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Cotto-Mayorga Tickets on Sale this Monday
Boxing >> News, 01.14.2011
Fight is set for March 12 in Las Vegas.
Ringside With Raymundo 01.13.11: Boxing on Primetime!
Boxing >> Columns, 01.13.2011
This week, Muhammad Ali as “Dark Gable”, a fighter who’s greener than St. Patrick’s Day, Mayweather is a dud at dating and the return of Through My Eyes!
Ringside With Raymundo 01.07.10: Will You Watch Pacquiao/Mosley?
Boxing >> Columns, 01.07.2011
With Manny Pacquaio set to fight Shane Mosley on May 7th, will you be watching? 411's Raymundo Dioses takes a look at the upcoming match-up through the eyes of a hardcore fan and gives his reasons why you should!
Ringside With Raymundo 12.23.10: Thank You, 2011
Boxing >> Columns, 12.23.2010
From the diligence of Manny Pacquiao and the pure quality of Sergio Martinez to the entertaining fights on ESPN's Friday Night Fights, Mayweather vs. Mosley and more, 411's Raymundo Dioses looks at the things to be thankful for from 2010 in this week's Ringside With Raymundo!
Ringside With Raymundo 12.16.10: Hop-Can vs. Pascal
Boxing >> Columns, 12.16.2010
Bernard Hopkins will try to become the oldest light heavyweight champion of all time as he steps into the ring against Jean Pascal this Saturday! 411's Raymundo Dioses takes a look at the match-up and and how it will make history one way or another!
Ringside With Raymundo 12.08.10: Props to Top Rank, Bob Arum
Boxing >> Columns, 12.08.2010
Why Bob Arum and Top Rank deserve some credit for pulling off this past weekend's fight card and Julio Ceasar Chavez Jr. should be taken to task, Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather bring boxing to the gossip pages and more!
No JCC Jr? No Problem. Top Rank Card A Success
Boxing >> News, 12.05.2010
Donaire, Soto and Wolak all score victories in action bouts at the Honda Center.
Donaire and Wolak Both Score KO's
Boxing >> News, 12.04.2010
No JCC Jr, no problem. It's a night of knockouts at the Honda Center
Early Results from Anaheim
Boxing >> News, 12.04.2010
Three fights, three knockouts thus far....
Ringside With Raymundo 12.02.10: A Christmas Present From Manny Pacquiao
Boxing >> Columns, 12.02.2010
Will Manny Pacquaio give boxing fans a Christmas present and let them know who he'll face next before the end of the year? 411's Raymundo Dioses takes a look at who it might be! Plus, a look at the awesome ending Pacquaio provided to a gloomy year of boxing and more!
411 Boxing Preview: Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Michael Katsidis
Boxing >> Columns, 11.25.2010
Our own Raymundo Dioses checks in with his full preview of Marquez vs. Katsidis. The two lightweights battle it out this Saturday night for Marquez' lightweight championship at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
Ringside With Raymundo 11.19.10: Pacquiao The Middleweight?
Boxing >> Columns, 11.19.2010
This week, the most impressive thing about Pac Man's win, hoping that Williams/Martinez II does NOT repeat history and is Mayweather still everyone's pick???
Josesito Lopez Brings The Goods To Ontario
Boxing >> News, 11.13.2010
Lopez leads a night of action fights on a Thompson Boxing Promotions So Cal fight card...
Ringside With Raymundo 11.11.10: Margarito by KO! Also, Mayweather Interrupted…
Boxing >> Columns, 11.11.2010
Thoughts on the upcoming Manny Pacquiao/Antonio Margarito fight and a prediction, the inevitable interruption by Floyd Mayweather, a look at Shawn Estrada's win over Tony Hirsch and more in this week's Ringside with Raymundo!
Ringside With Raymundo 11.04.10: Zab Not Super, But Still Good. Still Great? It’s Up to Him…
Boxing >> Columns, 11.04.2010
This week, Zab still trying to be Super and Through My Eyes!
Pacquiao Talks Margarito
Boxing >> News, 11.03.2010
Quick notes from today's conference call.
Ringside With Raymundo 10.28.10: My Father’s Fighters
Boxing >> Columns, 10.28.2010
Thoughts on Margarito/Pacquiao 24/7 and whether Manny is either the master of the universe or a failed juggler, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.'s lack of desire, how YouTube can be a fight fan's best friend in dire times and more in this week's Ringside with Raymundo!
