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Sam Pow's First Blog (05.01.2009)

Wow, my own blog. It's kind of exciting, really. Now I just have to think of something to talk about. Hmmmmm…I think I know. I'm just gonna go straight to what I'm thinking, and see where I sail.

I suddenly realized that RTS games are really cool on consoles. There it is! Something to say! Let's go with that thought. After playing Halo Wars, I really think that the genre has a chance on 360. And although I haven't played them, I hear that C&C 3 and Battle for Middle-Earth II were even better. If you're reading this, and you have played one or both of these games on 360, maybe you can help clear things up. I'll probably pick up one or the other. I really thought Halo Wars was a great game. Most of the critic scores were off, in my opinion. It deserved a great score. All of the 7s and 6s are ridiculous. I say at least mid to high 8s. (If you're really interested, email me asking for my Halo Wars Review. It's not on 411) There are just a few changes I would have made. First of all, standard and deathmatch are not enough modes. Add stuff like territories, CTF, siege, or other modes. According to rumors, DLC may feature new game modes, so let's hope my suggestions are in there. Secondly, the Brutes should jump farther with their jetpacks. Ok, so that's not really a big deal, but come on! They go like, two feet!

Anyway, what else? Uhhhhhhh, I haven't played Wii in months. I could talk for a while about that. The reason my Wii sits under a layer of dust right now? Nintendo's greedy crappyiness. (Yes crappyness is a word) I used to be such a Nintendo fan. Ever since my first ventures into serious gaming with the N64 and Gameboy Color, I was hooked. I stayed Nintendo exclusive with Gameboy Advanced, then GameCube, and then DS. For years Nintendo made great games that caused me lose hours of sleep. I worshipped those games and their systems. Then the Wii came out. I immediately got one, and was amazed. I had Twilight Princess, and that game is BADASS. I picked a lot games over time, like Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Boom Blox, and many others I loved. But then, Nintendo realized something. Wii Sports was a huge success, and do you want to know why? Because now Grandmas and soccer moms were playing video games. So they made Wii Play, (which a terrible, terrible game) and that sold HUGE. So now Nintendo has decided that if they can make the most money that way, that’s what they're going to do. So they continued to release a steady stream of crap like Wii Fit and Wii Music. And they have Wii Sports 2 on the way, where you can, *gasp* throw a Frisbee to a dog! With WiiMotion Plus! Like that redeems it. Anyway, I realized that Nintendo isn't gonna do jack shit concerning real gamers for a while. So I picked up my first system that wasn't Nintendo: Xbox 360. And do you know what? It's 10 times better. I didn't know what I was missing. Instead of playing Wii Sports Bowling, or checking how many calories I've burned in Wii Fit, I'm playing REAL games like Oblivion, Ghost Recon, and Halo. Oh, and Sneak King. I do not plan on playing any Nintendo games in the future, because I'm one customer they've surely lost. The only reason I'll find use of my Wii is when rare games are made by third party developers that are actually good. Games like Boom Blox, Red Steel, and Madworld are the only redemption the Wii receives, in my point of view. I'm sticking with Microsoft, because Nintendo is now on my "people that suck list" along with Dane Cook and Hugh Jackman. 'Nuff said.

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