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The 31/2 Star TV Matches From The Rs~! (08.02.2009)

As promised...

-John Morrison vs. Tyson Kidd - (Superstars: 07.30.09) {***½}
-CAGE MATCH: Edge and Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy - (Smackdown: 06.26.09) {***½}
-WWE TITLE LAST MAN STANDING MATCH: Randy Orton vs. HHH - (Raw: 06.22.09) {***½}
-WWE TITLE MATCH: Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. HHH vs. Big Show - (Raw: 06.08.09) {***½}
- Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk- (Smackdown: 06.12.09) {***½}
- Chris Jericho vs. John Morrison - (Superstars: 06.11.09) {***½}
-Jeff Hardy and R-Truth vs. Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler - (Superstars: 06.04.09) {***½}
-Christian vs. Tyson Kidd - (ECW: 06.02.09) {***½}
-Edge vs. Chris Jericho - (Smackdown: 05.15.09) {***½}
-Rey Mysterio vs. Shelton Benjamin - (Superstars: 05.14.09) {***½}
-Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho - (Smackdown: 05.08.09) {***½}
-Edge vs. Kofi Kingston - (Superstars: 04.23.09) {***½}
-John Cena vs. Chris Jericho - (Raw: 04.20.09) {***½}
-Undertaker vs. Shelton Benjamin - (Smackdown: 04.17.09) {***½}
-Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy - (Smackdown: 04.10.09) {***½}
-Primo vs. The Miz - (ECW: 03.10.09) {***½}
-Edge vs. John Cena - (Raw: 03.02.09) {***½}
-Lethal Consequences vs. Motor City Machine Guns – (Impact: 02.19.09) {***½}
-Undertaker vs. Shelton Benjamin - (Smackdown: 01.09.09) {***½}
KNEE SURGERY: THE BLOG - The Wait (12.19.2008)

So I am supposedly having some fun knee surgery today, and thus far it has been an adventure.

[b]9pm Thursday Night[/b]: Food is now not allowed, this angers me.

[b]Midnight[/b]: Drinks are now off limits, minus a little bit of water. This angers me even more.

[b]4:30am[/b]: Woke from slumber, angry, no talk.

[b]5am[/b]: Leave for hospital, no coffee make Larry something something…

[b]5:45am[/b]: Checks into hospital, registration lady is VERY rude. I will kick her in the uterus when my leg heals.

[b]6:30am[/b]: I am in my room, IV in place, listening to Christi say how tired she is. She went to bed at 9pm

[b]7:30am[/b]: I have been informed that my surgery has been delayed. It was to start at 7am.

[b]7:31am[/b]: I continue work on the great American novel.

[b]8:30am[/b]: Christi goes to get breakfast. I will kick her in the uterus when my leg heals.

[b]9am[/b]: JT is bothering me on MSN, but I am polite since Christi is still out eating. I will kick her in the uterus when my leg heals.

[b]9:11am[/b]: I thought I had the whole cancer thing resolved, but it was actually just a good fondue recipe.

[b]9:30am[/b]: They have informed me that surgery will be after noon sometime. I may starve by then.

[b]9:40am[/b]: They have come into the room and with a black marker wrote, “NOT THIS ONE” on my right leg. This is a high tech establishment here.

[b]9:41am[/b]: My nurse just walked in, drinking a coffee and finishing a glazed KK doughnut. I will kick her in the uterus when my leg heals.
Larry's SLAMMY PICKS~! (12.06.2008)

Here are my SLAMMY picks for Monday’s show, just for fun.

  • Best WWE.com Exclusive :
    - The Miz and John Morrison present "The Dirt Sheet"

  • Breakout Star of the Year:
    - Evan Bourne

  • Best Musical Performance:
    - Santino rapping to Akon (RAW, Nov 17)

  • Announce Team of the Year:
    - Matt Striker and Todd Grisham

  • Best Impersonation:
    - Charlie Haas as "Haas" Hogan (RAW, Oct 13)

  • Most Extreme Moment of the Year:
    - Chris Jericho smashes Shawn Michaels' head through Jeri-Tron (Raw, June 9)

  • The DAMN! Moment of the Year:
    - Santino Marella attempts Melina's Entrance (Raw, Dec. 1)

  • Best Finishing Move:
    - Evan Bourne's Shooting Star Press

  • Tag Team of the Year:
    - The Miz & John Morrison

  • OMG Moment of the Year:
    - John Cena surprise return at the Royal Rumble (Royal Rumble 2008)

  • Couple of the Year:
    - Edge and Vickie Guerrero

  • Superstar of the year :
    - Chris Jericho

  • Match of the Year:
    - Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair (Career Threatening Match, WrestleMania 24)

  • Diva of the Year:
    - Mickie James
  • ~Random Thoughts~ (11.25.2008)

    Since so many people seem to think something is wrong or some shit, I have decided to drop off some random thoughts for you.

  • The reason I am not writing the news column (last week and this week) is because Ashish is out of the country, and I am running the site solo. It is a lot of work, and some things had to go for the span of 15 days. I hate to half ass the news column, so Cook was kind enough to fill in as he is the official substitute of 411.

  • On the Survivor Series, I don’t see why so many people have their panties in a bunch. This PPV was pretty much called average or was shit on. I didn’t like it, I didn’t like how they played the Hardy thing due to how they fucked themselves in the media (if you can’t see that point, then you are blind) and at the end of the night, they hit the reset button again, and I thought it was the worst PPV of the year. It is that simple. I just think that some are pissed because I have the balls to calla WWE PPV shitty. Sorry, but it was and not even Edge’s beard could save it.

  • For those of you throwing a fit, the Edge’s Beard as MVP is a fucking joke. Get a sense of humor.

  • I am not more negative now than at any other time. When writing about a shitty show or product, well, negativity kind of makes its way into the writing.

  • You don’t offend my by calling me names. I just like to point out that when you resort to name calling, your opinion means jack shit. But I do love that you keep clicking, because it makes me look even better.

  • Do you want to know what one of the biggest problems WWE has is? Well go back to Raw and watch the “cute” WWE Shop segment with HHH and HBK. You’re telling me that 24-hours after getting screwed out of his title, that HHH’s top priority is hanging out with HBK and shilling the product?

  • Edge’s beard IS awesome.

  • Speaking of the reset button, sup CM Punk? Ratings are shit overall, but Punk was seen as an issue, lost the title (in a protective manner) but has been booked like shit and it seems as if they have blown off Orton vs. Punk all together. Sucks to be you buddy.

  • Miz and Morrison are doing so great, but I just have this feeling that they have hit the wall and that they won’t get the push past where they are right now.

  • How fast did they jump the gun with Shane and Steph last night? That was some TNA level shit right there.

  • Batista has to be turning heel soon. That dude is losing way to much and is about to snap.

  • Orton is getting cheered a lot recently, mainly because he feels fresh again and is doing a good job. I wonder if they will pull the double turn and have Manu and Cody join with Batista?

  • Good to see Melina back, but I have share a thing I hate: when people use what looks to be a bad ass finisher as a transition move, only to use a shittier move for a finisher moments later. Seriously, Melina busts out a great code red/modified destroyer, and then uses the lame split leg drop deal for the win.

  • I am back to the news column next week, and I am sure my stalkers will be back to cry about me discussing my life.
  • And we're rolling... (04.25.2008)


    by Marty "Cham Pain" Garner

    My name is Marty Garner, and my friends call me The Forgotten Beetle. I've been in the wrestling business for 15 years now. I've worked under the name of Cham Pain on the Independent Wrestling Circuit for the majority of that time. I have appeared on ECW, WCW, and made numerous appearances on WWE. I am writing this because I am at a crossroads in my life. I am no longer satisfied working Independent shows for little or no compensation. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the business and that is why I do this crazy thing we call Professional Wrestling. You see, I don't want to go to my grave without working for one of the major companies full time. That's why I need your help.

    In 1991, I was working out in a small gym in Vass, NC when I met this young, musclebound kid by the name of Matt Hardy. He was telling me that he had a wrestling federation based out of his backyard. He asked me to come check them out. I showed up one Saturday while they were having some matches and almost chuckled. They had a round trampoline with four small trees around it for ring posts and garden hoses for the ropes. There was black plastic enclosing a sizable area with the "ring" in the middle, which made up the so-called "arena". Matt's younger brother, Jeff, had painted graffiti on the plastic arena walls. There was a young kid who was only 11 years old, and really small. The kid was the referee who stayed outside the ring calling the match, who you may now know as Shannon Moore. After a little encouragement, Matt talked me into working a match. It was the most horrible match anyone had seen. Matt came out in baseball pants, no shirt and barefooted, wearing a Jason mask. I came out wearing paper thin, white sweat pants, a pink tank top, a do-rag and shades, and of course, my white tube socks. After I defeated my opponent, that was it....I was hooked. If wrestling was crack, I'd be Pookie from the movie New Jack City.

    After a short period of time, we met an older, burley, country man by the name of Kenneth Morgan who I referred to lovingly as "The Wooly Booger". He was a gentle, silent man who happened to have a wrestling ring. The ring he had was hard only on the sides with a long, rectangular trampoline in the middle. Matt and Kenneth worked out a deal that we would work some shows at the local fair using his ring. When I arrived at our first show at the fairgrounds, we only had 5 guys for the show. Matt was in a bit of a tizzy. Since I was an aspiring rap artist, I told Matt I could go out and kill some time either rapping or doing stand up comedy. I actually went out and performed one of my songs, and was really pumped after that. Each wrestler there worked two or three gimmicks that night, but we got through it. The first match I had in Kenneth's ring was just like the first match I ever had. Same opponent, same clothes, same finish. It was awesome! It's so funny to look back on those times, bouncing around on a trampoline, having a wrestling match in front of a crowd. It's kind of embarrassing when the boys see those old tapes, but also, it makes me very proud.

    We actually converted Kenneth's old trampoline ring into a regular ring. Our federation name was the New Frontier Wrestling Alliance, the NFWA. In 1995, Matt went into business with a guy named Thomas Simpson. Thomas was the money man and Matt was the promoter of our new federation called the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts, OMEGA. This was a local organization out of Moore County, NC that groomed many of the wrestling superstars you know today. Such as Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, Shane Helms, Joey Abs, Joey Mercury, Steve Corino, Bo Dupp, Jack Dupp, and of course me, Marty "Cham Pain" Garner. That's first name Cham. Last name Pain. The best kept secret on the Independent scene. This was the time when myself, Matt, Jeff and Jason "Joey Abs" Ahrndt started making sporadic trips to WWF shows. This was a big deal for me personally, because now my family and friends thought I was on the cusp of making it to the "big show".

    In 1998, we were getting ready for a show in a local armory in Southern Pines, NC when Matt got a phone call. I was standing next to him when he got the call. He had a strange look on his face as he hung up the phone. It was a look of disbelief. Then I saw a smile emerge. When I asked who it was, Matt said it was Jim Ross and they wanted him and Jeff at RAW the next Monday. I remember being happy for Matt and Jeff, but at the same time, I was very envious of them. The show had a different feel to me because our leader was leaving us. The last show Matt and Jeff did in OMEGA was at Shane Helms' old high school. Shane and his partner, Mike Maverick, were baby-faces and Matt and Jeff, for the first time ever, were heels. Matt and Jeff really played up the WWF thing, and how they were going to be rich superstars and leave all this behind. The crowd hated them for the first time ever and they proceeded to have one of the best Indy tag team matches that I've ever witnessed. As I was watching the match, I remember the sadness I felt. Even thought no one said it, I knew OMEGA was finished. We tried to keep it going for a while, but without Matt, we were lost. He always handled everything from booking to storylines, set up, sponsorships, etc. He did it all. It wasn't long after that when Jason Ahrndt got a call from WWF to work as Joey Abs with the Mean Street Posse. Now, I'm excited because everyone, including myself, thought I'd be the next to go.

    After OMEGA, I still worked Independent shows, but they never held a match to what we had. I knew I needed to get my face on T.V. somehow, so I hit the talk show circuit. I did Sally Jesse Raphael, Montel Williams and Jenny Jones. I almost appeared in Playgirl Magazine, but my ex-fiance really disapproved. I was brainstorming how to get a job with a major company. So, myself, Murray "Bo Dupp" Happer, and Mike Maverick came up with a plan. We were going to be a family of rednecks from Lizard Lick, NC named The Dupps. I knew a guy that works for a T.V. crew out of California who said that his buddy could do a video for us. I wrote the script for the video. My name was Puck Dupp. Mike was Jack Dupp. Murray was Bo Dupp and my girlfriend at the time was May Dupp. The video was hilarious and it didn't have any wrestling on it at all. We submitted the video to ECW and got a call back from Tommy Dreamer who said he loved it and wanted us to come up for a tryout. Tommy told us when we got there that was one of the funniest, most original tapes they had ever received. They watched it 7 times in the locker room that night. We did our tryout and they put us to work for a while. Tommy pulled us to the side one day and told us we were getting ECW contracts in a couple of weeks. I was excited and called my fiance. Before I could tell her my news, she broke up with me, over the phone. The other Dupps weren't riding with me at the time, due to a misunderstand that had occurred between us, and I had to drive home alone with that on my mind. It was the best news and the worst news all in one day. What do you do? The next week the other Dupps missed a couple of ECW shows. On the third day when they finally showed up, I asked where they had been. They said Stamford, CT. I asked, "WWF"? They said, "Yes. We got jobs". I said, "We got jobs?" They said, "No. WE got jobs." I was only one day away from being immortalized on the ECW video game-but that didn't happen. Without the other Dupps involved, I was out of luck and out of the job that I'd always dreamed of. The contract never came. My money was running out, so I had to leave ECW and come back home. I had a couple of small bites from WWF but they never actually worked out, which still left me on the Independent circuit.

    A couple of years later, at a local show in Raleigh, NC, a man named John Root approached me about doing some video game stunt work. He worked for Epic Games who are the creators of "Unreal", "Unreal Tournament", and "Unreal Warfare". He used my motion capture for both of the good guys on the game "Unreal Tournament 2003", and used Mickie James as the baby-face female. It was a lot of fun and it paid really well. About a year after that, John Root moved to another company and flew me to California to do some motion capture stunt work again. While I was in California, one of the guys at the studio asked me if I knew Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I said, "Yes, but I haven't seen him in a couple of years." I met Rock when I was doing some T.V. matches for WWE and we created a friendship. We went to the set of the "Run-Down" that night and as soon as Rock saw me he started quoting Cham-Pain lines. The guys that were with me thought that was the coolest thing ever! Rock told me to stay that weekend and go to a big wrap up party for the movie. I met Brittney Spears and Justin Timberlake at an after party in Hollywood. It was a blast! That was in January of 2003. In March 2003, I went to WrestleMania in Washington State to watch my buddies, Matt, Jeff, Shannon, and Shane perform. While I was there, Rock got in contact with me. The next couple of days I hung out with Rock and his family. It was a lot of fun. I asked Rock if I should I go backstage at WrestleMania or should I just sit in the crowd (He told me later that when I asked him that question, it broke his heart). He looked at me and said, "Man, you're coming with me to WrestleMania." The next morning, Rock, his cousin, and myself walk out of the hotel doors into a sea of screaming fans. After we got in the limo, Rock pulls his shades down slightly, looks at me, and says, "You ain't never seen no shit like that, have you?" I looked at him and said, "Nope. Not in Vass, NC." We all got a laugh out of that and went on to WrestleMania. In May of the same year, I got a call. It was Rock. He said, "Marty, you've always been my boy. You've never asked me for anything but advise and I appreciate that. Now, I want to ask you something. How would you like to work for me on an upcoming movie?" I felt my legs get weak and my eyes tearing up as goose bumps covered my arms. I tried to man up and sound strong when I said, "HELL YES!!!" He told me in the beginning that it wasn't a full time gig. I told him that would be fine. I traveled halfway around the world with that guy, attending movie premiers, the CMA's (front row), the Super Bowl, and a long list of many things that I was very blessed to be a part of. We were in Prague in 2005 on the set of "Doom" when I got a phone call from my mom. She asked if I remembered a particular girl from my past, and I said,"Yes, but why?" My Mom said, "Because the girl claims to have your child." I said, "I haven't seen that girl in 11 years." Mom said, "He's 11 years old." I then flew home to take a DNA test. As fate would have it, it was truly my son. After discovering the truth, my son became a wonderful part of my life, and I love him more than I could ever tell you. Ironically, that was the last time I ever worked for Rock. We still keep in touch and will always be really good friends.