Ringside With Raymundo 10.21.10: Why We Need/Don’t Need Pacquiao/Mayweather
Boxing >> Columns, 10.21.2010
Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather has been called 'the greatest fight that never got made.' But do we need it? 411's Raymundo Dioses takes an in-depth look in this week's Ringside with Raymundo!
Tarver Successful in UD Over Aguilera on ShoBox
Boxing >> News, 10.16.2010
The Magic Man just may be the "New Generation" of the Heavyweight division. Yet at 42 years of age, he's got no time to kill... "Shotwime" Shawn Porter became the NABF welterweight champion in the semi-main event of the night.
Ringside With Raymundo 10.14.10: Quick Hits on Chris Arreola, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and More
Boxing >> Columns, 10.14.2010
What is Floyd Mayweather's strategic plan for Manny Pacquiao? Plus thoughts on Chris Arreola's antics outside the ring, Super Six problems, Margarito's ‘slap stick' training, Shawn Porter's blindfold boxing and more!
Ringside WIth Raymundo 10.07.10: Pacquiao v. Mayweather Without GBP and TR? Probably...
Boxing >> Columns, 10.07.2010
Would we have seen Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather if Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank weren’t involved? Plus, a look at how boxing fans are going to wish they could skip October, a funny quote from Pacquiao and the return of Through My Eyes in this week's edition of Ringside With Raymundo!
Ringside With Raymundo 9.23.10: The Scent of The Staples Center
Boxing >> Columns, 09.23.2010
This week, a Spanglish version of what happened inside the walls on a cool late-summer night in downtown Los Angeles....
Mosley and Mora Paint A Picasso- They Draw
Boxing >> News, 09.19.2010
"Sugar" isn’t sweet and the "Snake" didn’t bite as Mosley and Mora stank out the Staples Center. Plus full results of an otherwise entertaining undercard....
The Prizefight Preview 09.17.10: Mosley vs. Mora
Boxing >> Columns, 09.17.2010
With Shane Mosley vs. Sergio Mora set for Saturday night, 411's Raymundo Dioses gives his preview of the bout! Can Mora pull off the upset or will Mosley roll on? Plus, a sneak peek at the undercard bouts featuring Alvarez vs. Baldomir and Ortiz vs. Harris!
Mosley-Mora Conference Call Notes
Boxing >> News, 09.09.2010
Quotes from today's call with Shane Mosley and Sergio Mora.
Ringside With Raymundo 09.09.10: The Mosley Plan
Boxing >> Columns, 09.09.2010
Can Shane Mosley make 'mega fight lightning' strike again this week in his fight with Sergio Mora? Also, thoughts on Mayweather's Ustream video in this weeks edition of 411 Ringside With Raymundo!
Locked and Loaded 3 Hitting Ontario on Sep. 17
Boxing >> News, 09.03.2010
Jose Reynoso takes on Hector Serrano the night before Mosley vs. Mora.
Ringside WIth Raymundo 08.27.10: Short Shots
Boxing >> Columns, 08.27.2010
This week, random thoughts on the sweet science. Read or die! No really, but read or possibly get punched...
Ringside With Raymundo 08.19.10: Where Is The Mass Appeal?
Boxing >> Columns, 08.19.2010
This week, why are only two fighters out of ten household names and thoughts on last weekend regarding Chad Dawson and Chris Arreola...
Arreola and Lopez Rock Ontario on ESPN's FNF
Boxing >> News, 08.13.2010
Both youngsters brought the goods to California, and the crowd was grateful.
411 Prizefight Preview: Arreola vs. Quezada
Boxing >> Columns, 08.13.2010
This weekend two Mexican heavies ranked in the top 20 do battle in Ontario, CA as the mani event of ESPN's "Friday Night Fights" sponsored by Tecate.
Ringside With Raymundo 08.06.10: Alexander On His Way To Being Great
Boxing >> Columns, 08.06.2010
Why Juan Manuel Marquez should never fight Manny Pacquiao, the path to greatness leads through St. Louis for Alexander, Friday Night Frights and more! 411's Raymundo Dioses breaks it down in Ringside With Raymundo!
Ringside With Raymundo 7.30.10: There's No Crying in Boxing!
Boxing >> Columns, 07.30.2010
This week, how it's useless to mix public perception and boxing, Iole calls Mayweather a chicken and thoughts from ringside...
McEwan Scores Decision Over Perez on Telefutura
Boxing >> News, 07.24.2010
The Super Middleweight stays unbeaten in nineteen fights in a steady win over veteran Danny Perez...
