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Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion (XBLA/PSN) Preview
Games >> Previews, 10.01.2013
Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion brings arcade-inspired action and poop jokes to current generation consoles October 9th. See what we think of the latest build inside.
World of Warplanes (PC) Preview
Games >> Previews, 09.04.2013
World of Warplanes is free-to-play competitive dogfight simulator from the team behind the smash hit World of Tanks. Take a look at our impressions before the game releases on September 26th.
Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded (PC) Review
Games >> Reviews, 08.10.2013
Larry Laffer is back in this Kickstarter-funded HD remake of Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards. Is this adventure title a great game on its own or just for the fans?
Beatbuddy (PC) Preview
Games >> Previews, 07.18.2013
The indie rhythm platformer Beatbuddy is marching towards an early August release, but how is the game looking so far?
Jagged Alliance Online Preview
Games >> Previews, 07.06.2013
The latest in the venerable Jagged Alliance series features a brand-new single-player campaign along with free-to-play multiplayer skirmishes! How does the game shape up so far?
Game & Wario (Wii U) Review
Games >> Reviews, 07.06.2013
The latest spin-off in the quirky WarioWare series features 16 brand new minigames, all utilizing the features of the Wii U Gamepad. Is this value priced minigame collection a keeper?
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (PC) Preview
Games >> Previews, 04.19.2013
The gothic action RPG Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is set for release next month, but how is it shaping up so far? 411's Vince Osorio checks in with his preview of the game!
NIS America Spring Showcase Coverage
Games >> Previews, 02.22.2013
A look at NIS America's Spring Showcase, featuring a new Disgaea title & other promising RPGs set for release in 2013.
Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut (PS3) Preview & Interview
Games >> Previews, 01.29.2013
Did you hear that Zach? Rising Star Games is releasing the cult hit Deadly Premonition with new content & improvements, exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Now then, let's get started.
Path of Exile (PC) Preview
Games >> Previews, 01.23.2013
The latest action RPG in the vein of Diablo, Path of Exile, begins its open beta today! How is it looking so far? 411's Vince Osorio checks in with his full preview!
A Look at Umloud!- A Rock Band Night for Child's Play
Games >> Columns, 12.20.2012
411's Vince Osorio reports back from the 4th annual Umloud Rock Band event for the Child's Play charity with tales of Kinect Party, French Revolution heavy metal bands, drunken Tim Schafer shenanigans & George Lucas.
Ace of Spades (PC) Preview
Games >> Previews, 11.20.2012
The popular freeware title is gearing up for a substantive release on Steam, complete with more weapons, new classes & the same beloved voxel-based crafting gameplay. 411's Vince Osorio takes a look at the preview build of Jagex's Ace of Spades inside.
Carnage Racing (Facebook) Preview
Games >> Previews, 11.19.2012
From the developers of the Midnight Club franchise comes this fast-paced, arcade style kart racer- with a twist! Check out impressions of this free-to-play Facebook title inside.
411 Games Fact or Fiction 10.23.12: Project Eternity, 007 Legends, Call of Duty Elite and More
Games >> Columns, 10.23.2012
What do we think of 007 Legends? Will Criterion make a new Burnout game? Are we impressed by the runaway success of Project Eternity on Kickstarter? 411's Todd Vote & Adam Larck debate these questions and more on this week's Fact or Fiction!
Primal Carnage (PC) Preview & Interview
Games >> Previews, 10.21.2012
Join 411mania's Vince Osorio as he takes a look at the dinosaurs vs. humans first-person shooter Primal Carnage & sits down with an interview of Ted Lange of Reverb Publishing.
Ravaged & Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller (PC) Preview
Games >> Previews, 10.18.2012
Two successful Kickstarter campaigns led to the creation of two very different titles. Check out what I thought of preview builds for the multiplayer-only Ravaged & procedural thriller Cognition inside!
411 Games Fact or Fiction 10.17.12: NBA Live, Fable: The Journey, More
Games >> Columns, 10.17.2012
Are we interested in Medal of Honor: Warfighter? Is Fable: The Journey a must-have game for the Kinect? Will EA release NBA Live 14? 411's Dan Anderson and Dan Watson debate these questions and more in this week's 411 Fact or Fiction: Games!
