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411s UFC on FOX 12 Report 7.26.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 07.26.2014

 photo brownvslawler_zps95a6859e.png

UFC on FOX 12
SAP Center
San Jose, California


  • Featherweight Bout: Noah Lahat defeated Steven Siler via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Women's Strawweight Bout: Joanna Jedrzejczyk defeated Juliana Lima via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)
  • Welterweight Bout: Gilbert Burns defeated Andreas Stahl via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Lightweight Bout: Tiago Trator defeated Akbarh Arreola via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)


  • Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg are the announcers.

    Featherweight Bout - Mike De La Torre (12-4) vs. Brian Ortega (8-0)
    ROUND ONE: Ortega looks to work his jab, but De La Torre is backing him off and taking center cage. To the cage they go, some elbows by De La Torre a she fights the takedown attempt. Ortega takes the back of De La Torre, as he is standing, and is looking for the choke. He had a neck crank for a moment, De La Torre out, but then Ortega locks up the choke and Big John calls a stop to the fight.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Brian Ortega via RD1 (1:39) submission

  • Rogan is with Ortega, and Ortega is excited to talk with Rogan. They walk us through the submission, and Ortega thanks the Gracie Academy for their help.

  • They hype Lawler vs. Brown.

    Welterweight Bout - Tim Means (20-6-1) vs. Hernani Perpetuo (17-4-1)
    ROUND ONE: Means takes center cage, they both throw wildly to begin and means with a takedown. Perpetuo pops right back up, and then work along the cage. They separate, body kick by Perpetuo follows. Means with leg kicks to follow, and Perpetuo then starts to work his jab. Good combo by Perpetuo, countering well so far. Jabs to the body by Means, Perpetuo stuffs a takedown try, and lands a left hook. Good chasing combo by Perpetuo, starting to open up and land well on Means. Leg kick follows, Perpetuo then misses a wild spin kick. Leg kick by means, head kick checked by Perpetuo. Leg kick by Perpetuo, and then by Means. Means misses a jumping knee, but Perpetuo back with a counter combo. Body kick by Perpetuo, he lands a combo and then Means pokes him in the eye. Dean warns them to watch the fingers, and we're back to action. Perpetuo claims ahead butt, but Dean says to continue the action. Perpetuo catches a kick and lands a good right. Means shoots, the cage and Perpetuo stops that and shoves him away. Means looks for elbows, but the round ends. SCORECARD: 10-9 Perpetuo

    ROUND TWO: Means opens up with leg kicks, flashes a high kick but Perpetuo simply backs away. Perpetuo works the body before looking for a combo to the head. Means throwing more kicks, mostly checked, and then Perpetuo lands to the body again. Means with the body kick, as he continues to control the cage and presses the action. Solid combo by Perpetuo, jabs and body shot by Means. Means clips Perpetuo, who stumbles backwards, and then Means working the jab more. Counter hook and a jab by Means also lands. Perpetuo missing more now, fails for a takedown and means is countering and avoiding much better in this round. Perpetuo with a combo, but is noticeably slowing here as Means has landed about twice as many strikes as Perpetuo. They trade rights as the round ends. SCORECARD: 19-19

    ROUND THREE: Final round, any one's fight here. Both look to work kicks to start off the round, both throwing some single shots and connecting. Means controlling center cage, landing push kicks to the body and countering Perpetuo. Means flashes some high kicks, missing, but backing off Perpetuo. Means connecting solidly, backing off Perpetuo and keeping control. Some leg kicks by Perpetuo, and Perpetuo is not using his left hand, and may have broken it. Means landing some leg and body kicks, Perpetuo chases but is only throwing with the right hand. Perpetuo calls Means on, so Means lands shots to the head. Clinch and a good knee by Means connects, leg kick by Perpetuo but Means shoots and takes him to the cage. Stalemate as the fight ends.SCORECARD: Means 29-28

    Perpetuo and Means talk post fight, noting that he injured his arm.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Tim Means via unanimous decision (29-28 across the cards)

    Light Heavyweight Bout - Patrick Cummins (5-1) vs. Kyle Kingsbury (11-5-1)
    ROUND ONE: They come out, Cummins works his jab early and tries to avoid the beard of Kingsbury. Cummins shoots, gets the takedown and Kingsbury pops up, but gets tripped right back down. Knees to the body by Cummins as Kingsbury gets back to his feet again. Cummins with another trip, some elbows connect as Cummins looks for side control, working from half guard. Hammerfists by Cummins now, Kingsbury gets to his feet again and they separate. Cummins drives Kingsbury to the cage, they separate, leg kick by Kingsbury trips up Cummins. Cummins hits a double leg, working from half guard and now looks for a possible darce. Kingsbury out of that, but Cummins maintains top control and now Cummins looking for a possible head and arm choke. Elbows connect for Cummins, and it's not pretty, but he's completely wrestle-fucked Kingsbury here. More shots land for Cummins, Kingsbury to his feet but eats some knees from Cummins. They separate and the round ends. SCORECARD: 10-9 Cummins

