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The Rear Naked Column 01.31.14: Top 10 Anderson Silva Moments
MMA >> Columns, 01.31.2014
From his knockout win over Vitor Belfort at UFC 126 and his "Matrix elbow" at Cage Rage 16 to choking out Dan Henderson at UFC 82 and more, 411's Samer Kadi counts down the top 10 Anderson Silva moments of all time!
The Rear Naked Column 1.23.14: Is Showtime the Answer?
MMA >> Columns, 01.23.2014
With the lightweight division historically failing to deliver on PPV, can Anthony Pettis be the UFC's answer to the division's underwhelming numbers? 411's Samer Kadi takes a look!
The Rear Naked Column 01.17.14: Life After GSP and Silva
MMA >> Columns, 01.17.2014
Following Anderson Silva's injury and Georges St-Pierre's leave of absence, the UFC finds itself without its two biggest PPV draws in 2014! 411's Samer Kadi takes a look at the ramifications for the promotion!
The Rear Naked Column 12.18.13: Going Out on Top
MMA >> Columns, 12.18.2013
Georges St-Pierre's decision to leave MMA for the time being makes him one of the few fighters to go out on top! 411's Samer Kadi takes a look at St-Pierre's decision and his legacy!
The Rear Naked Column 12.04.13: Too Much of a Mediocre Thing
MMA >> Columns, 12.04.2013
The UFC is reportedly set to run over forty shows in 2014! But are they potentially ruining their product with over-saturation? 411's Samer Kadi takes a look!
The Rear Naked Column 11.27.13: Not Just a Number
MMA >> Columns, 11.27.2013
Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture and Dan Henderson all defied Father time to excel despite their advanced age. But will this trend change as MMA evolves? 411's Samer Kadi takes a look!
The Rear Naked Column 11.20.13: A Thankless Sport
MMA >> Columns, 11.20.2013
Georges St-Pierre faced strong backlash from UFC president Dana White when he revealed after UFC 167 that he wanted to take some time off for personal issues! Was White justified? 411's Samer Kadi takes a look!
The Rear Naked Column 11.13.13: St-Pierre vs. Hendricks Breakdown
MMA >> Columns, 11.13.2013
Johny Hendricks faces Georges St-Pierre in what may be the champion's toughest challenge yet at UFC 167! Can Hendricks dethrone him or does GSP reign supreme once again? 411's Samer Kadi takes a look!
The Rear Naked Column 10.30.2013: Under-Appreciated Genius
MMA >> Columns, 10.30.2013
Lyoto Machida took the middleweight division by storm after his head kick knockout of Mark Munoz! 411's Samer Kadi examines Machida's style and discusses the unfair treatment "The Dragon" receives from fans!
The Rear Naked Column 10.24.13: Brains Before Balls, Please!
MMA >> Columns, 10.24.2013
Despite suffering a second loss to him at UFC 166, Junior Dos Santos has declared his interest in another shot at Cain Velasquez in the future! 411's Samer Kadi looks at why another fight is a bad idea and more!
The Rear Naked Column 10.16.13: The Rubber Match
MMA >> Columns, 10.16.2013
Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos will square off for the third time in two years over the UFC heavyweight title! After they've each picked up a win, who will take home the rubber match? 411's Samer Kadi takes a look!
Occupy The Throne 10.02.13: Answering Fighter E-mail #10
MMA >> Columns, 10.02.2013
Why is Frankie Edgar fighting BJ Penn again? Why didn't Jon Jones' fight with Alexander Gustafsson pull on better PPV numbers? Why was Yushin Okami released from the UFC? 411's Jeremy Lambert and Samer Kadi answer these questions and more!
The Rear Naked Column 08.28.13: Revisiting a Classic
MMA >> Columns, 08.28.2013
Nearly three years after engaging in the final fight for WEC, Ben Henderson and Anthony Pettis will square off once again at UFC 164! 411's Samer Kadi looks back at their classic first encounter from WEC 53!