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken & Orc Attack (PC) Preview
Games >> Previews, 10.17.2012
One's a classic 2D side-scroller featuring a violent chicken, one's a beat-'em-up with cheeky orcs. Check out our thoughts on preview builds of both inside!
Bytes & Flops 5.17.12: Wolfenstein
Games >> Columns, 05.17.2012
The buzzworthy reboot/sequel to the classic Wolfenstein franchise fizzled during its original release. Is the sci-fi World War II first-person shooter worth revisiting? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!
Devil May Cry HD Collection (Xbox 360)
Games >> Reviews, 05.16.2012
The first three titles in Capcom's revered franchise make their first appearance on Microsoft's consoles! But is this the HD Collection that diehard fans and newcomers have been waiting for?
Bytes & Flops 05.04.12: Tron Evolution
Games >> Columns, 05.04.2012
Tron Evolution, Disney's interaction prequel to the blockbuster Tron Legacy, crashed & burned with audiences upon its release. But is the movie tie-in game worth booting up? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!
Bytes & Flops 4.26.12: Call of Juarez: The Cartel
Games >> Columns, 04.26.2012
The Call of Juarez series took a jump to modern times with Call of Juarez: The Cartel and promptly sunk with gamers and critics. But is it an underrated Western game for the ages? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!
Bytes & Flops 4.19.12: Fuzion Frenzy 2
Games >> Columns, 04.19.2012
The party game Fuzion Frenzy got a sequel in 2007 but was passed over by game players! Does the game exceed expectations or is it a bust? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!
Bytes & Flops 4.12.12: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand
Games >> Columns, 04.12.2012
50 Cent starred in in his own game that failed to ignite the sales charts the way his albums do. But is this over-the-top third-person shooter an underrated gem or a deserved failure? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!
Defenders of Ardania (PC) Review
Games >> Reviews, 04.06.2012
The real-time-strategy/tower-defense hybrid comes to the PC! Do two great tastes taste great together or is this blend of genres a bust?
Bytes & Flops 4.5.12: Is EA Truly Evil?
Games >> Columns, 04.05.2012
From Mass Effect 3 and Madden to Battlefield and more, Electronic Arts is one of the biggest video game companies out there. But with recent controversies about DLC, proprietary online services and more coming to light, are they evil? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!
South Park: Tenorman's Revenge (XBLA) Review
Games >> Reviews, 03.31.2012
The Xbox Live Arcade exclusive features the same characters, voice talent and humor that you've come to love from the television series. Is this the best South Park game ever or does Tenorman's Revenge fall flat?
Legasista Coming to PSN in August
Games >> News, 03.30.2012
The PS3 exclusive from Nippon Ichi will see release stateside this summer.
Mugen Souls Prepped for Fall 2012 Release
Games >> News, 03.30.2012
Idea Factory's over-the-top RPG will be a PS3-exclusive.
The Witch & The Hundred Knights Announced as a PS3 Exclusive
Games >> News, 03.30.2012
Game delayed from Fall 2012 to Q1 2013.
Bytes & Flops 3.29.12: X-Men: Destiny
Games >> Columns, 03.29.2012
The action RPG X-Men: Destiny flopped upon its release last fall. But is it another lame comic book game or an underrated tour de force? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!
Bytes & Flops 3.22.12: Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck
Games >> Columns, 03.22.2012
Based on the iconic Looney Tunes short, Duck Amuck is an interactive, uproarious cartoon that doubles as a mini-game collection. But is it worth playing?
Bytes & Flops 3.15.12: Dark Void
Games >> Columns, 03.15.2012
Capcom's third-person-shooter/aerial dogfighter Dark Void struggled to strike a chord with the mainstream gaming audience upon its 2012 release, but is it more than the sum of its parts? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!
Bytes & Flops 3.8.12: Mindjack
Games >> Columns, 03.08.2012
The Square Enix third-person shooter Mindjack was trashed upon initial release. But does its cyberpunk style and innovative gameplay mechanics make this game a winner? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!