    ROUND TWO: Round two begins, leg kick by Kingsbury and then a body shot by Cummins. Kingsbury with another leg kick, Cummins shoots and drives Kingsbury to the mat. Some shots landed for Cummins, Kingsbury gets to his feet and they work along the cage and separate. Jabs by Kingsbury, Cummins shoots and slams Kingsbury to the mat. Cummins is just rushing in and getting the takedowns with ease, no set up needed. Kingsbury to his feet, but Cummins drags him down with essentially a front facelock. Rights by Cummins follow, and then Kingsbury to his feet. Body kick by Cummins, and they both trade. Cummins dumps Kingsbury on his ass again, follow up with rights and then hammerfists. Cummins continues to smother Kingsbury, and then lands body shots and hammerfists. Cummins is ding this damage from half guard, he's not even trying to pass. Lots of lefts from Cummins follow, back to the body shots and then unloads with rights and lefts to the face of Kingsbury as the round ends. That may have been a 10-8. SCORECARD: 20-17 Cummins

    ROUND THREE: Kingsbury needs a finish here. Kingsbury trying to work his jab, but hey, takedown again by Cummins. Rights to the face by Cummins, elbows follow and Kingsbury fires up and manages to get to his feet. Cummins with the front facelock and drags Kingsbury back to the mat. Kingsbury again manages to get to his feet, leg kick connects and then misses a head kick because it was slow as molasses. Cummins with another takedown, smothering Kingsbury again and making him carry his weight. Kingsbury gets to his feet, and then eats a knee as they separate. Uppercuts from Cummins land, Kingsbury looks so tired and his face is showing the effects from the beating from Cummins. Takedown again. Cummins landing shots from half guard, body, head and some elbows as well. Cummins looking for an anaconda choke, breaks it and lands knees. More knees, and Cummins tosses Kingsbury to the mat as the fight ends. Likely another 10-8. SCORECARD: 30-25 Cummins

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Patrick Cummins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-25, 30-24)

  • That was a completely embarrassing performance from Kingsbury. Cummins needs to improve his cardio.

    Lightweight Bout - Daron Cruickshank (15-4) vs. Jorge Masvidal (26-8)
    ROUND ONE: Both guys come out and circle a lot, thinking about what to do, trying to feel out the range a bit. Masvidal backing down Cruickshank, lands a body kick but then Cruickshank DROPS Masvidal with a hard right. Masvidal then gets right back up like nothing happened; Herb Dean thankfully didn't dive in to stop the fight there. Masvidal backing off Cruickshank, but Cruickshank with leg kicks. Masvidal catches a kick, clinch and great knees land for Masvidal. Good front kick to the face by Cruickshank, Masvidal chases but Cruickshank back with a good combo, finishing with a kick. Masvidal back with a good combo, they get wild here and are throwing a lot, Masvidal lands a body kick and late takedown as the round ends. SCORECARD: Cruickshank 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Cruickshank has a cut under his left eye, which could be problematic for him as the fight goes on. Cruickshank then throwing out some wacky kicks, Cruickshank shoots and takes Masvidal down. Masvidal pops back up, and then looks for a guillotine and rolls into mounted position. Sweet work there by Masvidal. Cruickshank pulls Masvidal back to half guard, but Masvidal keeps control on top and lands some good body shots. Masvidal now looks for the darce choke; Masvidal has it locked in well. Masvidal then releases the hold and rains down some solid elbow strikes. More elbows by Masvidal, he handcuffs the left arm of Cruickshank and starts to land strikes to the left side of Cruickshank's face. Masvidal with more elbows, accumulating top control time and he'll easily take the round. I don't think that was a 10-8, but it could have been close to it. SCORECARD: 19-19

    ROUND THREE: I have it all even, anyone's fight but Cruickshank looked exhausted at the end of round two. Masvidal controlling the cage, landing jabs but Cruickshank with a body kick. Masvidal shoots, to the cage and Masvidal lands knees to the thighs of Cruickshank. Cruickshank front rolls, and Masvidal slaps on a darce. Cruickshank escapes, they work to the feet and Masvidal lands a few lefts, Cruickshank with a wild standing kimura try and Masvidal escapes. Cruickshank then takes the back of Masvidal, but was way too high, and Masvidal escapes into the guard of Cruickshank. Masvidal now looking for a head and arm choke, Cruickshank gets position back and is out of that, but Masvidal with strikes to the head and body allow him to keep control. Masvidal just grapple-fucking Cruickshank, landing more strikes to the head and keeping Cruickshank in check. Cruickshank to his feet, but the round ends. SCORECARD: Masvidal 29-28

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Jorge Masvidal via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)


  • Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg are still the announcers.

