tibau. Healy stuffs a takedown, chases again but isn't landing much at all. Leg kick by Healy follows, lands another and takes Tibau to the cage and tries for a takedown. Short elbow lands for Healy, and then a combo to the body follows as Tibau appears to be tiring. Healy presses Tibau to the cage, short elbow lands again and then back to the body he goes. Healy chases towards the end of the round, doesn't get much else but may have done enough to take it. That was a close round overall. SCORECARD: Tibau 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Final round now, Healy pressuring and chasing early. Healy finally landing more strikes, body shots along the cage as Tibau is obviously slower and tired in the final round. Knees for Healy follow, keeping the pressure on, but Tibau finally gets out and off of the cage. Healy taking center cage and pressing the action here, leg kick follows. Tibau countering but then a combo by Healy sends Tibau to the cage, where Healy goes back to pressuring him and using some dirty boxing. Tibau circles out, Healy attacking, counter left by Tibau. Back to the cage they go, some rights by Healy follow along with knees to the body. Tibau slowing down as the round goes on, Healy again pressures him to the cage and just controlling and grinding out this round. Tibau is ale to score a big takedown, into north south position but Healy right back to his feet. The takedown looked good, but Tibau did nothing with it. They work along the cage and Tibau pulls Healy down, they trade strikes as they get to their feet and the round ends. Round three for Healy, round two was close, so 29-28 either way is possible. SCORECARD: Tibau 29-28

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Gleison Tibau via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

  • We get some time with the talking heads in the studio…


  • Jon Anik and Brian Stann are still the commentators.

    Featherweight Bout - Alex White (10-0) VS. Lucas Martins (14-1)
    ROUND ONE: And here we go with the main card for tonight. Lots of circling to begin, White is the more aggressive fighter and landing the better strikes early. Martins then connects with a straight jab, which sends White backwards to the cage. Push kick by Martins, another and then a combo follows and White gets rocked a bit. Martins keeps pressuring and landing clean strikes, White back with a jab and then a body shot. Push kick by White, he goes to the body but Martins catches him with a counter combo. Body kick by Martins, White back with a body shot but Martins continues to counter well each time. Elbow by Martins follows, and then a great combo as White tries to get inside. Martins keeps landing to both levels, using good body shots and countering White when he tries to get inside. Body kicks by White, but Martins presses him to the cage and lands a flurry of strikes. The round ends. SCORECARD: Martins 10-9

    ROUND TWO: White circles around to begin, Martins takes center cage and continues to counter White's attempts to get inside. White keeps coming with the same approach, not using his faints all that well. White is cut over the right eye, due to the counter striking of Martins. Martins has slowed and is not throwing as much, but is efficient and countering well. White moving around a lot and trying to work to the inside, but keeps eating the left of Martins and the eye is bleeding more now. Martins is completely flat footed here, White needs to explore a takedown. White finally connects with a flurry, Martins gets wobbled a bit and slips, but is back up. White needs to pressure here. He doesn't and Martins shoots for a double leg, but White stuffs that. They both get a bit wild to end the round. Close round SCORECARD: Martins 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Final round now, both throwing early as Martins is more aggressive in the early part of this round. Jumping knee by White, misses and eats a shot from Martins as he falls to the mat. Right back up, both men throwing combos in close and connecting here. White in with a combo, but Martins hits him with a counter right and White looks stunned, and then starts to drop to the mat! Martins follows with some ground and pound and that is all!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Lucas Martins via RD3 (2:08) KO

  • Anik is with Martins. Martins thanks White for the fight, thanks God and just wanted to do his best. He adds that he trained hard and trains with good strikers, so he was able to counter well.

