// Deadpool Officially Moving Forward, Gets 2016 Release Date
// J-Lo and Iggy Azalea's Butt-Filled 'Booty' Video Is Full Of Booty Shaking
// Complete Impact Wrestling Taping Results (SPOILERS)
// Summer's Last Hurrah: Hunt vs. Nelson
// New Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer Released for Battlefield Hardline


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The Code Games News Report 09.01.07
Games >> News, 09.01.2007
All the news, reviews, previews and awesome exclusive columns!
The Code Games News Report 08.25.07
Games >> Columns, 08.25.2007
Installing BioShock Bio-SUCKS, 8 Times The Super Mario Craziness on YouTube, tips for starting out in a video game career, possibly the first authorized cover of a Squaresoft performance in the US, and more in this week's The Code.
The Code Games News Report 08.18.07
Games >> Columns, 08.18.2007
Chimps, Quilts, Neuroscience, and SMB Hacks.
The Code Games News Report 08.10.07
Games >> Columns, 08.10.2007
A tribute to my late mother-in-law, an exclusive interview, far-right Christians Using PC games to Corrupt, Q*Bert and NASCAR.
The Code Games News Report 08.03.07
Games >> Columns, 08.03.2007
Play a homebrew, win some cash; Insomniac becomes even MORE awesome; game music galore, and you WILL believe a Spider-Man can fly. All this and more in the return of The Code!
The Code Games News Report 05.25.07
Games >> Columns, 05.25.2007
A TON of FREE Zombie Games, NES Nostalgia, Nercore Game Hop, I Loves Bees AND OIL, and more.
The Code Games News Report 05.11.07
Games >> Columns, 05.11.2007
More Videos Than You Can Shake A Stick At; Warren Ellis Will Beat YOU Up, Game Mods = Terroism and more inside!
The Code Games News Report 04.27.07
Games >> Columns, 04.27.2007
From being one step closer to your very own Cortana, to video game player robots and NES rapping nostalgia, the future is NOW. Read more inside!
The Code Games News Report 04.20.07
Games >> Columns, 04.20.2007
Early Peeks At The Greatest PSX Games, The Largest Dungeon Map Ever, and I Can Quit Any Time I WANT.
[PSP] Square-Enix Celebrates Final Fantasy's 20th Anniversary With PSP Announcement
Games >> News, 04.17.2007
Celebrating two decades mages in pointy hats.
The Code Games News Report 04.13.07
Games >> Columns, 04.13.2007
The Most Insane Super Mario Bros. Hack Ever, The Coolest Financial Demostration Ever, and The Classiest Lead Story In The History Of The Code! Go on, ca-click it. You know you wanna!
Odin Sphere (PS2) Wallpapers, Trailer, Music Released
Games >> Previews, 04.01.2007
Read on for all the sumptous details on Atlus' latest PS2 RPG.
The Code Games News Report 03.31.07
Games >> Columns, 03.31.2007
1up Says "That's Bullshit", GTA IV Trailer, And More Link You Can Roll A Katamari At.
Etrian Oddessey (DS) English Screens Released
Games >> Previews, 03.27.2007
First English screens of Atlus' upcoming Nintendo DS RPG release. Feast your eyes inside.
411 Mania Politics Exclusive: Julia of Sisyphus Shrugged Speaks!
Politics >> Columns, 03.26.2007
One of the liberal blogosphere's most articulate voices talks about Andrew Sullivan, outrage, and Air America with 411 Politics.
The Code Games News Report 03.23.07
Games >> Columns, 03.23.2007
Deconstructing Games, Official Lyrics To The SMB Theme, Contest Details, Putting Words In Phoenix Wright's Mouth, and more in this week's The Code!
Exclusive Interview With Atlus' Izuna: Legend of The Umemployed Ninja Project Lead
Games >> Features, 03.21.2007
411 Mania talks with Atlus USA's James Kuroki about the new old-school dungeon RPG with a new-school attitude.
Sid Meiers' Pirates! (PSP) Review
Games >> Reviews, 03.21.2007
The famous adventure games aims to bring a pirate's life to the PSP. Will playing it have you shaking your booty or walking the plank?
The Code Games News Report 03.16.07
Games >> Columns, 03.16.2007
Two Gamecube Games That Almost Were, System Shock 2 Is Now More Awesome, Triple Shot of NIntendo Video Goodness, and more!
Exclusive: Interview With Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja's Localization Lead
Games >> Features, 03.02.2007
411 Mania recently got the chance to sit down with Atlus' Nich Maragos, the man who put words in Izuna's mouth. See what HE has to say about the game inside...
The Code Games News Report 03.02.07
Games >> Columns, 03.02.2007
What's A Basketball RPG? Are Robots Taking Over? What Part Of Metal Gear Has Konami Given The Ax To? Nintendo Staff Interviewed By Iwata? All YouTube, All The Time? Confused? You won't be after you read this week's The Code!
The Code Games News Report 2.16.07
Games >> Columns, 02.16.2007
161 Characters about 161 Joysticks, Get Your Own Chaos Blades, Mega64 Lost Video Revealed, and more in this week's The Code!
411 Politics Interview: August Pollak
Politics >> Columns, 02.16.2007
411 Mania sits down with August Pollak, liberal political cartoonist, and talks about his artistic influences, Garfield, and the 2006 George W. Bush Dead Kitten Survey.