    People still seem to always ask me if I could autographs from Matt and Jeff for their kids. I don't mind asking for that, but at the same time it still bothers and hurts me. It seems just like yesterday that we were all together, wrestling in OMEGA, and now they're WWE Superstars. It's kind of like I'm The Forgotten Beetle. You know, the member of the Beetles who got lost on the way to the big show, right before their US debut. Suddenly, the band was recreated, with one less member. Please don't think that I'm bitter, because I'm not-I'm more driven than ever. I just want to say how proud I am of all my friends who have gone on to have successful careers in professional wrestling. I still occasionally work for the WWE, with my most recent appearance being April 25th, 2008, on Smackdown against Vladimir Kozlov. Now more than ever, I want my name on the full-time WWE roster. That's where YOU come in. If you believe in my cause, help me flood the websites of WWE and TNA requesting that Cham Pain be added to their roster. If you attend any WWE or TNA shows, please show your support by making signs and chanting loudly, "HIRE CHAM PAIN". I refuse to be denied of my dream. It's time to get the band back together. Thanks for taking the time to read my story, and I hope you'll help me make my a dream a reality.

    Marty "Cham Pain" Garner
    And we're rolling... (10.29.2007)


    411's back with another huge podcast broadcast! Larry and the Wife serve up instant analysis to WWE's Cyber Sunday PPV! Check out the latest podcast of Larry and the Wife below!

    TO STREAM: Simply press the play button on the podcast player.

    TO DOWNLOAD: Right click on the DOWNLOAD HERE link below and then save the mp3 file to your computer.


    And we're rolling... (10.21.2007)


    Oh yes, you thought there wouldn’t be a show this week but you are wrong! Christi may have the week off and be stuck in Star Wars Lego glory, but that did not stop Mike Campbell from joining me for this 70+ minute show! Early in the show we’ll get to know Mike a little better, a true veteran of 411 who is closing in on 5-years of service. From there we’ll discuss the ECW situation and the merger with Smackdown. After that is discussion of TNA, and if you don’t like spoilers you’ll want to skip that part. We discuss the Bound for Glory show, Sting as Champion and ways to improve the promotion. We then wrap up the show with a rundown of this weekend’s Cyber Sunday PPV, what we think the fans will vote for, who we would vote for and we also select winners. 70+ minutes just for you!


    If that doesn't work, copy and paste the following link into your browser and you'll be fine: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zv3bgg
    And we're rolling... (10.15.2007)


    I am using 5 or so emails in the PPV R’s this week, and some others in the regular R’s, but wanted to share a few more here as there has been a lot of feedback that should be shared.

    From Bernard -
    Bound For Glory

    Ultimate X – LAX vs XXX – 8 out 10

    Fight For The Right – 7 out of 10

    Styles & Tomko vs Truth & Consequences – 7 out of 10

    Daniels vs Machismo – 8.5 out of 10

    Steiners vs 3D – 6 out of 10

    Knockouts Gauntlet – 8.5 out of 10

    Cage vs Joe – 10 out of 10

    Monster’s Ball – Trash of the night

    Sting vs Kurt Angle – 9 out of 10

    Total Show – 8.5 out of 10

    I don’t usually write in, but this was TNA’s best PPV this year, and possibly the best PPV all year. The card was awesome start to finish. I enjoyed every matched except the one I didn’t watch which was Monster’s Ball. Steiner vs 3D was a bit predictable, but I was pleasantly surprised that all the faces went over. Happy to see Pacman replaced with a fresh face. Joe is simply the best. Kong is my new hero. Sting vs Angle was not overbooked. Nash has been a big part of this angle from the beginning, and I liked how they had Nash shoot about being a washed up wrestler hanging on for as long as he can. Nash to Angle is Flair to HHH, but at least Nash could admit he’s washed up. His interference was needed in the story line, and it help sell Sting as being the ICON beating Angle and Nash. I can do without Karen Angle, but this match was handled properly and built well. sometimes you have to look at the whole picture. Thumbs up TNA for an excellent week of programming with Impact and BFG.

    From Matt -
    As you can probably tell from the title of this, I just got back from TNA's Bound for Glory PPV and the Gwinnett Civic Center and I just wanted to send you a little feedback on the show from someone who was there live. Before that, though, I should say something that I think is pretty important: this is the first live wrestling show I had been to since ECW's Wrestlepalooza '99 at the Cobb County Civic Center. I didn't go to the Backlash that was here last April (although I wish I had since it actually turned out to be really good). I could have gone to December to Dismember, but decided not to at the last minute (thank God for that). So needless to say, I had pretty high expectations for BFG, not only because it was my first live wrestling show in 8 years, but also because it was my first ever live TNA show. And they totally delivered. It was a really awesome show, and since the arena is a fairly small venue, there wasn't a bad seat in the house. My friends and I had the cheapest seats you could buy, but an official at the arena actually let us trade up for better seats, at no extra cost. The place was no where near sold out, but I'd estimate there was somewhere around 3000-3500 people, and the energy level was really high throughout the whole show, with a few exceptions.

    The pre-PPV matches were:
    1) The Motor City Machineguns of Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin vs. Joey Ryan and Johnny Swinger. Sabin and Shelley of course had some new wacky matching gear, but I was surprised to see that Joey and Swinger were also coordinated with some pretty slick looking white matching "indy pants" (the super-baggy pants that seemed to be all the rage in circa-2003 ROH). On the way to the arena a friend of mine actually joked that "we better hurry and get there so we don't miss Sabin and Shelley in the dark match," only to see that they were in fact in the opener, but thankfully they also showed up later in the big cluster reverse battle royal thing. Overall a very fun little match, with MCMG hitting all their crazy tandem moves and Ryan/Swinger showing off some nice tag work as well. MCMG got the win after a super kick/enzugiri combo. Also of note is how crazy-over Shelley and Sabin were; when they got the pinfall, about 80% of the crowd was doing their Detroit hand sign thing and going apeshit.
    2) Ms. Brooks had a quick filler match with one of the DJs from the local radio station 96.1. He said a few things on the mic, but no one was really paying attention, or at least I wasn't. Brooks got the win after a knee to the junk and a roll-up, and then Borash announced that Brooks would also be participating in the Knockouts Gauntlet match. JB then hyped the crowd up until the opening of the show proper.

    LAX vs. XXX was really fun. Some really crazy spots, with Hernandez being especially impressive (his INSANE shoulder tackle and Border Toss out of the ring were glorious). Skipper was also really awesome just for the sheer amount of abuse he took. After the match, they showed an Angle segment on the big dual screens as they took down the Ultimate X trusses. They then showed a segment with Christian & Friends and the audio cut out for a few seconds to a huge chorus of boos (way to go, TNA production crew!).

    The Fight for Your Right clusterfuck was next. Thankfully, they kept the ridiculous "reverse-battle royal" thing to a minimum, and got down to the final 8 in the match (Hoyt, Roode, Young, Shelley, Sabin, Storm, Fatu, Kaz) pretty quickly. Some fun stuff once they actually got to the match proper, with a few highlights: Hoyt hitting a brutal chokeslam on Kaz, the HUGE pop when Fatu got eliminated (some brilliant team work there from all the original TNA guys there), more awesome tandem moves from the MCMG, and the surprise victory from Young was pretty sweet (I was personally rooting for Kaz, but oh well). I was especially grateful that Billy Gunn and his super homo-erotic ring gear made an appearance long enough to be laughed at, but not long enough to do anything important.

    A Tomko/Styles and Team Pacman promo was next. Some pretty big heat when Tomko yanked the mic from Styles, but you couldn't even hear Jones since people were booing so loudly. The match was next. Overall, some fun stuff there too: Hebner going for the cash, A.J.'s crazy shooting star press, the confused looks on everyone's, and I mean EVERYONE'S, faces when the Apollo Creed-looking guy came out (there was barely any mention of the guy at all), and I totally marked out for Tomko and Styles hitting Tomko/A-Train's New Japan tag team finisher, the Magic Killer, for the win. It was a little disappointing that they IMMEDIATELY had a video run after the match, which kinda spoiled Tomko and Styles' celebration.

    Nash/Angle promo. I honestly wasn't paying that much attention. Lethal vs. Daniels was next. Another solid match, although it dragged a little mid-way through. Nice pop for the Lethal Combo off the top.

    Video package for 3D vs. Steiners. This was what you might call the "trash of the night," mainly because we couldn't see dick during all the crowd brawling. The in-ring stuff was decent, and the Steiners winning was pretty cool (I've never been a big fan of the Dudleys/3D, and I've slowly been becoming a fan of the Steiners ever since their turn). Shelley and Sabin actually had the biggest pop of this whole match, and they were only involved for about 30 seconds. Also, I don't know if you caught it on TV, but Shelley came about *this* close to busting his ass after slipping in the spilled beer as he and Sabin ran down to the ring.

    Knockouts Gauntlet was next. Way, WAY better than I expected (although I expected total shit). ODB actually impressed me the most. She's supposedly working for OVW, but isn't signed to a WWE developmental deal, which I didn't think was possible. If TNA hasn't signed her, they need to, because she really had "it". Decent moves, great character, and an overall very impressive showing. Whenever Kong gets done being the token Knockout Division monster, ODB could very easily fill that role. There was another odd production error when Williams came out to Hemme's entrance video. Amazing (Awesome) Kong was also pretty damn impressive (and I had a little mark-out moment when she was billed as being from Tokyo). Hemme took a really stiff powerbomb from Kong and was then led to the back after she rolled out of the ring. Hopefully it was nothing serious. Kim got a pretty big pop after hitting the Air Raid Crash for the win.

    Cage vs. Joe was definitely the match of the night. The Tiare (sp?) fire dancers made a quick appearance, which was awesome. Just a solid match from beginning to end, and Joe getting to be the first guy to beat Cage (he had been technically undefeated up until this point) after some of his recent disappointing losses was GLORIOUS. Also, Matt Morgan is a fucking giant. Seriously, he looked barely human. Joe is not a small man by any means, but he looked pretty small next to that freak of nature.

    Monster's Ball was good for what it was. Like the 3D/Steiners, the crowd brawling killed it for me cause we didn't see much of it. Remember how I said that the energy level was high throughout the show with a few exceptions? The cheesy smoke effects when Rhino went off the stage was one of those moments. There was a huge reaction when he went off the stage, but you could feel the crowd die when the retarded magical fire extinguishers went off, and the rest of the match seemed to suffer for it. I gotta give Raven credit, though; he looked to be in great shape (for Raven anyway) and he was really "on". The Black Hole Slam on the tacks got a great pop, and James Mitchell's reaction to Abyss getting the win was priceless.

    Angle vs. Sting was pretty much what I expected. Good, maybe even great, but not amazing. My head nearly exploded when Angle (kinda sorta) hit a FUCKING 450 SPLASH. The run-ins were totally unnecessary, but it wasn't a huge detriment to the match or anything. Crowd went BANANA when Sting pinned Angle, and it was a great high-note to end the show on.

    Overall, this was a really entertaining live event. There really wasn't a dull moment. I'd personally give Bound For Glory a 8.75/10. Not perfect, but a hell of a lot of fun, and I'll definitely be picking up the DVD when it comes out.

    Biggest pops
    1. Sting (by a pretty wide margin, especially after he pinned Angle)
    2. Joe/A.J./MCMG (seriously)
    3. Gail Kim

    Biggest heat
    1. Angle
    2. Pac-Man
    3. Christian Cage

    Also, a few of my friends attended the TNA fanfest on Saturday. The general consensus is that Raven, Chris Harris and Brother Ray were huge pricks, Devon, Shelley, Sabin, Daniels and Low-ki were cool (with Ki being surprisingly the most talkative of the bunch), and Nash, Hernandez, James Mitchell and Joe were extra-cool (my friends and I are all big wrestling videogame nerds, and one of them ended up having a 15-minute conversation with Joe about the upcoming TNA game, because apparently Joe is also a wrestling game uber-nerd). When my friends arrived, Joe and Christian were doing an on-stage video presentation of the TNA Impact game. After Joe's character pinned Christian with a hiptoss, Joe yelled "I Just beat you with a freakin' hiptoss!" to which Cage exclaimed "you beat me with a SUCCESSION of hiptosses! This is crap!", threw down the mic and stormed off. About 2 seconds later he came back and said "this is crap, I can do like 4 moves and you only showed one of them!" They then basically ripped on each other for about 10 minutes and kept the crowd laughing the whole time. Classic stuff.

    Also, there was no explanation for it, but Rhino and Rick Steiner apparently no-showed the fanfest. My friend said "yeah, Rhino's probably busy smashing a flower pot in a hotel lobby somewhere" and that got a little chuckle out of some of the wrestlers.

    Finally from Alex -
    I just got home from Bound For Glory, here are some notes from the show. I was the tall guy across from the entrance ramp, about 5 rows back in the blue Atlanta Braves hat.

    Pre Show:
    JB came out, annouced many TNA wrestlers were from ATL. He mentioned Scott Steiner's family was in the crowd. Also So Cal Val was going around the crowd with the TNA Championship belt, taking pictures with people. Rick Steiner and Karen Angle had a photo booth before the show, I took a picture with them. Also took a pictue with Dixie Carter, she was in the crowd before the show. She's pretty hot in person.

    Dark Matches:

    Joey Matthews and Johnny Swinger v. Motor City Machine Guns
    Good match, they had about 12 minutes to work. Lots of "break his nose" chants directed toward Matthews. MCMG won with double superkicks to Matthews.

    Ms. Brooks v. Some douchebag from the local radio station.
    Ms. Brooks won with a rollup. Match lasted anywhere from 7-10 seconds, I wasn't counting.

    During the show:
    Most of the crowd had no idea who the guy was that wrestled with Ron Killings. We couldn't hear the annoucer say his name, all we heard was a Rocky reference. Crowd was very hot for AJ, since many of us had seen him wrestle in Wildside just a few years ago.

    Not sure if this happened on the broadcast, but in the arena they played Christy Hemme's music with Angel Williams came out (I think it was her). Couldn't see what happened to Christy, but she was able to walk to the back under her own power.

    The lady next to me said she saw Scott Hall in the arena. We were expecting some kind of a run-in during the main event while Nash was in the ring, but it never happened. I guess he was just backstage visiting friends.

    After the show:
    Sting stayed in the ring to celebrate for a few minutes, then went to the back. JB got in the crowd to tape a TNA Today show. Nothing else happened after the show.

    Top 5 Pops:
    1. Sting
    2. AJ Styles
    3. Steiner Brothers
    4. Raven (as he walked to the back)
    5. Samoa Joe

    Top 5 Heat:
    1. Team Pacman
    2. Guy that came out with Team Pacman
    3. Team 3D
    4. Christian
    5. Kurt Angle

    I was a little worried that that the middle of the show would be a letdown after starting with the Ultimate X match, but they delivered. The crowd was pretty hot all night long. I'd say match of the night would have been Joe/Christian. Glad to see the Steiners win, since they were the sentimental favorites. Also Raven really busted his ass, he barely walked out after the match. Crowd went apeshit for the dive off of the entrance tunnel. Overall I got my money's worth, and then some

    And we're rolling... (10.15.2007)


    We are back for another podcast adventure! This time it was the TNA Bound for Glory show, their biggest show of the year. We’ll discuss the new tag team champions, the first ever Women’s Champion, the new TNA World Champion and some damn fine matches, including Joe vs. Cage. We’ll also touch on the usually stupidity with run ins and why TNA gives Kevin Nash so many chances. Also the fact that we saw more of Kong than anyone ever anticipated! From their we’ll move onto DEAR CHIRSTI as well as stories of myself scoring the phone numbers of bridesmaids at a wedding this weekend! An hour of fun just for you!


    If that doesn't work, copy and paste the following link into your browser and you'll be fine: http://www.sendspace.com/file/cfg3eo
    And we're rolling... (10.08.2007)


    We are back for another podcast adventure! This time we break down the WWE No Mercy PPV, which provided three WWE Title Matches and well, three WWE Champions. We saw some of the same from WWE, as in DQ’s in title matches and non-finishes on PPV along with TV skits; but also saw some thinking outside the box when it came to the WWE title situation. The main event delivered and Jim Ross showed everyone why no one is better than calling the big match than he is! We then move onto Dear Christi, in which the wife sets the record straight to get the heat off of me and close out with discussion of THE GAMEPLAN~! An hour of fun just for you!

    Download Here~!

    If that doesn't work, copy and paste the following link into your browser and you'll be fine: http://www.sendspace.com/file/mbwtrl
    And we're rolling... (09.29.2007)


    We are BACK once again, and this time we are here to break down the Ring of Honor DRIVEN PPV! Christi and I are joined by the “Column of Honor’s” ARI (~!) for a huge discussion of an EXCELLENT top to bottom show. We will discuss great matches, clean finishes, and NO BULLSHIT! We touch on the two out of the ring segments, that for the second straight PPV were great and answer the question, “Is Nigel vs. Danielson a MOTY Contender?” 80-Minutes of ROH Discussion!


    If that doesn't work, copy and paste the following link into your browser and you'll be fine: http://www.sendspace.com/file/bwz51o
    And we're rolling... (09.24.2007)

    SHIMMER VOLUME 9 Podcast~!

