// Deadpool Officially Moving Forward, Gets 2016 Release Date
// J-Lo and Iggy Azalea's Butt-Filled 'Booty' Video Is Full Of Booty Shaking
// Complete Impact Wrestling Taping Results (SPOILERS)
// Summer's Last Hurrah: Hunt vs. Nelson
// New Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer Released for Battlefield Hardline


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Working Title 03.16.13: Welcome to Next Gen...AGAIN!
Games >> Columns, 03.16.2013
It's time to finally be excited about the next-generation consoles! 411's Jordan Williams gives his thoughts on the upcoming transition to the new consoles in this week's Working Title!
Working Title 02.09.13: Worst Next-Gen Rumor Ever
Games >> Columns, 02.09.2013
The next-generation Xbox and PS4 are rumored to be banning used games! But is it just the dumbest rumor to come out about the next-gen consoles? 411's Jordan Williams takes a look!
Working Title 01.25.13: Everything is CRAZY!
Games >> Columns, 01.26.2013
411's Jordan Williams checks in with his thoughts on WWE's video game license finding a new home and the rest of the fallout from the THQ auction, the latest rumors regarding the next generation Xbox and its companion X-Surface and more!
Working Title 01.12.13: The 2012 Working Title Awards
Games >> Columns, 01.12.2013
Was The Walking Dead's Lee Everett the best male character in video games in 2012? Did Borderlands 2 or Diablo III offer the best multiplayer experience? Was Street Fighter X Tekken the most disappointing game of the year? 411's Jordan Williams takes a look with the 2012 Working Title Awards!
Working Title 12.22.12: The Working Title Award Nominations
Games >> Columns, 12.22.2012
Is Halo 4's Master Chief the manliest male character in gaming? Did Diablo III bring the best multiplayer experience? Is The Walking Dead the best game to come out of left field? 411's Jordan Williams announces the Working Title Year-End Award Nominations!
Working Title 12.01.12: Working Title: The Walking Decision
Games >> Columns, 12.01.2012
The Walking Dead may have some flaws in the actual game portion, but can it still be 2012's Game of the Year? 411's Jordan Williams takes a look in this week's Working Title!
Working Title 09.10.12: Working Title: I'm Afraid for Next Gen
Games >> Columns, 09.10.2012
The Xbox 720, PlayStation 4 and of course the Wii-U could well be available by this point next year. But should we be worried about them? 411's Jordan Williams takes a look!
Working Title 08.19.12: Working Title Mini-Rants - Persona 4 Arena and Spec Ops: The Line
Games >> Columns, 08.19.2012
I go into Persona 4 Arena with no prior knowledge and get frusterated with the limitations of Spec Ops: The Line. Yay!
Working Title 07.21.12: 2012 Working Title Halftime Awards
Games >> Columns, 07.21.2012
Who is the baddest dude so far in 2012? Out of Capcom and BioWare who deserved to die in a fire more? What is the Game of the Year (So Far)? I'll give you a hint. It's not Ninja Gaiden 3.
Working Title 06.23.12: 2012 Working Title Halftime Award Nominees
Games >> Columns, 06.23.2012
It's that time again! Who is the best male character of the year so far? What about female? Who deserves to die in a fire more? What is the Game of the Year So Far? Time to find out who is nominated.
Working Title 06.09.12: Working Report Card: E3 2012 Press Conferences
Games >> Columns, 06.09.2012
E3 is all said and done. Those is the know have all of the information about the hottest new games coming in and of course we've seen what the Big 3 and EA and Ubisoft have to offer. How well did they E3 Press Conferences go?
Working Title 05.12.12: Working List: E3 Predictions (Part 2)
Games >> Columns, 05.12.2012
From Mass Effect's successor being announced and Xbox keeping quiet on a new Xbox to a new Metroid title, Half-Life 3, Sony announcing the PS4 and more, 411's Jordan Williams continues his E3 predictions with the things least likely to happen!
Working Title 04.28.12: Working List: E3 Predictions (Part 1)
Games >> Columns, 04.28.2012
Family emergencies and limited internet means I have to do the one thing I rarely ever do...A LIST!
Working Title 04.07.12: Working Mini-Rant: Driver: San Francisco is AWESOME.
Games >> Columns, 04.07.2012
Every once in awhile I actually just play a game I like...and just feel like gushing about it. This is one of those times.
Working Title 03.17.12: Working Angry Rant: Capcan't
Games >> Columns, 03.17.2012
Capcom is coming under heat after Street Fighter X Tekken was revealed to have 12 DLC characters already sitting on the game disc waiting to be unlocked. But is the problem the fighters themselves or how Capcom handled the situation? 411's Jordan Williams takes a look!
Working Title 03.03.12: Working Mini-Rant: Split-Screen is Dying...and I'm Okay With That
Games >> Columns, 03.03.2012
At one point split-screen ruled the world of cooperative gaming, but with the rise of online games the format is dying off. Is that a bad thing or a good thing? 411's Jordan Williams takes a look in this week's Working Title rant!