Occupy The Throne 07.31.13: A Steady Decline
MMA >> Columns, 07.31.2013
The Demetrious Johnson-led UFC on FOX 8 produced the company's lowest ratings yet and UFC 161 saw the company's worst buy-rate in years! 411's Jeremy Lambert and Samer Kadi take a look at the disappointing numbers and more!
Occupy The Throne 07.24.13: UFC on FOX Preview
MMA >> Columns, 07.24.2013
This weekend marks what is considered by many to be the weakest UFC on FOX card yet as Demetrious Johnson defends his title against John Moraga! 411's Jeremy Lambert and Samer Kadi take a look at the card with a full preview!
Occupy The Throne 04.17.13: UFC on FOX Preview
MMA >> Columns, 04.17.2013
This weekend marks what could be the best UFC on FOX card to date in the Ben Henderson vs. Gilbert Melendez-led UFC on FOX 7! 411's Jeremy Lambert and Samer Kadi take a look in their preview of the card!
Occupy The Throne 03.27.13: Drugs Are Bad...Right?
MMA >> Columns, 03.27.2013
Following the release of Matt Riddle over his second positive marijuana test and other incidents, the UFC has called for reduced suspensions for positive tests. But will it lead to any changes? 411's Jeremy Lambert and Samer Kadi take a look!
Occupy The Throne 03.22.13: Here's Johny!
MMA >> Columns, 03.22.2013
Johny Hendricks cemented himself as the top contender for Georges St-Pierre's welterweight title with a FOTY candidate at UFC 158! But what are his chances in a fight with the champion? 411's Jeremy Lambert and Samer Kadi take a look!
Occupy The Throne 01.03.13: Dos Santos vs. Velasquez II Fallout
MMA >> Columns, 01.03.2013
Following Cain Velasquez's domination of Junior Dos Santos to reclaim the title, cries for a rubber match have emerged. But is there really interest in another bout? 411's Jeremy Lambert and Samer Kadi take a look in this week's Occupy The Throne!
The Rear Naked Column 09.10.11: Q & A Edition
MMA >> Columns, 09.10.2011
Was putting Cain/JDS on Fox a good move? Should Dan Hardy have been fired? What does the future hold for the lightweight division? 411’s Samer Kadi answers these questions and more…
The Rear Naked Column 09.02.11: A Tale of Two Legends
MMA >> Columns, 09.02.2011
Hometown heroes Anderson Silva and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira sent the Brazilian crowd home happy with two big knockouts at UFC 134! 411’s Samer Kadi takes a look at both fighter’s wins, their careers, and their impact on the sport!
The Rear Naked Column 08.27.11: Silva vs. Okami Breakdown
MMA >> Columns, 08.27.2011
For the UFC’s return to Rio, middleweight champion Anderson Silva headlines the card against the last man to beat him, Yushin OKami. Join 411’s Samer Kadi as he breaks down the fight…
The Rear Naked Column 08.19.11: Griffin vs. Shogun: The Rematch
MMA >> Columns, 08.19.2011
Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Forrest Griffin are set to collide in the co-main event at UFC 134 this month! 411's Samer Kadi takes a look at the highly-anticipated rematch and offers his analysis in this full preview!
The Rear Naked Column 08.13.11: Fedor’s Legacy
MMA >> Columns, 08.13.2011
After his third consecutive loss, Fedor Emelianenko was released from his Strikeforce contract. Join 411’s Samer Kadi as he discusses Fedor’s legacy and his status as the greatest heavyweight of all time.
The Rear Naked Column 08.06.11: Old School vs. New School
MMA >> Columns, 08.06.2011
Since the days of Ken Shamrock in the 1990s, MMA has evolved significantly! Fighters nowadays may compete at a higher level, but does that diminish the accomplishments of the sport’s pioneers? 411’s Samer Kadi takes a look!
The Rear Naked Column 07.29.11: A Battle of Legends
MMA >> Columns, 07.29.2011
Dan Henderson takes on Fedor Emelianenko this Saturday at Strikeforce's latest event in a true battle of legends! But who has the tools to walk away with the win? 411’s Samer Kadi takes an in-depth look and breaks down the fight!