Ringside With Raymundo 07.23.10: Don't Blame Bob For Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Not Happening
Boxing >> Columns, 07.23.2010
What About Bob??? Well, what about him? He did nothing to stall either of the two failed negotiations for a super fight between his fighter Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather...
SoCal Heavyweights Arreola v. Quezada To Battle on ESPN's FNF
Boxing >> News, 07.16.2010
As this years Friday Night Fights winds down, two big men will look to knock one another cold...
Ringside With Raymundo 07.15.10: Angulo on HBO, Don't Think, Just Watch
Boxing >> Columns, 07.15.2010
This week, the most non-smiling man to wear boxing gloves, all roads do NOT lead to Pacquiao, and imagine finding a LeBron James jersey worth $10,000!!!!
Native American Champion? Possibly!
Boxing >> News, 07.14.2010
In August cruiserweight Matt Godfrey will challenge Marco Huck for his WBO title...
Ringside With Raymundo 07.08.10: Who Will Sign First? Lebron or Pacquiao and Mayweather?
Boxing >> Columns, 07.08.2010
Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao could sign a contract to face each other in November of this year. Will they seal the deal, or will they be upstaged by the NBA’s Lebron James? 411’s Raymundo Dioses examines…
Ringside WIth Raymundo 07.02.10: Three Reasons Why Timothy Bradley Will Be PFP King in 2012
Boxing >> Columns, 07.02.2010
Barack Obama is going to get a second term in 2012. Also by that time, Palm Springs' own Timothy Bradley will be the best in boxing. Read on in this latest edition of Ringside With Raymundo...
Ringside With Raymundo 06.24.10: The Six Rounder You Have To See
Boxing >> Columns, 06.24.2010
This week, the six-round FOTY candidate soon to air on Fox Sports En Espanol and the debut of "Short Shots"...
Ringside With Raymundo 06.16.10: A Fluffy Piece on Manny Pacquiao
Boxing >> Columns, 06.16.2010
This week, how Manny Pacquiao makes me proud to be a fight writer, Fight Camp 360 thoughts, a Thompson Boxing rematch and Ole! for Ivan Calderon in this week's RWR...
Ringside With Raymundo 6.11.10: Cotto's Back - Now What?
Boxing >> Columns, 06.11.2010
This week, the various routes Miguel Cotto can go from here and a shot at the 'Pretty Boy' in this latest edition of Ringside With Raymundo...
Ringside With Raymundo 06.03.10: Big Apple Boxing
Boxing >> Columns, 06.03.2010
Boxing is back in Yankee Stadium, another title fight thirty plus years after Ali beat Norton for the second time. Cotto, Foreman and Arum hope to continue the current trend of boxing in major sports stadiums..
Ringside With Raymundo 5.27.10: Mayweather’s G.O.A.T. Moment An Opportunity Missed
Boxing >> Columns, 05.27.2010
“Mayweather’s next fight after defeating Baldomir was a high-profile, low action producing cash cow mega bout against Oscar De La Hoya that was competed in oops, the light middleweight division.”… All this and the return of 'Through My Eyes' in the most recent edition of Ringside With Raymundo!
Ringside With Raymundo 05.21.10: Vasquez/Marquez IV - A Fitting End
Boxing >> Columns, 05.21.2010
This week, all about the fourth installment of one of the greatest battles in boxing history between Israel Vasquez and Rafael Marquez...
Ringside With Raymundo 5.13.10: Rematch, Please!
Boxing >> Columns, 05.13.2010
Kermit Cintron vs. Paul Williams could have been a great fight Saturday night, until Williams went down to the canvas, Cintron tripped over his feet and fell through the ropes and to the floor and the fight was over. 411’s Raymundo Dioses explains why a rematch is needed…
Cintron Knocked Out! But Not by Williams
Boxing >> News, 05.09.2010
A bizarre end to the Paul Williams/Kermit Cintron bout saw Williams grab an awkward decision victory on HBO's Boxing After Dark...
Ringside With Raymundo 05.05.10: The Mayweather You Didn’t See
Boxing >> Columns, 05.05.2010
After a one-sided drubbing of Shane Mosley, "Money" Mayweather was nowhere to be found. 411's Raymundo Dioses examines how the persona quickly vanishes, leaving us only with Floyd Mayweather Jr. after another night's work.
Mayweather-Mosley Post Fight Notes
Boxing >> News, 05.02.2010
Words from the post fight presser and thoughts from inside the MGM Grand Garden...
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