Working Title 02.18.12: Working Outlook: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Games >> Columns, 02.18.2012
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is set to be part of what is a very big year for the franchise. But is it doomed before it even comes out? 411's Jordan Williams takes a look at the game's prospects!
Working Title 02.04.12: Working Outlook: Street Fighter x Tekken
Games >> Columns, 02.04.2012
Quite possibly the most controversial fighting game to come out this year, Street Fighter X Tekken has a lot working both for it and against it. But what is the overall outlook for the game? 411's Jordan Williams takes a look!
Working Title 1.20.12: Working Outlook: SSX
Games >> Columns, 01.20.2012
SSX is back! While I am happy that it's back it does look like it's going to run into some problems on its way to getting back into the game space. Is the Outlook for SSX 6 good or is the series on its way to disappear again?
The 10th Hour 01.14.12: Top 10 Things We Learned in 2011
Games >> Columns, 01.14.2012
From Nintendo learning the risks of arrogance and PC gaming not being dead to modern military shooters getting old, the slow death of turn-based RPGs, and more, 411's Jordan Williams ranks his Top 10 Gaming Lessons of 2011!
Working Title 12.30.11: The 2011 Working Title Awards - The Winners
Games >> Columns, 12.30.2011
Is Skyrim the best game of the year? Did Batman take home the award for manliness? Was Modern Warfare 3 the biggest disappointment? 411's Jordan Williams announced the winner of the 2011 Working Title Awards!
Working Title 12.16.11: The 2011 Working Title Awards Nominees (Part 2)
Games >> Columns, 12.16.2011
Who will Isabella defend her "Baddest B**ch" crown against? What is up for Left Field Hit of the year? And in the biggest ballot ever in Working Title history who is up for Game of the Year 2011? Let's find out in the second half of The 2011 Working Title Awards.
Working Title 12.09.11: The 2011 Working Title Awards Nominees (Part 1)
Games >> Columns, 12.09.2011
Is Batman the manliest character of 2011? Which game dominated dorm rooms more, Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3? Is Dragon Age 2 the disappointment of the year? 411's Jordan WIlliams takes a look at the Working Title Award nominees!
The 10th Hour 11.11.11: Top 10 Favorite Fighting Game Characters
Games >> Columns, 11.11.2011
From Reptile in Mortal Kombat and Guile in Street Fighter to Killer Instinct's Cinder, Cody Travers from Street Fighter Alpha and more, 411's Jordan Williams counts down his top 10 fighting game characters of all-time! Check out the full article to see which games made the list and why!
Working Title 11.05.11: Working Rant -- Is The Current Gen Old and Busted?
Games >> Columns, 11.05.2011
The gap between PC and Console is getting larger and larger. With games now sacrificing more and more to keep up is it time for one of the HD consoles to finally bite the bullet and publicly develop a new console or have we invested too much into this generation to move on?
Working Title 10.21.11: Working Rant -- Putting Confidence in WWE 12 (and 13...and 14)
Games >> Columns, 10.21.2011
The WWE's line of video games have grown incredibly stale over the years, but how can they be turned around? 411's Jordan Williams takes a look at how they could improve the franchise in this week's Working Title!
Working Title 09.23.11: Working Rant -- Another 3DS Rant (Part 2)
Games >> Columns, 09.23.2011
Nintendo has been doing several things wrong with the Nintendo 3DS, but how could they fix it? 411's Jordan Williams takes an in-depth look and gives his thoughts in this week's Working Title!
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine (Xbox 360) Review
Games >> Reviews, 09.23.2011
You would think the video game based off of the tabletop game that brought the entire genre to gaming would be better than every game that's copied it since...
Working Title 09.08.11: Working Mini-Rant -- Another 3DS Rant
Games >> Columns, 09.08.2011
As the sun rises on the internet there is yet another person lobbying a rant directed at how Nintendo is handling the 3DS...it's just that this one is a bit shorter and uses more cuss words.
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition (XBLA) Review
Games >> Reviews, 09.08.2011
Does one of the greatest fighting games of all time still have what it takes to find an audience for a whole new generation?
Working Title 08.18.11: Working Title Halftime Awards 2011: The Winners
Games >> Columns, 08.19.2011
This is it! What games are considered the best (or worst) of 2011 so far? Only one way to find out. ALWAYS BET ON DUKE.
Working Title 08.05.11: Working Title Halftime Awards Nominations (Part 2)
Games >> Columns, 08.05.2011
From Mortal Kombat being nominated for Game of the Year to L.A. Noire earning a nod for game-changing moment, 411's Jordan Williams completes the nominations for the 2011 Working Title Mid-Year Awards! Check out the full article to see the nominees!
Working Title 07.22.11: Working Title Halftime Awards Nominations (Part 1)
Games >> Columns, 07.22.2011
From Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat to Duke Nukem Forever, Pokemon White/Black and more, 411's Jordan Williams announces the nominations for the 2011 Working Title Mid-Year Awards! Check out the full article to see all the nominees!