The Rear Naked Column 07.15.11: UFC Upset Watch (Part 2)
MMA >> Columns, 07.15.2011
Can Junior Dos Santos beat Cain Velasquez? Does Kenny Florian stand a chance against Jose Aldo? Will Gray Maynard beat Frankie Edgar in their rubber match? 411’s Samer Kadi takes a look in the second part of his UFC Upset Watch!
The Rear Naked Column 07.08.11: UFC Upset Watch
MMA >> Columns, 07.08.2011
Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones are all favorites coming into their next title defenses! But are any of them in danger of being dethroned in an upset? 411’s Samer Kadi takes a look!
The Rear Naked Column 07.01.11: Ultimate Double Standards
MMA >> Columns, 07.01.2011
In one of the biggest stories of the year, Nate Marquardt has been released from the UFC after failing to past his pre-fight medicals! But is it a double standard when compared to the Chael Sonnen saga? 411’s Samer Kadi takes a look!
The Rear Naked Column 06.24.11: The State of the Heavyweight Division
MMA >> Columns, 06.24.2011
In the wake of the disappointing main event last weekend between Alistair Overeem and Fabricio Werdum, 411's Samer Kadi takes a look at the state of the heavyweight division in MMA and the challenges that the division faces!
The Rear Naked Column 06.17.11: Q & A Edition!
MMA >> Columns, 06.17.2011
Will Cain Velasquez be the first current UFC champion to lose the title? Why do fighters choose to move down in weight but not up? What would happen if the UFC champions fought the Strikeforce's? 411’s Samer Kadi answers these questions and more!
The Rear Naked Column 06.10.11: Heavyweights Collide!
MMA >> Columns, 06.10.2011
Shane Carwin has stepped in for Brock Lesnar to take on Junior Dos Santos at UFC 131 this weekend! But who will walk away the winner and new #1 contender to the heavyweight title? 411's Samer Kadi takes a look at the fight!
The Rear Naked Column 05.27.11: Injury Wave
MMA >> Columns, 05.27.2011
Major UFC stars like Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones and Frankie Edgar have pulled out of their scheduled fights with injuries! 411’s Samer Kadi takes a look at the increasing number of injuries in MMA as well as the reactions they trigger among fans!
The Rear Naked Column 05.20.11: Judging Debate! (Part 2)
MMA >> Columns, 05.20.2011
Would Frankie Edgar vs. Grey Maynard still have been a draw under the half-point system? How good are the "ten point must system" or the PRIDE rules for judging? 411's Samer Kadi and Mark Radulich debate these topics and more!
The Rear Naked Column 05.13.11: Judging Debate! (Part 1)
MMA >> Columns, 05.13.2011
Diego Sanchez's decision win over Martin Kampmann is one of several fights where the decision has come under heavy scrutiny! 411's Samer Kadi and Mark Radulich take a look at one of the hottest topics in the sport in MMA judging!
The Rear Naked Column 05.06.11: The Natural’s Defining Moment
MMA >> Columns, 05.06.2011
Easily one of the greatest fighters of all time, Randy Couture has made a career out of upsetting the odds. Join 411’s Samer Kadi as he looks back on what he believes is Couture’s defining moment when “The Natural” defeated Tim Sylvia for the UFC heavyweight title.
The Rear Naked Column 04.29.11: St-Pierre vs. Shields Breakdown
MMA >> Columns, 04.29.2011
Georges St-Pierre returns to the Octagon to take on what he believes is his most dangerous opponent yet! Does Shields have the tools to pull off a huge upset or will GSP reign supreme once again? 411’s Samer Kadi breaks down the fight!
The Rear Naked Column 04.22.11: Judging Strikes Again
MMA >> Columns, 04.22.2011
Joe Warren scored a unanimous decision victory over Marcus Galvao in another controversial judging situation at Bellator 41, causing Chuck Wolfe to speak out about his heavily criticized 30-27 scorecard! Join 411’s Samer Kadi as he takes a look at Wolfe’s comments!