Bytes & Flops 3.1.12: Rocket Knight
Games >> Columns, 03.01.2012
The long-dormant Rocket Knight series saw a sequel in 2010 to middling reviews and poor sales figures. Is Rocket Knight a return to form for the cult Konami platformer series?
Bytes & Flops 2.24.12: Tails' Sky Patrol
Games >> Columns, 02.24.2012
Tails' Sky Patrol was Tails' first solo-adventure was never released outside of Japan until 2003. Does Sky Patrol reach the heights of the Sonic franchise or does it crash & burn?
Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (PS Vita) Preview
Games >> Previews, 02.18.2012
Tales From Space: Mutant Space Blobs is gearing up for a full release later this month. But how does it stack up? 411's Vince Osorio checks in with his full preview!
Bytes & Flops 2.16.12: Sonic Labyrinth
Games >> Columns, 02.16.2012
Sonic's first and only 3D showing on the Game Gear was a colossal failure during its original release, but is Sonic Labyrinth worth a second look?
Bytes & Flops 02.02.12: Rogue Warrior
Games >> Columns, 02.02.2012
Inspired by the NY Times Best-Seller, Rogue Warrior was Bethesda & Rebellion's attempt to bring the espionage of the Cold War to the masses. Only no one bought it.
Bytes & Flops 1.26.12: Dino D-Day
Games >> Columns, 01.26.2012
Dino D-Day is a first-person class based shooter. With Nazi Dinosaurs. With a premise that appealing, there was no way the game couldn't succeed, right?
Bytes & Flops 1.12.12: Jurassic: The Hunted
Games >> Columns, 01.12.2012
The budget dinosaur first person shooter that no one was waiting for bombed in its 2009 release to the surprise of no one. What the foxtrot is Jurassic: The Hunted, and is it a better game than it's credited for?
Bytes & Flops 01.05.12: Jurassic Park: The Game
Games >> Columns, 01.05.2012
Telltale Games is the latest company to put out an adventure game based on the iconic Jurassic Park franchise! But is the game a bonafide classic or a lame cash-in? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!
Bytes & Flops 12.29.11: End of Year Awards/Wrap-Up!
Games >> Columns, 12.29.2011
Is Uncharted 3 the best game of 2011? Duke Nukem the most disappointing game of the year? Is Rayman Origins the most overlooked game? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look in this week's Bytes & Flops!
Trine 2 Review (XBLA)
Games >> Reviews, 12.22.2011
This puzzle-platforming game is a sequel to a PC/PS3 exclusive title. Is this Xbox version worth a shot?
Bytes & Flops 12.08.11: 300: March to Glory
Games >> Columns, 12.08.2011
The PSP adaptation of the Zack Snyder film saw lukewarm sales and average reviews upon release, but does 300: March to Glory satisfy hardcore comic book fans or is it a disappointment of epic proportions? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!
Bytes & Flops 12.1.11: Miami Vice: The Game
Games >> Columns, 12.01.2011
The movie adaptation of the seminal 1980s TV show Miami Vice got a third-person shooter for the PSP that never took off. Is is a fun shoot 'em up through classic locales or just another throwaway movie adaptation? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!
Bytes & Flops 11.17.11: Bionic Commando
Games >> Columns, 11.17.2011
The 3D follow-up to one of Capcom's most beloved games was a bona fide flop during its original release! But is Bionic Commando worth another look or just a disappointing sequel? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!
Bytes & Flops 11.3.11: Back Track
Games >> Columns, 11.03.2011
Back Track was the very first attempt at bringing a first-person shooter to the Game Boy Advance! Was the game's action lost in translation, or does it stand out as a pioneer on the console? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!
Bytes & Flops 10.27.11: Burning Fight
Games >> Columns, 10.27.2011
Burning Fight is a unloved but oddly proliferate beat 'em up for the Neo Geo arcade system! But is it one of SNK's hidden gems or just a cheap Final Fight knock-off? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!
Bytes & Flops 10.20.11: Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard
Games >> Columns, 10.20.2011
Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard failed despite parodying all things beloved in the video game industry and featuring Will Arnett and Neil Patrick Harris in starring roles! But did it really deserve to fail? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!
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