    Christi and I are back once again for another podcast adventure! We return this week to look at the SHIMMER VOL. 9 DVD! A great DVD with good wrestling, including the double main event featuring the awesome AMAZING KONG battling MsChif, while elsewhere Cheerleader Melissa battles Sara Del Ray! From there we move onto Dear Christi, with wedding advice and Survivor talk, including thoughts on WWE's Ashley. Finally, we discuss the greatness of Irish Cuisine! 50-Minutes of fun just for you!


    If that doesn't work, copy and paste the following link into your browser and you'll be fine: http://www.sendspace.com/file/tq6lc3
    And we're rolling... (09.17.2007)

    We are back for another podcast adventure! Christi tries to take over the show as we look at the WWE Unforgiven PPV, another bad PPV from WWE with average matches, a dead crowd, another DQ Title match finish and Batista and Khali having the best match of the night. You read that right. We move onto Dear Christi and discuss going to live wrestling shows, women’s wrestling, women’s MMA and much more! We also muse on the glory of the XBOX 360 and Star Wars LEGO~! An hour of fun just for you!


    If that doesn't work, copy and paste the following link into your browser and you'll be fine: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7l1p5l
    And we're rolling... (09.11.2007)


    After a bit of a delay we are back to discuss the TNA No Surrender PPV, a hell of a little show with good wrestling, new champions; but still some of the bad of TNA. We then move onto one of our most popular segments, DEAR CHRISTI, where Christi muses more on Women’s Wrestling. We’ll also talk with Christi about her first full MMA experience, and finally, what you have all been waiting for, an update on THE SHIRT~!


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    And we're rolling... (08.27.2007)

    WWE SUMMERSLAM Podcast~!

    We are back for the latest Tremendous Tirades Podcast Adventure! We run down WWE Summerslam, a bad show riddled with mediocrity, delivering nothing interesting and burying (BERRIED~!) talent along the way. From there we move onto DEAR CHRISTI, JD Dunn’s special proposal to my wife, Christi’s Favorite Female Wrestlers, Shoot Interviews and who exactly listens to our show. About an hour of fun just for you!


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    WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event Podcast~!

    We are back for the latest Tremendous Tirades Podcast Adventure! We run down Saturday Night’s Main Event, discuss the problems the show had, the following of the TNA Impact formula; which is a bad thing, and a discussion of why Saturday Night’s Main Event just doesn’t work in 2007. From there we move onto DEAR CHRISTI, where we discuss PACMAN, a TNA Women’s division and the status of “THE SHIRT~!” Finally we look forward to Summerslam; have some TV discussion (BIG BROTHER~!) as well as some advice to the guys trying to boycott TNA. One hour of fun just for you!


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    TNA Hard Justice Podcast~!

    It is time for another post PPV podcast adventure, with the wife and myself. This week it is the TNA Hard Justice PPV; a horrible PPV with dumb decisions, dumb angles, poorly booked returns, asinine debuts and a special mix of Russo-Riffic-Ness~! I’ll also rant on some emails issues and lay down a special offer to you if you really hate me. We’ll move onto the DEAR CHRISTI segment for some question fun and after that, the shit hits the fan in regards to young Sonjay Dutt and the lack of my wife’s T-Shirt. An hour of fun just for you!


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    WWE RAW Review and TNA Hard Justice Preview Podcast~!~!

    We’re back for another fun PODCAST-a-go-go adventure! Tonight we do a brief run down of Raw, discuss Vince dominating the show, some fun segments and where it leads for next week. Then we move onto our most popular segment, DEAR CHRISTI! After that, we then preview this Sunday’s TNA Hard Justice PPV, what looks good, and then discussion of TNA’s stupidity and their newfound hatred of me. Finally, Christi sends a special message to a TNA wrestler that has broken her heart. 58-Minutes of fun, go and check it out!


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    I would like to offer my apologies to you all for no Great American Bash Coverage. There were some bad storms and such and I lost cable and net for most of the night. There is no plan for a GAB 4R’s or Podcast right now, but we will return next weekend with a new podcast on some various things.

    Until then, enjoy the ROH – Respect is Earned Podcast, with special guest ARI~!

    To download, use this like: http://www.sendspace.com/file/v4trxr
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    We are back for yet another podcast and tonight we go where we haven’t gone before! That’s right, this time around we are joined by the Column of Honor’s ARI (~!) as we discuss the Ring of Honor – Respect is Earned PPV! We will discuss the great in ring action, who impressed, who didn’t, what worked and what didn’t (which isn’t much as it was a great show!) This was to be a part of the Great American Bash podcast, but we went on for 1-hour and 15-minutes so ROH gets it’s very own show! Download and enjoy kids, and remember, always drop us a line and let us know what you thought!


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    We’re back with the latest discussion of the TNA Victory Road PPV. We’ll discuss a really fun PPV, some dumb stuff, the future of the show, new equipment, DEAR CHRISTI, the next show and much, much more! 60-minutes of fun~!


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    I am happy to announce that the “Tremendous Tirades” Podcast, with Larry Csonka and the Wife will be an official part of 411 very soon. I have talked to Ashish and we plan to host the show ON the site, no more send space, and Ashish is working on having these shows streaming on 411 as well.

    The shows will be WEEKLY shows at the very least. Christi and I are going to format the show, so that we have the same rough deal every week.

    We will still do the POST PPV Podcasts that everyone has come to love.

    We shall also start having more guests from the 411 staff on in the future.

    We also plan to work to get some exclusive interviews on the show for the site.


    -We need you to keep supporting the project!
    -We need ASK CHRISTI questions!
    -We need GUEST ideas, both wrestling (within reason) and from 411!

    More details to come!
    And we're rolling... (06.27.2007)

    Here are some of the reader feedbacks, good and bad, on the Benoit family tragedy. I have a few hundred…

    I've been reading 411 for some time and obviously have been shocked by the
    latest news, Having read your column I felt you should know that i think you
    are doing the right thing. What has happened is a tradgedy, no doubt about
    it, but at the time that you wrote an article about Chris Benoit the
    wrestler you had no idea that he was also Chris Benoit the murderer.

    On monday night i watched the raw tribute, i was verry verry sad and then
    awoke the next day to discover that i had been mourning a murderer. There is
    no excuse for the terrible tradgedy, though many media outlets are seeking
    one, but as a reporter you wrote about the events with the information you
    had and you have let those reports stand. I respect and admire that and felt
    it woud be terrible if after trying to honestly report on a tradgedy you
    only recieved hate mail and complaints.

    Thank you for your honesty and dedication.


    I have read your columns for a long time now, I just recently realized that
    you are the person that wrote all the recaps when TNA was on a weekly PPV
    basis; remember? The best Damn TNA recap on the net.
    On Monday I just finished working and, as I usually do at the end of the
    day, entered the WWE website, that is when I read the news, Chris Benoit
    dead. I did not believe it, Benoit was always a great worker and while it
    never was a great favorite of mine he was one of the best, if not the best.
    I almost started crying when I read the note also at 411, his wife and son
    also dead; right now my family is far from home (they are in Denver and I am
    in Guadalajara Mexico) and I really miss them, I can not imagine what it
    would be like to lose them all. I had an uneasy sleep thinking about this,
    trying to guess if it had been a robbery, a personal vendetta against Chris,
    even if Kevin Sullivan had something to do with it out of rage for the past.
    This morning I had almost accepted this as a tragedy and when I went to the
    usual sites (WWE and 411) and read about the latest developments, a
    homicide-suicide had been ruled. I am certain this is even worse, what was a
    night of morning had turned into an evening of rejection, everybody wanted
    to be separated from Benoit because he is a murderer, a terrible one, taking
    his wife and son. I haven't written anything you don't know, certainly you
    know a lot more than I do, but the last lines in your Take on article moved
    to write this text. I understand that companies do not want to be linked to
    this tragedy, I even understand that they are quickly erasing all previous
    links to him, both WWE and TNA do not want anything related to Benoit; I
    also understand the rage and lack of respect of most fans when discovering
    the truth; I understand that a lot of theories are taking place in all this
    crazy torrent of emotions, feelings and uncertainty; Hell, I even understand
    that McMahon himself is rumored to show tonight at ECW to make a statement
    about last night's tribute show. What I don't understand is that Benoit has
    now become the worst person in the planet, or out of it; yesterday he was a
    victim of the business, most likely underestimated by WWE who prevented him
    of reaching his rightful glory in wrestling and today he is a person that
    does not deserve even our sympathies or grief. Come on, people make mistakes
    and I bet you, me and everyone else have made a fair share of our own; let
    me explain, as you said, I do not understand or glorify murder, least of all
    of a child having two of them myself, I do not intend to say Chris Benoit
    was a victim, I believe the real free will and freedom is to decide what
    your actions will be and accepting the consequences of them, as long as you
    do not harm others; and Chris Benoit decided, even though he was aware of it
    or not, to do what he did; if it is confirmed (it has not been at this time)
    he is as guilty as the next guy in line, but this last action, no matter how
    grave, is enough to cast a shadow over his entire life? If a scenario comes
    out where he flew back home, found his wife and son murdered by a burglar
    and out of grief stayed with them and later killed himself, are our opinions
    going to prevail? Or, most likely, will we change our mind again and
    sustain how great he was? Please, don't get me wrong, if he killed his
    family he deserves the worst possible punishment, but we should not forget
    the rest of his life and celebrate the good moments he gave us, we should
    separate his wrestling career and this last few days, that is why I don't
    see any reason for you to take off your column, this is a column for the
    wrestler, not the person, sadly, it appears those were very different
    persons. I insist, if he killed his little boy, he deserves to go straight
    to Hell or whatever place is the worst for your believes and stay there
    forever, that is what he deserves for his last actions; oddly, I believe he
    got his punishment on those last few hours, knowing what he had just did and
    trying to accept the consequences of his free will, obviously, he did not
    achieve success, going through the worst possible regret I can even start to

    Raul Reyes

    I will try to make this as brief as I can. I am sure you are getting a lot of mail right now.
    I had never heard of you or this website until I listened to the Sports Radio program this afternoon (sorry, I cannot remember the name, but Ken Stabler was on as well). I just read your tribute to Chris Benoit and the addendum. As a wrestling fan for over 20 years, anytime a “hero of the ring” passes, it hurts. This one hurts more because of Nancy and little Daniel. That shouldn’t have happened. None of it should have, but no matter what late-breaking-new-developments arise, the fact is none of it can be undone. Nothing will change that fact. There are no “what if’s”. A family is gone. There are a lot of us out there who want to know why, including yourself, I am sure. No suicide note was found. It wouldn’t change things as far as the lives that were taken. But could it put into perspective what was going on in his mind? Possibly.
    I have read on the internet and heard on the TV about how insensitive the “Mr. McMahon” angle has been as of late. Sure, it’s in bad taste, but so was the “Katie Vick” storyline. But people kept watching didn’t they? Actually, whenever that segment would come on, I would turn the channel until it was over.
    But, however appalling the storyline with Mr. McMahon is (or was), it is just that – a storyline. It happens on daytime soap operas any given week, in the movies, on The Sopranos, it’s all over the place! So, why do people want to hone in on wrestling? I do admit that some of the storylines are a total waste and make no sense to the viewer and maybe even the wrestlers themselves are scratching their heads about them. But look at these guys. You even mentioned that on the radio today. Look at how massive these men are! Even Vince is pretty jacked up for his age. The wellness program that was put in force after Eddie died is just like you said. Some wrestlers work around it. Look at Chris Masters. When he was suspended, he lost so much weight and look at him now. Batista – sure I’d love to believe that’s natural muscle, HHH as well and let me add John Cena and Lashley to the list. I am not knowledgeable in the area of wrestling, not one bit. I’m just a long time fan. Listening to you this afternoon was very eye-opening for me. That is why I visited your web site; that is why I am writing you today. Many of the wrestling websites and “writers” out there bash the profession just like the critics. They are not true fans, and to be a writer you have to be a fan (sorry Dave S.). But when you brought up the subject of steroid abuse, I thought of other wrestlers who, over the years, have had personal troubles themselves. Stone Cold comes to mind with his rage against the women in his life. Brian Pillman is another. I thought the “loose cannon” act was just that – an act. Randy Orton’s behavior lately. Kurt Angle’s depression. I had the opportunity to meet Kurt a couple of years ago when he was WWE champion and he was very nice, very humble. Not a sign of depression. But who knows what is going on in the personal lives of these superstars, or in the lives of anyone for that matter.
    This is a tough one to handle, no doubt about it and will weigh heavy on our hearts for a long time to come. I just hope other wrestlers (and athletes in general) will wake up and get the help they need and not mask their troubles with drug/alcohol and physical abuse. In the words of the late great Owen Hart, “enough is enough”. And a note to promoters: Take care of your wrestlers; know the signs of trouble; implement stricter guidelines on your wellness plans; and make these guys take responsibility for their actions instead of sweeping them under the rug (i.e. Randy Orton). Quit putting the hidden pressures on them to be the biggest and strongest and stop using them. The smaller guys (Rey, Kendrick, etc) don’t stand a chance next to these mega muscle men and that puts them in a sad position to up their game no matter what the price.
    In closing, I want to tell you that my son is an avid wrestling fan and has been hit pretty hard by this tragedy as well. He loved Benoit and is still in shock, hoping it’s all a bad mistake and something else must have happened. Don’t we all? He wants to get into the wrestling business so desperately and his “hero” is Edge. He will have an MRI on his knee next week, with the possibility of surgery to follow. He’s only sixteen.
    Thank you for your time and I will definitely visit your columns and I look forward to your reviews.

    Kelly White
    Jemison, Alabama

    You and I have had it out before, as I called you anti-WWE and a TNA fanboy (still waiting for you to give a WWE wrestler a 1st place vote in the wrestler's of the week). But that is all very trivial now, and I respect your writing as well as your opinions (I even agree with you on MMA most of the time). With that said, did you really insinuate that the WWE pushed Benoit to this in an attempt to make excuses for that monster? I know you wrote most of your article before the details of what actually happened came out, but I would hope that you'll consider removing the final two paragraphs from your article. I know I am judging, and hopefully if I am judged someday it will be against a man who strangled his little boy to death. It is time for 411mania to distance itself from Chris Benoit, as the man we cheered for had us all duped and turned out to be satan himself. And if you don't believe that than I have an OJ Simpson jersey for sale that you might like.

    I read your site everyday. I was one of Benoits biggest fans. I too
    watched the press conference. I almost vomitted when I heard that Nancy
    Benoit was bound. We always heard he was a family man. We always heard he
    was one of the good guys in the locker room.


    We praised him for paying tribute to Owen the night after his death. What a
    class act we all said. We all felt anger how he was treated by WCW. We
    all cheered him for standing up for his principles when he left. We felt
    noticed when he and Eddie won gold. We all cried for him when he lost his
    best friend.


    Now what? How can we as wrestling fans ever get behind another wrestler. He
    was our champion, he was the "chosen one" of all us "smart fans". I do not
    feel very smart right now. I feel "swerved", lied to, cheated, and angry.
    How can a Father kill his Wife, his Son, and then place a bible beside them
    both. This is madness...that poor child. The truth is we cant. We will
    never support a wrestler like we did Benoit. It was bad when Austin beat
    his wife, this is much worse. The day Vince screwed Bret Kayfabe died.
    Today wrestling died.

    I championed a man who killed a child, who killed his son, who killed his
    wife and killed himself. I am no longer his fan, he is no longer my
    champion, and I doubt I will ever watch wrestling again. After this Vince
    and TNA should just close the tent. How can we continue to support this
    industry? People are dying, the lifestyle is a root cause of this, and it
    is going to get worse before it gets better. The only way to save it is to
    stop it.

    You do an excellent job a 411. So I ask you Larry, as fans, Where do we go
    from here?

    Thanks for the vent

    Chris Smyth

    Judge not, lest Ye be judged. And let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Dude, you posted you "tribute" to Benoit way to soon. Was is for hits on your site!??!! Or are you just a negative, no truth seeking, first to write a story punk? Your little blog at the end was sweet, I can use it to help my grass grow this fall, but where do u get off?? The fact of the matter is Benoit KILLED his family. Write a tribute about his wife, his son, you selfless loser. You lost a fan here, along with many others who will never read u again; not like your crap was worth anyway u Dave wannaB. Use tack the next time a story breaks, and wait for the facts to come in be4 u try and make a name 4 urself. Stand in line for the useless, wannaB, no-name, never-was, doche bag of the year award. Heck they might even name it after you. You R A WIMP.

    I wanted to write to you cause you are the only guy I read regularly and I like your style. Personally this is one of, if not the worst day in wrestling history. Owen and Eddie were both unbelievably tragic, but this is worse to me. Benoit was my favorite, and has been for about 10 years now. Owen was a horrible accident, and Eddie basically died of natural causes. But I just heard on the AP news that he strangled Nancy, smothered Daniel then hung himself. Last night I wasn't going to watch Raw, I have been upset about the Vince storyline. I skipped ECW and Smackdown last week, then last night I finished watching Keith Olberman an MSNBC and at the top of the hour there was a bearking news story, Chris Benoit and family found dead. I just started crying and I flipped over to USA and there was Vince. I felt like I had been punched in the gut. I went online and looked to see what was going on. My favorite wrestler, dead at 40. What the hell happened. I hoped for the best but from what I saw it seemed like the worse. Now, I just feel kinda numb to it all. No more tears will be shed, my wrestling hero has turned into a murderer. I don't even know what to say, its just sad. This will be a black mark on this industry for a while. So many questions. Sorry for the rambling, I think thats all. Thanks.