The Rear Naked Column: 04.15.11: The Curious Case of Nick Diaz
MMA >> Columns, 04.15.2011
From his desire to quit MMA for boxing to his chances in the UFC welterweight division, 411’s Samer Kadi examines Nick Diaz’s future, his status in the sport, and the public perception that surrounds him!
The Rear Naked Column 04.01.11: Q & A Edition!
MMA >> Columns, 04.01.2011
Should Tito Ortiz get released if he loses his next fight? Should Jim Miller get the next title shot? Do we need a cruiserweight division? What are Jake Shields' chances against GSP? 411's Samer Kadi answers these questions and more!
The Rear Naked Column 03.24.11: The Bones Era?
MMA >> Columns, 03.24.2011
Jon Jones’ dominating victory over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua saw him become the youngest champion in UFC history. Could Jones’ win signal a new era in the light heavyweight division? 411’s Samer Kadi examines…
The Rear Naked Column 03.18.11: Shogun vs. Bones
MMA >> Columns, 03.18.2011
Jon Jones continues his march towards superstardom as he gets ready for the biggest fight of his career. Standing in his way is light heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Will Jones justify the hype or will “Shogun” prove too much? 411’s Samer Kadi breaks down the fight.
The Rear Naked Column 03.10.11: PRIDE Rules?
MMA >> Columns, 03.10.2011
From scoring fights as a whole and knees on the ground to yellow cards and fighting inside a ring, 411's Samer Kadi examines whether or not the PRIDE rules could be the solution to the problems in North American MMA...
The Rear Naked Column 03.04.11: Don’t Leave It to the Judges?
MMA >> Columns, 03.04.2011
With the increasing number of bad decisions in MMA, the phrase "never leave it in the hands of the judges" is being used more and more frequently. 411's Samer Kadi discusses the subject and expresses his dislike for this expression...
The Rear Naked Column 02.24.11: A Grinder Meets a Prodigy
MMA >> Columns, 02.24.2011
UFC 127’s main event will see Jon Fitch square off against BJ Penn in a bout that could determine the next number 1 contender for the welterweight title. 411’s Samer Kadi breaks down the fight and discusses the implications…
The Rear Naked Column 02.17.11: The Fall of an Emperor
MMA >> Columns, 02.17.2011
Fedor Emelianenko was once considered the best fighter in the world, but now finds himself on a two-fight losing streak after his destruction at the hands of Antonio Silva! 411’s Samer Kadi takes a look at Fedor’s performance, his legacy and his future!
The Rear Naked Column 02.10.11: The Real Phenom
MMA >> Columns, 02.10.2011
Anderson Silva’s knockout of Vitor Belfort cemented his status as one of the greatest fighters in the history of the sport! 411’s Samer Kadi takes a look at Silva’s performance, his place within the sport and his potential bout with Georges St-Pierre!
The Rear Naked Column 02.03.11: The Spider vs. The Phenom
MMA >> Columns, 02.03.2011
Anderson Silva faces one of the biggest tests of his career as he takes on Vitor Belfort this Saturday at UFC 126. Will Silva have another successful title defense or will Belfort take the title? 411’s Samer Kadi takes a look!
The Rear Naked Column 01.27.11: The UFC Lightweight Division in 2011
MMA >> Columns, 01.27.2011
Frankie Edgar stands at the top of a complicated Lightweight Title picture in the UFC! With a long list of fighters in immediate title contention, 411's Same Kadi takes a look at the title scene as it stands in this week's Read Naked Column!
The Rear Naked Column 01.14.11: Q & A Edition!
MMA >> Columns, 01.14.2011
Can Randy Couture beat Lyoto Machida? Where will Antonio McKee, Marcus Davis and Brandon Vera end up following their UFC releases? Why is MMA dying in Japan? 411's Samer Kadi gives his thoughts on these questions and more!
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