    Flyweight Bout - Alptekin Ozkilic (9-2) VS. John Lineker (23-7)
    ROUND ONE: Lots of fakes to begin as they circle and are waiting for the other to do something. Lineker attacks the body and then lands a good right hook. Lineker with a combo, also landing to the body of Ozkilic. Ozkilic shoots, but Lineker is fighting it off until Ozkilic gets the back and pulls Lineker down. Ozkilic to side control now, they work along the cage as Lineker grabs half guard and works back to his feet. Ozkilic with leg kicks, but Lineker attacks the body again and backs Ozkilic to the cage. Ozkilic lands a good right as Lineker was going to the body. Lineker looked to shoot in but failed. He follows with a good combo, shoots again and takes Ozkilic to the cage. Lineker gets the takedown but Ozkilic right back up. Knees by Lineker follow, they both connect as the round ends. SCORECARD: Lineker 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Both come out slower in round two, both connecting and Ozkilic is rocked a bit from a left and backs off. Lineker continues to land solidly here, stalking Ozkilic. A right by Lineker sends Ozkilic back to the cage, Ozkilic getting a bit wild, Lineker landing more clean shots. Jabs by Lineker follow, and then a combo follows. Ozkilic chasing a lot now, Lineker back to the body and landing well. More body shots for Lineker, Ozkilic counters with the left but then has to chase again. Both land combos, both throwing a lot and getting tired as the hands are dropping. Lineker keeps landing the cleaner strikes, gets a takedown but Ozkilic pops right back up. The round ends. SCORECARD: Lineker 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Final round now, they show respect and then back to action as Lineker lands leg kicks and a combo. Both get wild and land and then play to the crowd a bit. Lineker opens up and Ozkilic looks hurt, and runs a bit. Lineker continues to land the more clean shots, Ozkilic looks for a takedown, and fails. Both are throwing and landing center cage, but Lineker getting the better of the exchanges. Ozkilic is cut now, landing some jabs now but more body shots by Lineker. Lineker keeps landing to both levels, Ozkilic is slowed here due to the body shots and allowing Lineker to land more clean shots. Ozkilic fails for a takedown, double jab by Lineker connects. Both land hard rights, they play to the crowd as both guys are just swinging here. Lineker drops Ozkilic with a left hook, follows up and the ref is in to stop it with seconds to go…

    OFFICIAL RESULT: John Lineker via RD3 (4:51) TKO

  • Anik is with Lineker, who says that he thanks his coaches and god, and says he loves his wife. Anik asks about the weight cut, and Lineker says that he was prepared and he wants a title shot.

    Lightweight Bout - Joe Proctor (9-2) VS. Justin Salas (12-5)
    ROUND ONE: They touch gloves and here we go. Proctor takes center cage, leg kicks to begin. One from Salas in return. Salas chases with a combo, misses and then a combo lands for Proctor. Good right by Proctor, but Salas catches him with a right and then a knee. Body shot by Salas, he looks for a knee and a good left hook by Proctor and Salas is opened up over the right eye. Proctor backing Salas down, and Proctor is bleeding from the nose. Salas gets wild and misses an overhand right, but lands a body kick. Proctor keeps landing the counter left, and the eye of Salas is showing the effects. Salas fails on a takedown try, leg kicks by Proctor. Counter right by Salas connects, and Proctor has a hematoma next to his left ear, which looks nasty. Body kick by Proctor as the round ends. Close round. SCORECARD: Proctor 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Round two begins now, combo by Proctor lands. Salas chases, connects and pushes Proctor back to the cage and follows with a knee. Both connect with rights, Salas with a right the backs off Proctor. Proctor's hematoma by the ear looks like a second head growing there. Salas shoots, takes Proctor to the cage and works knees to the thigh. They separate, pawing jabs from both and a good right by Salas. Proctor then clips Salas with a left and Salas drops. Proctor follows up and take shim to the cage, but Salas pushed him back and looks to recover, but gets clipped again with a left and is down. Proctor follows up with ground and pound and the ref steps in and stops the fight.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Joe Proctor via RD 2 (3:27) TKO

  • Anik is with Proctor. Proctor thanks everyone that came to the fights, and wishes a friend happy birthday. Proctor says he has a great boxing coach and says the left hook was there so he took it.