    Dan Creasy

    Just wanted to chime in on the latest news post you added about the WWE removing anything related to Benoit from their WWE.com website.

    The only thing that can come to mind, is this - what a crock of shit.

    Regardless of whether Benoit becomes verified as the murderer of his wife and child (which I simply can't believe, maybe it's still the shock, but I just can't believe it) or not, should the WWE eliminate him from their promotion as if he never existed? No. I don't think so. The guy gave so much to the sport, to the WWE and its video library, that it is absolutely ridiculous to do that.

    Come on, they'll tell the horrid tale of the AWA, shit on their owner in a DVD, smear the legacy of ECW in another DVD, trample over the top of the Ultimate Warrior in another, tell the screwed up story of Jake Roberts, have live televised stories about necrophilia and the like - yet when one of their own (and most beloved, internally and externally) current wrestlers ends up dead and the police suspect he did it - they turn on him?

    Fuck you, WWE. You are completely heartless.

    Chris Benoit is a murderer. Chris Benoit is a coward.
    The excuses and the reasons are meaningless.
    Benoit's career, his achievements and championships,
    his legacy in the business are meaningless from this
    point forward.

    Wrestling is entertainment. It is a form of
    entertainment that has had my attention for the better
    part of 27 years. What Chris Benoit did to entertain
    me during that time frame means absolutely nothing at
    this point. I don't care how many titles he won. I
    don't care how athletic he was. I don't care about
    how many of his former co-workers cannot believe the
    news. What I do care about it that this man is a
    murderer. Let me rephrase. The man is a cold blooded
    murderer who planned the murder of his son. This
    tragedy was not a "heat of moment" crime. The man
    killed his wife on Saturday, his SEVEN YEAR-OLD son on
    Sunday, and then did what cowards do, and took his own
    life on Monday. Good, though he deserved worse.

    It's funny to me that during Raw last night, a lot of
    the testimonials given related to the respect that
    Benoit gave, deserved, and expected from others. What
    a joke. The man is a hypocrite. How can anyone truly
    believe he respected anything at all after these

    Career retrospectives are completely out of place at
    this point. If the WWE knew the circumstances
    surrounding this tragedy last night and still went
    along with that joke of a show, than shame on them. A
    murderer should not be respected, he should not be
    honored, he should not be remembered...he should burn.
    He killed a SEVEN YEAR OLD.

    I do not care about the back story. I do not care
    about concussions, depression, Eddie's death, the
    Vince angle...none of it matters. The back story does
    not matter. What matter's is that two people that
    should be alive are not, I cannot say the same about

    It disgusts me that nothing has been posted blasting
    this man and his actions. Following the death of
    Sherri Martel, there were several articles attacking
    the WWE for continuing on with the McMahon death
    angle. People were disgusted. Where are those people
    now? Would all of you have posted a career
    retrospective on OJ Simpson following that double
    murder? How about an article talking about the upside
    to Pac-Man Jones? We should not care about anything
    other than the fact that this man methodically
    murdered a family. Regardless of what caused the
    initial murder of Nancy (if it was a possible "heat of
    the moment" crime), Benoit had 24 hours to think about
    the situation before KILLING his son. That is a
    planned murder. That is first degree murder. Do not
    tell me he did not know what he was doing. Benoit
    held it together enough to make up excuses for missing
    his bookings. He knew how to send text messages to
    friends. What a disgrace.

    How dare you speculate, make excuses, for this
    tragedy. I was a Benoit fan from his ECW days. But
    I'm also a fan of numerous sports stars, movie stars,
    TV stars. And if anyone else in the entertainment
    industry did this; if Bruce Willis did something like
    this, I wouldn't care about a retrospective on the Die
    Hard series.

    The minute Benoit took the lives of his wife, and more
    importantly, the minute he MURDERED a child, his
    accomplishments and more importantly his life, became

    Benoit was a man who worked as a wrestler. In life he
    was no different from any of us. He went to work and
    did his job. Do not honor him because he could do
    flying head butt. Do not remember him because he was
    good at his job. Remember him for what he is, a
    murderer, a coward, a joke.

    Try putting into perspective the life that his son
    will never get to live. Every time a review of
    Benoit's career is posted, every time an excuse is
    made, every time a tear is shed for that coward, you
    are disrespecting Nancy and Daniel.

    I read the addendum to your Benoit career retrospective where you mentioned getting some hate mail.

    Take heart in the knowledge that this is an impossible situation to handle. Had the murder-suicide information been part of the initial reports, then everyone could have acted accordingly, but it wasn't (though it smacked of murder-suicide from the outset). Benoit was, arguably, the most highly esteemed wrestler in the business and it's a business where people get to know each other intimately. His dedication to his profession, his commitment to always putting on a great match for the fans, it made him an icon.

    And when someone with such a sterling professional reputation is found dead and there's no details as to how the death occurred, it's natural to look back on what we do know about Benoit, namely his career in the wrestling business.

    I don't blame the WWE for putting on the show it did last night. It was a humane decision to give its workers the night off in the wake of this tragic news. That was the right thing to do. Yet it still had a three-hour timeslot to fill. I suppose they could have re-broadcast a pay-per-view, but I understand why they chose to look back at Benoit's career. Though this had all the earmarks of murder-suicide, it was possible that the family was murdered by someone else or that it was the result of a tragedy like a carbon monoxide leak or that it was the wife who did the killing (e.g. Phil Hartman). It probably seemed impossible that someone you ostensibly know so well and whom you respect so much could do something so awful.

    You don't process something like that quickly. It's complicated and I imagine the people in that company are going to be grappling with some profound confusion over what happened with Benoit for a long time to come.

    As for the 411 site, I think it's good that you're now referring to it as a double murder-suicide in your headlines in the news section. I'd recommend tweaking the headlines on the commentary pieces as well to reflect the gravity of what happened in Georgia this weekend. I've spent a long time in the news business and it's amazing what a difference a headline can make.

    As for the WWE, I hope they ring the bell for Nancy and Daniel tonight. Those are the two who deserve the honor of remembrance. Benoit shouldn't receive any mention beyond what he received last night. The Mr. McMahon's death storyline should be dropped entirely. Vince should probably make another short statement to the effect that it was staged and then take some time off from being an in-ring character (probably until after Summerslam). Anything else they had involved in the plot line can be re-worked. ECW will need another big name to replace Benoit. If Undertaker's good to go, he'd make the most sense. He could come in, take the belt, give it massive credibility and then when somebody takes it from him (ostensibly Punk and ideally at Wrestlemania) it would be a huge event.


    Michael Meehan

    In the fourteen years that I've been watching wrestling, I can say with no
    hesistation that yesterday was the worst day I've ever had as a fan of the
    sport. Today, or the next couple of days for that matter, don't seem to
    look any better.

    I feel like I'm stuck in some kind of parallel reality. When I got the
    information from a friend yesterday and immediately confirmed it on 411 and
    on wwe.com, I lost it. I broke down crying hysterically in a fetal position
    on the floor. Chris Benoit was one of my top three favorite wrestlers ever
    (Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels are the other two), and now he is gone. I
    felt, like so many others, numb and shocked and as though I couldn't talk or
    type. I watched RAW last night with a box of tissues, and I used quite a
    couple. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to endure, and
    watching the boys do the show last night, I know it was one of the hardest
    things they've ever had to endure as well. I even said the words to my
    girlfriend, "I don't think I can be a fan anymore after today." After a few
    minutes, she reminded me that there are too many other people in this
    business that I care about to walk away from it, and she was right. But
    God, this hurts a lot.

    A lot has been said to eulogize Benoit and I know so much more will be by
    week's end, so I won't do that. At this time too, many people are
    speculating as to what happened. Unfortunately, it seems as though my fears
    - that foul play were involved - were confirmed. But I'm not going to
    respond to that until I have all the facts. Whether or not I chose to
    believe it even until the day I die are another matter. All I will say is
    that the WWE has done the right thing. They cancelled RAW and the Mr.
    McMahon Death angle. They paid tribute to Benoit last night, and will move
    on. If in fact they eulogized and paid tribute to someone who committed a
    murder, then you have to look at it in hindsight: They didn't have all the
    facts when they went on the air, and really, they were paying tribute to the
    memory of the performer that we all knew and loved. You can't really peg
    them for doing the right thing and then turn around and criticize them for
    doing it just of new information.

    And if this is all true, which again I pray its not, then I wish Chris
    Benoit and his family find peace. It seems as though none of us really knew
    him, even his closest friends. They all talked about how he was very
    private and quiet, and maybe there was something under the surface that no
    one could change. If Chris was in pain, and that pain drove him to do
    something terrible, then my only wish is that something could have been done
    to take that pain away. It's going to be hard for all of us to look past
    the anger if the worst is confirmed (myself very much included), but I just
    hope that whatever pain the Benoit family was going through, I hope they can
    find their peace now.

    I'm done with the internet now. I need a day or so away from it so I can
    think about other stuff and try and clear my head of this terrible tragedy.
    My thoughts are with those immediately affected by this hainus crime, both
    friends and family. If there is a higher power out there (and no, not the
    one Vince played in the late 90s), I'll ask you not to take away anymore of
    my heroes from me for a good long while. You're starting to cut it real
    close with these guys, and I can't deal with it.

    Thank you,
    John Mabery

    I have watched wrestling for over 30 years....From Dusty Rhodes and Harley Race all the way up to currently buying a few PPV's a year.

    I totally agree that last night was a great tribute to a great wrestler. And then he is exposed as OJ Simpson in tights.

    The only GOOD thing is that he at least took his own life...what a piece of CRAP this guy turned out to be. Everyone loved him last night. Everyone spoke of his great work ethic and what a great guy he was.

    I HOPE the wrestlers at least have the balls to speak out a say how big a piece of SH*T he is to kill his wife and little son. This son of a bitch should not even be SHOWN on WWE television again and should be shunned by the fans.

    This is sick and sad and I feel sorry for fans that admired someone who would do this. What a worthless THUG he turned out to be.


    Hi Larry
    I've not written to you in a while, it's just a horrible shame I'm writing to you about something like this.
    I couldn't believe what I read as I logged on to 411 on Monday evening......Chris Benoit and family dead. I felt numb, for hours up until the start of Raw at 1am UK time. I watched the classy tribute the WWE put forward for Benoit, and I welled up more than once. I truly do respect and admire that man for all he has accomplished, and all he has stood for in my mind - integrity, strength and ability.
    Now, now I don't know what to think. When I heard some of the first details, I quickly posted on a forum I frequent my immediate thoughts on what I'd read, and after a small tribute of sorts I stated that as details came to light, there may be an unpleasant element to what has happened. I knew in the back of my mind that something might have seriously gone wrong inside Benoit, but I didn't really want to admit it. Now the possibility exists that he may have, for whatever reason, commited a horrible and cowardly act on his wife and son.
    I hope the police are wrong, I hope there is some other explaination, but at the moment it doesn't seem likely. I feel somewhat guilty for seeing this situation in selfish terms....what does this mean for me? How could I respect a man who would do something like this? All the while an innocent child lies dead, either through the actions of his father (unthinkable), his mother (even more unthinkable), or an outside force. The death of Benoit and Nancy are tragedies to be sure, but I can't imagine dealing with the death of a young child.
    In the end no reasonable, clear thinking person could have commited this act. If Benoit did indeed do this, one must question what exactly drove him to this point. Did he indeed suffer from depression, steroid abuse or a combination of factors? If so, he too could be considered a victim. That cannot excuse what he has done, merely provide an explaination as to what would drive this man to destroy what seemed most precious to him - his family.
    Regal and Edge's comments do strike a chord in hindsight, perhaps they knew more than they were allowed to tell. But, I do believe the career of the man deserved to be honoured. His recent motivations have little to do with a sparkling career, and it should be remembered that even if Benoit did indeed do the unthinkable, he was driven to it by factors he may have deemed to be out of his control. Had he seeked out help, it may have been different, but for now I mourn the loss of a great wrestler, a loyal wife and an innocent child.
    May the all rest in peace.
    Paul Dennett
    p.s. Don't let ignorant hate mail get you down, realise that there are decent people out there that appreciate what you do. Life isn't black and white, nothing's that easy.

    Hi Larry,

    I'd like to be one of the people to let you know the way you handled the
    tribute to Chris Benoit was exactly how it should have been handled.
    After reading your addendum to the column I felt that you should hear
    that from someone, rather than the others who your obviously being
    somewhat crucified by. I am also one of those people who write to get my
    feelings out whether good or bad it just makes you feel almost like you
    talked to someone about things when your done. I'm from Calgary and grew
    up and was a Benoit fan before Vince McMahon even knew his name, he was
    my first "hero" in wrestling. You were also right when you said how
    strange it sounds when you feel such a deep sense of lose for someone
    you've never met but it's true. Following someone for that long gives
    you a sense of knowing them and caring about them. Anyway I may send you
    what I write just to have someone to commiserate with when it's all
    done, but in the meantime just wanted to let you know you seem like one
    of the few people who write about wrestling who have a conscience and
    seem to care about what is the right thing to do and you have handled
    this as it should have been. The people who sent hate mail to what you
    did are without a clue, you did the right thing and your addendum went
    above and beyond what was needed. I thank you for all of the time you
    put into the site and for your professionalism in doing so.

    Take care.

    Chris Boucher
    Search Clerk

    I was a Benoit fan. But the reality is that he died a scumbag. He murdered his 7 year old son. That's all I need to know. It is inappropriate to pay tribute to a double murderer, a man who can wait 24 hours after killing his wife before killing his son. I want to vomit. This whole thing makes me ill. I have a two year old son and daughter (twins) and the idea of doing that just sickens me.

    Michael Flake
    Larchmont, New York

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    I am currently working on the 3R’s of the Rumble, but I have received a RECORD number of feedback emails on the show, and I mean good email, not one line shit, and thought I would share them with you. I hope to have the 3R'sof the PPV done ASAP!


    From Todd Vote -
    Match of the night: Kennedy vs. Batista
    Trash of the Night: CM Punk and ECW as non entities in the WWE universe
    Show score: 8

    Alright, I broke down and ordered the Rumble last night...I was thoroughly impressed. The match of the night, in my opinion is Batista vs. Kennedy. Man did they make Kennedy look like a star in that one. Mr........Kennedy has arrived....Kennedy! The finish of this match, actually had me hoping Kennedy would weasel his way into the Rumble somehow, and win it, just so he would get another shot at Batista...But I am not counting him out yet. He still has two months to work his way into the title match with Taker and Dave. (More on that below)

    Overall, the show was very enjoyable, and I was happy with the way everything played out, aside from the continued portrayal of CM Punk, and more so ECW as a whole, as a non factor in the WWE universe. Aside from that everything worked. Umaga looked like a true monster, as the finish of that match had me thinking about 1980's slasher flicks. Cena had to kill him three times to get him to stay down, and it came off superbly, as both guys looked extremely strong.

    The Rumble itself, is my absolute favorite type of match, and this year did not disappoint. From the continued dissention between Rated RKO, to the mutual respect between two legends at the end of the match. I liked it. I'm still not sure if Taker needed a Rumble win to get a WM title shot though, as it could have been used to push a new main eventer, but I think it is going to play out well. How?

    I think Kennedy will open Smackdown! this week talking about how he had Batista beat, and nobody has even acknowledged that he had him beat. But Taker goes through 29 other guys, and he is the talk of the town, Kennedy will then belittle Taker's Rumble win by stating how Kahli did all the work, Taker came in at number 30 and only had to eliminate 5 guys. Takers win is not as pivotal as years past. Even mockingly congratulating Taker on being the first man to win the Rumble at #30. Mark my word, Kennedy will be involved in the title picture at Wrestlemania some how.

    From JB -
    Hey, Larry. I normally don't send any words along, but seeing as I've
    been reading the 3Rs on a regular basis now, I figure I should.

    My thoughts on... the pre-rumble matches.

    Hardyz v. MNM **1/2
    Good formula tag team match, but nothing spectacular, although there
    were a couple of nice spots. I liked the finish with Nitro taken down
    and Jeff getting the blind tag for the win.