Working Title 06.08.11: Working Predictions: E3 2011 - The Evaluation
Games >> Columns, 06.09.2011
Did Microsoft heavily promote Call of Duty: Elite? Did Sony apologize for the PSN outage? Did Nintendo give Project Cafe an official name? 411's Jordan Williams takes a look at his E3 predictions and analyzes the convention!
Working Title 06.03.11: Working Predictions: E3 2011
Games >> Columns, 06.03.2011
From a new Halo game and Project Café's official name to an apology for the PSN debacle and more, 411's Jordan Williams makes his predictions for next week's E3 convention! Check out the full article to see what predictions he's making and why!
Working Title 05.20.11: Working Mini-Rant - Movie Tie-In Games: No More Excuses
Games >> Columns, 05.20.2011
Thor: God of Thunder is the latest in a long line of video games adaptation of blockbuster films to get poor marks! Why of all of the genres and types of games out there have these lagged so far behind? 411's Jordan Williams takes a look in this week's Working Title!
Working Title 05.16.11: Working Rant - I'm Not Falling For it This Time Nintendo
Games >> Columns, 05.16.2011
Project Cafe's hype cycle is about to near critical mass. Nintendo claims this will be the hardcore revival we have all been waiting for...and you know what? I'm not falling for it this time.
Working Title 05.05.11: Working Rewind - The Virtual Boy was Awesome
Games >> Columns, 05.05.2011
Before we go ahead and talk about Nintendo's new success (or what they hope will be their new success) let's take a look back at Nintendo's only failure and find SOMETHING to like about it. You know what I'm sayin'....VIRTUAL BOY WAS AWESOME.
Working Title 4.08.11: Working Rant - D1DLC and Online Passes
Games >> Columns, 04.08.2011
Sometimes we all just need to sit back, take a breath and simply...deal with it. Why get so bent out of shape over this?
Working Title 3.24.11: The Tournament Scene High Skill Only or No Fun Allowed (Part 2 of 2)
Games >> Columns, 03.24.2011
So is the Fighting Game Scene really all that bad? We already discussed what people see as the negative side and now it's time to kick them in the face and tell them to shut up. Well...maybe.
Working Title 03.21.11: The Tournament Scene High Skill Only or No Fun Allowed (Part 1 of 2)
Games >> Columns, 03.21.2011
With the Fighting Game Scene taking off in a big way thanks to more organization it seems like more players than ever are getting into the super competitive side of the game...but is that exactly a good thing? Or is it just the natural evolution of the genre?
Working Title 03.10.11: Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage is...AWESOME
Games >> Columns, 03.10.2011
What's this? I'm defending another horrible game? YES I AM. Since when was simplicity a bad thing in the gaming world...and why did it take them THIS long to make a Fist of the North Star game that actually captured the feeling?
Working Title 02.24.11: Working List - Top 5 Games I Have No Hope for That I Really Want To Do Well
Games >> Columns, 02.24.2011
From WWE All-Stars and Duke Nukem Forever to Phantasy Star Online 2 and more, 411's Jordan Williams lists the top 5 games he thinks will fail but that he wants to do well! Check out the full article to see what made the list!
Working Title 02.03.11: Working Rants - What is Sony Trying to Do With the NGP?
Games >> Columns, 02.03.2011
Sony has announced their newest handheld system with the Next Generation PSP, but have they learned anything from their handheld or are they about to repeat their mistakes? 411's Jordan Williams takes a look!
Working Title 01.27.11: Working Rants - 3DS vs. The World and Mothers vs. Dead Space 2
Games >> Columns, 01.27.2011
The Nintendo 3DS is one of the most anticipated gaming products of the year, but will Nintendo's past dealings with consumers give the handheld a harder time benefiting from customer loyalty? 411's Jordan Williams takes a look!
Working Title 01.20.11: The Third Annual Working Title Awards Winners
Games >> Columns, 01.20.2011
Better late than never! The Third Annual Working Title Awards were just so awesome that they decided to skip 2010 altogether and show up three weeks late in 2011! Booyah!
Working Title 01.03.11: The Third Annual Working Title Awards Nominations
Games >> Columns, 01.03.2011
From Red Dead Redemption and God of War to Call of Duty: Black Ops, Dead Rising 2, and more, 411's Jordan Williams has his nominations for the best games of 2010! Check out the full article to cast your votes and decide the winner!
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (360) Review
Games >> Reviews, 12.24.2010
Criterion takes a stab at the Need for Speed franchise by returning to it's cops and racers roots. Do they breathe new life into it or is this just another ride around the block?
Working Title 11.29.10: Working Future: My Predictions for 2011
Games >> Columns, 11.29.2010
From the Nintendo 3DS selling like hotcakes and Sony pushing 3D gaming to Kinect having a rough patch until E3 and the death of Guitar Hero, 411's Jordan Williams reveals his gaming predictions for 2011 in this week's Working Title!
Working Title 11.23.10: Working Trial: Gamers vs. Zombies - Are They Getting Old Yet?
Games >> Columns, 11.23.2010
The gaming community is turning on the zombie craze in games, but is it because they've gotten old or is it because we aren't used to a theme getting used so well for so long without getting stale? 411's Jordan Williams takes a look!
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