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And we're rolling... (09.05.2007)

I need this here so there's concrete proof in case it turns out to be true.

The Facts:

1. WWE needs to bring in a few big guys to offset the suspension of half their on-TV talent, including a suitable replacement for Vince's son.

2. "Things are looking up".

When I think of looking up, I think of looking at something that's high. And, you know, it occurs to me, that there's somebody who was never officially "fired" from WWE, whose profile was just the other day finally removed from ECW.com, and who nobody gets higher than.

Could RVD come back to Raw this week? It's a long shot, but think about it...doesn't it make sense?
And we're rolling... (03.01.2006)

It's Wednesday, it's 11 pm, and I've just won a poker tourney. No real money, but a t-shirt and respect. Especially the t-shirt.

Final hand: his Ace-2 against my...pocket Aces. I had a single chip left after the all-in, and he had a flush draw on the turn. Nothing hits, I am the champion. It is a glorious day to be me, and I'm celebrating as anyone should, with 2 for $2 McDonald's hamburgers.

Oh, 24 good, Amazing Race better, trying to cheer for the nerds, but they annoy me. No more thoughts now, I am revelling.
And we're rolling... (02.22.2006)

Raw: Didn't suck as much as people are panning it, but it's incredibly hard to get too excited about a Triple Threat match when you already know the winner.

24: Not enough people who deserved it are dead yet, but there's still time. I'm waiting for someone to punch out Lynn in the middle of CTU. And I called the First Lady going in the limo about ten minutes before it happened. Not that it was horribly predictable, but it made sense. And next week, stuff blows up. Cool. Also, Jack essentially shot down a helicopter with a handgun. Do I need to mention that's cool, or is it obvious?

Poker: Coming off my second-place last week, I sit 20th in the region of K-W, which will surely be raised with my 8th place and second consecutive final table last night. Regionals tonight, I'm not in, but there's the normal game too, and I'm much better on Wednesdays.

And the teaser: Next week, I prove that you shouldn't mess with me. You won't want to miss it.
And we're rolling... (02.14.2006)

Okay, I know I was going to watch the midnight replay of Impact, but then the Vice President of the USA accidentally shot his friend in the face and every single person on the Daily Show lined up to take shots of their own. A classic episode if ever I saw one, I was just busting a gut laughing. The Duck Hunt reference especially.

And I watched Impact during the commercials, before you get upset.
And we're rolling... (01.24.2006)

Because a week from now, it'll be too late.

First off, tonight, Jack Bauer taught us the proper use of scissors. I will never stop watching this.

Secondly, Raw was rocking. I was feeling the groove, Edge and Cena blew me away with the freshest promo I've heard in a while, Mickie's going full Fatal Attraction, Shawn vs Shelton, everything just seems better tonight.

And then the Spirit Squad came out.

Okay, seriously, I'm not gay, but I have gay friends, and they agree, that was completely gay. I'm the most positive WWE guy we have, and I instantly told Larry that I demanded he rip WWE a new one in his news report today for whatever that piece of garbage was that occupied my screen. The fact that the Spirit Squad existed in the very same hour as Shawn-Shelton boggles the mind. And the crowd was absolutely SILENT. You managed to kill a crowd in FLAIR COUNTRY, the land where kayfabe still lives. It is no stretch to say that the Spirit Squad killed my happy tonight.

Those poor guys. Five seconds in, and their careers are already dead.

Oh, and thanks, you homophobes, religious fundamentalists, and rich fat cats who gave Canada a Conservative government. The good news is, it's another minority, so once they screw up (and believe me, the Conservatives can't help but screw up, they always do), in another eighteen months the Liberals will be back in. C'est la vie. Oh, I'm sorry, I guess the Reform...I mean Conservative...supporters reading my blog might not understand French.
And we're rolling... (01.17.2006)

I've never watched 24 until Sunday. And I feel I must reiterate what I said in my column after watching Monday's two hours. 24 is possibly the greatest TV show I have ever seen. And I've seen Quincy.

It's impossible to say exactly why it's great, but we'll start with the fact that it's only been four hours and Jack's already shot a mess of people, saved Chloe (who is strangely attractive) from assassination, foiled a hostage taking, and ensured continued peace in the US and Russia. And he hasn't even started on the real plot. I expect many things to blow up and many people to be shot. Hopefully including Sean Astin, but I'm having trouble deciding whether he's supposed to be a complete dick or just really intense and effective.

Let the rumors that I may actually be Scott Keith in disguise commence!

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