    Test v. Lashley 1/2*
    Match looked like it was going well, the big boot out of nowhere was a
    nice touch, too. However, the finish was absolute shit for an ECW title
    match, and it just made Test look like a total puss, which pisses me
    off because if he's booked right (as in, not like this) I could
    definately buy into him as a champion. ECW=Extremely Conservative Wrestling

    Batista v. Kennedy **
    Match was building nicely, I loved the psychology behind Kennedy's
    attack to the knee, and the modified figure-4 was a nice touch. Screwed
    up the Liontamer, but managed ot make it look decent anyways. However,
    in the end, as Batista usually does, the knee assault faded away and
    Batista managed to hit the bomb for the win. I'm sorry, but I'm fucking
    sick of seeing Batista constantly ignoring any damage to his legs and
    always finishing with that. And on a related note, I'm not looking
    forward to his match with UT at 'mania, because it's going to be two
    men that are slow, and all their moves require opponents smaller than
    them, meaning it's going to be Triple H v. Undertaker at King of the
    Ring/Khali v. Undertaker at Judgement Day all over again. Fuck that. If
    I want to see forty minutes of punching I'll just tell one of the kids
    in my college that the guy sitting next to him is fucking his sister or
    something. At least then there's some suspense as to who'll win.

    Cena v. Umaga ****
    Now I'm always hating on Cena's wrestling ability, but I've nver
    knocked on his charisma or his brawling ability, and they both pulled
    through here in what was a perfect example of what a last man standing
    match should entail. Some of the spots were pretty sick, like Cena
    chucking the stairs at Umaga on the outside of the ring. That's some
    old school WWF No Mercy right there. Great spots and they played this
    match right the whole way, and the finish was great.

    Now, the Rumble.

    Fun stuff
    -I loved how Matt changed his ring attire and pulled his hair back for
    his rumble appearence. He went from "Hardy Boyz" Matt Hardy back to
    "Smackdown" Matt Hardy. I got a chuckle out of that.
    -I really though HBK should have taken that one home, as he was in his
    hometown, and after his promo on RAW, I want to see Cena and Michaels
    at 'mania. I personally think that if Cena were to turn heel and face
    Michaels, it would have an awesome built to it, considering their
    charisma and similar styles. Plus, they could still build to Undertaker
    v. Batista, since Smackdown still gets a PPV before Wrestlemania. Just
    have him win a damn #1 contenders match or something.
    -What the fuck happened to Benoit? I never saw him get eliminated, and
    even in the 411 recap there was no mention of him getting eliminated.
    If anyone could tell me where he went, I'd appreciate it.
    -How many times did Finaly try to put someone over the top with a
    fireman's carry? I swear every time they focused on Finlay, there he
    was with someone on his shoulders.
    -I laughed at the spot where Rated RKO were arguing amongst themselves
    and Orton stopped just long enough to drop HBK. It was a nice "what the
    fuck do you think you're doing?" moment.
    -Fuck-Up-Of-The-Night Award Winner: Chris Masters. "Look, ropes! I will
    jump over them! Wheee!" That must have been a hell of a clothesline to
    scare Masters enough to just eliminate himself.
    -I always feel back when a wrestler sets up a table and the thought is
    in his head "Fuck, I'm totally going through this one, too." The
    chokeslam to Sabu through the table was pretty sick though.
    -Overall I'd rate the rumble at ****, as it was damn good, although
    nowhere near the awesomeness of the 2004 rumble.

    Hope that my thoughts are appreciated, and if they weren't, then you'll
    probably just delete this e-mail anyways. Either way, rock on, 411.

    From Brett -
    Match of the Night: The Rumble match
    Trash of the Night: Lashley vs Test
    Thoughts: Solid tag team opener I was actually
    surprised that The Hardys got the win I was expecting
    a MNM win to stretch this feud out to Wrestlemania
    because of the Hardys win I'm now expecting this feud
    to end.

    Lashley v Test is a disgrace this match isn't fit for
    Sunday Night Heat let alone one of the biggest PPV's
    of the year.

    Batista v Mr Kennedy - I've gotta give Kennedy major
    props he made Batista watchable, Kennedy deserves the
    big title sometime this year after that effort, we
    could well be looking at 2007's version of Edge (circa

    Cena v Umaga - Very good match and nice to see a
    little be of innovation with the rope being used, yet
    again Umaga looks like a monster despite losing. For
    all his faults Cena knows how to work with just about
    anyone on the roster. I'm not a fan of the Superman
    Cena but I didn't mind it this time due to the vway
    the match was booked, other then the rumble itself
    this was the match of the night.

    Royal Rumble: Good match with a great ending the 8
    mins between HBK and Taker will go down in Rumble
    History as a great moment. We could also get a couple
    of sotrylines coming out of the rumble with the
    interaction between Kane and Booker as well as Rated
    RKO & The Hardys.

    Overall: A Solid show was expecting more but in saying
    that wasn't all that disapointed. 8/10

    From M. Babboon -
    I have to say I loved this ppv. All but one match delivered for the most part.

    Match of the Night: Tie between Rumble match and Last Man Standing
    Trash of the Night: That’s easy Test vs Lashley
    On a scale of 1-10: 8

    I have to also state that the only match stopping this from going higher is the ecw match which really blew ass except for test's big boot which looked good. The count out finish was really cheap and I despised it. The final eight minutes of the rumble match and the last man standing were excellent IMO. The opening tag match was pretty good too except for the rest holds. And not for nothin' Kennedy did his best to carry batista and he did end up winning over the live audience...that counts for something. Love your column keep up the good work.

    From Ant-Low -
    The match of the Night was Cena/Umaga, its fun to watch Cena get his assed kicked, and make the comeback every time. Cena choking Umaga out with the tope rope was a cool spot too.

    Worst match was Greenhorn vs. Test, that match was just sad. I would have liked Test to walk away with the belt because Lashley is just looks scared/confused/anxious half the time. The countout win does continue the feud, but hopefully they wrap this up before WM23, because I don't want to spend $50 to see shit like this!

    Overall the show gets an 8/10 from me, The only letdown was the ECW Title match.

    And I marked out like a schoolgirl when Taker won the rumble!

    From DRG -
    RATE THE SHOW: 1-10....
    I would give the Royal Rumble a solid 8. I thought it was one of the best WWE PPVs in a long time. The MNM/HARDY match was solid. Batista and MISSSSSSSSSSSSSTER KENNEDY was better than I thought it would be, and in my opinion, better than advertised. The same can be said for UMAGA/CENA, who I thought put on a really solid match when many people thought they wouldn't. The Rumble itself wasn't one of the greatest ever, but it was nice to see HBK/Taker at the end and it was nice to see Taker win it. There was also some irony in that HBK stated on Raw that no mortal man would stop him from winning the Rumble, and in the end, it is the one guy the WWE has always built up to have supernatural powers who beat him. So in reality, maybe a mortal man didn't beat him. A HIDDEN HIGHLIGHT THERE I think, as like I said, the irony that the man who disappears, shoots lightning, and does amazing supernatural things was the only one to stop HBK I hope Taker goes on to win the Belt at Wrestlemania.

    MATCH OF THE NIGHT: I am going to give it to CENA/UMAGA who worked hard and I think deserve this award. It wasn't the best LAST MAN STANDING match ever, but it had some good spots and was pretty well done. The ending was appropriate, as Cena let go due to being exhausted from trying to choke Umaga out.

    TRASH OF THE NIGHT: TEST/LASHLEY....In my opinion, the only disappointing match of the night. This was set to fail from the beginning with NO ECW Original in it. Then it ends on a walkout COUNTOUT. TRASH. This match gets 0 STARS. The match itself was BORING and the ending was worse. I blame TEST, he sucks and is not ready to be competing in a big match on a PPV.

    From KD -
    Match of the night

    Nothing really stood out on the card so I have to go with Umaga and Cena

    Trash Of the night
    Can anything be worse than Test vs Lashley. I like them both as performers but man that match was horrible and whoever booked that ending was an idiot.


    I can say a 7. Mostly because of the Rumble itself.

    This should have been a much better show as the Rumble carries the tagline of being on of the big four PPV of the year. Other than the Rumble the matches really didn't satisfy but the Cena-Umaga and Hardys- MNM match where good. The Rumble didn't have a lot of 5 second tosses as usual, with only Miz and Sandman (damn) getting that distiction. I hope this isn't a sign of how bad mania is going to be.

    From Kevin -
    -The Match of the Night

    Kennedy/Batista, though not by far - I liked every match on the card.
    The 'smart heel' tactics Kennedy brings to the ring made this match
    completely awesome; everything from the early attempt to go for
    Batista's back to the knee kick while Kennedy was tied up in the ropes
    were perfect classic THINKING heel tricks that make me wonder if KK is
    taking lessons from Flair. Batista worked like the champion he is,
    telling the story perfectly and bringing guts and power to counter
    KK's cheap tactics.

    -The Trash of the Night

    The *ending* of the Lashley/Test match. I thought the match was
    probably the best I've ever seen out of Lashley - though I don't get
    ECW up here, so I haven't seen much of him - and I've always been a
    fan of Test. Having this match end by countout because *Test got tired
    and walked away* was just absolutely awful, though, and no way to end
    a championship match on one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year.

    -Score the show from 1-10

    I'll give it a 7. The ending of the Lashly/Test was a *big*
    disappointment, and the lack of any title switch despite having three
    of them - all held by faces, no less - on the line means we have to
    watch heels chase belts for another couple of months which is always
    less fun. Good show overall, but needed a few changes to make it

    -And include any "overall thoughts" on the show.

    Other than what's above, not much to add. The Rumble itself was
    entertaining, but not spectacular in a way Benoit's win in '04 was.
    There was a fair bit of time when there were simply too many guys in
    the ring, and we never got the typical 'big man cleans house' spot
    that adds excitement - the closest we came was Khali, and he left six
    or seven men in when 'Taker managed to kick him out. As I said above -
    good show overall, but booking slipped up in a few spots.


    From Neil in Scotland -
    Match of the Night: Had to be the Umaga vs Cena match. Wasn't expecting much as Umaga really hasn't shown himself worthy of top-billing in one the second biggest PPV of the year, but he really didnt disappoint, a great showing with his beat down of Cena, the Tables spot and then the whole rope choke out. Props to Cena as well for playing his role well.

    Trash of the night: ECW Title match. 7 mins for a Title match and in that
    7minutes it was pure dross, yes, no one cares.

    Overall Score: Really up on the last few PPVs they have run, a vast
    improvement and a brilliant 8 from me.

    Overall thoughts: Seems to set up Takers last hurrah to me, wins his first
    Rumble, will win the strap at Mania and would anyone bet against him
    retiring in some gimmick match at Survivor Series? Was a great PPV and even
    though the final 2 in the Rumble was pretty predictable, they put on a good

    From Alan -
    Hey Larry, i read your 3'R's and thought id leave you my opinions:

    I enjoyed the show,much better than any other WWE PPV since Smackdowns No Mercy
    The Hardyz Vs MNM opener was good,plenty of psychology and action. Hardyz won again though,i dont think MNM have beaten the Hardyz since they reformed.Maybe its going to be Hardyz V Hooliganz at 'Mania? ***¾

    Lashley V Test i wasnt really into,it was reasonable up until the ending of Test walking out coz he'd had enough. We seen this ending last week with TNA's AJ Styles V Rhyno too. It just makes everything theyve already done in the match a waste of time.Lashley did hammer Test afterwards though * (Trash of the PPV)

    Batista V KKen- Batista is pretty awful,i am not looking forward to the rumoured Batista V 'Taker match at WM23 at all.The crowd pop big for the Animals entrance,loudest of the night so far. The match itself was decent,Kennedy got plenty of offence in on Batistas left leg,speaking of which,Batista to me,looked genuinely hurt after powerbombing KKen for the win,on the slowed down replay Kennedy lands on Batistas leg,watch it and see.** Kennedy deserves better.

    Cena V Umaga. This was awesome.These 2 killed each other including Cena thowing the steel steps from inside the ring onto Umagas head,Umaga ran over 2 announce tables to splash Cena through one but Cena rolled off,Umaga went through it. Umaga butt-splashed the steel steps,Cena bladed,Estrada broke the ring and Cena used the rope to choke out Umaga to be LMS.
    IMO Umaga showed that he deserves a spot in the upper midcard,fair enough they had weapons to play with here but they were used in different ways than most matches like this.Cena has really grown on me lately too. **** MOTPPV

    Royal Rumble Match: Definetly a good Rumble, a bit uneventful in places and no special guests like Rhodes or even Duggan.
    RKO were in the final 4,Khali elim'ed 6 0r 7 inc RVD & CM Punk. This brand extension really needs to end because i particularly enjoyed the HBK-Taker scrap,they were the last 2 left and it would be great if 'Taker could go to RAW and face guys like HBK and RKO,hes really stale now in Smackdown. So 'Taker won,he heads to 'Mania 23 Vs Batista apparently. ***3/4

    And we're rolling... (01.20.2007)

    From Dan -
    This is really a sad moment. I met the Bammer a few back in the late 90's when I was wrestling in High School and my coach who had worked with the old WWWF in the late 70's knew a lot of old stars. We met Bam Bam at a wrestling show in St. Dominick's Church in Benson Hurst Brooklyn and then again at a show in Canarsie Brooklyn. He was an awesome guy, talked to everyone, shook hands and signed autographs. I know he had problems in his personal life over the years but I will always remember him as really cool guy, and also as one of the greatest big men in wrestling history. If not for Hulk Hogan's dominance in WWF, Bigelow may have become a top draw with his look, and skill. Condolences to all his family.

    From Jim -
    Bam Bam was a true juggernaut. Like the Energizer Bunny, he just kept going. This 66 yr. old wrestling fan is sad that Bam Bam was never used to his full potential and is even sadder that he died at such a young age. Thanks for the fun, Bam Bam. You will be missed.

    From BS -
    It is indeed a sad day for wrestling fans. I remember when he came to the WWF when I was a kid, he was one of my favorites. He had some great matches, and as much as I've missed not seeing him in the ring these past few years, I'll miss him even more now. Rest in peace Bam Bam.

    Finally from Jimmy -
    Just another tragic death. Only 45…wow. I always thought he had what it took to be atop the WWF back in the day, unfortunately after reading your bio, he was just always close but never got the chance.

    A great big man and I will miss him.

    And we're rolling... (01.09.2007)

    So I have been slammed with emails lately, and figured since I don’t use this blog as much as I should, so i thought I would start to from now on, a New Years Resolution so to speak. In this edition well showcase some feedback on TNA Impact:

    From John Reid -
    Internet Wrestling GAWD,

    Hope you had a happy new year for you and yours!

    TNA- That "we are wrestling" motto is looking worse and worse by the day isn't it? I do agree that 9 minutes of wrestling on a 42 minute show is atrocious. However, I would like to play devil's advocate for one moment if I may. TNA is probably thinking that while they have the one-hour show (here's hoping that second hour comes really soon) they need to develop interest to give the fans reason to watch the PPVs so they can experience real wrestling. I know ROH is better but until they get a national TV slot TNA is the best we got. That's why I believe they focus more on character development and angles during the Thursday night show, to peak people's interest in getting the PPV, where they get their money. I believe that once they get the second hour we will see much more wrestling, better angle development and less Russo-fn-riffic in the reviews.

    ECW- Wow you hit it right on the head with the treadmill going on here. You know, I bet the show would be even remotely worth watching if they decided to have a tag team title. Think about it, with a tag team division they 1) allow more groups to form together who are going nowhere to form new feuds, 2) they can actually build a strong World title scene, 3) not have a world title match each week 4) use the tag title matches as main events, and 5) even create new feuds among the partners when these tag teams split, which is usually the case for teams in the "e"

    WWE- when they're done with handicap matches and VKM's ego stroking then I’ll probably care.

    Keep up the great work!

    Happy New Year to you as well my friend.

    I hear the defense that they are doing storylines and all, and I hear the argument that they are working towards a 2nd hour, which they need. But to me the main argument is that “WE ARE WRESTLING” and that is damn true on PPV, but when it comes to the TV show, you’re fucked if you want wrestling. I pray they get the second hour, and trust me I want to stop using the RUSSO-FN-RIFFIC…I hate having to write about bad shit, it drains me quicker than anything and makes me take longer to write things because I am slowly going mad.

    Glad you agree about the treadmill deal. If they have no plans for the secondary title, make a tag title or like I have said in the past, make the tag titles universal, on all shows and we could have some real fun.

    Handicap matches suck, I hate them and I may go mad if I have to watch too many more of them.

    Thanks for the kind words and you take care as well!

    From Samer -
    This is Samer from Lebanon again, and just I after I read your 3R's column and sent u the previous feedback, I read the impact report, and boy did I feel the need to write in again..

    I am trying to like TNA, I really am... back in the day, I used to be a WCW
    mark, I watched and loved the WWF attitude era, but I still like WCW, I love
    having to wrestling promotions.. That's why I decided (and am still trying)
    to give TNA a chance... Now while the wrestling on the PPV's is good,
    sometimes awesome, Impact just plane sucks... I know it's a one-hour show
    but plz! they can do better than that! well not Russo...

