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Ringside With Raymundo 12.08.10: Props to Top Rank, Bob Arum
Posted by Raymundo Dioses on 12.08.2010

This past Saturday those who weren't sad enough to not go to the fights in Anaheim altogether after Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. himself said he wasn't going were treated to a night of knockouts, title fights and a Fight of the Year candidate.

Not too bad for a card that lost its main event four days prior to fight night.

The Honda Center had over 3,000 paid patrons who did not opt for a refund that was available to any who requested it, pay per view orders were undoubtedly sold, albeit not in the HBO PPV million status, and all who witnessed saw what turned out to be one of the best all around fight cards in all of 2010.

It is true that it takes a whole tribe to cultivate something, yet when it comes down to it, there is one person who deserves much praise for still opening the curtains on opening night: Bob Arum.

In talking to the press, Arum believed that the other fighters worked "too dam hard" to not be able to throw punches for pay last Saturday.

The same sentiments were felt on press row, as Arum bolstered his reputation and still played host to the prestigious papers of the Riverside Press Enterprise, The Los Angeles Times and the Orange County Register.

And oh yeah, 411 was there too, represented by yours truly.

Arum told Maxboxing earlier this week that he paid less to all of his fighters combined than what WBC titlist Andre Berto got in his one round knockout victory last week on HBO, in which Berto garnered in excess of $900,000.

Arum paid just a little under seven figures for top notch fights that had boxers Juan Manuel Lopez, Miguel Cotto and ex-great Buddy Mc Girt ringside, Mr. Michael Buffer saying some ‘Rumble' saying that's really famous, and had fans on their feet cheering on the nights fighters, two of whom, (Humberto Soto and Urbano Antillon) went toe-to-toe for thirty six exhilarating minutes.

There was too much at stake to not go forward, and Arum knew it. He also knew the fans would be let down by not being able to see the quasi-famous JCCJ. (I'm no longer going to refer to the boxer with his fathers name until he starts to earn it. Perhaps you should do the same?) So Arum offered a refund and still turned the lights on in the arena on Saturday.

Both Soto and Nonito Donaire needed to keep their ball rolling heading into fights against Brandon Rios and Fernando Montiel, respectively, and were awarded such by gloving up last weekend. Both will now probably be featured on HBO in 2011 and can continue to increase their profile, as well as their bankrolls, if they continue winning.

There have been many instances where fight cards have been scrapped altogether due to the main event falling through. One that still leaves a bad taste in my mouth was the Berto/Mosley clash, in which my room was pre-booked and gas was in the car for the three hour drive: fools on Vegas though, as I still went to Sin City that weekend and the lucky charm of a girlfriend brought back five Benjamin Franklins.

Thanks to Bob Arum, Donaire and Soto have greener pastures to graze, the newspapers still got their next morning's boxing story, fans still drank beer and cheered on alongside other boxers in attendance and they still heard Michael Buffer say his copyrighted adage.

Kudos to Top Rank, and kudos to Bob Arum.


Sitting in the press room prior to the first bell, I was chatting with a Top Rank employee and asked if JCCJ was planning to come at all.

I didn't even get an audible response, just a head nodding to the right and left with a sad face.

Even sadder was the sight of, or lack thereof, of food in the press room which initiated our conversation in the first place.

Step up hungry media, all and any media, and stick your hand in a huge bowl of, guess what, popcorn! Yes, grab as much as you can with these small sized bowls, and don't forget to take your fill!

While both of us stared down at the bowl of popped freshness, the Top Rank employee reluctantly told me that once JCCJ dropped out, a lot of the money was lost for the promotion.

So JCCJ not only affected himself, Top Rank, and the fans, he also affected the key tappers who write about him when he fights!

In all seriousness, it matters not what happens to writers; it's the fans that were really affected that night.

A writer next to me on press row had told me that as he was walking in, two angry fans next to him offered him their tickets, ticked off because they only found out once they got to the fight that JCCJ wasn't getting into the squared circle.

JCCJ has pulled out of more than one fight in the past due to illness, and his lack of desire was made even more evident this past weekend.

To Arum's credit, the promoter stated that JCCJ can fight as much as he wants in his native Mexico, but he will be subject to a thorough medical examination if he intends to fight on US soil in 2011.



"Money" recently was the top feature on TMZ.com, which has recently turned its gaze toward the boxing ring.

Mayweather is the pound for pound best- when it comes to being showcased on TMZ's popular website. His November assault case and subsequent arrest spawned a ridiculous mug shot of Floyd Mayweather, who was shown wearing a bright color face, and a bright smile that didn't seem as if he were in a police station being asked to hold his chin up and turn to the right, then turn to the left.

The picture instead looked like the smile he must have had after Antonio Margarito agreed to fight Manny Pacquiao, instead of him having to do it.


Shane Mosley's divorce, change that, Shane Mosley himself is becoming a really sad story, and its only made worse by technology, as you can find dirt on both TMZ as well as his Twitter account.

According to TMZ, Mosley was recently ordered to pay his ex-wife $20,000 in support per month, beginning with $60,000 for back payments, and was ordered to immediately sell his mansion in Southern California for the proceeds to be divided up accordingly.


If I lived in Southern California, (which I do) and you lived in St. Louis, and we were both boxers, would you want to fight me in Detroit? Didn't think so… I was very satisfied with the last month of fisticuffs, and I hope you were too. And it's not done just yet… Heard some ‘Ricky Hatton' type rumors about JCC Sr. this weekend. Man, is this the year of rehab in boxing or what?... No disrespect to JCC, we all have our demons. Congrats for the HOF, and the same to Tyson and Tsyzu, Tzusy, Tysuz, however you spell it… No matter how you chalk up 2010, we've been able to see all ten PFP fighters this year. Were the opponents worthy? Well, that's a whole ‘nother story my friend… I'm looking forward to 2011; I am thinking its going to be the year that a lot of younger fighters start climbing into their primes… I'm hoping Sergio Martinez isn't hung out to dry in 2011. Hopefully he is in meaningful fights in 11'… Wow, on MNF the J-E-T-S looked like S-H-I, you get the rest… Mosley Tweets= more drama. Imagine if this all backfires, and he doesn't end up fighting Pac… JCCJ, JCCJ, JCCJ, say it five times fast…


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