    Lightweight Bout - Bobby Green (22-5) vs. Josh Thomson (20-6-1)
    ROUND ONE: And here we go with the main card. Leg kicks by Thomson to begin, Green with some of his own. Green taking center cage, Green trips up Thomson, but he's back to his feet. Push kick by Green, leg kick by Thomson. Green backs him off, body kick by Green connects. Good counter right by Thomson, lots of dancing and circling, they both get wild, nothing landing clean. Head kick by Thomson grazes, Green backs off Thomson again, and then pokes him in the eye. Thomson is ok and we're back to action. Lots of talking, leg kick by Green. Thomson with a chasing combo, Green avoids that. Clinch, good right by Thomson. Green still controlling the cage, leg kick by Green. Another leg kick by Green, who is using his speed well here. Round ends, it was close. SCORECARD: 10-9 Green

    ROUND TWO: Second round begins, Thomson flashing some kicks to begin. Green lands a kick to the body, leg kick by Thomson. Thomson with the high kick that grazes Green again. Push kick to the leg by Green, jabs by Thomson, but not landing. Combo by Thomson, high kick checked. Push kick by Green, leg kick follows. Right by Thomson lands, but Green rolled and didn't take much of it. Green is talking a lot here, but also controlling and landing more. Thomson with a right over the top, looks to shoot in but bails on that. Body shot by Green, they trade in the clinch and then a takedown by Thomson. Green pops up, Thomson tries again but fails. Green keeps backing Thomson down, and the round ends. SCORECARD: Green 20-18

    ROUND THREE: Final round now. Round one was close, so it could be 1-1 here. Leg kick by Green, as he backs Thomson down and lands body shot to Thomson. Green shoots, takes Thomson to the cage and lands a good right from the clinch. A knee strike follows and then another elbow. They separate, leaping knee by Green connects. Thomson looks for a takedown, knee by Thomson follows and they separate. Leg kick by Thomson, then from Green as he continues to back Thomson down. Leg kick by Thomson, some pawing jabs but not connecting. Thomson with a combo, backs off green and to the cage they go. Thomson is cut under the right eye. Green drops down for a takedown, hammerfists by Thomson connect and they separate. The blood is bothering Thomson here, they trade kicks and then Green backs down Thomson again. Final minute here, neither guy really going for it here. Body kick by Thomson, Thomson gets tripped up and the round ends. Could be 29-28 for either guy here, it was close. SCORECARD: Green 29-28

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Green via split decision (29-28 Green, 29-28 Thomson, 29-28 Green)

    Featherweight Bout - Dennis Bermudez (14-3) vs. Clay Guida (31-14)
    ROUND ONE: They come out fast, leg kick by Bermudez and a combo by Guida in return. Jab and leg kick by Bermudez, leg kick by Guida follows. Hard right hook by Guida, jab and leg kick by Bermudez. Guida shoots, Bermudez stuffs that and they separate. They work along the cage here, and a knee by Bermudez as they separate. Guida shoots, fails again and Bermudez with a high kick that partially connects. Bermudez back to the jab and leg kick combo, and then a combo connects and Bermudez gets Guida down along the cage. Guida to his feet as Bermudez lands lefts to the face. They separate, and Guida is bleeding from a knee on the exit. Bermudez chasing again with a combo and knee strike. More knees follow from the clinch, pulls Guida down and looks to take his back. Bermudez looking for the RNC, Guida turning into the choke and pushing it away and is out. Guida is busted under his right eye and it looks like hell. The round ends. SCORECARD: Bermudez 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Both men out with jabs to begin, Bermudez looking for the clinch, good right by Guida. Guida pushes Bermudez to the cage, Bermudez dropping down and Guida is able to escape. Bermudez controlling the cage, being economic with his strikes and allowing Guida to be wild and miss. Both land leg kicks and rights, Bermudez then works his jab. Combo by Bermudez lands, Guida gets sloppy and Bermudez takes him to the mat with over two-minutes left. Bermudez looks to take the back, gets the hooks in and looks for the RNC again. He has it locked up and Guida has to tap. That's seven in a row for Bermudez.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Dennis Bermudez via RD2 (2:57) submission

  • Rogan is with Bermudez, Bermudez says that he is stoked to the max that he won. He said if he finished Guida he's like a title show, but will accept a top 5 guy next.

  • The blue corner is 10-0 tonight.

    Light Heavyweight Bout - Anthony Johnson (17-4) vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (21-5)
    ROUND ONE: And here we go with the co-main event of the evening. They come out, circle and both look to throw but really don't. Johnson then clips Nogueira, backs him off and starts to unload along the cage with crazy hard shots. Nogueira is down from an sick uppercut and THAT IS ALL! Rumble young man Rumble!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Anthony Johnson via RD1 (0:44) murder death kill TKO

  • That was an absolute destruction.