    I'll just discuss the 3 main things:
    Angle vs. Joe: ok now the endless brawl was really pointless ahead of an iron
    man match, but that's just not the problem... It might have showed how much
    these two hate each others or something, but the fact that the main event
    never actually took place is what sucks! there was ZERO wrestling on the
    show! they could have went on with the main even for like 10 minutes or
    something, which would allow us to see some good wrestling between 2 of the best
    men on the roster then Samoa Joe interferes, causes a DQ and he and angle
    brawl as the show goes off the air... is that so hard? now how can they do
    that in a 1 hour show (plus commercials).. simple, they cut the meaningless
    crap... which brings us to...

    VKM: that is, as u pointed out many times, a wasted of television time...
    but not just that, these two have become the real joke... thank god I didn't
    see the sombreros or whatever the hell they're wearing... DX (while I’m not
    their biggest fan), are in a hot feud, providing some good wrestling, and
    good promos.. even the comedy skits are becoming extremely rare, their
    promo on raw was very good.. especially the intensity shown by the game. Not
    to mention the tones of merchandise they're selling... I loved the new age
    outlaws, and I’m sure if one day I’ll hear "oh u didn't know.." in a WWE
    arena I might mark out. But these two claiming that they were the reason DX
    was popular is ridiculous. Now I am no wrestling god in terms of knowledge,
    but I’m pretty much sure they weren't even in the original DX. I mean
    imagine if these two reform DX in a WWE ring one day, without HBK and HHH..
    it would be like Buff Bagwell, Scott Norton, and Brian Adams reforming the
    NWO... And why on earth would DX or Vince need a million dollars?

    Now onto the abyss secret storyline... well unlike most people I think this
    storyline sucks…someone on 411 said it was Katie Vick-ish... And that is
    totally true. Not only is it a rip off of the Kane storyline, it's a rip
    off of a storyline that happened nearly 10 years ago in the WWE... remember
    the Undertaker-Paul bearer secret? that of course was a cool storyline that
    led to the debut of Kane... I really find this to be a total rip off of the
    undertaker-Paul bearer angle.. Mitchell was Abyss' manager, and now they're
    not on good terms, and Mitchell is threatening to reveal abyss' dark,
    horrifying secret.. sorry I’ve seen that before!

    That's pretty much it... just to point out, I am NOT a WWE mark, I really
    want TNA to succeed, and I always loved WCW a lot. that's why I want another
    company to be a true rival for Vince and company.. I just don't think it
    would happen if they continue like that.

    I try not to say shows suck, but after last week’s Impact (1.04.06) I would be hard pressed to disagree with you.

    The Joe Angle brawl was GOOD because they didn’t give away Angle vs. Christian, yet, was very bad due to them basically giving Joe vs. Angle III away on free TV, and now why would you want to see it again. I talked a lot about this in the R’s coming up this week.

    I go off about the VKM this week as week as well, so just wait for the R’s as you will see I hated it as well. And watch Insulting Scott Norton. FLASH~!

    I will say that the Abyss angle is NOT Katie Vick like…it may turn to that, but as of now it has been something that has let Mitchell, Cage and Sting show some great promo skills and is a good thing.

    And you can be any kind of fan or mark you want to be man, just enjoy what you watch.

    And we're rolling... (11.03.2006)

    I have been hesitant to discuss this, mostly because I wanted to make sure things were going to go down ok. Many of you know that I have done some wrestling over the last few years. I am by no means a “professional wrestler” as I am just a weekend warrior, and very sporadic at that. I also am by no means “very good.” I am passable, I can do the southern style, stalling and not make a fool of myself. I have had the chance over the years to meet a ton of great people and learn a lot, which I feel helps my writing.

    I have had some injuries, pre-existing before wrestling and getting worse with the wrestling. With that I had promised my wife that once I hit 30, there would be no more. 30 comes in February.

    In less than 24 hours, I will step into the ring one more time. One last match, one last dance.

    Wish me luck kids, if all goes well maybe I will have a column to talk about it and perhaps even some You Tube footage.
    And we're rolling... (07.16.2006)

    To download the special Post-SNME Podcast, featuring myself and Geoff, click here!
    And we're rolling... (07.15.2006)

    Max Steel:
    Damn I got platinum on both of my wrists and my pinky
    and my album went platinum too
    Man you know I'm a stunt'
    All these other rappers, look...............

    Verse 1: Max Steel
    I'm sick of it, niggaz illliterate
    and I need me seven zeroes or somethin legitament
    I done shot at niggaz, and I been shot at
    I done had a whole lotta old folks tellin me stop that
    I'm sorry but them Lexus trucks, I gotta cop that
    Would be even mo' sweeter, if I could drop that
    You see all of them Crystal bottles, I pop that
    and I'm bout to go and find me a new mall to shop

    Verse 2: DaGlobalKnight
    I'm out the heart of the hood
    Niggaz like to bust heads and look good
    Ride on 20's with TV's leather interior and wood
    Rolexes, at least 10 G's on a necklace
    Pullin up at the club in two Caddy truck stretches
    My click boss nigga, try to follow us get lost nigga
    We'll buy a whole block no matter the cost nigga
    My money long, my dick long, I'm off the chain
    DaGlobalKnight got it goin on respect the game

    Chorus: DaGlobalKnight (repeat 2X)

    Me and my dogs we ball, just like we live we love
    Get in our path of money and your head get bust

    Verse 3: PlatinumPlaya
    In 1988, when my grandfather passed
    He left me a Monte Carlo and a large amount of cash
    It was, bubble gum blue with the leather plush seats
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    that you done, G
    See my grandmother told me take care of the ride
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    So I just past the go and get the candy paint
    Leather white, outta sight, that made the girls faint
    See my partner, Eric, he got stereos
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    We were in the Vibe magazine, Meagan got thirty-two
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    Verse 6: Dwayne
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    Not to mention, bout my Ninja, with the extension
    What about my condominum wit yo wife in the kitchen
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    Plus I step into the light wit them humongous,
    See everybody know I'm Lil' Dwayne soilder
    Pull up in the 4 dot 6 Range Rover
    Baby had me drinkin think I got a hangover
    Dweezy D, on fire, until I retire, try to put out my
    lighter, and nigga you block, watch how quick I make
    it expire, nigga, Iced Out Records, game over

    Bonus match:

    - US Title: Ricky "The Dragon Steamboat v. Lex Luger

    Ring Announcer:
    "It is to be a no disqualification match".

    Miya Locks: Luger is not going to like that.

    - Big pop.

    Keisha: He's shaking his head no.

    "Lets make this short and sweet. I am the Total
    Package. Nobody tells me how to defend my belt. Take
    away the no DQ stipulation or I'm out of here".

    Miya: Well, he's been very adamant about this.

    Keisha: He didn't leave any room for discussion did
    he. He said fuck it, that's it.

    Miya: We're not going to have a debate. There's the
    promoter. He is adamant that he does not want to put
    the title on the line with a no dq stipulation. Gary
    is speaking with Steamboat right now. Steamboat has
    always been very fair, he's reasonable, he's a class
    act all the way. So its going to be contested under
    Luger's terms or we won't have a match.

    Ring Announcer:
    "Ladie's and Gentlemen, I've just been informed that
    Ricky Steamboat will accept the terms set by Lex
    Luger. Therefore, it will be a regular rules match
    sanctioned by the NWA".

    Keisha: Luger said its my ball and if you don't play
    by my rules, I'm going to take my ball and go home.

    Miya: This match has been modified. It will now be a
    regular UST match. You can't take away Luger's
    abilities. It's too bad that he's had such a change in
    philosophy. He refuses to sign autographs and
    acknowledge the presence of the fans, and many of the
    fans are still cheering him. I find that very
    hypocritical because he makes fun of the fans that do
    cheer him.

    Keisha: Steamboat has the experience advantage over
    Luger. He's been in this business a long time and he's
    faced the best athletes the business has to offer.
    This match is pitting two former rookie's of the year
    against each other. Steamboat in 77 and Luger in 86.

    Miya: Luger is a 3 times US Champion. Steamboat has
    won the US title on 3 occasions as well! SMALL PACKAGE
    Single leg takedown by the Dragon. ROLLS RIGHT OVER
    INTO A JACKKNIVE COVER! Shoulders down, could have him

    Keisha: See, he's using his speed and his agility to
    counteract Luger's power. He knows what he's doing. He
    is really coming out firing.

    Miya: Steamboat can go all night long. He's in great
    condition as is Luger. HIGH BIG BACK BODY DROP BY THE
    STEAMER! Steamboat won his first US Championship in
    1977. His rookie year.

    Keisha: Luger knows he's in a fight right now. Already
    he's headed to the arena floor to clear the cobwebs.

    Miya: Steamboat is chopping Luger with all he has and
    Luger is feeling it.

    Keisha: He chops as hard as anyone in wrestling.

    Miya: Luger goes for a big roundhouse right, duck
    underneath by Steamboat and he drives the knee into
    the spinal area with an atomic drop. Right now this
    match is all the Dragon, but he was met coming in by a
    vicious kneelift by the 6'5, 275 pound Lex Luger.
    Luger said that a good big man could beat a good
    little man anytime.

    Keisha: Well, I find that statement very debatable to
    be quite honest with you. But Luger has slowed the
    momentum down now and look at Steamboat crawl now.

    Miya: Steamboat weighed in at 230. He was a two time
    state Champion at 154 pounds, and kids that's what
    dedication and proper nutrition outside of the ring is

    Keisha: Those chops will get your attention in a
    hurry. He just rammed him into the Commissioner's

    Miya: They got an up close and personal look of this
    one. Steamboat sends Luger back into the ring, AND
    HE'S HEADING TO THE TOP ROPE! Luger met him on the way

    Keisha: Steamboat wasted alot of time in getting up

    Luger started his career in 1984 in Florida. He played
    football for the Memphis Showboats and the Tampa
    Bandits. He was a big offensive tackle.

    Keisha: There's none better at the power game than
    Luger. Oh, he's just measuring him right now.

    Miya: Irish whip, Luger picks him up and presses him
    high over his head, AND DROPS HIM LIKE A BAD HABIT!

    Keisha: Tremendous strength. Quickness, agility, and
    experience are the Dragon's primary elements he uses
    to win a match, but right now Luger has eliminated
    those from his arsenal for the time being. Luger has
    grounded Steamboat and he's working on his back to set
    him up for that Torture Rack.

    Miya: Lateral press by Luger, nonchalantly hooks the
    leg and he's not going to get him. Steamboat has the
    better amateur backround, as Luger's amateur days were
    spent on the grid iron, not in the ring. SCOOP FROM
    A HALF COUNT. What a clothesline by Luger.

    Keisha: Devastating clothesline by Luger. I'll tell
    you what. The pace of this match has been phenonmenal.
    It has been moving at a blistering pace and both men
    have really given it their all. I'm really impressed.


    Keisha: Look at Steamboat, he refuses to stay down.
    Look at the tenacity of this man. Swinging wildly now,
    but you can well see he has not fully recuperated yet.

    Miya: What resiliency. And now Luger picks Steamboat
    up and hotshots him. Luger just threatened to slap
    Tommy Young, that will get him disqualified.

    Keisha: Well, it saves his title.

    Miya: Steamboat is trying to muster up some fight. The
    odds are against him in this one, but he's fighting
    back valiantly. Oh, Tommy Young was trying to restrain
    Luger while Steamboat was in the corner, and Luger
    slapped the taste out of his mouth.

    Keisha: I don't a think a referee SHOULD EVER put
    their hands on a wrestler and vice versa.

    Miya: Big powerslam by Luger. The hook of the leg.
    Steamboat maybe beat, but no, he manages to get the
    left shoulder up. Irish whip by Luger, duck underneath

    Keisha: Luger may have counted his chickens too soon.
    You never count a great athlete like Steamboat out.

    Miya: Never. Inverted atomic drop. Steamboat is really
    hurting here. He owns his own gym in Charlotte, NC.
    He's been staying after hours working out. NICE

    Keisha: Steamboat sunk that neckbreaker in deep. Now
    does he have enough left to muster up an offensive?
    Oh, too much weight.


    - BIG POP.

    Keisha: The conditioning of Steamboat is paying off
    right now. The long hours in the gym are what allows
    him to asorb all this punishment, and still come back
    better than ever.

    Miya: Steamboat employs finnese and skill, while Luger
    employs pure strength to get the job done.

    Keisha: Well, Steamboat has always been a humble
    individual. He never let his fame and fortune cloud
    his judgment. TOO MUCH WEIGHT ONCE AGAIN!

    Miya: Luger fell right on top of him. One, two and
    that's all she wrote. Just a two count. Thought he had

    Keisha: I did too. I thought that was it.

    PAYING OFF RIGHT THERE! Landed right on the second
    turnbuckle and leapfrogged right over Luger. Met that
    boot, right in the face.

    Keisha: Luger has him scouted very well.

    Miya: Certainly does. LUGER NOW IS GOING UP TOP FOR A

    Keisha: The Champ may have hurt his back.

    Miya: He may get slammed into some humbleness.
    DROPKICK, NICELY DONE! Steamboat is starting to turn
    it on. Drop down, right over the top, and another big
    right hand. Luger really pearl harbored him at the
    last Clash of the Champions. He sucked him and now its
    Steamboat wanting revenge on the top rope! KARATE


    JUST GONE BACK AND FORTH! Luger elevated Steamboat
    into the other ring.

    Keisha: The fatigue factor has to be setting in here.
    Luger's got a chair!


    Keisha: He doesn't care but why does a guy 6'7, 275
    pounds new a fuckin weapon?






    - BIG POP.

    - Miya Locks & Keisha's rating: ****1/4. This was
    probably Luger's best singles match outside of Flair,
    bar none.


    - Macho Madness

    - Your host is Mean Gene, Macho Man and Miss

    - We see clips of the infamous Intercontinental title
    match between Macho and HTM that aired in October of
    87. This was the date where the Mega-Powers were
    formed. We're not going to recap this because I think
    we all realize the significance of this storyline.
    Hulk Hogan and the Macho Man formed the Mega-Powers.
    The creation of the Megapowers led to virtually every
    Main Event angle that took place between October of
    1987 and The summer of 1989! It led to Hogan losing
    the Title in Febrary of 1988, Savage winning the World
    Title at Wrestlemania 4, The main event of Summerslam
    88, the Main Event of Survivor Series, (which was the
    beginning of the breakup of the Megapowers),
    Wrestlemania 5, and several other SNMEs and other big
    shows throughout 1988 and 1989.

    - We're not reviewing Savage's match that he had with
    OMG from SNME.

    - Bret "Hitman" Hart v. Macho Man Randy Savage

    Meagan: Thank you Mean Gene and many believe those men
    are terrible individuals. In fact they have committed
    I believe the most dasterdly acts we have ever seen
    here on SNME.

    T-Money: Wait a minute Street'z. I am getting tired,
    VERY TIRED, of biased announcing. Now straighten it

    Meagan: Tired of it. Are you tired of this? Look at
    Elizabeth being shoved down to the canvas. Come on
    Money, you weren't even there.

    T-Money: Now I can't condone that.......

    Meagan: Shoving her down just as hard as he can.

    T-Money: I can't condone that, but there's an old
    saying. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the

    - Huge heat on the Hart Foundation.

    Meagan: Lets take you to the Macho Man and Mean Gene.

    - Mean Gene interviews the Macho Man.

    - Macho Man's music is playing in the arena.

    Meagan: The Macho Man is being led down the aisle by
    Elizabeth. She looks gorgeous tonight. What a
    beautiful smile.

    T-Money: Street'z, get your mind off Elizabeth's smile
    and back on wrestling where it belongs.

    Meagan: The Macho Man is not allowing Liz to step into
    the ring. Prehaps a smart move considering what's
    happened in the past.

    T-Money: If Liz can't take it, maybe she shouldn't be
    out there Street'z.

    Meagan: The Macho Man is preparing to lock up with
    Bret Hart. Wait a minute, the Macho Man just forced
    Jimmy Hart and the Anvil away from Elizabeth.

    T-Money: Well, this has gotta be a tremendous
    distraction for the Macho Man. He's not only facing
    Bret Hart inside the ring, but he's got two guys
    putting Elizabeth in danger outside of the ring.

    Meagan: This is going to be a sensational matchup. The
    Hitman squaring off with the Macho Man, and then later
    on for the WWF Championship, the Hulkster defends the
    title against King Kong Bundy. We're back here on SNME
    and look who is walking around. It's the Bob.

    T-Money: Well, of course, he follows me everywhere.
    I'm his idol. The little shrimp.

    Meagan: Oh really? Earlier on, we had recorded
    comments with another one of your idols, the HTM.

    "I told my Hart Foundation member, the Hitman, not to
    totally destroy the Macho Man. I asked him to save
    some for me. I'm not finished playing with the Macho
    Man, and I'm certainly not finished playing with
    Elizabeth either".