    Welterweight Bout - Leonardo Mafra (11-1) VS. Rick Story (16-8)
    ROUND ONE: Story opens with a body shot, pressures Mafra early but Mafra with a high kick and then a flurry backs off Story. Story shoots and takes Mafra down with ease. Some elbows by Story follow from the guard of Mafra. Good pressure by Story, Mafra gets to his feet but Story takes him down immediately. Story works and gets mount, Mafra scrambles and gets half guard. Mafra working to escape but eats elbows from Story as he continues to get smothered. More rights and elbows by Story, Mafra has nothing to offer on the ground despite his BJJ credentials and noting pre-fight that he was not concerned with going to the ground with Story. Mafra gets to his feet, Story takes him to the cage and then takes him down again. Side control for Story as the round ends. SCORECARD: Story 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Mafra out with a body kick and left hook to begin the round. Leg kicks follow, Story shoots and takes Mafra down. Mafra pops up and Story rushes him to the cage, Story slams him down with a double leg. Story looks to take the back of Mafra, and then gets mount. Mafra is scrambling, but Story works for a head and arm choke, gets it and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Rick Story via RD2 (2:12) submission

  • Anik is with Story, who says that he was welcomed into his new camp (The Lab) with open arms. He knew the takedown would be there, he just had to do it. Story notes that the move was a good one and he expects to grow as a fighter from here.

    Lightweight Bout - Evan Dunham (14-5) VS. Edson Barboza (13-2)
    ROUND ONE: Both guys circling and throwing at the same time, body kick by Barboza and a counter right by Dunham. Good left by Dunham, avoids a high kick by Barboza and then Dunham fails at a takedown attempt. Knee by Barboza, counter right by Dunham. Barboza takes center cage, but Dunham presses in with a combo. Counter left by Barboza, but Dunham chases and connects with a left. Hard body shot to Dunham, he is stunned and slowly crumples to the mat and then Barboza follows up with body shots and that is all. TO DA LIVA!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Edson Barboza via RD1 (3:06) TKO

  • Anik is with Barboza. He feels great, and he trained so hard for this. He can't wait to fight again. Barboza says that he works his kicks and he saw the elbow was up and thought he had a free kick, so he took it. He thanks New Jersey, where he lives now. He wants to fight as soon as possible, hopefully top 10 or even top 5.

  • They replay Leslie Smith finishing Jessamyn Duke.

    Lightweight Bout - Jim Miller (24-4-1) VS. Donald Cerrone (23-6-1)
    ROUND ONE: Cerrone is ranked #6 by the UFC, Miller is #7. They come out quick, knees by Cerrone to begin. Good left by Miller as Cerrone comes in. A body shot follows, combo follows and Miller in control early. Miller rushes in, eats a knee but takes Cerrone to the cage. Elbows by Miller on the exit, leg kick by Cerrone but Miller takes him down. They scramble and right back up for both men. Rights land for both, knee to the body by Cerrone follows. Counter right by Miller connects, and another knee by Cerrone as Miller shot in. Cerrone misses a right, but backs off Miller and connects with a right. To the cage they go, Miller looking for a takedown from here. He gets it, but Cerrone right back up and they separate. Miller is bleeding a bit from the right eye. They exchange combos, body shot from Cerrone and they clinch along the cage. Cerrone now looking for a takedown, but then lands knees instead. They separate, good right and then elbow strike from Miller. Another knee by Cerrone connects as the round ends. Close round. SCORECARD: Cerrone 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Straight left by Miller connects to begin the round. Leg kicks by Miller follow, and then Cerrone lands a kick and it was low. Cerrone was about to follow up but the ref stopped that. The ref does not give him the time as he felt the kick was legit. Body kick by Cerrone, Miller shoots and fails. Leg kick by Cerrone, and then to the body with the kick. Leg kick by Cerrone again, body kick follows and Miller appears to be hurt. Cerrone stalking Miller here, continuing to go to the body and then stuffs a takedown. Head kick by Cerrone follows, grazing Miller. Leg kick by Miller, an overhand left follows. Back to the leg kick, and Cerrone drops Miller with a high kick and goes to follow up and that is enough for the ref to stop it.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Donald Cerrone via RD2 (3:31) KO

  • Anik is with Cerrone. Cerrone is happy with the victory, and he set it up with the body kicks and then went to the head. He'll fight who ever as soon as possible.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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