The Code Games News Report 02.09.07
Games >> Columns, 02.09.2007
The Code returns with an NES game that the world forgot, the NES theme that the world has covered over and over, a working HALO suit, and more in this week's The Code!
Backyard Baseball 07 (PS2) Review
Games >> Reviews, 02.02.2007
Will the pint-sized versions of big league players be enough to make this game fun for everyone? Find out inside.
Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol (PS2) Review
Games >> Reviews, 02.02.2007
Konami partners with American Idol in the latest Karaoke Revolution game. Does this team up make a perfect duet, or just strike a sour note? Find out inside!
The Code Games News Report 01.26.07
Games >> Columns, 01.26.2007
Guitar Zeroes, Get A Job on The Animated Castlevania Movie, Wii Shells and more!
The Code Games News Report 01.19.07
Games >> Columns, 01.19.2007
Full Audio Of The "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" Contest, Make Your Own Guitar Hero Tracks On Your PS2, Meg64 Hilarity and more in the latest The Code!
The Code Games News Report 01.12.07
Games >> Columns, 01.12.2007
Why Super Columbine Massacre RPG has artistic merit, a huge Second Life development, a new version of A Link to the Past, and more inside.
Tony Hawk's Project 8 (PS2) Review
Games >> Reviews, 01.09.2007
The Tony Hawk series' swan song on the PS2 is reviewed. WIll this game end things on a high note, or fall flat? Find out inside.
Eragon (DS) Review
Games >> Reviews, 01.08.2007
Does the promise of dragons, explosions, and magic make this DS game a worthy movie spin-off title, or something worthy of being sealed away forever? Find out inside.
The Code Games News Report 01.05.07
Games >> Columns, 01.05.2007
Classic NES Videos, Does Brain Age Really Work?, Animal Crossing Goes Wild, and more!
411 Mania Games Exclusive: An Interview With The Angry Video Game Nerd
Games >> Features, 01.05.2007
411 sat down with James Rofle, a.k.a. The Angry Video Game Nerd, to find out what inspired his review series that have made him an Internet celebrity, his favorite game he loves to hate, and more. Check out this feature for an exclusive video clip and interview!
Killzone: Liberation (PSP) Review
Games >> Reviews, 01.05.2007
Does Killzone Liberation offer a worthwhile PSP experience, or does it merely liberate you from your hard-earned cash? Find out in the full review inside.
The Code Games News Report 12.29.06
Games >> Columns, 12.29.2006
Three, two, one! Happy Almost New Year!
Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja (DS) Preview Artwork
Games >> Previews, 12.22.2006
3 exclusive pieces of hi-res artwork inside.
The Code Games News Report 12.22.06
Games >> Columns, 12.22.2006
Sherlock Holmes meets Chuthulu, a holiday poem, pimp your Wii, and more in this issue of The Code.
The Code Games News Report 12.15.06
Games >> Columns, 12.15.2006
An epic film told with game engines, hottest game system in November, and lots of pretty pictures.
Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja (DS) Preview
Games >> Previews, 12.13.2006
A first look at Atlus' zany ninja dungeon RPG for the DS with 30 screenshots!
[Xbox 360] Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Announced
Games >> News, 12.12.2006
The PC game greenlighted for an Xbox 360 port. More details inside.
Nintendogs: Dalmation And Friends (DS) Review
Games >> Reviews, 12.11.2006
Does the latest Nintendogs offering have the (bow)-wow factor to be a great holiday gift, or will you be barking up the wrong tree?
The Code Games News Report 12.09.06
Games >> Columns, 12.09.2006
Shawn returns with his biggest column ever: Will Wright, Console Emulation, Professional Gaming On network TV, Hamster and the C64, and more await inside.
The Code Games News Report 11.25.06
Games >> Columns, 11.25.2006
Heartwarming Launch Day Stories, Stomach-Churing Game Bugs, Childhood Ruining Game Videos, Heart Breakingly Beautiful Game Art and more await within!
Summon Night 2: Swordcraft Story (GBA) Review
Games >> Reviews, 11.21.2006
Atlus returns with a sequal to its Summon Night series. Is it well-crafted, or does it suffer from sequel slump? Find out in this in depth review, with 16 screenshots and a bonus hi-res poster to download.
[DS] Co-Creator Of Toe Jam & Earl Confirms Work On New Game
Games >> News, 11.18.2006
Find out just what he had to say inside.
[DS] Atlus Announces Exclusive DS RPG for 2007
Games >> News, 11.17.2006
Comedy. Action. Ninjas? Read on for more info.
The Code Games News Report 11.17.06
Games >> Columns, 11.17.2006
The $1.75 Million Dollar Atari Game, World's Oldest Professional Gamer Passes Away, Miyamoto Dishes Dirt On The Wii, and more!
[PSP] Sid Meyer's Pirates! Release for PSP Confirmed
Games >> News, 11.15.2006
Avast! Now PSP owners can get hooked on the fun. More details inside.
[Other] Official Playstation Magazine Closing Its Doors
Games >> News, 11.15.2006
Read on for the last issue and more details.
[Various] CNBC To Air Video Game Documentary
Games >> News, 11.14.2006
Find out when the two-hour documentary will air inside.
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