    Meagan: Well, no doubt Elizabeth has to be leary and
    here they come. Here comes the Hart Foundation. The
    Macho Man is chasing the Hitman around the ring. Liz
    better watch herself in this match.

    T-Money: Poor Elizabeth, she can't help Randy inside
    the ring. No help at all.

    Meagan: Bret Hart gets rammed into the steel ring

    T-Money: Well, maybe thats what Macho has to do in
    this match. Hurt Bret with tatics like that, because
    the odds are definitely not in his favor.

    Meagan: Bret Hart is a little tentative to get back in
    the ring.

    T-Money: Bret is favoring that shoulder, he may have
    pulled it. You'd be tentative too if your arm tasted
    the post.

    Meagan: Back into the corner, elbows to the head.
    Working downstairs now and it looks like Macho is
    furious Money.

    T-Money: Well, he's definitely bending all the rules,
    trying to go for a quick victory.

    Meagan: Double reversal and the Macho Man hits the
    corner hard.

    T-Money: Wow, smart move by Bret Hart. Hart was groggy
    but he had enough presence of mind left to get out of
    the way, and now the tide has turned.

    Meagan: Hitman going to work on the back of the neck.
    Jimmy Hart and Neidhart are looking on. Blatant

    T-Money: Its not blatant until it gets to five.

    Meagan: Snapmare and the Hitman drops the elbow in the
    throat area. Clever maneuver on the part of Hart.

    T-Money: Well, you know Macho has got a tough
    opponent, because Bret Hart can match the Macho Man
    hold for hold in that ring.

    Meagan: Bret Hart made a cardinal mistake and put his
    head down, and Macho took advantage of it.

    T-Money: Well, Hart made a mistake and that opened the
    door for Savage.

    Meagan: Macho has momentum. Hart is on the apron. WHAT

    T-Money: Macho had Hart by the hair. Macho knows how
    to break the rules too ya know.

    Meagan: Oh, The Macho Man just sent Hart into the
    safety barrier. Prehaps broken ribs.

    T-Money: Macho Man is using everything and anything to
    win this bout.

    Meagan: Well, wouldn't you? Look at the odds the Macho
    Man is facing. He has to protect Elizabeth, defeat
    Bret Hart, watch out for Neidhart and be leary of
    Jimmy Hart.

    T-Money: Hey, hey, I didn't say there was anything
    wrong with it. All I'm doing is my usual unbiased

    Meagan: Neidhart has no business being on the apron.

    T-Money: He's buying Bret Hart some time. Hart is
    obviously hurt after hitting that barrier.


    - HUGE POP.




    Elizabeth is afraid to help the Macho Man, she's
    keeping her eye on Neidhart.

    Meagan: And with good reaosn. Neidhart is stomping
    away at the Macho Man who is helpless on the outside.

    T-Money: Liz has no business being out there since she
    can't defend herself.

    Meagan: Bret Hart is back on top thanks to Neidhart,
    but in the ring right now the man that cost Macho
    Intercontinental Championship.

    T-Money: Well, he's going to cost the Macho Man alot
    more than that, because Macho is at the mercy of the
    Hitman and the Hitman knows how to put opponents away.

    Meagan: What he's saying to Elizabeth? Come on ref,
    step in there.

    T-Money: Now maybe Liz is trying to distract Hart by
    showing him a little leg or something Meagan?

    Meagan: Come on Money, be serious. MACHO MAN IS TIED

    T-Money: Hitman could have gone for a pinfall, but he
    wants to torture the Macho Man. Look at how he's
    measuring him with each shot.

    Meagan: Measured him with that piledriver.

    T-Money: This should be it.

    Meagan: Lateral press and Hart gets a nearfall.

    T-Money: I can't believe the resilience of the Macho
    Man. Hardly anyone kicks out from a piledriver.

    Meagan: That was a very consistent count.

    T-Money: It definitely was, I'm not denying that.
    Hitman is measuring him again. What does he got in
    store for him?

    Meagan: Big elbow knocks the Macho Man down. Bret Hart
    maybe sensing victory.

    T-Money: He's not going for victory. He's trying to
    punish the Macho Man.

    Meagan: Misses a charge into the corner and Macho gets
    out of the way. This maybe the break Macho needed to
    recover. And this time its Bret who gets his shoulder
    rammed into the steel ring post.

    T-Money: Wow, I can't believe that. Bret's shoulder
    could be separated by now. That's the second time
    damage has been done to it.

    Meagan: Going to the outside now Money. DOUBLE

    T-Money: Wow, I can't believe Bret Hart kicked out of

    Meagan: Backbreaker by the Hitman. What a matchup.
    These two are really going at it.

    T-Money: Well, technically there's probably not two
    better wrestlers than Bret Hart and the Macho Man.

    Meagan: Oh, Bret missed his patented elbow drop.

    T-Money: That's a classic mistake. When you're wobbily
    like Bret Hart is, you've got no business on that
    second turnbuckle or the top turnbuckle.





    Meagan: Referee separating the two combatants.

    T-Money: Hey, Savage better not manhandle that

    Meagan: OOH, he got backdropped to the arena floor.

    T-Money: Savage had a bad fall. He hurt his ankle or
    his leg.

    Meagan: Certainly has. Randy Savage might have pulled
    a hamstring.

    T-Money: The Hart Foundation notices he's hurt the
    leg. Neidhart and Jimmy are excited. They know Macho's
    hurt seriously.

    Meagan: Liz is really concerned, as well she should
    be. What's going to become of Savage if he can't
    continue the match?

    T-Money: He loses the match, simple.

    Meagan: Yes, but this could be a career ending injury.
    We don't know the extent of it. Wait a minute. Bret is
    right over Elizabeth. Back him away ref.

    - Commercial.

    Meagan: Back with more SNME and this match resumes.
    The Macho Man is climbing back into the ring.

    T-Money: The referee hasn't called it off so all I can
    assume the match is still on.

    Meagan: Macho Man is limping.

    T-Money: Maybe the Macho Man should just quit and live
    to fight another day. He could be hurt badly.

    Meagan: He's living up to his name by continuing the

    T-Money: You know the referee does have the power to
    stop this match. Maybe the ref needs to be confident,
    step in and stop the match.

    Meagan: Hart is going to work on Macho's ankle. Oh no,
    he's stomping on the ankle. Come on ref, do your job.

    T-Money: Do your job? Macho has an injury, he has to
    go after it.

    Meagan: Yes, but oh NO! MACHO'S ANKLE JUST GOT RAMMED

    T-Money: Earlier on the Macho Man did it twice.

    Meagan: The referee should stop the match now. Bret
    Hart is ramming the knee into the ankle. What else is
    he going to do?

    T-Money: All Macho Man has to do is say I quit. That's
    all he has to do. Very simple. I'm sure he can
    remember the words.

    Meagan: Spinning toehold. Look at Bret twisting and
    turning the ankle.

    T-Money: Applying the pressure. I have to give it to
    Randy Savage. I don't know how he's stayed in there.

    Meagan: Look at that, he just kicked Hart off and
    rammed him head first into the steel ring post.
    Somehow the Macho Man is back on his feet or I should
    say foot.

    T-Money: Savage has saved himself temporarily here.

    SHOULDER UP! What a valiant effort on the part of
    Randy Savage.

    T-Money: But Macho can't stand up. He's helpless out
    there and Macho has no recourse but to go to the

    Meagan: The single leg crab has been relinquished, but
    the punishment has not stopped on that injured ankle.
    Turning him over now, single leg crab.

    T-Money: We're gonna get a submission. There's no way
    the Macho Man can continue.

    Meagan: Reach for the ropes. He's near the ropes.
    Savage is going to make it to the ropes. BREAK THE

    T-Money: Its either going to be break the gold or
    break the leg. Real simple. Macho is a hurt individual
    right now and I think he should quit. All he has to
    say is I quit to that referee and it is over.

    Meagan: Bret Hart is hammering away on the ankle.
    Savage rakes the face. He has to do something. BRET

    T-MONEY: HE GOT......



    - Huge pop for Macho's win.

    Meagan: This place is electric Money. Look at Neidhart
    attacking Savage.

    T-Money: Savage is gonna get it now. He may won the
    bout, but Jimmy and Bret aren't done yet.

    Meagan: Jimmy Hart charges at the Macho Man with the
    megaphone and he nails BRET HART! MACHO MOVED OUT OF
    THE WAY!

    - BIG POP.

    T-Money: This guy is so lucky, I can't believe it.

    Meagan: The Hart Foundation are packing their bags and


    "Here is your winner, Macho Man Randy Savage".

    Meagan: This just maybe one of the most gallant
    performances we have ever seen. Look at Macho hobbling
    on one leg. What courage Money.

    T-Money: A gutsy performance, but he may won the
    battle, but he definitely lost the war if there's
    extensive damage done.

    Meagan: What intestinal fortitude. WHAT GUTS. OH, LOOK


    - Meagan Street'z & T-Money's rating: ****. FANTASTIC
    MATCH! This was in our opinion among the top 2 or 3
    matches ever aired on SNME. If we were into star
    ratings, this match would get 4.5 stars. We can't
    stress this enough folks, this was a great match.
    Savage was in his prime here, and Bret showed exactly
    why he would distinguish himself in the coming years
    as one of the best singles wrestlers the WWF ever had.
    This match made tonight's SNME worth watching.

    - Intercontinental title: Macho Man Randy Savage v.
    The HTM (w/Peggy Sue) (12/26/87; MSG)

    - Macho Man's music is playing in the arena to huge

    Wicked Skill'z: This is it. This is the match that has
    brought over 25,000 screaming plus fans to the GARDEN!

    Q-C3: Yes, it is. If you ask me Peggy Sue could sure
    take some beauty tips from Elizabeth.

    Wicked Skill'z: She is lovely isn't she?

    Q-C3: That dress looks absolutely radiant on her.

    Wicked Skill'z: How about that cape the Macho Man is
    wearing? You're looking at maybe $15,000 to $20,000
    right there.

    Q-C3: No doubt.

    Wicked Skill'z: Now don't forget, one of the
    stipulations in this match that is that Jimmy Hart
    will be suspended over the ring in the cage. That way
    he cannot interfere.

    Q-C3: Absolutely, and I'm sure that Hart isn't exactly
    too thrilled about that. I know how deathly afraid he
    is of heights. Jimmy Hart must feel like a fish out of

    Wicked Skill'z: What do you think his BP is right now?

    Q-C3: Oh, I don't know. Maybe 114.

    Wicked Skill'z: That gum is going a mile a minute.
    Slowly but surely here comes the cage that Jimmy Hart
    will be contained in for the duration of this bout.

    Q-C3: They should lock Peggy Sue in that cage with

    Macho Man:

    - HUGE POP.

    Honkytonk Man:
    "Jimmy Hart is not going in that cage. HE IS NOT GOING

    Wicked Skill'z: Honky can sense that his mill ticket
    is about to go out the window. How is the HTM going to
    retain his title without Jimmy Hart there to conjure
    up some plan to bail him out?

    Q-C3: He's not. He's screwed. Unless Peggy Sue can
    somehow be of some assistance to the HTM, there is no
    way Honky is retaining that title, because the HTM has
    never been a great scientific wrestler.

    Wicked Skill'z: The cage has been lowered and the
    Macho Man just physically forced JIMMY HART INTO THAT

    - BIG POP.

    the HTM clinging on to that cage. He better get off of
    there. Pretty soon Jimmy Hart will be hoised 20-30
    feet high atop the Garden.

    Wicked Skill'z: Overwhelming anxiety has just overcome
    the HTM, as he well knows that there could be a very
    good chance that he now could lose that title with
    Jimmy Hart suspended above MSG!

    Q-C3: And if ever there was a golden opportunity for
    the Macho Man to win the title, IT'S NOW! THE ODDS ARE

    Wicked Skill'z: Indeed we are! There's a nice aerial
    shot of Jimmy Hart inside the cage to give you folks
    at home an idea of how high he is. Meanwhile its
    underway and the Macho Man is going to work on the
    HTM. Intercontinental title on the line. This one is
    for all the marbles.

    Q-C3: Look at how vulnerable the HTM is without his
    manager. He's getting manhandled here.

    Wicked Skill'z: Well, the HTM knew before this match
    started that he was going to be in trouble without the
    aid of Jimmy Hart. So what does he do? Invite Peggy
    Sue down to ringside.

    Q-C3: Well, I don't know how much of an advantage
    she's going to be. She looks like a cheerleader out

    Wicked Skill'z: She looks like some refugee from back
    to the future. Smart maneuver here by the HTM as he
    heads outside to clear the cobwebs.

    Q-C3: That's exactly what he's doing. He's trying to
    regroup, get his head together and come up with a
    gameplan to combat this fierce attack being waged by
    the Macho Man.

    Wicked Skill'z: HTM gets tossed back in by the Macho
    Man, but from the outside Peggy Sue grabs the leg of
    the challenger.

    Q-C3: The referee should have banned Peggy Sue from
    ringside. She's a menace as well you know.

    Wicked Skill'z: Definitely. She's been known to stick
    her nose where it doesn't belong. OH, REFEREE WENT
    DOWN! HTM sent the Macho Man into the referee

    Q-C3: HTM is a desperate Champion. He'll do anything
    to retain that Intercontinental belt, and at that
    particular point in time that seemed like the best
    proposition for the HTM to utilize to retain his belt.

    Wicked Skill'z: The Macho Man cannot win the title on
    a disqualification. HTM IS GOING FOR SHAKE, RATTLE N

    - BIG POP.

    Q-C3: It doesn't matter. The referee is still dazed.
    He doesn't have a clue about whats going on.




    Q-C3: Macho Man took a nasty fall into the barrier!
    This bout maybe over right now. I think Savage maybe
    unable to continue here.

    Wicked: HTM should be stripped of that
    Intercontinental title by Jack Tunney for what he's
    done here tonight at the Garden. He can't step into
    the ring and trade blow for blow and hold for hold
    with the man. He has to resort to any means necessary
    to retain that title. Q, THAT'S NOT A CHAMPION!

    Q-C3: I absolutely agree with you and the Macho Man
    has once again been screwed out of the
    Intercontinental Championship. The HTM has revived the
    official and he's counting!

    Wicked: Of course he is. He wants the referee to count

    - Huge heel heat.

    Q-C3: Look at Jimmy Hart applauding. This is sickening
    to watch!

    Wicked: The HTM has to be the luckiest person in the
    World right now. Savage had Honky at his mercy.

    Howard Finkel:
    "Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match as a
    result of a disqualification, Macho Man Randy Savage".

    - Big pop.

    Wicked: The title does not change hands however, but
    the HTM is incensed with rage. He's balling his fists
    up at the referee and he's ready to take a swing at


    WAS Q?

    - BIG POP.

    Q-C3: It looked like Sherri to me.

    Wicked: Sensational Sherri, the reigning Women's
    Champion. That's who it was.

    Q-C3: That's who it was I do believe.

    - Wicked Skill'z & Q-C3's rating: **1/2. Okayish

    - Randy Savage Vs. Ted DiBiase: (03/07/88; Nashville,
    TN - Municipal Auditorium - March 7, 1988, SNME) (JIP)

    Corey: This match has been nonstop action since its
    inception. OH, NO WATCH OUT! Dibiase inadvertently ran
    into the offical.

    Da Weed Man: No, he didn't Corey. That incompetent
    Hebner got in the way once again. He should mind his
    own business and let these two guys get it on.

    Corey: That's not the way I'm reading it at all. THESE

    Da Weed Man: Macho's like a shark, he smells blood.


    Da Weed Man: And this is brilliant because Dave Hebner
    is still unconscious inside of the ring. What is
    Elizabeth going to do? She's going to run away.

    Corey: I'm sure she's got to get help. In the meantime
    the Macho Man is getting totally destroyed by Andre on
    the arena floor.

    Da Weed Man: Look at what Dibiase is doing. He's
    revived Hebner.


    Da Weed Man: I love it. Their making an example out of
    the Macho Man.

    - Huge heel heat.

    Corey: This is uncalled for. Dibiase is slapping
    Savage, while Virgil holds him in place. Savage can
    barely stand. Dave Hebner just got sent out of the

    - BIG POP.

    Da Weed Man: I love it. Hogan attempted a pearl harbor
    job on Andre, Virgil and Dibiase, but they were too
    smart for him. They outsmarted him.

    Hogan attends to his fallen comrade, The Macho Man
    Randy Savage. Elizabeth wasn't afraid.

    Da Weed Man: Yeah, now she isn't afraid because she
    went and got Hulk Hogan.

    Corey: No way Weed Head. Elizabeth is the bravest
    little manager in the WWF.

    - Macho's music starts playing to a big pop.

    Da Weed Man: If she's not afraid why is she crying?

    Corey: That's emotion isn't it? She cares for the
    Macho Man and she stands by her man!

    Da Weed Man: Please.

    Corey: Once again the Madness and the Mania come
    together on Saturday Night's Main Event.