  • Rogan is with Johnson, and says he is scary right now. Johnson wants to put fear in everyone in the division. He thanks the fans for accepting him back, and they run through the replay. He says he just wanted to destroy his opponent tonight, because Nogueira usually do not quit. Johnson adds to not cut too much weight. Johnson thanks Dana, Lorenzo, his camp and others.

  • The blue corner is now 10-1 tonight.

    Welterweight Bout - Matt Brown (21-11) vs. Robbie Lawler (23-10-1)
    ROUND ONE: Big John McCarthy is the official. And here we go. They come out throwing, Lawler lands the better of the shots. Brown looks for a takedown, fails and Lawler takes center cage. Lawler catches Brown with a right, and then with a left. Lawler catches Brown as he tries to come inside, and both connect with rights. Good left from Lawler, avoids an elbow and they clinch and some good shots by Brown connect. Brown with a takedown, into north south position, Brown possibly looking for a darce here. Lawler to his feet, eats a knee on the way up. They work along the cage, left hook connects for Lawler. Knees from Brown, elbows from Brown connect now. They continue to clinch along the cage, great right and a knee by Lawler. Brown is cut, misses a kick and a body kick by Lawler lands. Lawler catches Brown as he misses a spinning back fist. Combo follows for Lawler. Body kick by Brown, they both land shots as the round ends. SCORECARD: Lawler 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Leg kick by Brown to begin, pawing jabs follow. Counter lefts by Lawler, Brown still having trouble getting inside. Leg kick by Brown again, both looking for range here, head kick by Brown checked. Brown with a kick to the body, Brown shoots, takes Lawler down but gets right back to his feet. They work along the cage, and then separate quickly. Lawler pawing with the jab, leg kick by Brown connects. Left by Lawler connects, things have slowed. Brown with a spinning kick, grazes Lawler. Leg kick follows, and then misses with the elbow. A right by Brown connects, looks to clinch and land knees and elbows on the way out. Body kick by Lawler, final seconds here and another body kick by Lawler and the round ends. SCORECARD: 19-19

    ROUND THREE: Brown out with jabs and flashes a high kick. Looks for the takedown, works Lawler against the cage and Lawler gets out. Counters by Lawler, making Brown pay for the takedown try. Body kick by Lawler connects clean, they circle, high kick by Lawler checked. Rights land for Brown, but a right hook connects for Lawler. Overhand right for Brown lands, they both land jabs and back off. Hard body kick by Lawler, and they say it lands low. The replay shows it was not low, it just hurt like hell. Back to action, they clinch and Lawler escapes and lands a good combo. Another body kick for Lawler lands, overhand right by Brown and then a good body kick lands as well. Both land strikes at the same time, final minute now. Leg kicks by Lawler, and then a body kick by Lawler. Brown backs off, Lawler checks the high kick and the round ends. SCORECARD: 29-28 Lawler

    ROUND FOUR: Combo by Lawler to open the round. Lawler catches a kick and takes Brown down. Into half guard, Brown looking to turn, Lawler now looking to pass into side control, and gets half guard. Brown fishing for a guillotine form the bottom, Lawler is out and pushes Brown to the cage. Lawler still on top, lands a good left and Brown to his feet, but Lawler drags him back down. Brown to his feet, they separate and jabs by Lawler. Jabs by Brown now, and an uppercut from Lawler lands. Brown shoots and fails, Lawler presses him back and counters with a right. Brown noticeable slowing here, good body kick by Lawler to back him off again. Final minute here, leg kicks by Brown and then a body kick. The round ends. SCORECARD: 39-37

    ROUND FIVE: Final round now, and Brown needs a finish. Both come out jabbing, and then Brown goes to the body with punches and kicks. Again to the body by Brown, and an elbow lands as well. Another elbow and then to the body by Lawler. To the cage they go, they separate and Lawler has busted brown up a bit. Knee to the body by Brown, push kick follows and tries to clinch but Lawler backs out. Brown continues to attack the body, Lawler just misses with a head kick. Jabs by Lawler, but brown back with a combo to both levels. Another body kick by Brown, who appears to have hurt his right hand. Body kick by Lawler, another and he backs off Brown. Right elbow by Brown, leg kick and body kick follow. Another elbow by Brown, spinning back fist by Lawler. Lawler throws the head kick again and just misses. Final minute now, Lawler misses the left kick and they both look to connect. Lawler clips Brown and then lands a body kick. Both land rights, back kick by Brown. Brown shoots, fails and Lawler connects and keeps him down. Brown is a bloody mess as he gets back to his feet and the fight ends. SCORECARD: Lawler 49-46

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Robbie Lawler via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47)

  • Lawler puts over Brown and says he cannot wait for his rematch with Hendricks.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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