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Ringside With Raymundo 12.02.10: A Christmas Present From Manny Pacquiao
Posted by Raymundo Dioses on 12.02.2010

The shirt off his back! Maybe not that, but a cool present is coming from the Pac Man

If all goes well, boxing fans will be delivered a Christmas present just in time for the holiday: knowing who Manny Pacquiao's next foe will be in 2011.

Just to let you know: its not going to be Floyd Mayweather.

Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum will fly to his fighters native Philippines' for a celebration of the boxer's 32nd birthday later this month, at which time he plans to present the Pac Man with three possible options (in no particular order): Shane Mosley, Juan Manuel Marquez or Andre Berto.

In an interview earlier this week with Yahoo! Sports Kevin Iole, Arum laid out that he thought Mosley could be the biggest sell of the three and provide the biggest purse for the fight, which Pacquiao obviously gets the lion's share of these days. Arum saw the undefeated Berto as too much of an unknown, and made the same sentiment about Marquez.

"The casual sports fan just doesn't know Marquez, as witnessed by the attendance [of 4,920 at this fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena against Michael Katsidis] on Saturday. He's a wonderful fighter and a great young man, but the casual fan doesn't know Juan Manuel Marquez from [World Boxing Organization featherweight champion] Juan Manuel Lopez."

Of the three, of course, the name missing from the list is Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Both Arum and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions Richard Schaeffer cumulatively do not wish to proceed with any possible negotiations, which would be the third set of discussions as two in the past, even with a mediator, have already failed.

Their reason was due to Mayweather's current and mounting legal problems. The Las Vegas native is facing multiple court cases; all domestic disputes in which physical violence was allegedly used by Mayweather.

Neither promoter wishes to even begin talks of a Pacquiao/Mayweather bout until Mayweather's legal issues are settled or at least constructed with a time frame. Mayweather is due in court for at least one of his counts in January of next year.

Also not on the list is middleweight champion Sergio Martinez, who provided the Knockout of the Year last week with a stunning KO victory over Paul Williams. Martinez currently holds what would be a ninth world title if Pacquiao sought to again extend his record.

Most believe that the weight disparity, as well as the speed and power that Martinez possesses, will lead Pacquiao in any direction other than in a ring with the Argentine native. Promoter Arum himself holds the sentiments that the weight difference would not make the fight on an even keel.

"If Martinez comes in at 175 pounds, he's about 30 pounds bigger than Manny is and that's not a fair fight," Arum said. "He could weigh whatever he wants on Friday [at the weigh-in], but that doesn't matter. They all starve themselves and dehydrate in order to make the weight. It's what they weigh the next day, when they walk into the ring, that matters."

No matter who Pacquiao fights in 2011, his fights are entertaining and are considered must see television.

So let's just sit back and take open our Christmas present from the Pac Man.


Don't be surprised if Pacquiao bypasses both Marquez and Berto for soon to be 40 year old veteran Shane Mosley.

Cut and dry, Mosley is the leader on the list as for as the adage ‘less risk, higher reward' is assessed.

Berto is a fast handed and bulky, young and albeit he hasn't faced stiff competition, undefeated speedster who is entering into what should be the prime of his career.

Marquez is 37 years old yet looked much younger in throwing powerful combinations from all angles; just like Pacquiao does. Again, a weight disparity enters the gates, yet Marquez is seen said to be at disadvantage, as most believe that if the fight were fought anywhere north of 142 or 144, Marquez will not be competitive, as shown by his welterweight debut against Floyd Mayweather last year.

Mosley has had a loathsome last 24 rounds of fighting, as he was definitively out-pointed by Mayweather in May of this year and participated in a lackluster draw against Sergio Mora in September.

Arum sees Mosley as the biggest name to draw in and bring about the most revenue to Pacquiao's next fight.

Another positive in Mosley's favor is the fact that he is distancing himself from Golden Boy Promotions, the arch-rival to Top Rank, and the company of which he is part owner. Mosley considers himself a free agent and has already been fishing himself out to Arum.

In May 2011 at Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Texas, I believe it going to be Mosley v. Pacquiao.

But hey, I'm just sneaking into mom and dad's room and peeling back the wrapping a bit to get a peek.

We all have to wait until Christmas to open ‘Pacquiao's Present'.


How about all this commotion and these drama filled story-lines involving Manny Pacquiao?

I thought 2010 was supposed to be a boring year without the mega fight people can't stop talking about!

Well, it kind of was, but these last two months ended strong and the flood gates were opened up after another Pacquiao victory, and seemingly any notable opponent from 135 to 154 is being mentioned to face Pacquiao in 2011.

Following his November 13th beat down ‘orbital-bone style' over Margarito, there followed the knockout of the year in Martinez/Williams and a candidate for Fight of The Year last weekend with Marquez/Katsidis. Both of those winners were mentioned as possible opponents for Pac Man, and both were asked immediately in their post fight in-ring interviews if they would like a match against the Pac Man.

Even though titles were on the line in these championship fights, at no time were the victors asked if they were happy to be champions; rather, it was all about Pacquiao.

Heavy lies the crown, Jack Nicholson would say.

Manny Pacquiao has not only packed 90,000 fight fans into Cowboy Stadium and sold close to two millions pay per views this year; he has not only won his record extending eighth world title; he has also provided a strong ending to what was a dismal year of boxing in 2010.


Lou DiBella, Martinez's promoter: "Neither Manny or Floyd watched this fight and said, ‘Hey, I want to fight Sergio Martinez.'"


"It was very painful (to watch)" said Juan Manuel Marquez in speaking of the Pacquiao/Margarito fight, "because all Mexicans expected Margarito could beat Pacquiao. It was shame. He looked so mechanical, so slow. He brought the Mexicans down. … He looked like an amateur. He didn't know how to walk, didn't know how to throw a jab. It was very disappointing."


HBO's Jim Lampley, to Larry Merchant in speaking about Marquez and his ability in the ring: "Maybe it's because he drinks his own urine, Larry."


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