    Da Weed Man: Yeah, the Madness looks like its
    suffering to me. He might not even make it to
    Wrestlemania in his frail condition. I'd like to
    Elizabeth dressed up in those yellow tights Corey. She
    might come between the Macho Man and Hulk Hogan some
    day. You never know!

    Corey: AH, WEED HEAD....COME ON!!

    - Corey & Da Weed Man's rating: The match shown in its
    entirety is about ****1/4. This one is only **1/2.

    - From Wrestlemania IV.

    - WWF title tournament, first round: Randy Savage v.
    Butch Reed:

    Cookie'z: Matilda is ready to go on a Weasel Hunt.

    Da Weed Man: That was disgusting watching all of that
    salivia drip out of Matilda's mouth.

    Steel: She looked like a big sweating pig.

    Howard Finkel: (JIP)
    "Weighing in 255 pounds, The Natural Butch Reed".

    Cookie'z: This will be the first of several attempts
    for the Slickster, who has two of his men competing in
    this tournament this evening I understand. Uh oh,
    listen to that music.

    - Macho Man's music starts playing.

    Cookie'z: Their on their feet here standing in Unison
    for the Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth.

    Da Weed Man: Former IC Champion, he knows the gold.

    Steel: I bet Mrs. Trump is getting some fashion tips
    down at ringside from watching Liz in that beautiful
    blue dress.

    Cookie'z: Liz and Macho are color coordinated tonight.

    Da Weed Man: Hey Ms. President.....

    Cookie'z: Yes, what is it?

    Da Weed Man: Are you taking notes too?

    Cookie'z: What do I need to take notes for?

    Da Weed Man: Fashion tips from Elizabeth.

    Cookie'z: Oh, are you kidding Weed Head, I'm rich as
    hell. Ray buys me everything I need and I buy him
    everything he needs fashion wise. Besides, where I
    shop at you wouldn't find those type of dresses. Maybe
    at a flee market or JC Penney's, no offense to
    Elizabeth, but her checkbook isn't as thick as mine.

    Steel: Yeah, Ray, buys you all type of jewelry,
    doesn't he?

    Cookie'z: We spoil each other Max. You should've seen
    what I got him for this B-day.

    Steel: What did you get him?

    Cookie'z: A 2005 Lincoln Navigator.

    Da Weed Man: See people, it pays to be rich. The day I
    get promoted to Head Executive Producer of Iced Out
    Records, I'll be riding fly too.

    Steel: You're a Super Intendent with me. You're
    already on the board of directors, you're rich as
    hell, stop being greedy.

    Cookie'z: You know Ray wouldn't allow that Weed Head.
    Thats his position.

    Steel: Yeah, and Ray is Dwayne's brother who is
    Chairman of the company, so I don't think you'd win
    that battle.

    Cookie'z: No, definitely not. Dwayne, Jovanda, Mickey,
    Tec-88, Tyrone Banks, myself, Meagan Street'z, and K-9
    and Charles and Marcus Woods, who are the Vice
    Presidents, Presidents and Chairmans of the company
    would not allow that.

    Da Weed Man: Well, maybe Co-Executive Producer.

    Steel: Greedy ass nigga. You just can't be sastified
    can you? I mean, look at you? Super Intendent of Iced
    Out Records.

    Da Weed Man: Yeah, I like that position, but a number
    of other people hold it too.

    Steel: The only thing I don't like about being Super
    Intendent of the company is that I have to work so
    damn late. All the VPs, CEO's, Presidents,
    Commissioners, Head Executive Super Intendent and
    Chief of Staffs leave around 5:30 pm. Guess who has to
    shut the company down around nighttime? Me. And thats

    Cookie'z: You get help from da Mac Pack.

    Steel: Yeah, I know, but its 36 fuckin floors
    Cookie'z. I have to secure the studio's, the vaults,
    let the security dogs on patroll, lock the parking
    garages, set the security alarm, plus I have to lock
    up the lobby, all the executive lounges, offices,
    suites, VP's Chamber, Chairman's chamber. Folks, Iced
    Out Records is by no means a small underground record
    company. Try working here late at night as a Super
    Intendent. Its hell.

    Cookie'z: It is alot of responsibility which is why
    I'm glad I get off at 5:30pm.

    Da Weed Man: Yeah, me too. Super Intendents, we don't
    have it easy. After 5:30pm, we pretty much make all
    the decisions. Dwayne & Jovanda have usually left for
    the day, which means we have control.

    Cookie'z: Not necessarily. We have to go by ranking
    here. If all the VPs, Pres's. and CEO's have left for
    the day, but the Commissioner or Chief of Staff are
    still here, than that means their in charge. Macho has
    the edge in speed and agility. The Natural has the
    power game to utilize.

    Steel: Who would you give the edge to in terms of
    managers Cookie'z?

    Cookie'z: Elizabeth.

    Da Weed Man: Bullshit. I've said it before and I'll
    say it again, women like Elizabeth don't belong down
    at ringside unless their a wrestler.

    Steel: I'd have to give the edge to the Slickster.

    Cookie'z: Please Max. I wouldn't trust Slick as far as
    I control him across the street.

    Da Weed Man: Would you buy a used car from Slick?

    Cookie'z: No.

    Steel: Not even a bright blue caddy.

    Cookie'z: Not even a used one Max. So far Butch Reed
    is using his weight well in this match.

    Da Weed Man: See, thats what the Natural has to do. He
    has to cut the ring off on savage and use his power to
    his advantage.

    Cookie'z: Snapmare takeover by the Natural and a
    fistdrop. Macho Man caught that one right above the

    Steel: The Natural is a big man who can dish out
    punishment with the best of them.

    Cookie'z: Macho Man blocks a shot into the corner and
    makes the stupid mistake of trying to suplex the
    Natural. Reed grapevines the leg and gets a suplex of
    his own.

    Da Weed Man: You hit the nail right on the head
    Cookie'z. Macho should never go to Reed's strength.
    He's gotta be nimble and quick.

    Cookie'z: Big elbowdrop by the Natural. One, two and
    Savage kicks out, as the Slickster gives static to the

    Steel: Well, that's Slick's job out there.

    Cookie'z: This tournament is so important. Its so
    important Max. So far we have two matches set Weed

    Da Weed Man: Right.

    Cookie'z: Hulkster takes on Andre in the second round
    and Dibiase meets Muraco as well.

    Steel: Thats right, and I think we also saw our first
    upset over the night when Valentine defeated Macho, in
    what I'd have to term, a mild upset.

    Da Weed Man: You think so? I think so too.

    Steel: I'd say Steamboat held a little bit of the
    favorite in that.

    Da Weed Man: He did.

    Steel: So that was kind of an upset in itself.

    Cookie'z: Steamboat is headed to the NWA. Hopefully,
    his horizons will brighten over there.

    Da Weed Man: You know, whoever wins this will have to
    wrestle four times.

    Steel: Absolutely.

    Da Weed Man: I mean its tough enough to wrestle once.
    Thats why I think that conditioning and staying injury
    free is going to play such a vital element in this
    tournament. Conditioning is our word of the night, b/c
    thats what this tournament comes down to. What type of
    stamina and conditioning do these great athletes that
    we possess here in the WWF have? Can they go the
    distance? We're gonna find out tonight.

    Cookie'z: We indeed are. Elizabeth has a concerned
    look on her face and rightly so, b/c the Macho Man is
    in alot of trouble. Irish whip by the Natural, he puts
    his head down and pays for it.

    Steel: Cardinal mistake for a ring veteran and now
    Macho has the advantage.

    Cookie'z: Irish whip to the corner and Savage follows
    him in with the elbow, but the Natural moves out of
    the way and nails him with a clothesline.

    Da Weed Man: Notice how Macho held on to the Natural's
    back for leverage when he sent him into that corner.
    He wanted to make sure he couldn't reverse it. Good
    irish whipping by the Macho Man, not that it matters,
    I'm just pointin it out.

    Cookie'z: Well, if more wrestlers did what Macho did
    they wouldn't find their irish whips getting reversed
    Weed Head, so you were right to point it out. Reed is
    taking alot of time getting to that top rope Max.

    Steel: He's telling Liz that he is the better man.

    Cookie'z: Look at this, Savage is on his feet. SAVAGE

    Da Weed Man: He ain't gonna get up from it.

    Cookie'z: No way, he's history. One, two and the Macho
    Man will advance to the second round.

    Da Weed Man: Jesse Ventura: "You know, I just realized
    why Elizabeth was out there, to distract Macho's
    opponents". How many stupid remarks is Jesse going to
    make tonight? I mean DUH, come on, he's been calling
    matches for years now and he hasn't figured out why
    Macho brings out Elizabeth. What a dumbass.

    - Big pop for Macho's victory as his music plays.

    Cookie'z: I fully agree Weed Head.

    Steel: Well, all good color men make mistakes, but
    Ventura should know better. Macho's enjoying his
    moment of glory right now, but the tournament is by no
    means over.

    Cookie'z: No way Steely! Its not even close to being
    over and neither is this Wrestlemania! We have a ton
    of matches to get to, which is why we're going to send
    you to Mean Gene, so we get to our next macth as
    quickly as possible. Macho advances to meet the Hammer
    in the second round. No, the Uke is conducting our
    next interview I'm being told. Lets go to him.

    - Cookie'z, Max Steel & Da Weed Man's rating: *3/4

    - WWF Title Tournament, Round Two: Greg Valentine vs.
    Randy Savage

    Cookie'z: Gang has a bye in the finals as we mentioned
    earlier. Valentine advanced forward by getting through

    Max Steel: This should be a tremendous match Cookie'z.

    Da Weed Man: Oh, I'm gonna love this. The Hammer v.
    The Macho Man. What a terrific match this will be.

    Cookie'z: Well, we'll just have to see how game
    Valentine is for this match. He was pretty game for

    Da Weed Man: And what an opportunity this is for the
    Colonel. He has a chance to be walking out of here
    with both the WWF title and Intercontinental title.

    Cookie'z: Well, I hope Honky's ready, b/c the
    Intercontinental match is up next.

    - Macho Man's music starts playing.

    Howard Finkel: (JIP)
    "The first lady of wrestling Miss Elizabeth, here is
    Randy Macho Man Randy Savage.

    Cookie'z: Are they color coordinated or not Max?

    Steel: What's that Ms. President?

    Cookie'z: Are they certainly color coordinated?

    Steel: Yeah, it looks like it.

    Da Weed Man: I don't see why Elizabeth felt the need
    to bring three dresses just to color coordinate with
    Macho, but I guess that just how she rolls.

    Cookie'z: Well, I can understand how she feels. I do
    that sometime when I attend special events with Ray.

    Steel: Of course you can understand that, you're a

    Cookie'z: Its gotta be tiring carrying around those

    Steel: It has to be tiring for Elizabeth wearing those
    dimaonds around her neck.

    Da Weed Man: Elizabeth is definitely gettin her bling
    on tonight.

    Cookie'z: She certainly is.

    Steel: I notice that you're wearing your diamond
    jewelry on this Saturday morning. Why is that

    Cookie'z: I don't know Max, maybe I just like to dress

    Da Weed Man: I'm wearin my diamonds too. Hell, I'm
    wearin this diamond roley which I hardly ever rock.

    Steel: Its going to be a long day at the office this

    Cookie'z: Why is that?

    Steel: You know who holds this place down on the
    weekends. Me! You'll probably leave right after this
    rant is over.

    Cookie'z: Maybe I will and maybe I won't. Maybe I'll
    stay and boss you around.

    Steel: Just please go home.

    Cookie'z: Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

    Da Weed Man: Hahahaha. Looks like you could be screwed


    Cookie'z: Both of these men are former IC Champs. They
    both know what the gold is all about. Of course, there
    is nothing sweeter than that WWF belt.

    Da Weed Man: No doubt. The winner of this match faces
    the Gang.

    Steel: That doesn't give you great incentive does it?

    Cookie'z: No. You win to face the Gang. Hell no. In
    the meantime the Gang is watching this match from
    somewhere calm, cool and collected. Macho Man answers
    back from those forearms by ramming Valentine's head
    into the turnbuckle. Big elbow. Snapmare takeover by
    Macho Man and he drops a knee.

    Da Weed Man: OOH, that was a nasty kneedrop as well.
    Valentine caught that right between the eyes.

    Cookie'z: One, two and Valentine kicks out.

    Steel: Nah, you're not going to beat Valentine that
    easy. He's tough.

    Da Weed Man: And once again Ventura feels compelled to
    call the play.

    Cookie'z: The referee is stepping in between once
    again. What is wrong with this referee? Does he want
    to get knocked out? He's just asking to get punched.
    Valentine goes upstairs and nails an axe-handle.

    Steel: That was alot of wasted money for my effort

    Da Weed Man: I don't know, he came down with maximum

    Cookie'z: Yeah, but Valentine was too close to Macho,
    so he didn't get the impact that he quite wanted.

    Da Weed Man: That elbow had the impact that you

    Cookie'z: There's what we like to see out of the
    Hammer. Those hammer elbow drops.

    Da Weed Man: Those are teeth rattlers.

    Cookie'z: They certainly are. Shoulderbreaker and a
    brutal one too. One, two and Macho kicks out.

    Steel: He didn't get that bodyweight on him.

    Da Weed Man: Definitely, he didn't get his bodyweight
    squared away and he needed to sink that arm and hook
    that leg deeper.

    Cookie'z: Can you imagine whats going through these
    two individual's minds?

    Da Weed Man: A chance to become the World Champion,
    that's whats on their mind.

    Cookie'z: Valentine tosses Macho outside of the ring.
    Macho's head almost hit that steel barricade.

    Steel: You know whats unqiue about this. Valentine is
    giving Macho some of his own medicine, thats usually
    what the Macho Man likes to do.

    Da Weed Man: OOOH, right into the barrier. Man,
    Valentine, you can say that wrestling is fake all you
    want, but when you watch Valentine you can tell he is
    an extremely stiff worker. I mean he is just

    Cookie'z: He knows how to make a believer out of you,
    thats for sure. Hammer knows how to dish out
    punishment and knows to take it.

    Da Weed Man: Valentine is dictating the pace of this
    match and Liz can feel the Championship sliding away
    right now.

    Steel: What an interesting match it would make to see
    the Hammer go against the Gang.

    Da Weed Man: That'd be interesting, but I'll tell you
    what. So far Valentine has dictated the style and
    tempo of this match. He's really done a good job of
    maintaing the Macho Man.

    Steel: Valentine has to be careful. The referee has a
    count going.

    Cookie'z: Well, not only did the referee keep up with
    the outside count, but he continued the in the ring
    count! You don't see that in wrestling these days.
    Nice job being done by referee Dave Hebner. Valentine
    is going to work on those leg ligaments.

    Da Weed Man: He's going to work on the quadriceps and
    the lateral calateral muscles.

    Steel: Damn those lateral calaterals.

    Cookie'z: Valentine tries to slap on the figure-four,
    but the Macho Man gets ro the ropes.

    Da Weed Man: Come on Valentine, don't let up! This
    Macho Man Randy Savage is a FUCKIN NUT! This man has
    so much ritalin running through his body, you never
    know when he's going to make his comeback.

    Steel: Yeah, Savage, he's a very mentally unstable

    Da Weed Man: You know Savage just doesn't appear to be
    on his game here.

    Steel: Well, obviously Butch Reed took some starch out
    of the Macho Man. But Macho has had time to rest. HE
    SHOULD BE ON HIS GAME HERE! You know when you're
    competing for the WWF title, you can't expect to get
    lucky. YOU HAVE TO BRING YOUR A GAME. Savage, he needs
    to try and step it.

    Da Weed Man: He definitely needs a resurgence of

    Cookie'z: Oh yeah! He's crazy. Good suplex by
    Valentine. Textbook, could have turned it into a
    jackhammer if he wanted to. He had up there in the
    proper position. Backbreakerrrrrrrrr, well executed.
    All of a sudden Macho has recovered quickly.

    Steel: He's trying to get to the top rope. Valentine
    is trying beat him.

    Da Weed Man: Good axe-handle.

    Cookie'z: That's when the Macho Man is at his best in
    the ring, when he's dropping axe-handles from the top
    rope. He really knows how to wear a man down with
    those. One, two and Valentine kicks out. Suplex, comin
    up for Valentine. No, Macho blocks it and turns it
    into a beautiful snap suplex.

    Steel: And Macho is going up again.

    Da Weed Man: Valentine is trying to play cat and
    mouse. Can he load his gun in time?

    Cookie'z: Yes, he can. Good gut punch by Valentine.

    Steel: Mrs. Trump seems to get a kick out of
    Valentine's bumping. I can see her making jokes at

    Cookie'z: Valentine is going for the figure-four. NO,


    - SAVAGE'S MUSIC STARTS PLAYING. Big pop for Savage's



    Steel: What a match. These two have tremendous
    chemistry. I would have loved to see this match go a
    little longer without the time limit.

    Da Weed Man: Two good Valentine matches, see that IWC.
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